Diego Sanchez gives an interview for the ages ahead of fight vs. Michael Chiesa | UFC 239 | ESPN MMA

4 jul. 2019
788 690 Weergaven

Diego Sanchez speaks with Ariel Helwani ahead of his fight at UFC 239 against Michael Chiesa. Sanchez warns people not to count him out, why he expects to hold a UFC title belt and entering the fight with only one cornerman.
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  • Diego Sanchez is def a flat earther...

    Billy ThorsonBilly Thorson2 dagen geleden
  • Diego is scared of CTE and knows it’s inevitably coming these next years. Quite sad.

    Nathan RoepNathan Roep6 dagen geleden
  • “ i don’t have brain damage... I’m a jeti.”

    StaticDreamsEntertStaticDreamsEntert6 dagen geleden
  • Diego, Nick Diaz and Tony Ferguson discussing the cosmos. Film it

    Madame FeastMadame Feast7 dagen geleden
  • Ariel is a legend for not laughing at 1:40. Diego got too much CTE and that doesnt mix well with meth.... Lmao

    K LK L8 dagen geleden
  • Bro was about to say performance enhancing drugs😂😂

    noble Pehinoble Pehi8 dagen geleden
  • Its sad when mentioned his failed marriage

    Samual PetersonSamual Peterson8 dagen geleden
  • Dunder Mifflin Scranton called, they want their manager back!!

    Vikash LoitongbamVikash Loitongbam15 dagen geleden
  • OG for sure!!!

    Michael VIENSMichael VIENS18 dagen geleden
  • Dam Diego is a loose screw. I would root for this cat vs koscheck. Now I'm just rooting for dudes brain

    Ketchup303Ketchup30319 dagen geleden
  • Diego been watching a lot of Elliot Hulse lately

    Brett DW MusicBrett DW Music29 dagen geleden
  • I'm not the old guy, I'm the Jedi.

    Chris WattChris WattMaand geleden
  • This Vato is real LOCO!

    Chris WattChris WattMaand geleden
  • This was the nightmares interpretation of the rock..... Nd it was very good I have to say

    Jeremy StaszewskiJeremy StaszewskiMaand geleden
  • Diego Sanchez is doing the best Ultimate Warrior promo!

    Renan VelhoRenan VelhoMaand geleden
  • This is awesome

    Kade WilliamsKade WilliamsMaand geleden
  • He is definitely trolling . His trolling game is 100/100 😂

    Casual FanCasual Fan2 maanden geleden
  • Schizophrenia is a nasty disease

    Yiannis .DemetriouYiannis .Demetriou2 maanden geleden
  • Diego: He's a massage coa... **Don't think of sexy thoughts**

    Mace KMace K2 maanden geleden
  • Total nutjob. ..

    Juan C CortezJuan C Cortez2 maanden geleden
  • He crazy

    Matthew SharkeyMatthew Sharkey2 maanden geleden
  • Never sounded better. Like what he said, if they aren't helping him, find someone that will. GOOD LUCK DIEGO SANCHEZ, MMA FANS LOVE & RESPECT YOU‼️👊👊. Vinny 🇺🇸

    mmanutmmanut2 maanden geleden
  • The "my face tells a story" and then pointing out the scars and who gave him the scars was a powerful part.

    Porra CaralhoPorra Caralho2 maanden geleden
  • Joshua "Smoothwalker" Fabia VS Ido "touchbutt" Portal Book it Dana!

    Harpy BerdyHarpy Berdy2 maanden geleden
  • He went through a how many accents in this?! Awesome!

    Daniel MontenegroDaniel Montenegro2 maanden geleden
  • Diego's drunk and thinks he's in WWE

    kane cookkane cook2 maanden geleden
  • Diago Sanchez is like watching WWE

    Matthew NeuferMatthew Neufer3 maanden geleden
  • Sounds like a 12 YO girl who found Christianity. Wow???

    God SpeedGod Speed3 maanden geleden
  • This man has definitely been hit in the head one too many times, he needs a REAL friend or family member to tell him to put the gloves up if they knew what was better for him..

    PennyTrationPennyTration3 maanden geleden
  • CtE boys

    FelipepnpFelipepnp3 maanden geleden
  • Diego sounds like he's battling evil spirits, hope for the best for him.

    Heavy HandszHeavy Handsz3 maanden geleden
  • Diego Sanchez would ankle pick Tony Ferguson..

    ALAN 87ALAN 873 maanden geleden
  • World's best MMA interview - Diego Sanchez - Again making history!

    Leonard F ReidLeonard F Reid3 maanden geleden
  • If your Hispanic than you would have that one uncle that's always drunk and lectures you on life and manhood, that's Diego Sanchez.

    tankguy1981tankguy19813 maanden geleden
  • I’m not even gonna ask why Diego keeps that gold box in his pocket...

    Nameless DronerNameless Droner3 maanden geleden
  • I know the importance of my brain health. I don’t have CTE, I’m a Jedi.

    Nameless DronerNameless Droner3 maanden geleden
  • Something is not right with Diego...... 😕

    B FrankB Frank3 maanden geleden
  • please, someone take care of diego. Please dana step in

    Anthony CalneroAnthony Calnero3 maanden geleden
  • " I am going to make an explaination mark!"

    Pete WilsonPete Wilson3 maanden geleden
  • Weird fellow

    Useriouspeople PodcastUseriouspeople Podcast3 maanden geleden
  • 7:57 Ariel checking if the camera man is still there..👀🤪

    will Bwill B3 maanden geleden
  • He better go get a Kat scan .....if that's how it's spelled..I don't think the jedi will notice...LOL

    James FordJames Ford3 maanden geleden
  • what....is this guy on ill take 2

    VynisongVynisong3 maanden geleden
  • UFC or WWE?

    Robert QualleyRobert Qualley3 maanden geleden
  • Listening to Diego is like listening to someone explain their political views. Nonsensical passion.

    Gotta GoGotta Go3 maanden geleden
  • Ariel tryin to keep a straight face lol

    Viewtiful JayViewtiful Jay3 maanden geleden
  • just give him the mic

    jacob jjacob j3 maanden geleden
  • r u sure the ufc drug test

    jacob jjacob j3 maanden geleden
  • kids don't fight

    jacob jjacob j3 maanden geleden
  • cte is real

    jacob jjacob j3 maanden geleden
  • trains outside the box huh def not regular

    jacob jjacob j3 maanden geleden
  • I cant tell if he is serious

    jacob jjacob j3 maanden geleden
  • wow Diego is cra cra

    jacob jjacob j3 maanden geleden
  • baby lullaby songs go to sleep

    Sharmain JonesSharmain Jones3 maanden geleden
    • Stop racism

      Jason MitchellJason Mitchell3 maanden geleden
  • I have CTE now after watching this interview

    Barbarian KingBarbarian King3 maanden geleden
  • Him and Josh Fabian found each other cruising the male toilets in new Mexico

    Ron-The Hardman-DixonRon-The Hardman-Dixon3 maanden geleden
  • troll much? lol

    J HJ H3 maanden geleden
  • He had to kinda bail on the massage bit lmao

    Paddy MagintyPaddy Maginty3 maanden geleden
  • Let's put Diego Sanchez and Joe Biden have a convo.

    Jonathan VillarrealJonathan Villarreal3 maanden geleden
  • Lol I mean no disrespect Diego when I say this but Diego Sanchez kind of looks likes Jon Bernthal until he takes the shades off.

    dylan stonesdylan stones3 maanden geleden
  • Even know the guy is weird he’s a funny fighter it’s entertainment he did a good in his career lots or trauma tho. He did it for us to watch. That’s someone risking their life span. And we’re in a new generation of fighting he’s just stuck in the past people my age will be like this in 20 years so.

    Anonymous The unknownAnonymous The unknown3 maanden geleden
  • @10:42 mark - "I'm comin' with an EXPLA-NATION mark!"..... not to be confused with an "exclamation point. " This whole interview is pure gold! Instant Download!!!! 🤣

    Stephen O'BrienStephen O'Brien3 maanden geleden
  • he is so braindead and moves so awkward when he fights its sad to see, should just retire...

    RygarosRygaros3 maanden geleden
  • We Latinos are very unique and weird humans so proud of my people 😂💯🙏🏼 Nate Diaz Tony Ferguson Jorge Masvidal etc love to see you talking vatos.👊

    Edvin DiazEdvin Diaz3 maanden geleden
  • Did he blinked once during this interview?

    Zla BarbikaZla Barbika3 maanden geleden
  • scary comparing the younger deigo interview

    Haifu ZhenHaifu Zhen3 maanden geleden
  • This guy drinks tomato juice with his beer.

    Tomas Rodrigo SalmonTomas Rodrigo Salmon3 maanden geleden
  • Idk about u but this interview is cringe af😬.... great fighter but...needs to work his interview skills, like if you agree.

    Jairo JuarezJairo Juarez3 maanden geleden
  • “It’s great to see you too, yes yes, yes yes...” Diego Sanchez

    OuttamemphisOuttamemphis3 maanden geleden
  • Still the greatest interview ever 🙌

    Matthew BeebeMatthew Beebe4 maanden geleden
  • Some of these guys are clearly showing signs of cte and nobody says anything.

    Adam RivetAdam Rivet4 maanden geleden
  • I think all that experience came at heavy cost lol he's an entertainer right

    Arvinder BainsArvinder Bains4 maanden geleden
  • Failed WWE audition. HOWEVER I LOVE YOU DIEGO!

    moneycashdanemoneycashdane4 maanden geleden
  • The Original Tony Ferguson

    Ahmad SufianAhmad Sufian4 maanden geleden
  • This guy is absolutely 100 %

    El MaestroEl Maestro4 maanden geleden
  • With an explanation mark huh Diego ok.

    Mike HuntMike Hunt4 maanden geleden
  • Budding WWE career

    jtube411jtube4114 maanden geleden
  • “ThE bOx”

    thatcuriousguythatcuriousguy4 maanden geleden
  • best interview ever

    capsunica pikicapsunica piki5 maanden geleden
  • The physical embodiment of the term “punch drunk “

    mike yannomike yanno5 maanden geleden
  • Diego is actually able to drive a car and raise a child. Think about that.

    DespizedICONDespizedICON5 maanden geleden
  • Este wey

    Johnny SanchezJohnny Sanchez5 maanden geleden
  • Ufc dean ambrose

    sraggsragg5 maanden geleden
  • Love it.... He's says "ibrain" and points to his nose.

    Robert BrewerRobert Brewer5 maanden geleden
  • I can definitely see Sanchez hiding his own Easter eggs. Whew!

    Robert BrewerRobert Brewer5 maanden geleden
  • "Thank you for that by the way!!!" How the Ariel kept a straight face through this is unbelievable.

    Robert BrewerRobert Brewer5 maanden geleden
  • "This ain't a competition vato!!"

    Shane B.Shane B.6 maanden geleden
  • A press conference with Diego and Tony Ferguson would be great 😂😂😂.

    Shane B.Shane B.6 maanden geleden
  • Diego’s “CTE” gave “CTE”, CTE.

    AntidisestablishmentarianismAntidisestablishmentarianism6 maanden geleden
  • I'm not the old guy, I'm the Jedi. Best line ever.

    John SmithJohn Smith6 maanden geleden
  • If punch drunk and cte had a baby....they would name it, Diego the janky jedi Sanchez....

    ColoradoAwesomeSauceColoradoAwesomeSauce6 maanden geleden
  • Mike Perry rolled in with his girlfriend, Diego better step his game up.

    Gershom TanGershom Tan6 maanden geleden
  • Let me tell you something Ariel brother 💪😎👌

    Jordan PeakJordan Peak6 maanden geleden
  • Diego Sanchez vs Charlie Zelenoff lmao

    Mike RojasMike Rojas6 maanden geleden
  • I actually lost it when he took off the shades and looked straight at the camera 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Condy LoidCondy Loid6 maanden geleden
  • They should play this for warnings of early onstage CTE

    jorge bulnesjorge bulnes6 maanden geleden
  • Everyone : UFC Diego: Ultimate fighting Championship

    edy riveraedy rivera6 maanden geleden
  • Eddie Guerrero reincarnated into this man

    edy riveraedy rivera6 maanden geleden
  • Man auditioned for WWE LOLOLOLOLOL

    goobe72goobe726 maanden geleden
  • Amazing

    UFCA Y&RUFCA Y&R6 maanden geleden