Departing Space Station Commander Provides Tour of Orbital Laboratory

19 nov. 2012
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In her final days as Commander of the International Space Station, Sunita Williams of NASA recorded an extensive tour of the orbital laboratory and downlinked the video on Nov. 18, just hours before she, cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko and Flight Engineer Aki Hoshide of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency departed in their Soyuz TMA-05M spacecraft for a landing on the steppe of Kazakhstan. The tour includes scenes of each of the station's modules and research facilities with a running narrative by Williams of the work that has taken place and which is ongoing aboard the orbital outpost.

  • It's not the watchtower, but it'll do. :)

    King KirbyKing Kirby5 jaar geleden
  • Good luck explaining this one Flat-Earthers!

    Inky HipInky Hip5 jaar geleden
  • she looks like a witch but a very nice witch :D that all is very wonderfull but I can not be there.. toilet is the answer :D ...and when I am looking this I miss space shuttles so much!

    Baran BaraniusBaran Baranius5 jaar geleden
  • before hadfield nobody on the station was entertaining

    James RayburnJames Rayburn5 jaar geleden
  • submarines spend days underwater and they have a full machine room were if a seal breaks they can fix it what i want to know is were is yours

    paul jacksonpaul jackson5 jaar geleden
  • cut your hair

    Steven StevenSteven Steven5 jaar geleden
  • Amazing woman. She's a testament the America's amazing multicultural character

    LordHealeyLordHealey5 jaar geleden
  • COOL!

    Douglas BryceDouglas Bryce5 jaar geleden
  • Sunitha Williams... Awesome people in there..... Wish one day would have a real tour of the shuttle.....

    pooja raipooja rai5 jaar geleden
  • see..... Russians and Americans can be friends

    poorenglishjugglerpoorenglishjuggler5 jaar geleden
  • i love this tour,But i see as a tool and die maker i see some some safety issues here,,,simple fixes,,going into the russian room theres a airconditioner type object on the left wall with very sharp corners on it ,isnt it easy enough to round the corners so no injuries occur

    Mark AshleyMark Ashley5 jaar geleden
  • can you eat how much you want up there?

    FredFred5 jaar geleden
  • How log are you there?! and how long you will be thre?? Oh i would like to be in there!

    Mr AdysMr Adys5 jaar geleden
    • thx

      Mr AdysMr Adys5 jaar geleden
    • @Mr Adys They stay up for 6 months. Except right now, a man named Scott Kelly is going to stay there for a whole year to see the effects it has on him. His twin brother is on Earth, and they are going to test both of them when they get back.

      whopperlover17whopperlover175 jaar geleden
    • But how long they will be there

      Mr AdysMr Adys5 jaar geleden
    • She's already been long gone.

      whopperlover17whopperlover175 jaar geleden
  • You can really hear the jet engines in this video. Zero G plane footage..

    Pota VillePota Ville5 jaar geleden
    • +Pota Ville I think it would need a lot of flights. zero g flights are like 1 minute of no gravity?

      Dawid PietrzakDawid Pietrzak5 jaar geleden
    • +Pota Ville I want to test some of these flat earth thoughts. What would visibility be like on a flat Earth? I have seen flat Earth videos saying that Bedford Level Experiment in which a marker is still visible at 6 miles away is proof the world is flat. Or that since New York City is visible from New Jersey, the world cannot be curved. Taking this to the next step, what prevents a person from seeing an object hundreds of miles away? Or thousands of miles away? There should be nothing preventing anyone from seeing both The Atlantic and Pacific oceans from any point you want. Going even further if the world is illuminated by a sun and moon spot lights. What prevents these spotlights from being seen all the time? Couldn't someone on this flat Earth climb to a height and still see the sun during midnight? Next are seasons. In a flat Earth model the sun basically makes a path over the surface, basically making a hotter, more light-fill "trench" which would correspond to the equator. But when it is winter in Europe or North America does the path of sun change? Would this path expand or contract to further heat parts of the Earth? In this situation does the rate at which the sun travels change? Would the sun decelerate when it is summer for North America but accelerate when over South America due to the new larger path it has to travel? Does it travel at the same rate and summer days are longer in the global south? Or does the sun's path oscillate instead of expanding?

      jonor77jonor775 jaar geleden
    • @Pota Ville Except for everything they do in space...And all the geostationary satellites that my Dish is pointing at. And all the satellites I can watch all night. Tell me something, why can NASA predict EVERYTHING from when a planet will be close to another, when a solar eclipse will happen, when a lunar eclipse will happen, when a meteor shower will happen, when a blood moon, super moon, when a planet will travel in front of the sun....The list goes on, but how is it that a flathead can't do this? Is it because their theories don't hold up?

      whopperlover17whopperlover175 jaar geleden
    • @Robert Conlee Nothing and no one has ever been to space! There is no such thing as "Orbit" You are all being duped! NA$A does nothing in space!

      Pota VillePota Ville5 jaar geleden
    • @***** No one has ever been to space! There is no such thing as "Orbit" NA$A does nothing in space! How dumb are you? All waterwalks are faked under water! If you believe this stuff is real you need serious help!

      Pota VillePota Ville5 jaar geleden
  • omg how do u stay a year in that place without breathing fresh air

    BANGTANBANGTAN5 jaar geleden
    • +Sally that airs fresher than most air on earth

      django chubbinzdjango chubbinz5 jaar geleden
    • The air they breathe is very fresh.

      whopperlover17whopperlover175 jaar geleden
  • Thank you soo much Commander Sunita!!! What a gift to us.

    Paul GregantiPaul Greganti5 jaar geleden

    ja rcja rc5 jaar geleden
    • +ja rc In the 80's women used 20 cans of hairspray to get that effect

      poorenglishjugglerpoorenglishjuggler5 jaar geleden
    • +ja rc What do you expect it to do? Behave like it's underwater? How do think curls form? That she has a lot of. Look at your fingernails. Same material, light and pretty stiff. There is no reason for hair in zero-g to... do whatever you think it should.

      Herr GnortsHerr Gnorts5 jaar geleden
  • whats up with the hair look like its held up that way so you dont forget that they are in SPACE not in a hollywood studio so dont forget oke

    ja rcja rc5 jaar geleden
  • Are cosmonauts still banned from using US toilets? XD

    Ismail AlansariIsmail Alansari5 jaar geleden
  • Is this video copyright by Kevin A. Ford, or in the public domain, as official work with NASA?

    Yann ForgetYann Forget5 jaar geleden
  • So interesting that she's astronaut and has a cross on her necklace.

    JesusIsTheKeyToEternityJesusIsTheKeyToEternity5 jaar geleden
    • Why is that interesting?

      whopperlover17whopperlover175 jaar geleden
  • Thanks because you have helped me to choose from being a doctor or a astronaut.

    Isha KaurIsha Kaur5 jaar geleden
  • How does she control her movement through the ISS without hitting anything. She was floating around like a helium balloon. I probably would have smacked my face on the ceiling. :-P

    twistedyogerttwistedyogert5 jaar geleden
    • +twistedyogert She just aims in the direction she wants to go and pushes off.

      Peter HolidayPeter Holiday5 jaar geleden
  • i can't even describe how awesome and fascinating this is. i am totally hooked on this channel

    Alex5CKAlex5CK5 jaar geleden
  • very cool video

    josh jonesjosh jones5 jaar geleden
  • wow

    3bood4083bood4085 jaar geleden
  • Wow! For a claustrophobic person like me, it's just way too confined.

    Barry SabahatBarry Sabahat5 jaar geleden
    • The sound of the cupola creaking made me cringe, as if the cupola would detach from the rest of the ISS

      David R.David R.5 jaar geleden
    • i just almost fainted of claustrophobic space. oops. real panic attack - looking at this

      Partha Das GuptaPartha Das Gupta5 jaar geleden
  • really awesome

    Pratik kagathraPratik kagathra5 jaar geleden
  • the space station reminds me of a messy boring low tech hospital -lets hope spaceX will make them more futuristic and neat.

    TheKoderiusTheKoderius5 jaar geleden
  • 10:25 what she basically saying is that occasionally they get a loose turd floating around which needs to be put back in order

    TheKoderiusTheKoderius5 jaar geleden
  • извините! это пробка !

    Veronika PisarevaVeronika Pisareva5 jaar geleden

      cc njcc nj5 jaar geleden
  • Hey Sue - go to bed now.

    NewImprovedDaveNewImprovedDave5 jaar geleden
    • Sunita is the Commander of Women.

      NewImprovedDaveNewImprovedDave5 jaar geleden
  • Talk about having a bad hair day

    lelouch3lelouch35 jaar geleden
  • Do they have to know each others language ?

    Ata TurkogluAta Turkoglu5 jaar geleden
    • They usually learn enough of the other language to communicate the basics.

      whopperlover17whopperlover175 jaar geleden
  • 12:30 Take that, flat earthers! :D Seriously though, really cool and interesting stuff.

    RoniRoni5 jaar geleden
  • There's one on the ceiling....if you wanna call it lol

    ManuManu5 jaar geleden
  • Really amazing video, from start to finish. I'm really glad she decided to end her tour with the Soyuz. I've always been curious about them, since they're pretty much the most reliable and successful human spacecraft ever built. I've read they're really cramped--evidently a severe understatement!--so, I'm wondering why do the hatches open *inwards*? I'm surprised the guy who has to sit in that middle seat can even fit inside!

    Jared KebbellJared Kebbell5 jaar geleden
  • How long do the astronauts typically remain up there for?

    Brian McNultyBrian McNulty5 jaar geleden
    • 6 months. Though, some people up there now will stay for a year. This is an experiment to see the effects of prolonged exposure to a zero-g environment.

      Stijn StevensStijn Stevens5 jaar geleden
  • the hair...

    friend agnifriend agni5 jaar geleden
  • Awesome!!

    Sreenivasan A.C.Sreenivasan A.C.5 jaar geleden
  • Cool, but would anyone from an interstellar federation be impressed? Still a loooong way to go before were even close to a type 1 civilization.

    NagilumNagilum5 jaar geleden
  • Does the person sleeping on the ceiling get the "Batman" nickname?

    bfnbfn5 jaar geleden
  • Thanks for sharing this video, one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time.

    daffesdaffes5 jaar geleden
  • awesome!! great!! spectacular!!! I'm gonna share it with all of my daughter's friends,.... I'm sure they won't appreciate it, but I've gotta do it.

    Fernando Cases VegaFernando Cases Vega5 jaar geleden
  • AWESOME!! Thanks Sunita Williams for sharing that with us. The views out the windows put everything in perspective for us. My 12 year old son Jake and I enjoyed watching your video and glad you returned safely.

    ken and jakes goproken and jakes gopro5 jaar geleden
  • Just one question, how the hell did Phyllis Diller get on the Space Station?

    BabyMetalWorldDominationBabyMetalWorldDomination5 jaar geleden
  • Mesmerized by that necklace in microgravity.

    The Golden ThreadThe Golden Thread5 jaar geleden
  • They have exit signs on the ISS, lol.

    quadrplaxquadrplax5 jaar geleden
    • +quadrplax Yea ofc, even if u have been in such a huge building for multiple months, if not years (doubt years tho) you can still get confused by panic =))

      Emil KarlströmEmil Karlström5 jaar geleden
  • How could they close those hatch door with all sorts of pipes going through?

    Mingchen ZhangMingchen Zhang5 jaar geleden
  • That Soyuz is so cramped... I bet astronauts can't wait to fly in Dragon!

    SuperSMTSuperSMT5 jaar geleden
  • too much radiation in that place

    Raka GunawanRaka Gunawan5 jaar geleden
    • @bennemann hmm i see now, btw thanks man. because there are a lot of electric devices in my room, so its ok then.

      Raka GunawanRaka Gunawan5 jaar geleden
    • +Raka Gunawan What? Electronics don't create radiation, they only create electromagnetic waves in a safe energy range, unless something inside the ISS produces microwaves or high-energy radio waves. Radioactive elements create radiation (gamma rays, beta particles or alpha particles). Obs: Even monitors don't create radiation. That "don't sit too close to the TV because it emits radiation" thing is an urban myth, all that would do is make your eyes drier and tired due to the excessive luminosity and you not blinking as often as usual.

      bennemannbennemann5 jaar geleden
    • @bennemann yea. but then the electronics inside are making too much radiation too

      Raka GunawanRaka Gunawan5 jaar geleden
    • +Raka Gunawan I'm sure the ISS walls are properly shielding them from cosmic and sun radiation.

      bennemannbennemann5 jaar geleden
  • that is cool for a woman to go to space, but unfortunately its time for you to cut your hair.

    Raka GunawanRaka Gunawan5 jaar geleden
    • Nah, her hair isn't a problem.

      whopperlover17whopperlover175 jaar geleden
  • I met her and another astronaut eating at our restaurant the other day and shook their hands. I was so starstruck.

    Tuong Lu KimTuong Lu Kim5 jaar geleden
  • What a great movie you both made ,it is awesome ,for you to bring us inside ,what a great tour ,thankyou

    mike oldenmike olden5 jaar geleden
  • no shower? O_o

    Kostas Z.Kostas Z.5 jaar geleden
    • +KwCtaC EoTB I know right, but they don´t even get dirty i guess...

      Ivan GushkovIvan Gushkov5 jaar geleden
  • Great video! Floating,Falling,Exercising & Flying in space with Our Real Super+Heroes & Thanks to Suni Williams & Kevin A. Ford.

    tanuj singhtanuj singh5 jaar geleden
  • I'd rather be on Enterprise :)

    Brian BrachelBrian Brachel5 jaar geleden
  • I dont want to. I NEED TO go to space!

    Pedro NascimentoPedro Nascimento5 jaar geleden
  • I love "interstellar":(

    na1cist una1cist u5 jaar geleden
  • Her hair is crazy! I like it!

    Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood5 jaar geleden
  • I would like to see Mike Massimino and Sunita Williams and Chris Hadfield on the station together. They have great personality.

    Jeffrey RootJeffrey Root5 jaar geleden
  • Meanwhile on earth there are still some moronic people actually advocating a flat earth model.. XD

    Gino FoogleGino Foogle5 jaar geleden
    • @***** Start talking your meds again, you're having an episode.

      fiveredpearsfiveredpears5 jaar geleden
  • I can't believe those idiots that says ISS is a hoax, this looks as real as it can be.

    mahham93mahham935 jaar geleden
    • +twistedyogert "We are in trouble as a species if people refuse to believe in things they couldn’t actually do themselves." - David Mitchell

      TommieRizzoTommieRizzo5 jaar geleden
    • +mahham93 Whenever something amazing has been done, there are some people that tend to deny it. It's human nature, whenever something new or different comes around, people are always repulsed by it.

      twistedyogerttwistedyogert5 jaar geleden
  • Just amazing how you can move around like that!

    Sam FarleySam Farley5 jaar geleden
  • how to go in space rocket .do we need money to go?

    yuvaraj pyuvaraj p5 jaar geleden
    • You need to be an astronaut to get. Must be very intelligent and have lots of experience.

      whopperlover17whopperlover175 jaar geleden
  • after seeing this ,for sometime i feel that am in space ....

    Rahuldas JRahuldas J5 jaar geleden
  • Amazing! The view from the cupola is just overwhelming.

    KorsarNikKorsarNik5 jaar geleden
  • Love this!

    Donna BurkeDonna Burke5 jaar geleden
  • Лол наши даже в космосе все засрать умудились, весь русский отсек забросан мусором, походу коробки от еды :DD =))

    Jambat211Jambat2115 jaar geleden
  • So, I'm not one that knows much about space, although I'm really interested in it. In the ISS, is there absolutely no gravity whatsoever, or is there a small amount? I saw someone mention it as a "microgravity environment."

    LyricalMajestyLyricalMajesty5 jaar geleden
    • @LyricalMajesty Actually, there is gravity. In orbit you are in constant free fall, that's why you are weightless. It's like being on a weightless simulation flight that never hits the ground. That's basically what being in orbit is, constantly falling towards the Earth but moving at the same time so you never hit it. You just go round and round. If the ISS were somehow suspended at that height without moving then they would weigh about 90% of their weight on Earth.

      fiveredpearsfiveredpears5 jaar geleden
    • There is no gravity whatsoever.

      Nathan MajwegaNathan Majwega5 jaar geleden
  • Fantastic...Glad we have smart capable astronauts to do this job because I'm sure I'd get claustrophobia.

    DenormalizingBadBehaviorDenormalizingBadBehavior5 jaar geleden
  • This was awesome. It would have been really cool if they filmed the trip back in the Soyuz though.

    Peter O'HanrahanrahanPeter O'Hanrahanrahan5 jaar geleden
    • It's actually pretty boring.

      whopperlover17whopperlover175 jaar geleden
    • +twistedyogert yes you can experience weightlessness here on earth. it feels the same as free-falling without the air rushing at you. you can pay to experience it just google

      AerinnaAerinna5 jaar geleden
    • +Polecat Slam wait, she said that she her family sent fluff up to her. I can imagine the postage would be quite expensive. LOL I can't imagine how awesome weightlessness feels. Wish I could experience that on Earth. :-( I'm too dumb and impulsive to be an astronaut.

      twistedyogerttwistedyogert5 jaar geleden
    • +Melanie Addington agreed

      SuperVegitoFANSuperVegitoFAN5 jaar geleden
    • @Polecat Slam yeah, I would've loved that, too!

      Cure Herpes With MelanieCure Herpes With Melanie5 jaar geleden
  • So amazing! I wish I had found this video a long time ago.

    soundstream03soundstream035 jaar geleden
  • Man I wanna be austronaut.

    Patrick KingPatrick King5 jaar geleden
  • 19:10 i like how those laptops on the left are so old, (notice the track stick) they need to save on weight for everything they bring so they dont get new ones often because the amount of fuel it takes to bring a little extra weight is so much. also, are those camera lenses or telescopes? 0.o also, do they all speak each others language or is there an agreed compulsory language that is a requirement to be able to go onto the space station?

    1wsx101wsx105 jaar geleden
    • @SuperSMT ofc. the whole reason NASA still exists is for the military

      1wsx101wsx105 jaar geleden
    • @lolbrunopt Well, to be fair, a large part of that military spending has gone/is going to spaceflight. Our rockets are based off missiles, the DoD spends billions on launch contracts, etc.

      SuperSMTSuperSMT5 jaar geleden
    • @lolbrunopt its because scientists are rational and generals arent

      1wsx101wsx105 jaar geleden
    • @1wsx10 I hate the fact that we spend money on wars against each other without thinking of the money costs but when it comes to space exploration and development every fucking cent matters.

      lolbrunoptlolbrunopt5 jaar geleden
    • cool, thanks for the info

      1wsx101wsx105 jaar geleden
  • Tnx, for vid

    vpavivpavi5 jaar geleden
  • why does her hair never change, it looks like she has perm that bounces back to the same shape ?

    Paul 321Paul 3215 jaar geleden
  • Alexby11

    Javier AntonioJavier Antonio5 jaar geleden
  • She can I was like Albert Einstein because of her hair the way it standing up I like this video its so cool I watched this in class today and I thought it was so neat I love you so much only see what you look like with your hair down floating around

    Olivia HansfordOlivia Hansford5 jaar geleden
  • This was so well done and

    Cindy CavCindy Cav5 jaar geleden
  • Amazing. Great fun but incredibly informative and awe-inspiring.

    Dale WardDale Ward5 jaar geleden
  • Have no words. Its so amazing...)))) I watched the whole thing 3 times in a row))) And I am happy. Thank you Sunita Williams for this miracle))

    Анна КрыловаАнна Крылова5 jaar geleden
  • Why does she let her hair float like that? Does it help her subconciously detect objects near her scalp and avoid them? I figured it would get snagged everywhere.

    Keenan RoopKeenan Roop5 jaar geleden
    • +Keenan Roop so that she can look like medusa

      AerinnaAerinna5 jaar geleden
    • +Sukonmi Skunk And her necklace is made from some secret NASA material?

      mydogeatspoomydogeatspoo5 jaar geleden
    • @Keenan Roop to suck people in

      rockets push off airrockets push off air5 jaar geleden
    • @Keenan Roop if you ask me, her hair isnt floating at all, its hair sprayed into place, it doesnt float around freely and if you look at the curls all the way through the video, no matter what angle shes in or video cut theyre recording , theyre always in the same fixed place. If hair is left to flow freely, it flows from where its connected to the scalp, and as you move your head, it wouldnt bounce right back into place.

      Sukonmi SkunkSukonmi Skunk5 jaar geleden
    • @fiveredpears oh no for real? well dude that's really sad because we try to fight against ignorance in my country to save our people from failing but it's fucking hard when they are convinced that our president is a prophet of the god, i've always believed that knowlage and science is something not to take as a joke it has all the power until it comes across a group of people who has the ignorance that comes with the belief to the point where there is nothing but that for them, because you cannot change their point of view at that point it's too late for them.

      naberoskinaberoski5 jaar geleden
  • awesome i love this video u r good keep it up Suni!!

    Drako811Drako8115 jaar geleden
  • This is one of the greatest videos I've ever seen. They are all so lucky to be able to experience that

    Burt FisherBurt Fisher5 jaar geleden
    • +RedYellow Blue actually they all have trained for 5-6 years to experience that

      DCAC MasscommDCAC Masscomm5 jaar geleden
  • i watch this today at school, i wonder where "the things" went. (poop)

    Andrew VoAndrew Vo5 jaar geleden
  • send poisonous food up their and hijack the station! sounds like a good plan

    Sakul1321Sakul13216 jaar geleden
  • Sunita Williams is quite a remarkable woman. She explains everything is such wonderful terms that anyone can understand. What a delight!

    0623ivaldez0623ivaldez6 jaar geleden
  • Just awesome!! I take it the white dots and lines on the camera is damage from radiation\cosmic rays? First human flight 1783 First powered flight 1903 Casual tour of a space station in 2012... (extra points doing it in shorts and socks)

    LKNANMLLKNANML6 jaar geleden
    • WoW. Getting into/out of the Soyuz capsule is no joke. Crazy tight.

      LKNANMLLKNANML6 jaar geleden
  • The best Space Station video ever! Thank you!

    Andreas VasiliouAndreas Vasiliou6 jaar geleden
  • Depth Of Space All Around. ~

    Nolan WilliamsNolan Williams6 jaar geleden
  • My teacher knows you I think

    Joe ZynelJoe Zynel6 jaar geleden
  • what should I study in the university in order to become an astronaut? (astronomy?) please sonny williams answer my question. You seem like a very experienced astronaut.

    Joel Al HassaniehJoel Al Hassanieh6 jaar geleden
  • Just watching this is giving me vertigo, but it's brilliant!

    Tim MowersTim Mowers6 jaar geleden
  • why the IBM computers? just wondering,i haven't seen those in awhile with the little red corral like toggle o the keyboard.

    Tom ThomasTom Thomas6 jaar geleden
    • Are you implying IBM sucks? lol

      Tom ThomasTom Thomas5 jaar geleden
    • +Tom Thomas Because it costs lots of money for every pound of material you send to space.

      MinecraftEpicPlayerMinecraftEpicPlayer5 jaar geleden
  • its more like being in scuba gear, that would be a better comparison then a football player...the bulk on you back and all....hmm. me reckon got any French fried taters? great job the woman in the vid, amazing.

    Tom ThomasTom Thomas6 jaar geleden
  • Paul PricePaul Price6 jaar geleden
  • Is this the lady that went crazy and drove to florida in a diaper?

    Chris B.Chris B.6 jaar geleden
  • Thx for the tour

    Kaito .X .otakuKaito .X .otaku6 jaar geleden
  • Has anyone wore a dress in space ? IT must be a nightmare !

    AdurianJAdurianJ6 jaar geleden