Dembele scores VITAL late winner against Valladolid | But Barcelona must improve ahead of El Clasico

6 apr. 2021
68 756 Weergaven

Ousmane Dembélé struck a stunning volley just minutes from the end of the game at the Camp Nou. Scoring a crucial winning goal which could prove to be key in the title race. But as Ronald Koeman said after the game, ahead of El Clasico there are plenty of improvements to make!
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  • It's a great thing to wake up after a late, winning goal! But ahead of El Clásico, we know we need to get back to our top level 👊

    TalkFCBTalkFCB13 dagen geleden
    • Messi's excitement after Dembele's goal was on par with the old glory days and MSN era days. Wow Dembouz!

      Dimitri JeetDimitri Jeet13 dagen geleden
    • After lvp vs Madrid I don't want wijnaldum at barcelona . He was shit against madrid .

      Bernard LuisBernard Luis13 dagen geleden
    • @Nikita Zaikin stop this shit madrid literally trashed Liverpool with out their main defenders

      Bernard LuisBernard Luis13 dagen geleden
    • And real won again against Liverpool 😖😖

      Riya Singha MahapatraRiya Singha Mahapatra13 dagen geleden
    • @Cyber Wick in defending alba is shit

      Bernard LuisBernard Luis13 dagen geleden
  • i think we were more cautious about messi and de jong not getting yellow cards rather than us playing bad.. messi and de jong didnt press nor tackle to avoid those cards.

    Adin KoertAdin Koert11 dagen geleden
  • Dembele is a very special player. If Barca sell him to buy Haaland that is a big mistake !! I dont care about madrid but of course I am glad if they lose and Benzema get injured !

    Peter BachtiarPeter Bachtiar11 dagen geleden
  • Koeman whatever does he needs to improve more chemistry between all players. alba when goes up Lenglet seems frightened to handle the attack. Dest also needs to work on his improvement in chemistry. He really needs to understand how his teammates playing.

    Kamrul hasanKamrul hasan12 dagen geleden
  • Koeman: I saw a tired Barcelona...We need freshness Also Koeman: Makes De Jong start his millionth game in a row; gives Puig single-digit minutes 🤡🐷

    Atif ChoudhuryAtif Choudhury12 dagen geleden
  • Puig needs to more accurate in his forward pass and his position and marking man in defense. He really needs to improve these things.

    Kamrul hasanKamrul hasan12 dagen geleden
  • Many more matches like these would give some fans heart attack!!

    GAMERS HUTGAMERS HUT12 dagen geleden
  • 💙

  • Ronald koeman knows what he needs to do the team and I want the barca players to come out of the real madrid game knowing that they tried and gave it absolutely everything

    Justin PerleraJustin Perlera12 dagen geleden
  • We don't need haaland,better nourish what we have, because i trust la masia, within 1 yr they can produce quality players, ansu is also very young, should go for nunez or depay

    NepolionkingNepolionking12 dagen geleden
  • de jong, pedri and puig as a midfield trio?

    Regie 07Regie 0712 dagen geleden

    HITMAN CLUBHITMAN CLUB12 dagen geleden
  • I think 1-0 doesnt give us good vibes as rm beat liverpool I really dont have much confidence to it but forcabarca

    Mohamed JuniorMohamed Junior12 dagen geleden

    Tinashe MangomaTinashe Mangoma12 dagen geleden
  • Puig needs more minutes!!!

    top strikahtop strikah12 dagen geleden
  • Why dont you show face ??

    saad khansaad khan12 dagen geleden
  • Against Madrid we should do what we had done in 2021, 3-5-2 press the teams high, avoid doing mistakes at the back specially, All players should rest themselves well get fresh and win that El classico and the fact that we will five players in midfield we can overpower Madrid's midfield which is their biggest threat obviously

    Haris AsifHaris Asif12 dagen geleden
  • if Barca players have the right mindset, they can win the double this year, La Liga and the Copa del Rey hopefully

    FBI-ExoticzzFBI-Exoticzz12 dagen geleden
  • The more reason Koeman should have fielded Riqui Puig much earlier. He knew that players who went for the internationals are tired. Thanks to De Jong and Araujo the ball went to Dembele for the winning goal. Well done team Barca! We are looking forward for El Classico. Its payback time! As always Jamie. We're all fired up because of your video! Thanks!

    Reynaldo CastanedaReynaldo Castaneda12 dagen geleden
  • Damn Laporta nice job with the ref

    Abhi VermaAbhi Verma12 dagen geleden
  • Winning games despite bad performances is often a defining factor for winning a title. And in terms of how bad we played, as long as the player and coach acknowledges that they need to improve, i am optimistic!

    Massi GMassi G12 dagen geleden
  • everyone forget whe have coutinho , You really remind us lol

    Kazingmei.10Kazingmei.1012 dagen geleden
  • Madrid looking sharp, this is sad news for Barca.. Their Midfield are at their best times -Kroos,Modric,Casmiro..

    FeelsBadMan nFeelsBadMan n12 dagen geleden
  • when its 0-0 or 1-0 honestly i always think there will be a last minute penalty against Barcelona and we will loose or draw if its 1-0 🙂

    shaan rahmanshaan rahman12 dagen geleden
  • I can’t stand watching Griezman play for Barcelona. I really hope he departs it’s best for both

    Amigos LandscapingAmigos Landscaping12 dagen geleden
  • I feel go

    Orpheo VyentOrpheo Vyent12 dagen geleden
  • Puig comes on in the 86th minute of games like clock work lol its sad

    LetsTalkSoccerLetsTalkSoccer12 dagen geleden
  • Who's here after real hit 3 against liverpool 🙄

    SOHAM SAHASOHAM SAHA13 dagen geleden
  • It was riqui pass across the goal that cause the ball to be able to cross for dembele to score

    ras powerras power13 dagen geleden
  • Everytime griezmann gets the ball he doesn't shot...why?

    Richard TamangRichard Tamang13 dagen geleden
  • The 3-5-2 is our best bet on winning el clasico, with Varane and Ramos out for the match, we have to capitalize and win no matter what.

    DerekDerek13 dagen geleden
  • Every title winning team has games like these where you just have to grind out a result. Glad the goal came eventually

    ChukaChuka13 dagen geleden
  • Lenglet was a less disaster than before but he is not quality at all, Puig is extremely confident and we need players like this

    Mahmoud HossamMahmoud Hossam13 dagen geleden
  • Something I loved about dembele yesterday was how he was commanding players to go forward and put pressure . He clearly understands what the coach wanted and time and time again he WAS SHOUTING at players to go forward and put pressure . I loved that about dembele

    Barca ProductionsBarca Productions13 dagen geleden
  • I see a lot of rust needing to be rubbed off before the Clasico. If we didn't have the International break to break the momentum of our form, I'd say we'd have a bigger chance coming out in top against Real Madrid. But after our last game's performance and their winning performance against Eibar and Liverpool, it is anyone's game. We have to get back to that form in where we trashed Real Sociedad.

    Tech Shrek28Tech Shrek2813 dagen geleden
  • I'm still not a Dembele fan. He cost us CL vs Liverpool in game 1 of our tie. Careless. Sell him and Grease-man.

    Viktor XhelilajViktor Xhelilaj13 dagen geleden
  • And that Real criminal, Bartomeu, wanted to sell Dembele to cover up his financial mess. Thanks to Dembele for refusing to be sold; he is a very unique, one of a kind, player.

    Liberia Arise!Liberia Arise!13 dagen geleden
  • Real Madrid just won against Liverpool and they played very well. We need to improve if we want to beat Real Madrid.

    Wali SultaniWali Sultani13 dagen geleden
    • @Bull M I’m talking about El Classico you donkey.

      Wali SultaniWali Sultani13 dagen geleden
    • You ain't beating shit ...and when will varca plat ucl ? Oh forgot they are out again

      Bull MBull M13 dagen geleden
  • Puig is the man that helps us

    Albert AlvinAlbert Alvin13 dagen geleden
  • Sack koeman why always playing busquets BT not putting any effort in the MFD......whiles u HV puiq

    annor emmanuelannor emmanuel13 dagen geleden
  • To be fair Griezmann played 3 difficult matches during the internationals in just a few days time. Puig needs more play time!

    French VikingFrench Viking13 dagen geleden
  • Dembele is developing a strong mentality and will be useful for the rest of the season .

    jahgoljahgol13 dagen geleden
  • Vamos we can win El Classico We can win the title we need to improve Vamos Çúłęś

    Javier AlbanJavier Alban13 dagen geleden
  • Koeman is doing a wonderful job but think he should come out of the idea by singing wijnaldon from Liverpool

    Sey SaidouSey Saidou13 dagen geleden
  • messi clearly played with brakes on in fear of yellow card.

    Hank StormHank Storm13 dagen geleden
    • That also! Same for de Jong, he even admitted it after the game 😅

      TalkFCBTalkFCB13 dagen geleden
  • Coach is unfair on Puig

    Conê SkeyerConê Skeyer13 dagen geleden
  • Watching Madrid game with Liverpool, Barcelona will need to step up really fast and take any chances created. Our defense need to get their act together or else we can say bye to the title. We can do it tho.

    Maxie AlberosieMaxie Alberosie13 dagen geleden
  • So Barcelona Golden State just uploaded like a day ago and said that we have no excuses to lose against Real Madrid, but here I do not know why I see Real Madrid winning 3-1 against Liverpool so that's why I am worried that Real Madrid could win against us.

    Travis TranTravis Tran13 dagen geleden
  • The win really is win of champions and we have to dig deep to reach the top.

    Abdullahi MusahAbdullahi Musah13 dagen geleden
  • I love this channel 💪💪 visca Barca..🇹🇿

    JAMES DAUDJAMES DAUD13 dagen geleden
  • Let's forget about the last night game.. although it was very tough... but thanks to the team...they derived.. let's focus on the El classical... Let's win it.. Visca el Barca 🇹🇿🇹🇿

    JAMES DAUDJAMES DAUD13 dagen geleden
  • Puig need to play more man... he is young and shows potential we need to evolve this man

    Roy KimRoy Kim13 dagen geleden
  • Madrid literally dominated Liverpool tonight. We definitely need to up our game.

    Perceptionist /Perceptionist /13 dagen geleden
  • Real Madrid next week ghan zhavnar ahet = rm are going to run all over us, if we play like this

    Ninad PradhanNinad Pradhan13 dagen geleden
  • madrid just destroyed liverpool i’m confident in barca but still scared lmao

    alpha sigmalpha sigm13 dagen geleden
    • their gonna win against Barca then go back to their shit form as usual

      FBI-ExoticzzFBI-Exoticzz12 dagen geleden
  • JAMIE do you think you’ll do more match analysis videos on Barcelona NLworld channel?

    Chepe RodriguezChepe Rodriguez13 dagen geleden
  • Pls Barca need to start playing younger players . The players , apart from Messi ,those in their thirties ,were very very slow that they were looking over tired . Congrats , keep it up .

    Obot GodwinObot Godwin13 dagen geleden
  • You could see messi happiness

    Nicholus MakasaNicholus Makasa13 dagen geleden
  • Lenglet is getting better

    Carl JohnsonCarl Johnson13 dagen geleden
  • Why are people complaining abt Dembele giving the ball away. He only gave the ball away 14 times and he was the one trying stuff and messi gave the ball away 24 times.

    pboy iyinborpboy iyinbor13 dagen geleden
  • Real actually played worse than we did in both their games vs valladolid

    The FantorangsterThe Fantorangster13 dagen geleden
  • Main problem is De jong as IV we have no creation in the middlefield

    Yousif YakoYousif Yako13 dagen geleden
  • Real is currently winning, if they win their confidence will be sky-high for the clasico🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️......BUT THIS IS BARCA, WE WILL WIN!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥💯🐐

    Jovaughn RichardsJovaughn Richards13 dagen geleden
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    GIO AGYENGOGIO AGYENGO13 dagen geleden
  • That game almost sent me into cardiac arrest 💀

    oral kerroral kerr13 dagen geleden
  • Now Barcelona need Dembele and Puig more thaning ever be for.

    sammy chiguntasammy chigunta13 dagen geleden
  • Varane and Ramos absence doesn't change anything. We can still lose 3 points if we don't take our chances against Real Madrid

    Albert OseiAlbert Osei13 dagen geleden
  • i bought neymar in my wolves career. he is doing so well that i actually wonder, should neymar go to the wolves? every time i buy him at barca he sucks, but at wolves he is recking the competition. :I

    Game AddictgonewildGame Addictgonewild13 dagen geleden
  • Lenglet was the man we Were looking for to defend because de jong was be really careful in that game and lenglet played a brilliant game

    Messi FanMessi Fan13 dagen geleden
  • Langlet can be one of the most consist player in the world although he might not be the greatest defender ever but he does the job I personally think he is among the top 5 defenders in the world

    TCM CityTCM City13 dagen geleden
  • I am so glad Lenglet played well yesterday!

    AD744AD74413 dagen geleden
  • Is it just me or has Pedri been making some bad decisions and giveaways recently? He is playing well, but I feel like he is making mental mistakes and has mental lapses now that he hadn't been making before

    Brad HamadaBrad Hamada13 dagen geleden
  • W puig in the game,, the ball just moves differently and more effectively

    Brad HamadaBrad Hamada13 dagen geleden
  • Give Puig atleast 30min per game..He is sheer delight with his play n his smile brings so much positivity n happiness..Pls Koeman dont wait till 85th mins..pls.pls..🙏🙏

    rajeev gauchanrajeev gauchan13 dagen geleden
  • We everyone to pull their weight if we plan on winning the league. We need more from the midfield in scoring as well, until we get a proper number 9 we need to score more goals in set pieces and we need midfielders to score once in a while when the front 3 are being covered well.

    zenzen13 dagen geleden
  • Jordi alba was the biggest flop yesterday, Dembele deserves the man of the match even before his goal he was impressive.

    Soulflavur AbiodunSoulflavur Abiodun13 dagen geleden
  • Dembele improves every game but he doesnt fit as a false nine . 🚶‍♂️❤

    lil pjay .lil pjay .13 dagen geleden
  • Jamie, do us Citizens some favor too. You know, what I mean 😉.

    Ab AghaAb Agha13 dagen geleden
  • “I think Lenglet made a lot of interceptions”… *brings up graphic that shows 0 interceptions 🤣

    SevSev13 dagen geleden
    • He meant clearances

      Coutinho The MagicianCoutinho The Magician13 dagen geleden
  • Really dude ? You are now behaving like a hypocrite, dembele was worse in that match.. What will be your thought if Griezmann had done those mistake which are done by dembele? You will absolutely destroy him.. you suck dude.. there is no difference between you and Bartomeu..

    FalleN92KFalleN92K13 dagen geleden
  • This should be our lineup in el Classico Mats Mingeza arujo lenglet Dest de jong besquets pedri alba Messi demeble

    Nizar elissaNizar elissa13 dagen geleden
  • Puig created space for DeJong and passed him the ball to make the winning cross.

    Manny ChaudhuryManny Chaudhury13 dagen geleden
  • Visca barca ! I am routing for liverpool in today's match,looking forward to a great el classico

    Jara KingJara King13 dagen geleden
  • The team wanted to win, thats the most important thing. There were some lack of energy but surely that comes from int break.

    Saif 2018Saif 201813 dagen geleden
  • I dont care the many mistakes Dembele makes, he is proven to be a bigger player than Griezman that we expected so much from when we bought him!!! Let's go Dembouz!!! I hope he works on his shots over the summer!!!

    D NiceD Nice13 dagen geleden
  • Day 1 of asking Jaime to start doing a live watch-along for every Barca match.

    Rony GarciaRony Garcia13 dagen geleden
  • Messi and the teams reaction to that goal was amazing to see!

    ReyRey13 dagen geleden
  • I liked the fact that we were making alot of attempts at goal... Messi didn't play the international games and he appeared rusty yesterday.. he lossed the ball alot ... it goes to prove that messi equally depends on the team to perform. Unlike before, if the team is terrible messi is and when we perform proper he does too

    MjeezMjeez13 dagen geleden
  • Everyone is talking about Lenglet but what about Mingueza???? The boy is rock solid and his positioning is superb. He reads the game well and his pace helps him get across very quickly. Whenever he plays my heart is at ease. He reminds me of Puyol and no I am not making any comparisons but I just got those flashes during the game. He is going to key going forward and I hope barca and Koeman are taking notices

    Etumeleng MogaleEtumeleng Mogale13 dagen geleden
  • I am feeling very good but we need to step up for el classico

    Roy ChapoRoy Chapo13 dagen geleden
  • dembele is more effective on the left hand side, simple!!!

    Michael wielingenMichael wielingen13 dagen geleden
  • I am feeling very good but we need to step up for el classico

    Roy ChapoRoy Chapo13 dagen geleden
  • Definitely should have puig earlier than that we needed pace between lines someone who brings energy pedri the whole midfield was flat and the changes needed to be brought on sooner and dembele at center forward only works when we really moving the ball fast hence why second half he moved to the wing

    shaduff nkabuleshaduff nkabule13 dagen geleden
  • Barcelona needs players who are good in air if it wasn't Raujoh it was going to be a shame

    Río DlaminiRío Dlamini13 dagen geleden
  • Im i the only one who dosen't want to see de jong at CB again ????

    Anime world hdAnime world hd13 dagen geleden
  • Jamie tbh i kind a like the way it played out we had to fight hard upon til the final minutes which should give us that boost we need ahead of the clasico Sometimes a hard test seems easy after a easy one made you struggle!!

    Genahsyde SouthsideGenahsyde Southside13 dagen geleden
  • Dembele ❤

    Akhil SAkhil S13 dagen geleden
  • One of the things that impressed me the most was seeing Koeman shouting on the players in the first half, it showed that he was in control of the team, thank God the winning goal came....

    Charles EsomCharles Esom13 dagen geleden
  • Dembele dest alba were awful

    AmitAmit13 dagen geleden