Decimating a Pay-to-win server with Duping! - CG #2

4 apr. 2021
906 290 Weergaven

Hey ya'll! We are back on ComplexGaming, with a new guest, Team Avolition! We are gonna be trying to use our remaining stashes to try to destroy this P2W Minecraft server, that sells P2W keys, P2W perks, and even sells /tp! And this time, we make a new "friend" and also embrace the cult of the cones...
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  • Check out Dashlane today with my link to get 50% off of premium, and never have to remember multiple passwords ever again!

    The HorizonThe Horizon17 dagen geleden
    • please get this server they bully me for being a furry and mock me and now 6 people attacked me and took all my stuff and one of the admins got trust for themselves and everyone took everything and they bullied me more and one admin turned my whole house to dirt and back a bunch and it made all chests empty and i have now nothing please do something , its not p2w but it hurts alot and i just hope you can do this please

      a furry on youtubea furry on youtube3 uur geleden
    • You’ll probably not see this, but I was hoping you could grief a server called hero mines. You probably get loads of people asking to grief servers so I won’t expect anything from this, but they spam advertise discord servers dming users to join there server, and they go after smaller servers like mine. I’m sure there are dozens of videos that could explain it better than I could. But thank you for you time I guess.

      Warren ArmstrongWarren Armstrong3 dagen geleden
    • Also your my inspration😃

      Snake FangsSnake Fangs3 dagen geleden
    • Hey love the vid! And can i ask you a question? What client do you use??

      Snake FangsSnake Fangs3 dagen geleden
    • Is there a discord server? I have a simple suggestion for a lag machine. And if can be spread over multiple chunks.

      Wyatt BrownWyatt Brown4 dagen geleden
  • Doin gods work mate, I’m subbing for sure

    DxT StegosaurusDxT Stegosaurus24 minuten geleden
  • I have found the most p2w server out there (most likely) IP:

    HelParadoxHelParadox6 uur geleden
  • Oink, oink. *runs into p2w server* Hey, time to report this P2W server to The Horizon! *one week later* *joins that p2w server* *runs into Horizon* Oink, can I dupe too?

    Felix OuFelix Ou8 uur geleden
  • Hi, can we talk privately, I need you guys to help me with something

    Vũ MekoVũ Meko15 uur geleden
  • :/

    RadRad17 uur geleden
  • Hey i would like to suggest a server you can dupe on its pretty p2w the ip is he has 70k followers on tiktok btw and usually 10 players online

    IGN uonlyIGN uonly17 uur geleden
  • Ihm

    SAHOO PLAYZzSAHOO PLAYZz21 uur geleden
  • The diamond blocks are sus if an admin comes. Them: a;slkdflaskfj;lkdf

    niveK akninblargniveK akninblarg22 uur geleden
  • Horizon, you may not know it but the things you do don’t come without a price. Duping on p2w to win servers affects the owners, the owners have every right to put ridiculous price tags and players have the right to choose what game they want to play. If they want to spend money on p2w, so be it it’s their right. However you do not have the right to ruin some people’s only way of income and false banning some people who have paid on this server. I completely understand the intent however due to misconceptions and miscommunications people are now inclined to dupe on servers such as hypixel with a “reason”. So please tone it down

    Blank RequestBlank Request23 uur geleden
  • Bruh, the fact high ranks can just raid people with no restrictions

    Spyder_GamingSpyder_GamingDag geleden
  • great stuff!

    JbtdudeJbtdudeDag geleden
  • You are the server slayer! The only thing they fear is all of you

    Gaming RootGaming RootDag geleden
  • Where is le discord?

    DonutCrownDonutCrownDag geleden
  • Yo I have a great Idea if you can gat your hand a on a glitched minecraft account which has a space in its name the server won’t be able to ban you as commands don’t work if there’s a space in your name

    Time stamp terry’s DadTime stamp terry’s DadDag geleden
  • Feels like breaking bad in Minecraft.

    Akanate 458Akanate 458Dag geleden
  • For me I understand wanting to destroy P2W, unfair, and unjust servers But ones where people are literally just vibing and building and having fun and just shutting on that parade just doesn’t do it for me

    Crow PondCrow PondDag geleden
    • Agreed

      Blank RequestBlank Request23 uur geleden
  • Does Storm_Surge do nfts?

    Crow PondCrow PondDag geleden
    • do whats

      The HorizonThe HorizonDag geleden
  • try out a server called and try to lag out the server good idea

    Agnese ZāleAgnese ZāleDag geleden
  • How did you dupe ???

    BrooskoBrooskoDag geleden
    • He shows it in the first part

      OneSnazzyBoi ZeroOneSnazzyBoi ZeroDag geleden
  • hey bro try to shut down kingcrafts p2w server thx

    KaisaDiamondKaisaDiamondDag geleden
  • try duping on purpleprison

    Hbomb TXHbomb TX2 dagen geleden
  • in the dashlane ad you really put a rickroll watch id, cultured man.

    ッSpu-sanッSpu-san2 dagen geleden
  • nothing against it but breaking hypixel skyblock could be fun

    Elliott BowElliott Bow2 dagen geleden
  • btw in 2 months they'll actually start enforcing the eula again to try and have realms make money. p2w will be gone

    Ethan YinEthan Yin2 dagen geleden
  • and yes it is bannable on that server to tp to someone for self gain

    Eternal RAIN.Eternal RAIN.2 dagen geleden
  • On the server you can do /tptoggle

    Eternal RAIN.Eternal RAIN.2 dagen geleden
  • Ppl like him be like: i breaks the rules to destroy something thats breaking the rules

    NexconixNexconix2 dagen geleden
  • what client do you use btw?

    TrollArTrollAr2 dagen geleden

    Jastinn ProductionJastinn Production2 dagen geleden
  • *”I don’t think you understand the importance of cones.”*

    CallMeVarezCallMeVarez2 dagen geleden
  • Fun fact: the text on 16:46 is the youtube link of Never Gonna Give You Up

    Giova189Giova1892 dagen geleden
  • What’s duping??

    Dr DarksideDr Darkside2 dagen geleden
  • 14:45 i know that link some where never gonna give you up never gonna let you downnnnn

    •AshZeroBluE• 05•AshZeroBluE• 052 dagen geleden
  • I got a ad when you got banned lol!

    It's Wolf!It's Wolf!2 dagen geleden
  • you should dupe on hypixel skyblock they introduced a new gems system for hypixle skyblock were you can basically just buy coins with the gems

    Pillager VillagerPillager Villager3 dagen geleden
  • Them: “Beat Rice” Me: “Be-a-trice. A girl’s name.” 🤣

    KennedyKennedy3 dagen geleden
  • The weeks wait serves no purpose at all. If they roll back the server and ban you guys they could have just continued looking and getting rid of the items you placed still on rolling it back before you dropped everything...

    SupremeMilkLordSupremeMilkLord3 dagen geleden
  • Please dupe on apollo survival my ign beast_bro_123

    Shubham KumarShubham Kumar3 dagen geleden
  • Anyone know how to do this on bedrock?

    Jeremy JJeremy J3 dagen geleden
  • Loverfella server is a ptw server but it’s owned by a NLworldr so idk if you want to dupe on it because it is definitely still a pay to win

    ACupOfSalt _ACupOfSalt _3 dagen geleden
  • Imagine you hacked a credit card to unlimited money, and buy without exploiting Minecraft :v

    Return of Bang1338Return of Bang13383 dagen geleden
  • Does anybody here know a good multiplayer server that is not pay to win? Thank you

    Alexis VenturaAlexis Ventura3 dagen geleden
  • can I learn whic hax horizon uses

    Yiğit Ali ÜnverdiYiğit Ali Ünverdi3 dagen geleden
  • I am i watching a movie?

    Afandy PacifisterAfandy Pacifister3 dagen geleden
  • ruin its p2w and every mod is super toxic

    levi.0118levi.01183 dagen geleden
  • You should get some text to speech software so I can be lazy and not read

    DanDan3 dagen geleden
  • Just an idea, you could maybe place signs in the stashes and number them from for example 1-5, but skip a number in the middle so the staff thinks theres still a stash they haven't found. Idk how they find them exactly or how everything works but its an idea

    Lenny23217 5Lenny23217 53 dagen geleden
  • Well some dude on discord named horizon told me to comment on here so yeah (my discord is Beans_Of_God#7369)

    B TB T3 dagen geleden
  • Storm_surge: “maybe I don’t want to be the bad guy anymore”

    The NarratorThe Narrator4 dagen geleden
  • Just noticed Horizon is actually using like a proper hack client and everything, combat hacks, aim assist, kill aura, all sorts. So glad we don't see him using the combat hacks tho

    Leo CassidyLeo Cassidy4 dagen geleden
  • How you guys discovers/uses dupes? I kinda wanna use for anarchy servers

    woofpsgameswoofpsgames4 dagen geleden
  • Can you check out MineTribes? It’s discord advertising and I have 3 of their bots DMing me.

    hello therehello there4 dagen geleden
  • This is only hacker dude I respect, I thank you for being there! Your one of the good hackers exposing these p2w server

    Mr proMr pro4 dagen geleden
  • Reading all this text hurts my head I have to pause every 3 seconds

    SoniVidsSoniVids4 dagen geleden
  • And now how about duping in p2w mcBedrock server ?

    floyo8floyo84 dagen geleden
  • Heya! I've got a server that messaged to me through a bot on discord... I think these kinds of servers are the type of server you guys target? Anyway, could you do me a favor and make the server unalive? IP: (don't comment I'm a bot, I'm a human, that's why i made this in the read more section)

    BlockyBlocky4 dagen geleden
  • Can you try to use other font cause i can barely read

    Text LabelText Label4 dagen geleden
  • What is ur client

    MrDust9105MrDust91054 dagen geleden
  • ComplexGaming is pay to win?! Dammit. I loved that server too. I'm fucking gullible lmao.

    EmolgabrineEmolgabrine4 dagen geleden
  • There’s this server called swancraft and it is the most ptw thing ever it’s a survival server and you can buy sharpness 10 and prot 10 too also the economy it’s screwed cause admins PLEASE ruin them

    WavEz YtWavEz Yt4 dagen geleden
  • imagine you're just chilling and then Mr. Money bags comes and kills you out of nowhere

    elvis minerelvis miner4 dagen geleden
  • The only respectable cheater

    BoiSSP GamingBoiSSP Gaming4 dagen geleden
  • 19:08 I literally said put loud "Cone O Dio Da"

    TripleTrickShotTripleTrickShot4 dagen geleden
  • eyyyyyy horizon i found a pay to win server the ip is

    MapcraftMapcraft4 dagen geleden
  • do loverfella server pls

    avocedosavocedos4 dagen geleden
  • Yeah you are back at it again!

    Bumblebee GamerBumblebee Gamer4 dagen geleden
  • Pretty excited for the "Lore of the Cones" ngl

    Dan LoadanDan Loadan4 dagen geleden
  • Ok so, my question is... Is horizon dupertrooper? Or is that a different person?

    Dan LoadanDan Loadan4 dagen geleden
  • Tryna see what client he uses

    DisconnectDisconnect4 dagen geleden
  • 17:39 man that’s some classic AVO shit. Making me nostalgic over here, it’s like I’m listening to one of their old videos.

    Meme ConnoisseurMeme Connoisseur4 dagen geleden
  • But the question is... *does it work still?*

    JayJay4 dagen geleden

    Hexagon TypeHexagon Type4 dagen geleden
  • When I hear the sword sounds at the intro for me is like the sound of wiping out the server :v

    Alejandro Alzate SánchezAlejandro Alzate Sánchez4 dagen geleden
  • apeqks and all of the duping team got banned for exploiting bugs Matrydom: drop a live grenade when killed

    Max RileyMax Riley4 dagen geleden
  • P2w servers are just for little kids who use their moms credit card for tps and full netherite

    Poker FacePoker Face4 dagen geleden
  • What is your hack client name? I want to destroy p2w server too

    :P:P5 dagen geleden
  • there is a technically P2W server called

    TheowyTheowy5 dagen geleden
  • wow AVO is in this? im glad they came out of retirement to do some good

    oof oofoof oof5 dagen geleden
  • I love all your videos, it's great how you show justice to these pay to win servers!

    I’m Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbbs To MeI’m Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbbs To Me5 dagen geleden
  • dude im sorry first off great video, but that text is so fucking hard to read... GREAT video though, just neeeed a font change lol

    Lime MonkeyLime Monkey5 dagen geleden
  • Hey Horizons I watched you before 100k do you remember me, oh NVM I deleted my channel rip

    JulianJulian5 dagen geleden
  • I decided to join the server today and spam #CancelP2W over 200 times. I’m permanently banned now but I achieved something. Hope that helps a bit. Maybe nothing at all, but it will let the devs rethink their decision even if it’s 0.001%

    EclipeonEclipeon5 dagen geleden
  • Plz do next it's a pw server I played on but I got bored

    GogboyaGogboya5 dagen geleden
  • this is officially an netflix documentary

    levizaum prolevizaum pro5 dagen geleden
  • Such an awesome video

    California Hamster SocietyCalifornia Hamster Society5 dagen geleden
  • Wait a NLworld that gives you time to read?

    Wifi thingWifi thing5 dagen geleden
  • This is amazing, i will be binging this for days to come

    Ian RobertsIan Roberts5 dagen geleden
  • @graf?

    xlisek_xlisek_5 dagen geleden
  • Im watching this vid rn and my phone is at 69% battery.

    Ian RobertsIan Roberts5 dagen geleden
  • hey @The Horizon, i have 2 bott messaging me every week about a server called minetribes, but i cant login on your chat site so i cant send screenshots. What is another way to get in contact with you?

    Toine de JagerToine de Jager5 dagen geleden
  • “He will spend money on more important things” Kid: *buys unban*

    WasquashWasquash5 dagen geleden
  • I buy ranks on servers that I want to support, generally any bonuses they give me (which are generally cosmetic with any other rewards obtainable through normal methods) are just a plus

    Blind AssassinBlind Assassin5 dagen geleden
  • Your Content is *AMAZING*

    Neptune2Neptune25 dagen geleden
  • @TheHorizon can you dm me on Twitter I have another server for you but idk if will work

    SharpieBTWSharpieBTW5 dagen geleden
  • 16:46 That's the rickroll link!

    ThatYahooThatYahoo5 dagen geleden
  • Hey bro, if you need an extra soldier to help you accomplish this, I gotchu.

    Lawnmower 65Lawnmower 655 dagen geleden
  • And that ladies and gentlemen, is how you become a parasite. Slowly ate away at the server admins and mods sanity, and ultimately made them lose their playerbase. Well done👏🏾

    Easily TrainedEasily Trained5 dagen geleden
  • I’m kinda confused on the voices. Do you not talk, or can we just like not hear you. You said DuperTrooper was your friend, and everyone else has been talking. Which one are you?

    Easily TrainedEasily Trained5 dagen geleden
  • That's actually messed up to false ban that kid cause he paid real life money I hope he gets a refund

    DiskillDiskill5 dagen geleden