Day in the Life of a Japanese Hotel Worker

9 apr. 2021
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A Day in the life of a Japanese Hotel Worker in Tokyo. This is working life in Japan if you were to work in the hotel industry. In Japan, there’s a unique hospitality custom called OMOTENASHI. Directly translated, Omote meaning public face and nashi meaning nothing, combined it means services are always completely genuine and honest. Because it’s so deeply rooted in Japanese culture, the staff make extra efforts to provide guests with the best experience possible without expecting anything in return. We follow Yohei's work day in Tokyo from morning until evening .Yohei works as the assistant manager at APA hotel Shinjuku Gyoenmae. APA is one of the largest hotel chains in japan. APA hotel uniquely identify as a New Urban style hotel high Quality, High Functionally without all the unnecessary services providing all guests with a good night’s sleep, often mistaken as a Japanese business hotel, which are typically budget style hotels close to the train station, originally intended for Japanese salarymen traveling between cities for business. Often the rooms are smaller with bare amenities, single bed, desk, tv, refrigerator, unit bath and toilet. In Japan, tipping is not customary and in some ways can be awkward as it’s unexpected. It’s ingrained in Japanese culture to take pride in your work no matter at what level, so receiving a tip as an incentive to delivery the best service is viewed as unnecessary, all tying back to Omotenashi.
The APA Hotel where I filmed (Shinjuku-Gyoenmae)
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    Paolo fromTOKYOPaolo fromTOKYOMaand geleden
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  • day in the life of the japanese royal family.

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    TheBloxburguyTheBloxburguy2 uur geleden
  • He should quit the guitar

    KitsuneKitsune6 uur geleden
  • So no one is going to mention that he looks like if John Mulaney was Japanese

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  • Paulo I have to ask, how was he playing the guitar like that at night and was not worried about bothering the neighbors? Are the apartments sound proof? I am really curious! Thanks!

    Adam BassiounyAdam Bassiouny12 uur geleden
  • Dedicated employee! Wonderful work ethics!

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  • Beautiful hotel! Great video! Thank you so much!

    Adam BassiounyAdam Bassiouny13 uur geleden
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  • If he is an assistant manager why is he inspecting the rooms ,cleaning , checklist?.. the rooms are inspected by floor supervisor , the cleaning are done by the (GRA or housekeeping department) , And (checklist and caring guest to room are done by the *bell* *boy*..

    Chandu ManralChandu Manral3 dagen geleden
  • I feel like Japan's working atmosphere, and our country working atmosphere is pretty much different in lot of areas. e.g. In our country, the main staff aren't responsible for the cleaning duties, there's specific sanitary staffs present in all offices.

    Partha Sarathi SahooPartha Sarathi Sahoo3 dagen geleden
  • hotel work seems pretty good tbh

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  • I did the same job as the assist manager for 2 months and hated every second of it. Made me jump into tech, which I ❤️ Seeing this guys pride in his work just reminds me we all find joy in different things. It’s ok to be weird. Just respect the other peoples weirdness and we’ll all have fun. ... great vid bro

    HypotemusedHypotemused4 dagen geleden
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  • I work in this industry as well, but this is on next level

    Zeljko1977Zeljko19775 dagen geleden
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    Suzie DunnSuzie Dunn5 dagen geleden
  • whydont they have more black people in japan.. are they racist?

    Juan Shaft PatelJuan Shaft Patel5 dagen geleden
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