Dave (feat. Alex) - Thiago Silva

1 jul. 2019
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Truly a piece of Glastonbury magic. Watch Dave and audience member Alex perform Thiago Silva at Glastonbury 2019. Guidance: contains strong language. Visit bbc.co.uk/glastonbury for more videos and photos

  • One of the most underrated part of this performance is that they restarted caus he mic wasn't working. They could have just passed it off as him being quiet or not holding the mic right but instead stopped to fix it. Class all round.

    Sam TorrSam Torr17 minuten geleden
  • This gets me hyped

    Danny VowlesDanny Vowles40 minuten geleden
  • 0:54 the embarrassment I have from when that other guy thought it was him to go up there

    OliG_30OliG_302 uur geleden
  • Who’s still Watching this shit in 2021

    Garik TigranyanGarik Tigranyan2 uur geleden
  • Dave is definitely the best grime rap uk player from Wiley

    Michael StubbsMichael Stubbs6 uur geleden
  • Ay he’s SICK

    Torsk 36Torsk 3610 uur geleden
  • Mom: how was the festival? Alex: idk ask the crowd 😎

    Callan EdwardsCallan Edwards14 uur geleden
  • forget dave alex is the man

    zain alizain ali14 uur geleden
  • there is no way he is ever gonna forget this day.

    hexamoralhexamoral15 uur geleden
  • Whats the original song they chant in football matches?

    BuckFiddy1BuckFiddy118 uur geleden
  • When you realise when, this was actually staged, but what a vibe.

    AxecX24AxecX2420 uur geleden
  • Man like alex

    Fuckin RobFuckin Rob21 uur geleden
  • Santan from the v-v x AJ Man mystic with the pen like J.K True say, I ain't really a drinker But I got love for brandy like Ray J Champagne popper, .44 chopper In the black Nike bomber, heartbeat stopper Half-heart MC dropper 45 wapper, leave you in states like Kaká AJ from the l-l x Santan Man's got style on the riddim like Gangnam Two young bruddas tryna eat off of music But we used to eat off of pebs and the sand bags Now we get money, music money Money that could put your girlfriend in a handbag White tee, Balenciagas, man bag Left-winger with a long stick like a granddad AJ Tizzy from T-H-E lizzy And I'm all out for the Lizzy I don't wanna look like you, you're broke And I've been telling broke bruddas move like Grizzy Still brandy but the hand ting fizzy Probs be in bin if a man weren't busy I'm a mic king, I'm a king on the mic And I'll spin bruddas till the whole scene gets dizzy Walk in the rave, smile on my face Drink in my cup, hand in my jeans Man talk tough, man look up, down, left, right Straight to a bang in the teeth Man still talk tough, man saw man in the flesh Now man's tryna talk to my Gs Nah, none of that, none, .45 drum Run you right out of your street Walk in the dance, chicks wanna glance Hand on my hip, shank for the dip If I shout "Oi", them man there best skip Better tie up your laces tight and don't trip Trip, get splashed Couldn't care less about my man's gang We're not fam, we're not friends or bredrins You'll get tanned and binned, cock, then blam Santan Dave from the Vale and Tracey Duck man down on the road, I'm pacey Two lighties on the phone, so facety One named Jordan and one named Stacey S with the S from the S, ask Showkey Dust man down with a mask like Tobi Tell a boy cotch, my man's telling me lots But we are not Gs so don't watch my face Ladbroke Grove is where I re- who? Man get burst up in the G- who? Came back with a fresh one, it's new Don't come around for a two with a blue I don't give a fuck if you're old or new I'll just go on like Blackpool who? Put a couple dead MCs in the grave Trust me, darg, you can go there too Trust me, darg, you can go there free I'll never watch F-A-C-E AJT from MTP Nike lab tracksuit, Nike ID Man got overly fucked in the beef Pretty sure I landed a bang to his teeth Man will get banged in the face by me Not my bredrin, banged in the face by me And me Man talk tough, we'll see Hit him with the left, right, left, right, left, right, right One jab, then I duck, then weave Come like Trevor from GTA If I bang man's face, man bop, then lean Kun Aguero, man dropped the shoulder feint once Quick kick then I drop man's G First time I link her, Nandos sweet £9.95, I swipe, then eat I one-two rap, she don't give hat Thiago Silva, man block, then skeet Had man screaming "Look, there's my man" Hand in my pouch like "Where? It's not me" Hand in my pouch like "Where? It's not us" Turned to my G like "Where? It's not we" So if you get boom with the .45 long It's a critical hit, no chance to repeat And if you see Arge in the cut with the dip You're pissed so quick your team should retreat But if you see Juss in the cut with his right hand tucked You're fucked, your team should leave, G If you see Rapz in the back with his hand in the bag It's mad, we came to see Ps Walk in the rave, smile on my face Drink in my cup, hand in my jeans Man talk tough, man look up, down, left, right Straight to a bang in the teeth Man still talk tough, man saw man in the flesh Now man's tryna talk to my Gs Nah, none of that, none, .45 drum Run you right out of your street Walk in the dance, chicks wanna glance Hand on my hip, shank for the dip If I shout "oi, them man there best skip" Better tie up your laces tight and don't trip Trip, get splashed Couldn't care less about my man's gang We're not fam, we're not friends or bredrins You'll get tanned and binned, cock, then blam

    Ivan BIvan B23 uur geleden
  • 0:53 lmao the other kid walking up getting stopped

  • I didn’t know who Dave was before Alex.

    Maria Slominska-FabisMaria Slominska-FabisDag geleden
  • Wait I didn't liked this? Lets change that now.

    bbonorrbbonorrDag geleden

    ArsaArsaDag geleden
  • the fact that he is so confident and fits the scene so well makes this so fucking good

    Lieutenant LJWLieutenant LJWDag geleden
  • Aitch and Dave duo plz

    William PayneWilliam PayneDag geleden
  • 2:24 this was just awkward

    Raf BasconRaf BasconDag geleden
  • Bet he got layed that night

    Jimmy LennonJimmy LennonDag geleden
  • Dave: only song AJ’s part Alex: I’ll do what I want

    Oliver StainesOliver Staines2 dagen geleden
  • They just ended racism

    enrichouenrichou2 dagen geleden
  • He was definitely high

    CalxWatsonCalxWatson2 dagen geleden
  • bruh this due is a fucking natural on ten stage

    Alex MasonAlex Mason2 dagen geleden
  • This is mad 😭 gotta love it

    We're On fireWe're On fire2 dagen geleden
  • Whos here in 2021

    Sedrick IsingizweSedrick Isingizwe2 dagen geleden
  • Unreeeel what a legend

    Adam MichieAdam Michie3 dagen geleden
  • My man's for beat 👌🏾 Aye let's go Alex 🤙🏾💪🏾

    Blue JuiceBlue Juice3 dagen geleden
  • dave is a legend

    erikar jameserikar james3 dagen geleden
  • Alex said fuck hold my beer..hold my ket 😂

    RandomnessRandomness3 dagen geleden
  • Dave: Only sing AJ's parts... Alex: No.....I don't think I will...

    Joseph BinuJoseph Binu3 dagen geleden
  • imagen if it was my n*gga

    Vitus Møller Mandal 8B StrandskolenVitus Møller Mandal 8B Strandskolen3 dagen geleden
  • He wants wo-ah

    HutsHuts3 dagen geleden
    • Watch from 0:27 there was another guy who thought he got picked he jumped over and gott stopped by guards😂😂😂

  • Hahaha jammy little dodger lol

    B eckyB ecky3 dagen geleden
  • lol why are all these people styled like our generation now it´s creepy

    KlaschihhiyKlaschihhiy4 dagen geleden
  • Ay Alex i go grab some beer u be here in crowd? Alex:Ye for sure. Alexs Friend comin back:WHAT THE HE- Alex what u doin over there? 5:27

    BIG DADDYBIG DADDY4 dagen geleden
  • alex

    Neeraj DayalNeeraj Dayal4 dagen geleden
  • Pure GENIUS Move by Dave doing this!! 💥🔥🔥💥 "I Believe in You, I Believe in YOu"!!! Power of Words!!!

    MA EAMA EA5 dagen geleden
  • dave: ok u do ajs part. Alex: does the whole thing. dave; *angry noises*

    BigBoi 276BigBoi 2765 dagen geleden
  • Can we get an F to the guy in the black t shirt who thought Dave was talking to him 0:50

    SeanSean5 dagen geleden
  • Cringeeeee!

    Mega DunsparceMega Dunsparce5 dagen geleden
  • Why doesn't Dave do a song with DIzzee Rascal?

    CynaneCynane5 dagen geleden
  • Mad how Dave would of only turned 20 the previous month

    Michael HughesMichael Hughes5 dagen geleden
  • Even though I don't like the song, I admit that Dave has been very nice to let this young fan fulfilling his dream. A true artist

    J McLJ McL5 dagen geleden
  • This slaps 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    シ乙ㄩ匚シ乙ㄩ匚5 dagen geleden
  • How tf does the BBC promote someone who promotes a murderer? this dave pos shouldn't ever be near any taxpayer pounds.

    Robin TrubyRobin Truby5 dagen geleden
  • His mates will never let him forget this moment

    Charlie playzCharlie playz6 dagen geleden
  • Dave: brings fan on stage Alex: i am the captian now

    Hugo BromarkHugo Bromark6 dagen geleden
  • Spoilt little shit

    Tom 875Tom 8756 dagen geleden
    • How you probs that kid in the black T that got pulled back

      Ella CanavanElla Canavan2 dagen geleden
  • Oooooo Thiago sylvaaaa

    Alexander GaniosAlexander Ganios6 dagen geleden
  • he prolly a eshay

    Gabriel skxtesGabriel skxtes6 dagen geleden
  • Wonder how many shags he got after this Purely because of this legendary moment

    Holly ReadmanHolly Readman6 dagen geleden
  • I am de captain now

    Lucas MartinLucas Martin6 dagen geleden
  • L.E.G.E.N.D

    scar facescar face6 dagen geleden
  • Still the best vid on NLworld.....

    8 CERVEZAS8 CERVEZAS6 dagen geleden
  • Crazy to see Alex perform with a Fan on stage.

    Super Ton Frank !Super Ton Frank !6 dagen geleden
  • thank God this song doesn't have the n word

    SkrigrilloSkrigrillo6 dagen geleden
    • yo thats exactly what i was thinking while watching lool

      RR6 dagen geleden
  • Damn son...... where’d you find this.

    This Is My BoomstickThis Is My Boomstick6 dagen geleden
  • Alex with British imperialist flow

    Tony MarinouTony Marinou6 dagen geleden
  • This wouldn’t of happened on an American stage 😂

    n on o6 dagen geleden
  • Me buying a thiago silva shirt

    flowwfloww7 dagen geleden
  • Any one else notice the lad that thought he was going up on stage but was then shushed back

    Tom is CoolTom is Cool7 dagen geleden
  • Pre that one kid that thoght dave ment him😂😂

    jf productionsjf productions7 dagen geleden
  • who’s here now

    CrossleyCrossley7 dagen geleden
  • He looks like justin bieber

    Bujartan RiddlesBujartan Riddles7 dagen geleden
  • Bless him

    Tao-Jade SmithTao-Jade Smith7 dagen geleden
  • nah it was alex ft. dave - thiago silva

    sherwin vazsherwin vaz7 dagen geleden
  • I wanna be like Alex

    Jean Baptiste De BjörnJean Baptiste De Björn7 dagen geleden
  • Imagine the entire concert cheering for you. Amazing.

    nboutbnboutb8 dagen geleden
  • I love that Alex also touches his face 😂 This dude's living his best life

    Jack HunterJack Hunter8 dagen geleden
  • Damn alex went off

    Eddie FernandezEddie Fernandez8 dagen geleden
  • No one talking about the other guy that tried to come up then people stopped him 0:36 black T-shirt Jean shorts guy beside Alex 0:41 u see him climbing over rail 0:51 u see him over rail 0:55 he looks at Alex all sad

    RGRG8 dagen geleden
    • @Dream trueeee, the homies prolly roasted him afterwards too lmao

      Nili VanilliNili Vanilli3 dagen geleden
    • The most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen like imagine that

      DreamDream8 dagen geleden
  • This is insanely fake and staged.

    Ander LouisAnder Louis8 dagen geleden
  • Still last

    FamousOsavFamousOsav8 dagen geleden
  • It is tradition to watch this often

    Person From EarthPerson From Earth8 dagen geleden
  • Dave: 'only do AJ's part' Alex: Does the whole song

    Olive ClarkOlive Clark8 dagen geleden
  • BL h,fled,nnugjh Jhhihhi Hpvjh

    Kyle TointonKyle Tointon8 dagen geleden
  • think about the story he can tell his kids and grandkids

    asap abzasap abz8 dagen geleden
    • not just the story he can show them this video i would play this at my funeral lmao

      WW6 dagen geleden
  • Is there a better word than WOW? Imagine you send your kid off to Glasoto. Your watching your fave bands. You know that your son is going to the stage when Dave is on. Maybe you're not into grime, but you watch a bit a dave.... Then...., YOUR BRAIN IS FRIED, as you watch your skinny, Manchester sound dancing, foul mouthed, spotty little boy rapping to tens of thousands of screaming people! Dream day for the kid. Hope this energizes him to get the best outta life.

    Winston BrownWinston Brown8 dagen geleden
    • Imagine how he felt at that moment, thousands of people chanting and shouting your name

      Bailey RosierBailey Rosier5 dagen geleden
  • I think i'd just pass out

    sylvsylv8 dagen geleden
  • unbelievable

    Emma HoetEmma Hoet8 dagen geleden
  • I thought it was Justin beiber in the thumbnail.

    Dd NnDd Nn9 dagen geleden
  • Your not British if u don’t watch this At least once a month 😌

    Maisie XxMaisie Xx9 dagen geleden
    • It’s a ritual at this point

      EvLongmanEvLongman7 dagen geleden
  • This is like when Drake brought out Bobby Shmurda on stage

    Alim KhanAlim Khan9 dagen geleden
  • Mom: How was the festival ? Aleks: Ask my fans

    ettanin broidiettanin broidi9 dagen geleden
  • crapola

    99thDimension99thDimension9 dagen geleden
  • I revised the lyrics just know I’m ready for the call up in reading festival 2021 with my mask print under my chin.

    Rathernotoutmyname You getRathernotoutmyname You get9 dagen geleden
    • I believe in you

      JoeJoe8 dagen geleden
    • Get your people to talk to their people!

      Winston BrownWinston Brown8 dagen geleden
  • Its lovely gay alex good boy

    VDJ Ali HkVDJ Ali Hk9 dagen geleden
  • Il est merveilleux alex super

    VDJ Ali HkVDJ Ali Hk9 dagen geleden
  • So set up

    Jojic JojicJojic Jojic9 dagen geleden
  • jack whitehall gettin the crowd goin

    CASEY -CASEY -9 dagen geleden
  • you are write fam

    mtxaudiomtxaudio9 dagen geleden
  • thank god this will never happen again, it was a toxic timebomb, having a good time and going to a concert is not worth risking your grannies life for... stay home and protect the nhs

    john alexanderjohn alexander10 dagen geleden
    • shut up

      CalumCalum7 dagen geleden
    • Shut up

      monstifyymonstifyy9 dagen geleden
  • 2021 anyone ?

    Harry JarmanHarry Jarman10 dagen geleden
  • Bro did you guys see the first guy who got up they thought they wanted him but he got blocked by security

    mafia lily 69mafia lily 6910 dagen geleden
  • What happened to this guy?

    N MN M10 dagen geleden
  • Alex acctually supports Chelsea. Now Thiago silva joined Chelsea lol

    Billy RaffertyBilly Rafferty10 dagen geleden
  • Mate that other guy though he was talking to him 🤣🤣🤣

    Dylan BikelifeDylan Bikelife11 dagen geleden
  • Well I honestly think they should sing this together! They sound amazing together!

    Alex WhitlockAlex Whitlock11 dagen geleden