Dara O'Briain - This is the Show ( Дара'О Брайан - Это Шоу !) на русском языке

21 sep. 2013
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Замечательный стенд ап с великим комиком ! :) Русские субтитры.

  • My god, this guy's good.

    RatPfink66RatPfink668 dagen geleden
  • Dara's stand-up carries a colossal amount of spoken word script; added to dance routines, audience participation. He verbally interacts with their line of work, pulling that apart for authenticity sake. Which he remembers & comes back to later. Flipping from one story to another, then back again not forgetting where he's left off. His performance is truly mind blowing. This isn't wordy hype for seeing is believing.

    Hook BeakHook Beak27 dagen geleden
  • Professional cameras that only record in 240p. Sounds about right

    Maximum EffortMaximum EffortMaand geleden
  • What a mind...just absolutely brilliant

    Kieran MacManusKieran MacManus2 maanden geleden
  • His speaking pace is so fast!

    John SmithJohn Smith11 maanden geleden
  • Особенно порадовал русский язык

    Александр СтепановАлександр СтепановJaar geleden
  • В комментариях ни слова по-русски...

    Александр КузьминАлександр КузьминJaar geleden
  • The latinos have MUUUTATED!!!!

    jamrockprincessjamrockprincessJaar geleden
  • I find it ironic that the kid pirating is being seen on this pirated version of this show

    corbie mcbeathcorbie mcbeathJaar geleden
  • "Tequilaaaaa!"

    Richard PaxfordRichard PaxfordJaar geleden
  • dara moves really smoothly.

    Pedrosaurus MexPedrosaurus MexJaar geleden
  • super !!!!! !)

    Peter GailePeter GaileJaar geleden
  • What is he saying

    Fuzzyacorns 685Fuzzyacorns 685Jaar geleden
  • I don’t get the joke about the kitchen floor being blue.

    MicMovie StudiosMicMovie StudiosJaar geleden
    • @Andy Sutcliffe Aaah, thanks!

      MicMovie StudiosMicMovie Studios26 dagen geleden
    • It was flora, a brand of margarine. The blue tub version is the anti-cholesterol version.

      Andy SutcliffeAndy Sutcliffe26 dagen geleden
  • Poor dara, I think that he is still very good looking, but a bit too old for me lmao, xx

    Alys LougherAlys LougherJaar geleden
  • Seen Dara twice in Oslo. He is a genious!

    LassevaEmynLassevaEmynJaar geleden
  • Fantastic. And now I need to watch '2012' again...it'll never be the same...

    svartmetallsvartmetallJaar geleden
  • He’s completely insane, love it!

    PiddePeddPiddePeddJaar geleden
  • Ахахаха, я смеялся, вспоминая перевод)) но субтитры так и не включил .

    Bakhriddin GanibaevBakhriddin GanibaevJaar geleden
  • Love this guys material! Quick on the draw with the audience members as well. Also, it's 6 years since this ran. I just got off a plane 2 weeks ago and one of the in flight movies was I Am Legend. No joke.

    Alaric JenssenAlaric JenssenJaar geleden
  • Dara is an absolutely amazing show host as well as comedian!! 😁 CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY!! 😂 The ending was spectacular! He remembered everything!

    Nef WaenreNef WaenreJaar geleden
  • this video taught me more of the russian alphabet than any of my duolingo lessons

    fuck copsfuck copsJaar geleden
  • шикарно! ретранслятор!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! убейсЯ об стену!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Гудвин ЗрянеговорюГудвин ЗрянеговорюJaar geleden
  • Great upload!! Thanks! Really enjoyed this! x

    ferraridinomanferraridinoman2 jaar geleden
  • I remember learning CPR to Stayin' Alive, or alternatively, Another One Bites the Dust.

    Louis CapriniLouis Caprini2 jaar geleden
    • Radetzky March was the one I learned it with. Because OF COURSE, that's what you gotta use in Austria! Land famous mostly for being broadcast at New Year's Eve for the New Year's Concert!

      TheSilverIllusionTheSilverIllusion2 jaar geleden
  • "I've seen Jason Bourne do it" lol

    kimmie kashkimmie kash2 jaar geleden
  • Hey hope Dara get this.... the ad i got to this show was...... for Eyelashes;) some blond model was presenting them, u can say no Daa:D

    PolPol2 jaar geleden
  • Great

    Rachel RingRachel Ring2 jaar geleden
  • How hard is it to learn English by listening to Dara O'Briain )))

    Фёдор БегезаФёдор Бегеза2 jaar geleden
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 is the shit!

    Hunter RossHunter Ross2 jaar geleden
  • I don't think I've ever laughed harder at the "Dr Bear" joke. A+ comedy!!!

    JD ChrisJD Chris2 jaar geleden
  • Wow! He has more endings than Return of the King!

    Elizabeth AthineuElizabeth Athineu2 jaar geleden
  • The potato famine of 1845 is nothing. The other lot go on about a battle in 1690

    Howard MaxwellHoward Maxwell2 jaar geleden
  • Another song they use for cpr is another one bites the dust lol

    Rhiannon AndraskoRhiannon Andrasko2 jaar geleden
    • To be honest, that's usually how it ends 😉

      bagdesteinbagdestein2 jaar geleden
  • Top 10 best anime endings

    MattManifesto92MattManifesto922 jaar geleden
  • When he asks the kids have you seen "The Godfather", have you seen "Dog Day Afternoon", have you seen ............. What is the third film he asks them if they have seen? I played this over and over and got "Jack" something, maybe.

    Nic StroudNic Stroud2 jaar geleden
    • Nic Stroud it’s taxi driver 👌🏻

      Arthur The SlimeArthur The Slime2 jaar geleden
  • It could've been Nellie by the Toy Dolls - maybe that's why they changed it, they were going to the wrong song.

    Mark Doney-MacLeodMark Doney-MacLeod2 jaar geleden
  • You won’t make jokes on the monies....

    Jimits123Jimits1232 jaar geleden
  • what a brilliant end!!!

    low-filow-fi2 jaar geleden
  • Saw him live a few months ago and he's just as funny live 😂

    Ethan LappinEthan Lappin2 jaar geleden
  • Best intro ever.

    BlackEpyonBlackEpyon2 jaar geleden
  • ''the light from the sun *sniff sniff* it's gone off'' well that's what happens when you leave it in the sun too long

    DawnphyreDawnphyre2 jaar geleden
  • I want to see Dara take speed. I'm pretty sure his set would be just an hour long sentence..

    GerryBolgerGerryBolger2 jaar geleden
  • anti christian prick

    AWGAWG2 jaar geleden
  • Дара О Брийан

    weskosweskos2 jaar geleden
  • Dara i'm going to fail an exam because of you but surefuckitehh

    Kevin MKevin M2 jaar geleden
  • Dat ending tho !

    Roberto FontigliaRoberto Fontiglia2 jaar geleden
  • передасты - "на русском языке" в названии не подразумевает русских субтитров а означает перевод

    Artsvi AyvazyanArtsvi Ayvazyan2 jaar geleden
  • Because a tear heals better than a cut.... Dr. Bear is now the highest paid medical profession, which is helpful to pay for porridge consumption and little blonde home invaders.

    Tommy LebkowskyTommy Lebkowsky2 jaar geleden
  • Really not funny he just rambles from subject to subject in a much more Irish accent than his tv style. I was waiting for him to ask if we like daaaagggs.

    Lee FallLee Fall2 jaar geleden
    • Not true. His accent is the same. And he doesn't ramble from one topic to the next anymore than the average comedian. Furthermore the "daaaag" accent is very rare and very local. Dara has never spoken in that dialect, neither on stage or in the studio.

      Jennifer SJennifer SJaar geleden
    • I like dags. I like caravans even more though.

      GerryBolgerGerryBolger2 jaar geleden
  • Irish women are beautiful but hairy

    Cristian Reyes-gajardoCristian Reyes-gajardo2 jaar geleden
    • ?

      Jennifer SJennifer SJaar geleden
  • But Yeah Yeah Yeahs is a good band...

    YokkyYokky2 jaar geleden
  • Dara is a legend. I keep coming back to these at least once a year.

    polymathablepolymathable2 jaar geleden
  • When he said video games I cheered

    Mia TMia T2 jaar geleden
  • get the 14-year-old kids footage and splice it in

    DawnphyreDawnphyre2 jaar geleden
  • What is the music at the beginning of the video?

    jhunkubabujhunkubabu2 jaar geleden
  • Brilliant , thank you , Dara is Pure Genius..

    Leanne BlakeLeanne Blake2 jaar geleden
  • 25:00 best bit

    imyimy2 jaar geleden
  • Nerds are gentle folk? Really???? Have you never seen a nerd with a slow internet connection?

    LuubelaarLuubelaar2 jaar geleden
    • Nerd rage is real..

      GerryBolgerGerryBolger2 jaar geleden
  • He sound horrible at games

    That Black Guy Who Loves Cute ShitThat Black Guy Who Loves Cute Shit2 jaar geleden
  • Here is an atheist who literally live off the Christians who love to laugh... Can you imagine if more than 60% of the audience are atheist? I love Dara till he said that he's an atheist...

    Lempwei RoiieLempwei Roiie2 jaar geleden
    • You're unintelligible. 1. Literally lives off christians?? 2. If 60 percent of the audience were atheist (which they probably are), then... what? What are you hinting at? 3. Most people, thus most comedians are non-christians. If that's a reason for you to dislike someone, don't watch comedy or TV.

      Jennifer SJennifer SJaar geleden
  • Where is this and who is the organist?

    Sunshiney DaySunshiney Day2 jaar geleden
  • The choice between a tear and a cut sounds " counter intuitive " Yep, it sure fuckin does. You know what else sounds counter intuitive? trying to deliver a baby on your back with your legs up in the air. Go try take a shit in that position if you're not getting it ye" Nah never mind, its just a wee little thing called gravity , " a tear, A cut " the good doctor needs his instrumental justification.. Turf wars?? what turf wars.. Really not a bad routine but ye, sinister politics strikes again

    Niamh CronekaNiamh Croneka2 jaar geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/pX-XYqarorBhhao

    Rudolfo BorregasRudolfo Borregas2 jaar geleden
  • The stage makes it look like he is gonna go and fight the rock.

    FadingAway90FadingAway902 jaar geleden
  • Moral of this is don't give dara any information as he will more or less make you out to be a liar.

    Gina CableGina Cable2 jaar geleden
  • He's clever but too manic and repetitive for me.

    Gina CableGina Cable2 jaar geleden
  • You know what’s cuter than a human baby??? EVERYTHING. Literally. Everything.

    G BlakeG Blake2 jaar geleden
  • The wrong person directed 2012

    jeice13jeice132 jaar geleden
  • Am I the only one who felt that’s a poor choice of microphone foam color/colour? It looks like a giant wart or some shit. Lol

    AestheteAesthete2 jaar geleden
  • Каква је бре ово превара? Овај није О'Бријан, ово је Дара Кратко О'Шишан.

    The InternetThe Internet2 jaar geleden
  • Someone watched Bosco as a child... 11.25

    KennonFodderKennonFodder2 jaar geleden
  • 14:28 - It's true and it's part of what makes him so damned good.

    Orwellian Horseman of the ApocalypseOrwellian Horseman of the Apocalypse2 jaar geleden
  • dammit.. now i wanna watch 2012 again XD

    Stephen NgangaStephen Nganga2 jaar geleden
  • Answer to the porridge question is the size of the bowl.

    Shane TavinderShane Tavinder2 jaar geleden
    • Good thinking, Batman :-)

      Alexander LegisNonScriptaeAlexander LegisNonScriptae2 jaar geleden
  • WTF... This is mind-blowing. Two thirds longer than other comedy specials, filled with material for two an a half. And that improvisation... That's what you call a sharp wit. Bravo.

    Antis14CZAntis14CZ2 jaar geleden
  • 1:16:00 laughing so hard at that bit

    Sword MonkeySword Monkey2 jaar geleden
  • I choked on coke during the avatar titanic joke, still worth it

    GrantGrant2 jaar geleden
  • 16:11 Cholesterol bit

    Siriusly OrionSiriusly Orion2 jaar geleden
  • i had no idea he was this...physical doing standup. or that he had legs for that matter

    Adrian GacheAdrian Gache2 jaar geleden
  • dara o'briain is a fucking absolute master of improvisation

    MusefanMusefan2 jaar geleden
  • he seems like such a nice bloke 😇

    Saoirse RosenstockSaoirse Rosenstock2 jaar geleden
  • AWESOME, GOOD FUN! Thank you for sharing.

    Gunga GalungaGunga Galunga2 jaar geleden
  • Loved the response to the cunt shouting about the PC bogeyman

    FlameAdderFlameAdder2 jaar geleden
  • Boring.

    ArmouredKatArmouredKat2 jaar geleden
  • the 14 year olds they're talking to are the same kids from one of frankie boyle's live shows!

    CosItJustIsCosItJustIs2 jaar geleden
  • Wasn't the second guy he talked to at a different Dara O'Briain gig, I seem to remember he was a cobbler or something!!

    Samuel RobinsonSamuel Robinson2 jaar geleden
    • And the fireman just happened to also be sitting in the front row!

      Samuel RobinsonSamuel Robinson2 jaar geleden
  • I love how he took apart the heckler at the start!

    Samuel RobinsonSamuel Robinson2 jaar geleden
  • the guy who carried his friend to the hospital... does he live in a k-drama?

    piarate kingpiarate king2 jaar geleden
  • What's with the Jeremy Kyle-esque intro music?

    Dan MoarDan Moar2 jaar geleden
  • Utter genius!

    John 23John 232 jaar geleden
  • 1:06:03 hahahahaha legend cinematographer

    streetlight cultistsstreetlight cultists2 jaar geleden
  • I’ve seen all his shows, this is his best in my opinion

    Alistair DrennanAlistair Drennan2 jaar geleden
  • Dara is so hilarious, he's a laugh every second, keep on making great stand up...

    LoweDown HQLoweDown HQ2 jaar geleden
  • Eh, I like him better as a panel show host.

    Mark PembertonMark Pemberton2 jaar geleden
  • The Irish Potato Famine joke, as made by Ed fucking Byrne who is Irish.

    TheHutchy01TheHutchy012 jaar geleden
  • 39:10 MUDA MUDA MUDA

    MrLego3160MrLego31602 jaar geleden
  • okayyyy, sure... ya.. thats fine i guess.

    Patty O'MalleyPatty O'Malley3 jaar geleden
  • “Can you touch your toes? Yes I can touch my toes, I’ve got knees” HAHAHAHHA

    deycallmemarideycallmemari3 jaar geleden
    • deycallmemari favorite line of the whole thing

      Caitlyn RoperCaitlyn Roper2 jaar geleden
  • He really is absolutely brilliant.

    schradeyaschradeya3 jaar geleden