Daily Juicy Memes 631

2 mrt. 2021
247 430 Weergaven

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  • Weather: Trees have leaves while it is snowing Me: Impossible. #Dankness

    Patrick SimsPatrick SimsUur geleden
  • I don’t get the big hero 6 one

    Sebastian HeviaSebastian HeviaDag geleden
  • 2:43 Noooooooo, you can't just do that to me!

    True Kingdom Hearts FansTrue Kingdom Hearts FansDag geleden
  • ..Jared...? Alright then... you made me do this YES I MET JARED, OF COURSE I MET JARED, THE ONE WHO TOOK YOU AWAY FROM ME

    Riann (River) SacramentoRiann (River) Sacramento2 dagen geleden
  • I love how people uses kurzgesagt in their meme template

    OneLazyHeroOneLazyHero4 dagen geleden
  • 12:39. ALRIGHT YOU TELL ME with a straight face that when u think of America u dont think of guns n oil. I have never seen a Japanese meme in my life, and most of these memes are just funny and true whereas american memes are predictable and boring.

    Cosa mallenderCosa mallender5 dagen geleden
  • 2:34 that aged well

    Moof The FloofMoof The Floof5 dagen geleden

    C-TNT VideosC-TNT Videos6 dagen geleden
  • Why are these so relatable

    Aaron ButterAaron Butter7 dagen geleden
  • 1:52 U mean pou?

    agirlthanlikesmusicagirlthanlikesmusic7 dagen geleden
  • the meme society was from bill wurtz entire history of earth

    pewdiepie nicepewdiepie nice8 dagen geleden
  • society came from bill wurtz

    pewdiepie nicepewdiepie nice8 dagen geleden
  • 2:33 it's so uncomfortable hearing this joke now😭😭😂😂😂

    Abdalnafeh AlaredyAbdalnafeh Alaredy9 dagen geleden
  • 2:32 F

    Mr_Bones111Mr_Bones11110 dagen geleden
  • 8:40 what cartoon?

    Arrad MFArrad MF11 dagen geleden
  • 13:04 Haha COMMANDS GO BRRR

    PlexiglasOGPlexiglasOG12 dagen geleden
  • i need more dose

    Sofian KamilSofian Kamil15 dagen geleden
  • For Thumbnail is kinda true.

    Mr_Gifigi600Mr_Gifigi60015 dagen geleden
  • How do i apply for the bonk army

    Mr._LampMr._Lamp15 dagen geleden
  • I only dislike the girls/boys memes, as they depict the two genders as complete opposites, which is simply not true. We are actually almost the same, ouer brains are, but society, these memes being a part of it make inequality seem normall, when it in most cases, really isn't.

    Anton VierkantAnton Vierkant17 dagen geleden
    • @Asian Commenter Even if they aren't meant to be exactly this way, the message is still there. And I totally agree with what you said, they also paint girls as babys, who can't do shit on their own. I thought humanity was beyond that.

      Anton VierkantAnton Vierkant12 uur geleden
    • They aren't meant to be taken seriously but I totally understand why you hate them. They make us girls look boring sensitive hoæs and guys as they are the coolest.

      Asian CommenterAsian Commenter14 uur geleden
  • 14:25 except Brazil

    Laterport_095Laterport_09518 dagen geleden
  • 0:43 Zimbabweans: first time

    EthantastiEthantasti18 dagen geleden
  • 12:23 this belongs in the wholesome memes....

    Amelia SolterAmelia Solter18 dagen geleden
  • 10:12 wahhhhh

    ShadowplayzShadowplayz18 dagen geleden
  • Thumbnail is true in my situation

    that annoying kidthat annoying kid18 dagen geleden
  • I’m back for my daily dose of memes

    Emperor Franz Josef IEmperor Franz Josef I21 dag geleden
  • If you actually put mending on your bow, how do you live with your decision

    GiratinaTechGiratinaTech27 dagen geleden
  • I found this relatable.

    Bella LoveBella Love29 dagen geleden
  • 11:10 I am a quiet kid and I am actually always in a mood like squidward

    DerWalDerWal29 dagen geleden
  • 4:22 Does anyone have the sauce please? In exchange I can tell you WhErE iS dA wAe

    Evan WangEvan WangMaand geleden
  • 10:01 Germans: MOVE!!

    Noah SchusterNoah SchusterMaand geleden
  • “It’s time to go” “Was I a good meme?” “Yes” *”ah, victory”*

    Definitely a microphoneDefinitely a microphoneMaand geleden
  • 5:24 I WANT ONE

    X-5X-5Maand geleden
  • POV: You're a police officer talking to a swedish person ¨What do you mean prisons are bad?¨

    Wyatt ClearWyatt ClearMaand geleden
  • 1:00 me who never got famous but is still the same

    NIGHTstriker 1NIGHTstriker 1Maand geleden
  • Tarzan returned to monke before it was cool

    Dinos r coolDinos r coolMaand geleden
  • 06:30 up did tell a good love story but not as good as twilight CHANGE MY MIND

    Lola RoseLola RoseMaand geleden
  • 9:50 Damn why you gotta do us like that :(

    ZamurkaiZamurkaiMaand geleden
  • Plssss not Eren-

    J U Z OJ U Z OMaand geleden
  • The meme at the time 1:06 is what's going on with aphmaus vids and I just want spore and HFF vids☹️😔

    Samantha CampbellSamantha CampbellMaand geleden
  • Me when i hear my mom swear at me in russian after i don't answer when she's calling me from downstairs 1:45

    DamjanDamjanMaand geleden
  • When you have a good meme to say in the comments but then forget it because of an ad: my meme must be avenged

    L3on Drak3L3on Drak3Maand geleden
  • 8:56 YESSSSSS yes yes yes yes

    Matheo MajsterMatheo MajsterMaand geleden
  • Me in March 2020: Finally free time for videogames! Me in March 2021: GIVE ME SOMETHING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DragonfollyDragonfollyMaand geleden
  • 1:06 DanTDM: *how dare you*

    SnifflesツSnifflesツMaand geleden
  • Ok immgonna go outside cause its march... hope nothing bad happens (opens door) Ok nvm im not going outside cause theres snow for no reason

    IG AlIG AlMaand geleden
  • you can't beat a mom in a argument

    Tristan HendricksonTristan HendricksonMaand geleden
  • 3:58 I'm dying for real if this sh** keeps like this

    Monica CarapinhaMonica CarapinhaMaand geleden
  • 10:06 120kmh arent fast

    Lukas DornLukas DornMaand geleden
  • There's an oppressor mk2 outside your house: Panik You're not playing GTA: Kalm YOU'RE NOT PLAYING GTA: PANIK

    Sypheur27Sypheur27Maand geleden
  • 6:31 no no hes got a point

    Fireant the SilkWingFireant the SilkWingMaand geleden
  • 2:02 killed me

    anton kunanton kunMaand geleden
  • guy in the meme: quacks at a goose and makes it angry meanwhile my brother having a 16 minute conversation with a rooster: hello there.

    ComposterComposterMaand geleden
  • 0:14 the how did you click that photo on the left..

    Bivash MahantaBivash MahantaMaand geleden
  • Younger me when i scribble different colours on a piece of paper:ARtiSt

    mumin qamarmumin qamarMaand geleden
  • 8:19 yeah, it is imposible beacuse i dont have stairs

    KorraKorraMaand geleden
  • As a misanthrope, I can 100% agree with Joker.

    Kirai Jinrui or Jinrui o nikumuKirai Jinrui or Jinrui o nikumuMaand geleden
  • 9:38 She’s still on NLworld.

    Wing Ding01Wing Ding01Maand geleden

    LigmaLlama 69LigmaLlama 69Maand geleden
  • 12:30 you should have done one for Australia and put it upside down

    Max TurnerMax TurnerMaand geleden
  • 14:39 is that from a pokemon movie and super smash bros ultimate and IS THAT TERRY BOGARD?!?

    Acidic SmashAcidic SmashMaand geleden
  • 2:36 who needs the X-blade when you have have roast like that

    Isabella DavisIsabella DavisMaand geleden
  • 4:16 I need the S A U C E

    AntelionTheGhostAntelionTheGhostMaand geleden
  • 5:30: what if you play games as your job tho?

    1970 Plymouth 'Cropduster' Duster1970 Plymouth 'Cropduster' DusterMaand geleden
  • January: what? We want snow January: no NOW February: here you go But it’s hot out March: SO YOU HAVE CHOSEN C O L D

    VideoGameProductionsVideoGameProductionsMaand geleden
  • M’y Guy Ima get this video to 1k comments

    totally humantotally humanMaand geleden
  • M’y Guy Ima get this video to 1k comments

    totally humantotally humanMaand geleden
  • M’y Guy Ima get this video to 1k comments

    totally humantotally humanMaand geleden
  • M’y Guy Ima get this video to 1k comments

    totally humantotally humanMaand geleden
  • M’y Guy Ima get this video to 1k comments

    totally humantotally humanMaand geleden
  • M’y Guy Ima get this video to 1k comments

    totally humantotally humanMaand geleden
  • M’y Guy Ima get this video to 1k comments

    totally humantotally humanMaand geleden
  • M’y Guy Ima get this video to 1k comments

    totally humantotally humanMaand geleden
  • M’y Guy Ima get this video to 1k comments

    totally humantotally humanMaand geleden
  • M’y Guy Ima get this video to 1k comments

    totally humantotally humanMaand geleden
  • M’y Guy Ima get this video to 1k comments

    totally humantotally humanMaand geleden
  • M’y Guy Ima get this video to 1k comments

    totally humantotally humanMaand geleden
  • M’y Guy Ima get this video to 1k comments

    totally humantotally humanMaand geleden
  • Wait. Why is there a sudden boost in Big Hero 6 viewership?

    Jack CopperzJack CopperzMaand geleden
  • 3:22 which Java ?

    X GameX GameMaand geleden
  • which joker

    0iy7 Octrules0iy7 OctrulesMaand geleden
  • 8:41 whats that cartoon

    Dioal007Dioal007Maand geleden
  • 0:12 So you clicked the first photo with your eyes?

    RiddhiOFFICIALRiddhiOFFICIALMaand geleden
  • 5:53 not exactly true here in America (edit: I’m so angry at myself because I know that what we usually refer too as “America” should probably be referred too as the U.S because America is the name of the continent the U.S is based on, and I think people should really consider that America is the name of the continents not the country, also I think “The United States of America” is a lame name lol) considering honey bees are an invasive species that have been terrorizing the native pollinator populations for centuries, and we all grew up thinking they were good for us, elementary school lies are amazing.

    Diorno DiovannaDiorno DiovannaMaand geleden
  • Who needs a life when you got virtual cheese.

    Black HoleBlack HoleMaand geleden
  • 2:53 Me: I accept your offer! *bonks myself*

    Hobbylos 38Hobbylos 38Maand geleden
  • But vegan teacher has like....50+ accounts.

    Birdie PlaysBirdie PlaysMaand geleden
  • Like to join bonk army

    Wither Me thisWither Me thisMaand geleden
  • Bro how you find my moms phone 7:11

    Wither Me thisWither Me thisMaand geleden
  • 8:57 Me with the special STAR WARS edition: I'm four parallels of the universe ahead of you

    Jak Manques 64Jak Manques 64Maand geleden
  • Me being 9 old and watching something gorey :) Noice

    Robert MaiaticoRobert MaiaticoMaand geleden
  • *just 29 more episodes, c'mon.*

    Ʀɑأበɑ DɑႸŗأtƦɑأበɑ DɑႸŗأtMaand geleden
  • i live for this

    Khushi BavaKhushi BavaMaand geleden
  • I hereby give my soul to bonk army

    Pulse IceWaterPulse IceWaterMaand geleden
  • Indian parents give career voice was the truest thing

    RTX ONRTX ONMaand geleden
  • I see there is kurzesagt in ur memes for this i give you the highest honor i can bestow:1 like

    Prime TimePrime TimeMaand geleden
  • 3:21 For those of them who didn't understand, java's icon is a coffe mug filled with hot coffee😂

    India001India001Maand geleden
  • Snyder cut is great

    NightblockprimecraftNightblockprimecraftMaand geleden
  • You remember this? 👌 It is still alive but in another form nlworld.info/key/video/yqGcZJraqICmfKY

    Warrior002Warrior002Maand geleden
  • Is it the one from DC or Persona 5?

    GilGilMaand geleden