Daily Juicy Memes 623

22 feb. 2021
254 113 Weergaven


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  • This one came out of my Samsung smart fridge

    Israel NAFATALIIsrael NAFATALI3 uur geleden
  • 7:37 _sweats in Texan_

    GalaxyEsclipingGalaxyEscliping6 uur geleden
  • LOL

    Suki-tan Suika 39Suki-tan Suika 397 uur geleden
  • WHats the east spoken language in the world? Ad: We were stranded with no toilet paper!

    GucciCowGucciCow8 uur geleden
  • 6:36 Lol nice joke😂😂

    Cenna ErosCenna Eros9 uur geleden
  • 6:56 we all know who that twitch streamer is

    Jeremy DowninJeremy Downin10 uur geleden
  • Who else remembers hungry shark evolution

    kwame damuahkwame damuah10 uur geleden
  • 8:32 i am twelve and i remember thid pictures n o s t a l g i a

    Garrafa_pet448Garrafa_pet44811 uur geleden
  • LeNnY mA bOi!!!

    JT RidingJT Riding13 uur geleden
  • What is the least spoken language in the world: NLworld: AD

    Arish BaigArish Baig14 uur geleden
  • Yo Firefox 2025 logo gonna straight up just become the division logo

    megaloman Fmegaloman F14 uur geleden
  • Me: accidently clicks on NLworld Mom: "Is that disobedience I smell?!"

    Tyler ZimmermannTyler Zimmermann16 uur geleden
  • 6:37 lol

    Andrei bozzAndrei bozz16 uur geleden
  • Well the meme on Mangalore is me I actually live in Mangalore 🤤

  • pls make dragon ball memes

    Xx Hamidiouxe xXXx Hamidiouxe xX20 uur geleden
  • Thanks to all of those memes, we can realized how toxic the schools are.. Because since the Very beginning Our world is full of sh*t and toxic people So be safe everyone and look carefully at your surroundings

    Z ShinjiruuZ Shinjiruu20 uur geleden
  • 0:51 its hard to trick a group or a bunch of people or a 3 person group so tricking 1 person is best because they dont know what's happing

    John MarstonJohn Marston23 uur geleden
  • What toys did he find... *realizes*

    DarkWing4Ever 0DarkWing4Ever 023 uur geleden
  • Mangalore is my city in Karnataka and I never knew you would talk about my city lol

    NonameBoiNonameBoiDag geleden

    mlp 123.mlp 123.Dag geleden
  • "What is the least spoken language in the world?" Ad: *W A N D E R V O G E L*

    justarandomravenclawjustarandomravenclawDag geleden
  • The thumbnail = le parents : privacy exists ?????

    M.J.Activity SchoolM.J.Activity SchoolDag geleden
  • Literally everything i own. *Curse of vanishing*

    RaGe_RookRaGe_RookDag geleden
  • 0:08 Privacy: *exists* Parents: *hippity hoppity your room is already our property*

    Gaming James 828Gaming James 828Dag geleden
  • Lam-bor-gini lol

    Chase ChamberlainChase ChamberlainDag geleden
  • 6:49 Wtf , man. Give some credit to Blizzard , they did like 80% of the job.

    Viking Mr.Viking Mr.Dag geleden
  • 6:13 did NOT see that coming!!

    Nicholas HalomNicholas HalomDag geleden
  • 0:51 Man i laughed so much

    David FaveroDavid FaveroDag geleden
  • 1:07 This is true💪

    YXVAJZER368 1YXVAJZER368 1Dag geleden
  • lemonade came through me nose while watching fr

    AmmarzAmmarzDag geleden
  • Me: **takes shower** Grandma: **comes in** Me: Can you please get out? Grandma: *no. You can’t tell me to get out.* Grandma: **takes shower** Me: **comes in** Grandma: *GET OUUUUUUT* Me: so I just came to tell you, *will you respect my privacy next time?*

    Yu Chen YangYu Chen YangDag geleden
  • 5:51 it took me some time to actually understand what was going to happen in this picture and now i feel so dumb 😎

    Get Rick RolledGet Rick RolledDag geleden
  • Dream's 229 IQ plays compilation

    JoriJoriDag geleden
  • Mincraft is good but terraria is also good

    MegaHero02MegaHero02Dag geleden
  • Priv i c

    gacha and animation with Olivia flowersgacha and animation with Olivia flowersDag geleden
  • NLworldr: Doesn't want ads for a video NLworld: I have outsmarted you! NLworldr who go their video age restricted on purpose: You may have outsmarted me, but I outsmarted your outsmarting!

    WhyNotMontageWhyNotMontageDag geleden
  • Yup

    ISniepWolfISniepWolfDag geleden
  • *Bangalore

    code codecode codeDag geleden
  • 6:52 UNDERTALE IS MY FAVORITE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ROBLOXROBLOXDag geleden
  • 8;15 there r no girls in my class 😭😭

    darwin sheebadarwin sheebaDag geleden
  • 1:10 Jokes on you ima Rick roll myself and then jump off a bridge that ends to my death SO I WILL FULLY KNKW THAT WAS MY LAST RICK ROLL

    cloudTHEguycloudTHEguyDag geleden
  • when i enter my parnts bedroom my parnts 'get the hell out'

    meme_squadmeme_squadDag geleden
  • #memes #mems

    Parker KeenerParker KeenerDag geleden
  • 8:45 where is the nose of a fox.... think a little abaut it...

    noob killer 54noob killer 54Dag geleden
  • Video *exists* ads the thumbnail

    samuri Gaming 80.0 robloxsamuri Gaming 80.0 robloxDag geleden
  • Me sneezes, my nose Nuke

    Taven NicholsTaven NicholsDag geleden
  • Privacy: *Exists* Parents: I pretend I didn't saw that

    It's FrostyIt's FrostyDag geleden
  • 8:08 The guy who rap for god

    KKDag geleden
  • Fact: I am from Mangalore

    free fire gamimgfree fire gamimgDag geleden
  • Ads: shows nudity themes Gameplay: My goals are beyond your understandings

    Gaming TimeGaming TimeDag geleden

    jeni rosujeni rosuDag geleden
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet xd

    Stuart KearnsStuart KearnsDag geleden
  • Actually I was using discord and Dank Memer gave me this exact meme lol.

    Alvin AlexAlvin AlexDag geleden
  • The Firefox logo:exists Memers:I can milk you

    MemerMineCraftMemerMineCraft2 dagen geleden
  • What most people think LTP means: Little Piece of Trivia What it really is: Long-term Potentiation.

    Mark OmegaMark Omega2 dagen geleden
  • memenade will like this if hes an indian

    Sujay raju 13Sujay raju 132 dagen geleden
  • Fun Fact: You can't spell Therapist without rapist

    Bag3lBag3l2 dagen geleden
  • Mom: so let me get this straight, you loved the prequels? Me: I do and Im tired of pretending i dont.

    ariana fernandez limonariana fernandez limon2 dagen geleden
  • Finally, *Minecraft Sumatra Edition, New Guinea Edition, Bali Edition, Sulawesi Edition, Timor Edition, Borneo Edition*

    Big noobatfortniteBig noobatfortnite2 dagen geleden
  • When ever I watch phasmaphobia I always keep one of your videos open for when things get to scary LOL

    Zachary NodlandZachary Nodland2 dagen geleden
  • I got rickrolled by a chip ad

    •ShadowViølet••ShadowViølet•2 dagen geleden
  • Legoes before lehoes if ya know what I mean hahahaha

    Cobra shark GamingCobra shark Gaming2 dagen geleden
  • Fun Fact : Memers are a Genius Comedian.

    Ramli HashimRamli Hashim2 dagen geleden
  • 1:15 Yeah, I bet that's going to be the last time I'm gonna get rickrolled

    ItzCatPlayzItzCatPlayz2 dagen geleden
  • Today is my GK exam and my brain cells are gonna die during the Logical Reasoning part :')

    Sunday FlowerSunday Flower2 dagen geleden
  • I've been to Mangalore and yes that's what the call them but without Mandalorian references.

    DEXTRODEXTRO2 dagen geleden
  • me looking at how old i am when i undrstand the old memes

    Steksil ZSteksil Z2 dagen geleden
  • 6:45 why overwatch here? It got ruined when people realized that it was just a tf2 clone

    theoddonetheoddone2 dagen geleden
  • i live in Canada and the one about snow storms are soooo true

    NicholasNicholas2 dagen geleden
  • He posted these on an ice storm in texes I know because I I'm a texen

    Samuel GalvanSamuel Galvan2 dagen geleden
  • 8:30 I am most certainly that old.

    SmaugSmaug2 dagen geleden
  • The 90 people who disliked: In terms of brain we have no brain

    George EidGeorge Eid2 dagen geleden
  • Did you know: the USA is the country uses most of its tax money in healthcare.

    Red PandaRed Panda2 dagen geleden
  • Therapist: Smooth Yoda isn't real, he can't hurt you Smooth Yoda:

    Eoin ClearyEoin Cleary2 dagen geleden
  • 8:06 *i can hear pictures*

    Nikola Neki PehNikola Neki Peh2 dagen geleden
  • Yo have the RUNMUS K1-RGB lol

    AttackRoboticsAttackRobotics2 dagen geleden
  • who loves to watch memes in 2 am without any reasons?

    Ziyad Shahin The HunterZiyad Shahin The Hunter2 dagen geleden
  • ok, I tried leetplex, but it is very underwhelming.

    Nathan JohnsonNathan Johnson2 dagen geleden
  • 8:15 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    bria harrisbria harris2 dagen geleden
  • 6:53 so true 😢

    Rhune PeetersRhune Peeters2 dagen geleden
  • me: i like 44-magnum guns what i actually mean: 44 magnum ice creams shaped like a gun

    William from 1066William from 10662 dagen geleden
  • Fact:your parents doesnt remove your privacy. They are just scared about you and want whats good for you.

    Mr. docMr. doc2 dagen geleden
  • Nice video. I just needed 2 weeks with no memenade To enjoy it properly

    Hidri GeldonHidri Geldon2 dagen geleden
  • It's bangalore

  • Uhh

  • Privacy:exists Parents:Take it down boiis

    Pepe the frogPepe the frog2 dagen geleden
  • 1:42 I literally understand this meme because I watched spirited away yesterday

    Peter LinsenPeter Linsen2 dagen geleden
  • Me: *Has friends, family, free time, and a happy mood* School and parents: *And I took the personally...SO WE INTRODUCE TO YOU...* *DEPRESSION* *3 SUICIDE ATTEMPTS* *12 MISSING SCHOOL ASSIGNMENTS* *STAYING UP TILL **6:00* *wow.. theirs MORE!!!!* *LOST MOTIVATION* *F()CKING FAT* *CRYING NOT UNDERSTANDING MATH* *Meltdowns in my room:)* Parents: "Pretty sure its video games.." School: "Stop wasting your time on the internet."

    Isabella SilvaIsabella Silva2 dagen geleden
  • Divine Nyo Parang Tanga

    Cush AwadiCush Awadi2 dagen geleden
  • My favorite meme was the one with the text and pictures

    Cj SummersCj Summers2 dagen geleden
  • 8:29 my favourite game

    robotic sharkrobotic shark2 dagen geleden
  • 2:06 me

    Carlos BerroaCarlos Berroa2 dagen geleden
  • me playin roblox 🏋️ me doin homework🛌

    Lydia BaileyLydia Bailey2 dagen geleden
  • how does he do it? how does he post memes like EVERYDAY?! if did that i would eventually stop cuz it would of given me anxiety

    TimTamWizardTimTamWizard2 dagen geleden
  • C

    Netherite swordNetherite sword2 dagen geleden
  • the thumbnail was the best one 😂

    SPIDER GAMER 99SPIDER GAMER 992 dagen geleden
  • Never ask, A man his salary A woman her age A Minecraft NLworldr *what he did in off-camera*

    89Ducks89Ducks2 dagen geleden
  • I thought he was using a vacuum wth

    LGNDLGND2 dagen geleden
  • Me: laughs My teacher: why you laughing? Me: nothing My brain: *Mr. Beanman*

    Orhan AtestemurOrhan Atestemur2 dagen geleden
    • Second meme: Mr. Beanman doesnt exist *Mr. Beanman: Beanman Beanman does what ever a bean can*

      Orhan AtestemurOrhan Atestemur2 dagen geleden
  • 7 year old Me: is scared in bed Me:turns on lights My fear: understandable have a great day

    David MateDavid Mate2 dagen geleden