DaBaby Turns Kevin into a CONVERTIBLE!? *not clickbait I promise*

30 apr. 2021
731 834 Weergaven

H..he finally did it sons 😪. But it had to happen sooner or later.
Kevins making progress! And I’m off to keep working on renovating the Crackhouse into the wildlife rehab facility! I’ll be sure to film us knocking the walls down for you lovely boys and boyettes 👨🏻‍🌾🤝❤️
Uncle Farmer Dad Ben 👨🏻‍🌾🤝
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  • Whew, I’m glad I liked the video. Hit rapper and artist ‘Da Baby’ did in fact NOT turn me into a convertible.

    Jake HughesJake Hughes10 dagen geleden
    • @Wrong Person I pull up

      Xavy_KeoniXavy_KeoniDag geleden
    • I hope he turns my brother back. He didn't like the video :(

      Memzy ManYTMemzy ManYT3 dagen geleden
    • @Happykittycat no u fuck yourself

      The SkunkYTThe SkunkYT5 dagen geleden
    • @The SkunkYT shut

      HappykittycatHappykittycat5 dagen geleden
    • @ミーマン【M-man】 no fuck u

      HappykittycatHappykittycat5 dagen geleden

    Evren Daniel PoeEvren Daniel PoeMinuut geleden
  • Edward looks just like you !! Def ur son !

    Hellava LiveHellava LiveUur geleden
  • I love the way that poppy's on uncle bens shoulder like nothings wrong in life

    parker catparker catUur geleden
  • Edward looks kinda like kevin

    Aditya GirishaAditya Girisha2 uur geleden
  • hohoho so the day that rhea accidentally kills himself we are all gonna makes jokes aswell.. FUCK THAT

    eilandeeilande2 uur geleden
  • farmer mr beast

    Phantom RainPhantom Rain3 uur geleden
  • Your son is very cute.

    Turbkey SamdwichTurbkey Samdwich4 uur geleden
  • Vini is a chonky rabbit and she is cute at the same time

    Sendurai AyurvedaSendurai Ayurveda13 uur geleden
  • I knew you could do it DaBaby

    Rex RodgersRex Rodgers14 uur geleden
  • Omggggggg man I am a big fun of da baby I canopy believe this

    Isaac FloresIsaac Flores17 uur geleden
  • kevin father impostor of chikin

    SanitySanity21 uur geleden
    • sus

      SanitySanity21 uur geleden
  • i just love poppy shes so cute

    TwistedSoulTwistedSoulDag geleden
  • This is what would happen if you were the last human left on earth

    austinaustinDag geleden
  • growning fasat

  • Dababy is just as cute as baby yoda 😄

    the great old onethe great old oneDag geleden
  • Morgan looks like Kevin a little

    Daniel FlynnDaniel FlynnDag geleden
  • I only brush my teeth in the morning, and you can’t stop me.

    NevNevDag geleden
  • His arms are like if he was coming from Iraq lmao

    Kristjan RomKristjan RomDag geleden
  • I don’t know why NLworld recommended me to this channel, but I am so glad they did.

    dcmelos71dcmelos71Dag geleden
  • Kevin is actually fighting daily like his life depended on it. I feel like he may be one of the strognest Rheas in in the world

    TaidaDaveTaidaDaveDag geleden
  • Lets be honest, noone cares if its clickbait or not, everyones knows theyre in for a treat when they watch any of your videos

    That Wild IndividualThat Wild IndividualDag geleden
  • It scares me that you are now rehabbing a house and you do not know the difference between coaxial cable and electric wires.

    Wayne WayneWayne WayneDag geleden
  • edvard is so cool he no move too

    Einaras VaškysEinaras VaškysDag geleden
  • Kevin genuinely terrifies me

    Michael MarkertMichael MarkertDag geleden
  • Get another kangaroo and name him rod wave

    VaguenessVaguenessDag geleden
  • Your channel brings me alot of joy, love the vids

    CMC SoundzCMC SoundzDag geleden
  • Yeet Yoot saw the future

    GutsGutsDag geleden
  • "Im in charge" *boss music intensifies*

    GhostOmegaGamingGhostOmegaGamingDag geleden
  • Ben: "Please, stop!" Kevin: *Nods* okay fine, i'll stop. *walks away* Ben: "that's what i thought... hhahah I'm in charge" Kevin: WHAT DID YOU SAY PUNK?! Ben: "oH No!" 7:16

    Misty GardenMisty GardenDag geleden
  • Kevin’s ashy, sorry.

    CostaImaginationCostaImaginationDag geleden
  • Dababy is From North Carolina 😭

    mfdotbmooremfdotbmooreDag geleden
  • Dababy is from Charlotte!!!!!

    J Dew2J Dew2Dag geleden

    Matt HolleyMatt HolleyDag geleden
  • It may have your blood, but it will have Kevin’s list for blood

    MattKeepsFishMattKeepsFishDag geleden
  • Ive never understood this meme

    Benjamin TotallynotaltBenjamin TotallynotaltDag geleden
  • #make his yard great again

    Majd SinjarMajd SinjarDag geleden
  • I want a kangaroo now

    LodorfLodorfDag geleden
  • Do it get the armor

    michael fleischauermichael fleischauer2 dagen geleden
  • "When the imposter amogus is sus? Hohoho! Right, Karen?" Karen: *V r o o m!*

    *Suchomimus* *Tenerensis**Suchomimus* *Tenerensis*2 dagen geleden
  • Nobody's doubting that Edward is your son. He's got your nose.

    MalacophileMalacophile2 dagen geleden
  • At 3:58 if you pause it at the right time you can see a person

    Evan CarrierEvan Carrier2 dagen geleden
  • Actually, Edward does bear a striking resemblance to Kevin and not to Uncle Ben

    Mate FazekasMate Fazekas2 dagen geleden
  • 2:20

    Aidan KeepAidan Keep2 dagen geleden
  • You should put an exercise ball in with Kevin and Karen-- literally as I was typing that, 4:15 came up...okay XD

    KevinShinwooKevinShinwoo2 dagen geleden
  • I bet he secretly eats a friend or two along the way...

    RaRa2 dagen geleden
  • I’m sorry if I’m speaking out of terms here, but are you sure the bloodwork was not swapped out by *ahem* Kevin, just so he wouldn’t have to pay child support and you would? Because the resemblance between Edward and Kevin is just uncanny.

    Josh ValdesJosh Valdes2 dagen geleden
  • I wonder what people are thinking when they dislike uncle bens videos 🤔

    TickleMeWeskerTickleMeWesker2 dagen geleden
  • You will be in 2021 rewind I mean not exactly you. Kevin it is

    ali heroali hero2 dagen geleden
  • Get it

    giant Wolfiegiant Wolfie2 dagen geleden
  • 🙌✌

    Agnes ÓskarsdóttirAgnes Óskarsdóttir2 dagen geleden
  • Nobody tell Uncle, but I think that baby is Kevin's...

    Andrew The Giant DwarfAndrew The Giant Dwarf2 dagen geleden
  • Can kevin do anything with his wings or are they just there?

    kefikefi2 dagen geleden
    • @*Suchomimus* *Tenerensis* oh ok, thank you (:

      kefikefiDag geleden
    • They're really just for display and possibly thermoregulation. He does look a lot more intimidating with them open though.

      *Suchomimus* *Tenerensis**Suchomimus* *Tenerensis*2 dagen geleden
  • 8:00 wait if you don't have cable does that mean Kevin was faking wires oh shit

    DevilslighterDevilslighter2 dagen geleden
  • Did I hear elEGGtricity?

    PaqiumanPaqiuman3 dagen geleden
  • Ben the old egg thief.

    George Obama-BidenGeorge Obama-Biden3 dagen geleden
  • I love the fact that he has a possom on his shoulder like the whole video hahahahaha

    Petar LajićPetar Lajić3 dagen geleden
  • 7:31

    Shaheer HasnainShaheer Hasnain3 dagen geleden
  • Yes you should get that

    Epic Killer 49Epic Killer 493 dagen geleden
  • Buy the armor to remind Karen that Kevin is but a mere peasant and cannot afford such adornments.

    Alex FosterAlex Foster3 dagen geleden
  • i think edward _might_ be kevin's son

    Cooper LittlehalesCooper Littlehales3 dagen geleden
  • i turn my kevin into a convertable

    HoityhHoityh3 dagen geleden
  • Better watch your back Ben. *You'll never know these days something might happen to ya*

    Kevin's BodyguardKevin's Bodyguard3 dagen geleden
  • I will buy your hit rapper and artist Da Baby for 109 bit coins(It's just a joke)

    random things Channelrandom things Channel3 dagen geleden
  • This video changed my opinion on possums that lil guy chillin on your neck was so cute

    Bentley VianeseBentley Vianese3 dagen geleden
  • I just SUBSCRIBED. Ever heard of it??

    The Real NafisThe Real Nafis3 dagen geleden
  • Window turning into Kevin at 9:38

    Maysha SeiBonaMaysha SeiBona3 dagen geleden
  • 2:22

    Aidan KeepAidan Keep3 dagen geleden
  • 2:21

    Aidan KeepAidan Keep3 dagen geleden
  • Deus vult you to buy crusader armor uncle Ben.

    StormtrumperStormtrumper3 dagen geleden
  • This guy is the prequel of old MacDonald

    splinter360splinter3603 dagen geleden
  • Kevin congrats on the new baby

    RGX GamingRGX Gaming4 dagen geleden
  • Like these as much if not more as the tik toks lots more depth in these videos I appreciate you for sharing and making longer content for the ppl on NLworld

    pink thrallpink thrall4 dagen geleden
  • The fact that you say the child is yours is a bit sus.

    CIPHERCIPHER4 dagen geleden
  • Idea for kevin: grab his neck so his beak rests in the pit between your thumb and forefinger then close your hand on it so it holds his beak shut and you can hold the top of his head. Might have to wear stuff to protect from kicks.

    Deceitful AdvocateDeceitful Advocate4 dagen geleden
  • are the male rheas just naturally that aggressive, or is this breeding season for them?

    DrObi0usDrObi0us4 dagen geleden
  • 7:24 that is hilarious

    MonodomanikMonodomanik4 dagen geleden
  • Charlotte

    Lei fLei f4 dagen geleden
  • KEVIN.... YOU ARE THE FATHER Camera chases*

    HivanbergHivanberg4 dagen geleden
  • I swear everytime I see Kevin I think crack addict of the rescue ranch

    Michael MillerMichael Miller4 dagen geleden
  • i fucking love this guy.

    masked -masked -4 dagen geleden
  • this was the most painful yet entertaining video i’ve ever watched

    Farmboy _mdFarmboy _md4 dagen geleden
  • How could anyone dare insinuate that Morgan is not your son?! That would be preposterous!

    Faye TaylorFaye Taylor4 dagen geleden
  • Keep Edward away from Keven, He is a bad influence

    Yvette RenounYvette Renoun4 dagen geleden
  • I just subscribed and brush my teeth before I go to bed tonight

    Faba PapaFaba Papa4 dagen geleden
  • A lot of iDubbbz energy in this video

    aaron williamsaaron williams5 dagen geleden
  • Yes you shud

    yeeet and delete vryeeet and delete vr5 dagen geleden
  • Is the end screen like the new rock roll

    Awesomedude PlayzAwesomedude Playz5 dagen geleden
  • Kevin’s just camera shy

    Awesomedude PlayzAwesomedude Playz5 dagen geleden
  • Should put Kevin back b4 the chicks lol

    Awesomedude PlayzAwesomedude Playz5 dagen geleden
  • What if he face pecks you

    Awesomedude PlayzAwesomedude Playz5 dagen geleden
  • But Poggers is a bed laying dog! :O I saw that in Waco! Listen, if he sleeps outside I'll join the farm and sleep with him in the coup.

    Moesia TesteclesMoesia Testecles5 dagen geleden
  • Edwards not your baby get him to his dad Kevin stop stealing baby’s.

    subhan azizsubhan aziz5 dagen geleden
  • Morgan isn't your legitimate son. There, I said it.

    Amogk PatilAmogk Patil5 dagen geleden
  • amog us XD its among us XD

    ava lee's adventuresava lee's adventures5 dagen geleden
  • Today I’ll be a convertible for dababy

    Lorhn FrazierLorhn Frazier5 dagen geleden
  • It is Kevin

    Victor PazVictor Paz5 dagen geleden
  • @TheUrbanRescueRanch Instead of a full suit of armor I would suggest lining the arm of a sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt with Chainmail . It is surprisingly easy to work with not super expensive and should stop his bites from doing much damage/pain

    Figment OfMySelfFigment OfMySelf5 dagen geleden
  • Is that Kevin holding the camera at 4:45?

    Dougal BadgerDougal Badger5 dagen geleden
  • Dababy is my favorite kangaroos are too adorable

    milk steakmilk steak5 dagen geleden