Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay - The Ultimate Preview

18 apr. 2020
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Welcome to my Cyberpunk 2077 preview, where I cover everything regarding Cyberpunk 2077. From combat, to Night City, to the RPG systems, I cover it all. Enjoy!
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    • @lisa haigler street kids are like the teenagers from west side story. nomads are like the women on motorbikes from mad max. corpos are like Leonardo decaprio from wolf of wallstreet.

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    • Can you or followers aka family help me pick a life path I what to play it right thank if u or followers can help????!

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    • very good preview thank you

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    • flathead got canceled. as did wall running

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  • This Aged Well!

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  • Ahhh, the times when we believed...

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  • This review got censored for some reason:

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  • Remember kids no matter what cyberpunk character creation implies..... there are only 2 genders.

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  • To all the pessimists talking shit about no gameplay ^ ^ ^

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  • Oh my gawd i hate first person rpg. I wish they will do 3rd person

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  • 19:44 MIKE TYSON vs ROY JONES JR 2077 on the telly in the car lol

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  • September 17th ha!

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  • I got covid unfortunately, just hope I live long enough to play this game..........

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  • Wht a dL, da gam is nly $20.77. Dd nt wtch u tb vi, bc sum1 sed it xmpl of erro n tym travl wen cments, protsts, n pandmc r not valid. Cable, be careful, you are in the age of idiocracy and low I.Q's. The mission is to find Forge, he holds the codes and information. Keith Moon was here. Jimi Hendrix was here. John Wick was here. HULK MAKE AMERICA GREEN AGAIN

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  • I have literally upgraded my WHOLE PC for this game. Strix X570-E Gaming Motherboard, 32GB of DDR 4 3200 Night Hawk RAM, Ryzen 7 3800x, Samsung EVO 970 M.2 and, when I get to the head of the que, a bran new Ventus 3080. I will be ready!!!!

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  • Help can I make my youtube app not show me cyberpunk 2077 spiller or spill the game? It's been 8 to 9 years and 16 days to burn it down with John Silver Hands!

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  • Tips on cyberpunk 2077 to help me? Burn it down with John Silver Hands? Do I need to thust John?

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  • how u do a review/preview etc. how u talk about a video game.

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  • Thanks for the giveaway link!:-)

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  • this sounds like the game of the century

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  • so said the spider got removed. Still hope that many other parts are still there and as Netrunner you can hack pretty mutch anything.

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    • its still in the quest

      Tristan Jose BaezTristan Jose Baez5 maanden geleden
    • si, supuestamente la araña se hacia inservible mas adelante en el juego, otra cosa que oi es que quitaron lo de escalar paredes con las mantis, espero que noo

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  • This looks kinda like fallout?

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  • Can you play this game in 3rd person ?

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  • couple more days lets goo

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  • Bullets are made of a non ferous material , magnetic katana would have no effect

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  • All I know is if my character can’t have dreads I want a refund!

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    • Yes there should be a turban option too.

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  • This was so thorough. Nice 👍 work

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  • Spoiler - OST Cyberpunk 2077 (guitar cover)

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  • awesome

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  • Did he just say. No loading screens. 😳

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  • Cyberpunk looks just like California does now. I guess it’s still run by democrats even in this game lol

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  • Hang on a sec. I am human and super human and I know everything 🤔 or was that my wife. Oh ya. That’s right. that’s my wife.

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  • Government: ''Yay! Finally you can all go outside again!'' Everyone: customizing genitals

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  • How many times he said quote in this video

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  • How is this gonna run on a current gen console man haha

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    • @Yogesh Kandare yeah. Hope they can sort something out

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    • that's why it has been delayed, current gen consoles have problems running this.

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  • Why do people care about micro-transactions on a single-player game? People are so soft these days.

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  • " Coming: When it's ready" Since 2013.

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  • ngl doesnt look that hype

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  • September 17th.. Bruh it was a nice joke. It is 5 November and still waiting for 10 December which is new "release date" after 4 delays...

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  • Nah ill pass looks like a training program made by the NWO

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    • That’s comedy

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  • Government: ''Yay! Finally you can all go outside again!'' Everyone: customizing genitals

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  • Watching this in late October: “Set to release on September 15th” Now it’s December 10th...😫 I guess it’s got 2077 in the title for a reason

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  • lol flooding climate change in games. when will they stop cramming climate change down our throats? been too long. remember when we were told we were going to have a ice age because carbon dioxide was reflecting the suns warmth. lmao tired of it

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  • Cyberpunk 20 ... 77

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  • September 17 you say ...

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  • I am so fucking eager for this game... is there a launch window? Dont know if he said it in the vid

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  • It will be 2077 by the time this bloody game release at this rate

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  • It really looks clunky in spots like getting in cars. My guess is this will be the biggest disappointment of the year.

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    • bruh

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  • September 17th has passed and I’m filled with sadness

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    • Nov 19 approaching xD hopefully 10th dec is final

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  • game like my shit

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  • It was nice knowing you know Bethesda 🙋

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  • I’m for sure doing a speed build

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  • People are making it sound like the “fluid” class system is something brand new but it’s been in so many rpgs

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  • I want this game really bad!!!

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  • I've got 12 days of holiday that I'll conveniently be spending in a month's time. Guess what I'm going to spend it doing?

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    • @Yogesh Kandare You have no idea.

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    • bummer !

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  • Great preview. You made me pre-order the game😁

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  • Looks like GTA traveled into the future rolled all up into a giant world of way way to much content...Another Shooter,Gears of War,Super Powers,Borderlands weapons and game play and I forget the other game that had slow down time to kill enemies all rolled up into one.. Giant enormous world where you will get bored with it...Skipping this one.early on watch the reviews

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  • 6:44 this one mistake is going to ruin this game.

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  • Fun game: Drink 1 shot everytime he says quote.

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  • Will you do an updated version of this before November 19th?

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  • It's just GTA set in the future- idk why ur all jizzing in ur pants

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  • I was born in Santo Domingo 😂😂😂

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  • Really can't wait for this game. Enjoyed the Deus ex games but this looks so much like blade runner it's too cool

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  • as a pen and paper shadowrun player this is what i was looking for.

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  • I’m so excited for this game that I’m making my character IRL

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  • I've seen maybe 15-20 videos on cyberpunk over the last year or so, and I was not excited at all fpr the game until I saw this video. Thanks for such a cohesive recap on what to expect.

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  • Quote...... end quote....... damn shut up man. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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  • i can care less for first person but.. oh well.. I can just not buy the game.. or give it a shot.

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  • I feel like there’s already dlc for this game on release date lol

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    • Last of Us Part 2? Or the first one

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  • This is no preview, it's a prolonged advertisement.

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  • I hope we can mode the vehicles into a James bond vehicle

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  • Up to 0.33 it is just my life your talking.😂😅😉

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  • I Heard they took off that walking on wall ability with Praying mantis arms?- ,but I hope not🤞 that looks really cool & -well it all really cool etc.. (can’t Wait For my pre-order that I got like almost a year ago)

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  • There is some incorrect info here. Please consider updating this video.

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  • Quest Mode: How much cyberware human body can handle before breaking down? Cyberpunk 2077: Yes

    Mark FirmanMark Firman7 maanden geleden

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  • I need a Terminator DLC for this idk if this game gonna hold up to these standards

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  • Would u buy this or valhalla?

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  • Fuck, I've never played Witcher 3 and I feel like I'm missing a lot of details here.

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  • Will a gtx 1060 6gb be good enough :s

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  • I hate how you can't play the game in third person if you're not driving. That sucks

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  • The first person only is why I’m not getting this game why character creation but u can’t see em

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    • Your loss

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  • im so hyped for this game but i hate ego shooter perspektive

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  • Thank you

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  • i really do prefer melee combat instead of guns but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to try!

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  • So close to Shadowrun, yet so far away 😔

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  • i cant wait for 2077 to come so i can finally afford a pc that can run this game.

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  • Wow great info ty

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  • The characters walk reminded me of hitman

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  • Hope this is gonna be good and not a flop

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  • I just got into this game about a year ago but I feel bad for those of you who have been waiting for like 7 years Sorry guys hopefully it FINALLY releases next month

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    • I only got into it like a month ago

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  • anyone else just gonna cheat for the ultimate cyberpunk power fantasy? godmod? infinite ammo? yeh that's how i play.

    PetrinoPetrino7 maanden geleden
  • Imaging if we have all the technology, weapons, and gadgets in real life . This game is awesome, is going to take more than a month to complete it because there is too much to do. And when it come online, is going to be insane.

    Alex AlemanAlex Aleman7 maanden geleden
  • Can the protagonist I play level up skills through human development, without technological implants, while also playing through at easy or normal difficulty levels? I understand I do not speak for everyone, but I do not want to be a machine and boxing robots is NOT sexy. Beating (hand to hand) a human or being beat by a human is sexy. Beating a robot or being beat by a robot is nothing.

    Jason L.Jason L.7 maanden geleden
  • tbh i would much prefer to purchase and choose other places to live

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