Cyberpunk 2077 - Deep Dive Video + Q&A panel with developers

30 aug. 2019
721 665 Weergaven

Watch the worldwide reveal of brand new game footage from Cyberpunk 2077, followed by a series of chats with members of the game’s development team hosted by CD PROJEKT RED’s very own Hollie Bennett!
This video contains work-in-progress gameplay - everything you see is potentially subject to change.
Cyberpunk 2077, the open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC April 16th, 2020.
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About Cyberpunk 2077:
In the most dangerous megacity of the future, the real you is not enough. Become V, a cyber-enhanced mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant - the key to immortality. Customize your cyberware and skillset, and explore a vast city of the future obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. The choices you make will determine the story and shape the world around you.
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Disclaimer: this video was recorded in 1080p and upscaled to 4k to utilise NLworld’s higher bitrate for 4k videos.

  • You fuckin liars.

    Astartes 777Astartes 77719 uur geleden
  • We have all been cyberpunked this blessed day. Amen.

    Super Fun StickSuper Fun Stick22 uur geleden
  • How do you guys get away with false advertisement, and lying to make money? The things you claim simply don't exist in any form, whatsoever. This verbal diarrhea should be illegal! Fucking infuriating! You're selling a Ferrari, getting money upfront, and delivering a rusty old 1977 ford bronco frame with a cyberpunked bumper sticker on it

    Super Fun StickSuper Fun Stick22 uur geleden
  • The last thing I expected was that these videos would turn into evidence files. Lmao

    Dub XYIDub XYIDag geleden
  • Utterly shameful these devs need to be held accountable for this shit

    Mr. BruhMr. BruhDag geleden
  • Can someone please sue this company to the ground..please!!

    Havock-AceHavock-AceDag geleden
  • Fuck Holly

    Havock-AceHavock-AceDag geleden
  • I've not seen anyone lied for an hour straight so convincingly that even they themselves believed it.

    SSJBenSSJBenDag geleden
  • How can someone lie soo confidently

    Rohan BaburajRohan Baburaj2 dagen geleden
    • he must have had strict parents

      Abdul BasitAbdul BasitDag geleden
  • This game made for a meme😂🤣

    Agoycoy 91Agoycoy 912 dagen geleden
  • 4:34 its one of those games where expectations and reality collided resulting in a heap of disappointment.

    Sirshi RamSirshi Ram2 dagen geleden
  • Seeing this now and hearing Paweł Sasko is so disappointing, they are describing different game, i'm literally sad now...

    Radek SiekRadek Siek3 dagen geleden
  • all lies

    J GordonJ Gordon3 dagen geleden
  • The UI is so much nicer in this “demo” than what we got...

    ben hopkinsben hopkins4 dagen geleden
  • The whole main quest in cyberpunk feels like a rip off witcher 3 "look for ciri in velen/novigrad/skellige" and a extremely short cut version, its like they didnt even bother and made the whole game in less than 2 years... oh yea I guess this is what happens when you hire a extremely expensive actor like Keanu Reeves after 6 years developing a game, you must throw everything in the garbage and do the whole main quest again in just 2 years, because having Keanu Reeves was much more important for some greedy CEO

    Retro WaveRetro Wave5 dagen geleden
  • So this is all PR BS right ?

    PP BERGPP BERG5 dagen geleden
  • Hopefully they never get work again

    Jesse GarciaJesse Garcia5 dagen geleden
  • L I E S

    j_chj_ch8 dagen geleden
  • These guys look nervous. I wonder why...

    TinCanGamerTinCanGamer9 dagen geleden
  • 41:50 Oh great, luckily they solved the dilemma between looks and stats of your clothes! Oh wait, they didnt!

    Suran329Suran32910 dagen geleden
    • They did, it's called Armadillo Mod, you can find a crafting spec in Corpo Plaza. Adds a lot of armor points to any piece of clothing with a mod slot, they stack, and cost nothing to craft so it's dumb easy. You can practically wear anything you want.

      RyuX23RyuX237 dagen geleden
  • It hurts to see this video after seeing how much it diverges from the things being pointed in this video.. So disappointed that my favourite studio CDPR lied so much

    Hamid MahmoodHamid Mahmood12 dagen geleden
  • liar people

    헥터헥터12 dagen geleden
  • CDPR lost all of their street cred.

    AstralifyAstralify12 dagen geleden
  • What is the name of song at 45:00 ?

    Unholy DevastatorUnholy Devastator14 dagen geleden
  • There's nothing to deep dive into because all your gameplay mechanics are all too shallow. Even the AI behavior are shallow.

    jm8080jm808014 dagen geleden
  • 48:15 This is literally impossible to do.

    You TubeYou Tube15 dagen geleden
    • It technically is, but it's pointless.

      Bio ZelinkBio Zelink10 dagen geleden
  • 47:09

    You TubeYou Tube15 dagen geleden
  • 46:26

    You TubeYou Tube15 dagen geleden
  • 43:44

    You TubeYou Tube15 dagen geleden
  • 42:47

    You TubeYou Tube15 dagen geleden
  • 41:35 I genuinely feel sick watching all these fucking lies fly out of their mouths. I hope they get the shit sued out of them not for the bugs, but for all the fraud.

    You TubeYou Tube15 dagen geleden
  • 24:52 So that was a fucking lie

    You TubeYou Tube15 dagen geleden
  • Jheezus they even lie in this video.

    takmapstakmaps15 dagen geleden
  • Scammers hope they sue all u trashy liars

    Unknown-RevolverUnknown-Revolver15 dagen geleden
  • Game is trash you lied!

    Caleb McGowenCaleb McGowen15 dagen geleden
  • I never saw a video game company show so much of a game about 75% (all the trailers combine and gameplay)before the game even launched. Even the video tell you spoiler ahead. So what's left ? An overhyped mediocre video game for the past 8 years. I think this game would been a very good game(without the bugs of course) if they didn't have this type of video, trailers and overhyped. Just a 3 trailers over the years and didn't tell you can do this and that(especially game can't deliver), this game wouldn't have gotten so much hate at the end.

    Tiffany TTiffany T16 dagen geleden
  • I don't give a shit about all the haters, I've put over 100 hours into this game and I love it. Combat and hacking are fun and there's always a narrative reason for even the smallest sidequests, if you actually bother to read the text logs. Love exploring the dystopian future city they brought to life

    Mr. WafflesMr. Waffles16 dagen geleden
    • Good for you. But dont defend a company thats lied through its teeth and banned footage and reviews.

      Etheral101Etheral10113 dagen geleden
    • The story isn't unique dystopia future city and have better told in movies and video games before for example ,Blade Runner, Westworld,Demolition Man, in anime film Akira,Ghost in the shell, and in video game FF7. So cyberpunk 2077 story an okay narrative but nothing groundbreaking and, how cdpr overhyping for the past 8 years I think thats one of the things why everyone hating on it.

      Tiffany TTiffany T15 dagen geleden
  • LOL

    Ya NopeYa Nope16 dagen geleden
  • You went public, hired a bunch loberal women to work on your game. Why????

    sgtcojonezsgtcojonez16 dagen geleden
  • am I watching mini Todd Howards ?

    Alan MolinaAlan Molina17 dagen geleden
  • Wow so much cut content

    Diamonds DoDiamonds Do17 dagen geleden
  • 30:25

    FabrizioFabrizio18 dagen geleden
  • pain

    FabrizioFabrizio18 dagen geleden
  • lies, lies and more lies!!

    MistFoxMistFox18 dagen geleden
  • Unfortunately this is the problem, most developers particularly in Europe they don't care about qualifications and experience they only look for someone who fits the team. Most of these developers management are very young, under budget, not having a fundamental knowledge of software development in practice. I have years of experience in software development and I have seen this situations many times. Market is full of unqualified developers and management. Hope this change in future....

    Wise ManWise Man18 dagen geleden
    • @Z you are right, that is general issues but this game took 8 years to develop, there was a enough time to publish with less bug. There was a major issues in development team and when they found out it was too late. The fundamental designed architecture is in question. I have seen these issues many times in different company. When there is a big issues in the software and the time is running out then your answer/reply come to the next phase. The heart of the issue is the unqualified developers.

      Wise ManWise Man19 uur geleden
    • Lol this has nothing to do with the “culture” of Europe. This is the corporatism aspect. They were pressured by investor expectation. Management did the stupid thing to release the game. Now the investors themselves are suing them

      ZZDag geleden
  • this video would last 3 minutes if you take out the lies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Alessio SlackerAlessio Slacker18 dagen geleden
  • the hype room. lying scums.

    Rambo SweatRambo Sweat19 dagen geleden
  • I cannot believe I fell for this and preordered this game!

    TheEditorifyTheEditorify19 dagen geleden
  • you can have the best stats and look cool too we are aware that in other rpgs theres a conflict between how clothes look, and their states, we are very aware of it final game of 2077, if you choose clothes based on stats, you look like a hobo or a clown, lol how can they make comments like this and not get sued? i mean they didnt PROMISE cyberpunk 2077 would let you dress in style and still have good stats, but come on... why would you even bring this up and bait the audience if youre not gonna deliver on it?

    stan kidofustan kidofu19 dagen geleden
    • You can upgrade your clothes

      K0xm4NK0xm4N8 dagen geleden
  • to sum up with pavel and the other 2 guys said, cyberpunk 2077 is VERY INTERESTING and REALLY COOL they keep saying very interesting and really cool like 500 times lol lol, seriously, so much talk, and so little actual information...

    stan kidofustan kidofu19 dagen geleden
  • This episode is like a proposal to marriage without a ring, but you can keep an empty box, for now, if you agree.

    Bob DanielBob Daniel20 dagen geleden
  • 👏👏 cg you release biggest garbage you possibly can Good thing is i didnt buy the game

    Rip Van WinkleRip Van Winkle20 dagen geleden
  • *CyberShit 2077:* _>NOT an RPG (wish it was)_ _>Shitty A.I._ _>Shitty driving mechanic_ _>GTA San Andreas has a better physics than this dogshit_ _>Sliverhand simulator_ _>No Transmog_ _>Shitty loot system_ _>And of course gamebreaking bugs_ Stop bullshitting, CDPR.

    Ultra MagnusUltra Magnus21 dag geleden
  • WOW...there is a lesson to be learned here...I just sad that I was so naive to believe them....never again....

    Dario DespotovicDario Despotovic21 dag geleden
  • "does not represent the final look of the game" Probably the only honest info in the whole showcase

    ZangozZangoz22 dagen geleden
    • But like, all the gameplay they showed is in the final game?????

      Underscore _Underscore _20 dagen geleden
  • oh so this is how the crooks looks like

    Felipe CoutinhoFelipe Coutinho22 dagen geleden
  • First person only was just a decision of greed

    Youtube Emperor of MankindYoutube Emperor of Mankind22 dagen geleden
  • Bunch of lying scum. Never seen a company lose so much good faith that quickly. Not Bethesda, not Hello games. None of them compare to the let down and just sheer fraud of this game.

    Raider87Raider8722 dagen geleden
  • Cybergunk 1976

    Vadim BolshakovVadim Bolshakov22 dagen geleden
  • They were overselling the amount of choices and effects they would have on the story so much, the game could have been called choices. You actually play the game though and there are no meaningful choices.

    XIII - TheBlackCatXIII - TheBlackCat22 dagen geleden
    • @John Vaynard Does choosing to be a corpo, street kid or nomad affect the ending or the bosses or the relationships or the buildings you can access or the skill tree? Do decisions you choose make certain gangs target you in the open world? NO.

      XIII - TheBlackCatXIII - TheBlackCat16 dagen geleden
    • If you feel the end cuts after a bad ending decision then you know how meaningful the choices were

      John VaynardJohn Vaynard18 dagen geleden
  • Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. The best thing to come out of this is other studios will see how much people wanted a cyberpunk game and will start pushing some other games out.

    Exotic BeatzExotic Beatz23 dagen geleden
  • The Animals: Interact with them in just one mission, never to be seen again Voodoo boys: Interact with them in one mission, never to be seen again. Placide even sends you a threatening text if you kill them all. Nothing happens. You fucking charlatans.

    ParmesanCheeseParmesanCheese23 dagen geleden
  • 34:28 is funny. She asks how lifepaths affect the story. And he answers "ok let me go into my 50 minute answer". And then proceeds to say how deep these lifepaths are, how they SLOWLY blend into each other and how diffrent the game can be played because of them. Like...... he basically says "until the mission where you get Jonnys Chip inside your head all players will have a different expierence based on the lifepaths they picked"

    HennesgHennesg24 dagen geleden
    • I'll bet you anything that the quest designers and writers planned a LOT more content before the stories merged but there wasn't enough time to actually make it happen on the programming, acting, and art side of things. Too ambitious for their own good and not enough cohesion between the teams.

      GrandmasterofWinGrandmasterofWin21 dag geleden
  • 4:34 this is the current situation of this game.

    Mayank WMayank W24 dagen geleden
    • @Paco A Technically there's two male romance options, but I don't think you'd like the other one.

      Underscore _Underscore _20 dagen geleden
    • I dont think my expectations were high, but when you only have 1 romance option as a male, no drinking/eating animations when out in the world, no preview before you buy clothes??? Lol like, I didn't expect them to not even meet standards!

      Paco APaco A22 dagen geleden
  • She's going to be leaving CDPR and do Two Girls, 1 Cup soon!

    11swallowedinthesea11swallowedinthesea24 dagen geleden
    • lolz

      Logan BraveheartLogan Braveheart18 dagen geleden
    • Ahhh... so instead of spewing shit she'll be eating it. Nice.

      GrandmasterofWinGrandmasterofWin21 dag geleden
  • you can not even make one working game seriously gaming was better 10 years ago

    Jordan McpartlandJordan Mcpartland24 dagen geleden
  • “The options you’d expect in a full fledged RPG” 🤦🏾 You mean a soulless Far Cry First Person shooter with a Cyberpunk skin over it. I feel bad for Michael Pondsmith. I’m sure he gave them hours of lore and design information. Lying CDPR scrapped all of it. Pacifica and Voodoo Boys were completely wasted and throw away.

    Simeon Zane ChambersSimeon Zane Chambers24 dagen geleden
    • You can tell it's bad and the cracks are starting to show. Early 2019 it's the next era of RPG games still and by the end of 2019 they scrapped it and now it's a generic action/adventure story.

      Exotic BeatzExotic Beatz23 dagen geleden
    • Trash developers

      The Crow of YharnamThe Crow of Yharnam24 dagen geleden
  • 4:22 - 4:40 Did he just see into the future 🔮 😂

    Night DwellerNight Dweller25 dagen geleden
  • Holly was head of communication now flipping burgers?

    Polecat54941Polecat5494126 dagen geleden
    • she does onlyfans

      chaos lordchaos lord18 dagen geleden
    • that girl just lost her career, for lying , what company she will get no one will take her serious anymore

      Beetlejuice Bad as CanBeetlejuice Bad as Can21 dag geleden
    • She needs to quit that dead end job and go work for a company that cares about people... _Is that even a thing that exists? Good luck, Lady..._

      Mayor of the GalaxyMayor of the Galaxy23 dagen geleden
    • More like doing Two Girls, 1 Cup.

      11swallowedinthesea11swallowedinthesea24 dagen geleden
  • Flathead: cut. Too complicated to implement (for them).

    Rudolf WickondRudolf Wickond26 dagen geleden
  • They even cut the garage

    BronnBlackwaterBronnBlackwater27 dagen geleden
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA Seriously 3 BESTS hahahaha wtf this is 2020 and Cyberpunk 2077 is GARBAGE cuz its made by 3 BESTS lol

    Aligorithms CodeAligorithms Code28 dagen geleden
  • The games nothing like this! Pfft

    REIGNREIGN28 dagen geleden
  • " Does not represent the final look of the game" - ain't that the fucken truth.

    TheMissing8TheMissing829 dagen geleden
    • It's literally the only true thing CDPR ever said about this sad excuse for an open world game

      Super Fun StickSuper Fun Stick22 uur geleden
    • @Snrub it usually refers to the graphical performance.... Not every single fucking thing they say about the entire game being completely missing in action. They're selling a Ferrari, getting our money upfront, and delivering a rotten pile of 6 month old shrimp with a Ferrari hood ornament on top

      Super Fun StickSuper Fun Stick22 uur geleden
    • what's funny is that that phrase is usually used because beta versions look worse than the final product

      SnrubSnrub10 dagen geleden
  • I just watch these old videos to check if they accidentally said something that was true.

    atnfnatnfn29 dagen geleden
    • Fucking burn!

      Super Fun StickSuper Fun Stick22 uur geleden
    • 😂😂😂

      Exotic BeatzExotic Beatz23 dagen geleden
  • Hahahahahaha lol, what a joke!!

    Andrei RoscaAndrei Rosca29 dagen geleden
  • "I hope players get attached to their robot buddy" CDPR: Lets Cut the robot out of the game.

    Darren HaywoodDarren Haywood29 dagen geleden
    • @G0TIMAN must get exhausting typing excuses for everything they left out of this game. You must be on here typing all day.

      Super Fun StickSuper Fun Stick22 uur geleden
    • @G0TIMAN doubtful. Like car chases? Apartments? I think they cut it cause like many things in the game, its broken. I think they are having so much trouble, they just cut things that kept glitching as the whole fucking game has issues. Even turning on the radio triggers a crash, so i'd relax with this excuse that it was done for design or something .

      Emile NorvilEmile Norvil15 dagen geleden
    • @Herr Böna Then why even mention that he hopes players get attached?🤦🏾🤦🏾

      Simeon Zane ChambersSimeon Zane Chambers24 dagen geleden
    • @G0TIMAN It has no influence since it was cut from the game outside of one scripted scene.

      Herr BönaHerr Böna25 dagen geleden
    • @G0TIMAN I would love to have a robot buddy though.

      Saebel 1987Saebel 198727 dagen geleden
  • Way to go morons, you made a huge pile of shit. Enjoy your lawsuits.

    BootsBoots29 dagen geleden
  • Lies lies lies,only lies

    John BlakeJohn BlakeMaand geleden
  • The game is awesome❤️ i enjoyed a lot...

    45_Zaid Shaikh45_Zaid ShaikhMaand geleden
  • 4:34 Foreshadowing

    MrEyelwatchMrEyelwatchMaand geleden
    • freudian slip

      chaos lordchaos lord29 dagen geleden
    • This was either a warning, an admittance of deceit or just the truth. I'll let you decide which is it.

      Mayor of the GalaxyMayor of the Galaxy29 dagen geleden
  • This hasn't aged well....

    Patrick BatemanPatrick BatemanMaand geleden
  • So that was a fucking lie

    Kim ÁlvarezKim ÁlvarezMaand geleden
  • isn't that how the legendary net runner died?

    sapperjoe 18sapperjoe 18Maand geleden
  • Are this guys are developers or just paid actors that lie about the game?

    DespirDespirMaand geleden
    • @Mayor of the Galaxy there is no interviewer, all four of them work for cd projekt red

      vazsavazsa6 uur geleden
    • A bit of both... They look like they are caught lying every minute and look trapped in a corner. Ambushed by the interviewer who wants to know: "DON'T ASK! WE WON'T LIE!" XD

      Mayor of the GalaxyMayor of the GalaxyMaand geleden
  • 18:21 "What is there to do in Pacifica? You don't want people to just come for the quest and then leave..." - Lady Released game: Oh but that's exactly what you do. There's nothing else but a quest line there. _How embarrassing..._

    Mayor of the GalaxyMayor of the GalaxyMaand geleden
    • Don't forget they have that 1 single rollercoaster you can ride to 😂

      Exotic BeatzExotic Beatz23 dagen geleden
    • @Carl Johnson Like a liar being caught...

      Mayor of the GalaxyMayor of the Galaxy29 dagen geleden
    • Notice how he is dodging the question, trying to change the subject and in the end he talks about something completely different

      Carl JohnsonCarl Johnson29 dagen geleden
  • Delete this video: It could be used as evidence in court... _How embarrassing would that be..._

    Mayor of the GalaxyMayor of the GalaxyMaand geleden
    • @Super Fun Stick I'm in the exact same boat: The realization came fast and less and less fun dawned on me hard. I never been good with denial and grief. I just gave up and went straight to acceptance. Now I'm just disappointed like a Galactic Mayor gets disappointed when his children of humanity poop the proverbial gaming bed. What a shame....

      Mayor of the GalaxyMayor of the Galaxy21 uur geleden
    • @Mayor of the Galaxy well, I got a refund about half way through the campaign, after realising I was having less and less fun with the game and noticing more and more how they didn't put any effort into even making the game half as creative or functional as GTA San Andreas was in 2004. Now I'm just disgusted by it altogether.

      Super Fun StickSuper Fun Stick21 uur geleden
    • @Super Fun Stick Brave or foolish... I dunno about you but I know which way I'm leaning, bro!

      Mayor of the GalaxyMayor of the Galaxy22 uur geleden
    • They're so fucking brave for keeping this video up. It's crazy. All the blatant lies.

      Super Fun StickSuper Fun Stick22 uur geleden
  • Coming: When its`s ready

    GianKishGianKishMaand geleden
    • Idk if I am sad or angry

      Victor EmanuelVictor Emanuel21 dag geleden
  • 😂okay

    MustafaMustafaMaand geleden
  • 30:20 What fcking city planer forgets to add parking lots in this 'megalopolis'??? Sounds crazy but thats one of the first things I noticed missing in the city, lik wtf XD

    Stribor StarčevićStribor StarčevićMaand geleden
    • Oh the "city planner" forgot to add a whole lot more to this city, if you know what i mean haha

      Greg WestmenGreg Westmen18 dagen geleden
    • There are massive car parks though. I think since the land is so damn expensive that anything that used to be a parking lot is now a business. This actually makes a lot of sense.

      GrandmasterofWinGrandmasterofWin21 dag geleden
  • Ok boys. Release version of a game is a complete SHIT. We need a Snyder Cut...

    Фарид КеримлиФарид КеримлиMaand geleden
    • Okay...did CDPR build a different version of the game alongside the final version? Did they make two versions of the game at the same time? Hehe

      Greg WestmenGreg Westmen18 dagen geleden
  • LIES!!!!!!

    pet arpet arMaand geleden
    • If you analyze their behavior in this interview: They look like pathological liars who keep getting caught whenever she asks them a question. They look embarrassed and sweaty.

      Mayor of the GalaxyMayor of the GalaxyMaand geleden
  • Not breathtaking....whatsoever

    Hayabusa09Hayabusa09Maand geleden
    • It is...but in a literal suffocating kind of way

      Greg WestmenGreg Westmen18 dagen geleden
  • After all that the game is still trash 🗑 I like the game but need more time

    isaiah woolfordisaiah woolfordMaand geleden
  • lmao fucking liars. i hope cdpr burns for this shit.

    kay_kei kkay_kei kMaand geleden
  • Y'all need a Cyberfund for the Cyberpunk'd.

    Gerhard SymonsGerhard SymonsMaand geleden
  • I'm just gonna start down voting the comments for misinformation....

    Papa zoticPapa zoticMaand geleden
  • this is a bit embarrassing to watch

    Clout DraculaClout DraculaMaand geleden
  • Anyone else here after release that is also disappointed we got pre alpha version with 70% cut content? :D

    Robin BrutusRobin BrutusMaand geleden
    • Just to add, check out Crowbcats new video about Cyberpunk 2077. Its so damn depressing all those promises turning to lies, especially promises of features under 2020 that is nowhere to be found. It really shows that CDPR are just as greedy liars like everybody else in the AAA business.

      Robin BrutusRobin Brutus2 uur geleden
    • @Soham Sengupta CDPR will never get another penny out of me.

      Super Fun StickSuper Fun Stick22 uur geleden
    • I assume that's why everybody's here

      Super Fun StickSuper Fun Stick22 uur geleden
    • @Wdsle Wdsle Excluding the bugs, The game has a never ending list of nonexistent promised features available anywhere on NLworld or reddit along with references. The game's Faction design & RPG mechanics are a joke compared to Fallout New Vegas & STALKER, as in both games player choices effect or affect the OPEN WORLD I didn't even include the fundamentally broken physics & AI which got beaten by Gangster Vegas, yeah A 2014 mobile game(video available on NLworld) The map is plagued by copy pasted eliminate 5 people ncpd jobs,gigs & a hundred Preston Garvey screaming at me It's baffling how they marketed this game as next generation open world, in a world where zelda botw & RDR 2 exist

      Soham SenguptaSoham Sengupta2 dagen geleden
    • @Wdsle Wdsle Game won't be fixed. They won't return anything back. Only will fix couple of bugs and call it a day. Oh and give DLC's that they did cut from the game as "generous" gift (which in fact TW3 DLC's were pure garbage. Only payable were good). They never brought TW3 back how it was promoted and showcased, it was different.

      SeriousDragonifySeriousDragonify15 dagen geleden
  • full of shit lmao

    jjMaand geleden