Cyberpunk 2077 Breathtaking Mix | by Extra Terra

10 dec. 2019
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This mix is for all the Cyberpunk fans! Inspired by Cyberpunk 2077. Subscribe to my channel for more Cyberpunk music! :)
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1) Extra Terra - Neural Link (00:00)
2) Hyper - FCKD (03:15)
3) Extra Terra - Blockchain (06:36)
4) Misfit Massacre x Urbanstep ft. Peter Piffen - Blowin' Smoke (Extra Terra remix) (10:10)
5) Drivepilot - The Resistance (13:25)
6) Ray Gun Hero - The Hunt (16:51)
7) Slooze - Desolation (21:25)
8) Extra Terra - Cyberpunk (25:14)
9) Tonebox - Celestial Breakdown (28:41)
10) Varien - Monarch Butterfly (32:02)
11) Social Kid - Transmissions (36:25)
12) BLAIR ROUGE - Nasty (40:25)
13) SWARM - Take Me To Hell (44:18)
14) Uppermost - Revolution (49:15)
15) Extra Terra - Chronology (54:39)

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    Extra TerraExtra TerraJaar geleden
    • @Extra Terra where can I get those backgrounds for my wallpaper engine?

      Mid WayMid Way7 dagen geleden
    • Hello, please send off the animation in this video to my mail

      Кирилл ТолмацкийКирилл Толмацкий2 maanden geleden
    • @yoda thinker lulz

      Reggy BaxterReggy Baxter4 maanden geleden
    • @Extra Terra Now, @Charlson787 has to donate ;)

      Good KinkyGood Kinky4 maanden geleden
    • 00

      Michelle WiremanMichelle Wireman4 maanden geleden
  • I fcking love this

    MjWatchmanMjWatchman2 uur geleden
  • Крутая тема)

    Альба МатяшАльба МатяшDag geleden
  • Misfit Massacre x Urbanstep ft. Peter Piffen - Blowin' Smoke (Extra Terra remix) Fuckin awesome

    •SavageTrip••SavageTrip•Dag geleden
  • 2021.we live in cyberpunk all we need are flying cars like in blade runner great awesome music and video cool 😎😎😎♥️♥️♥️

    Damir BabicDamir Babic2 dagen geleden
  • Best game ever hands down

    personperson2 dagen geleden
  • The 'Cyber Geisha' in the background looks pretty cool

    Daniel VargasDaniel Vargas3 dagen geleden
  • Уестбрук шикарен, вот бы можно было летать на вертолетах в киберпанке и была бы отта баба на здании + графика была бы как тут "тут чувствуется что она получше" то я бы провел месяц игры смотря на Уестбрук

    Kokonat_Kokonat_3 dagen geleden
  • Even Dr. Disrespect has enough respect to use your Mix

    Adhi Tio RachmanAdhi Tio Rachman8 dagen geleden
    • Thank you, but he doesn't use my mixes, he uses my songs 😊🙏

      Extra TerraExtra Terra7 dagen geleden
  • XD

    Pinkie uwuPinkie uwu8 dagen geleden
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    K GRHAGANK GRHAGAN9 dagen geleden
  • 1🇺🇸- a bitch named kelly 🖕💋 God level threat...that real shit...

    K GRHAGANK GRHAGAN9 dagen geleden

    K GRHAGANK GRHAGAN9 dagen geleden
  • 1🇺🇸🖕💋 so goddamned fucked...cyberpunk 2077...

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  • 1🇺🇸kelly 🖕💋 cyberpunk 2077 💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄🌈🍫👤🍫👤🍫👤🍫👤🍟🐭🍔🐭🐅🛸🐅🛸🐅🏚🐅🛸🖕💋🇺🇸💃🏼🕺🏼🌇🌠🥓🥓🥤🍕🥤🍕🥤🍕✌🖐., legends never die LIFT CRUSH!!!!

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    K GRHAGANK GRHAGAN9 dagen geleden
  • 1🇺🇸🖕💋MY BITCHES - kelly

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  • As a kid born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s I've always loved Futuristic Sci Fi Cyberpunk genre more then Fantasy, this is the kind of World I'd love to live in

    Tim GroveTim Grove9 dagen geleden
    • Syntetic food. Toxic environment. I would hate it.

      Florian D.Florian D.8 dagen geleden
  • me when the:

    Gunhawk817 -Gunhawk817 -10 dagen geleden

    TheStanislavsonTheStanislavson11 dagen geleden
  • best mix on yt

    MR XMR X13 dagen geleden
  • This have a lot of industrial and invader zim in it.

    GBS REVIVALGBS REVIVAL15 dagen geleden
  • Amazing Work

    Ali SadeghiAli Sadeghi16 dagen geleden
  • Mistrzostwo!

    Edyta ZajdlicEdyta Zajdlic16 dagen geleden
  • 1🇺🇸🖕., you tell the i ever slowed down...🖕💋 the way i split that shit...

    K GRHAGANK GRHAGAN16 dagen geleden
  • Would i be able to use these as background music anytime i stream?

    Moose DanderMoose Dander17 dagen geleden
    • @Extra Terra Thank you very much! i dont stream often especially with the current wifi issues but when i do its difficult to find good music that i can use freely, and these mixes are pretty good.

      Moose DanderMoose Dander12 dagen geleden
    • @Extra Terra thank you very much

      Moose DanderMoose Dander16 dagen geleden
    • Yes you can

      Extra TerraExtra Terra16 dagen geleden
  • 1🇺🇸., I WIN I DONT WON...

    K GRHAGANK GRHAGAN18 dagen geleden
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    박준호박준호19 dagen geleden
  • Cyberpunk track was used recently in a cool video about cyberpunk 2077 ...

    BobBob19 dagen geleden
    • @Extra Terra" Cyberpunk 2077 Lizzie's Bar Escort " It's not for the kids if you know what I mean ^^'

      BobBob19 dagen geleden
    • where?

      Extra TerraExtra Terra19 dagen geleden
  • Вот чего игра не дает драйва!

    КносКнос20 dagen geleden
  • You deserve so many more subscribers. Your tracks and mixes are incredible.

    Tage NastyTage Nasty21 dag geleden
  • 41:00

    JKJK22 dagen geleden
  • 59 31 stupidness

    Anna PetrovaAnna Petrova22 dagen geleden
  • perfect 2077

    Anna PetrovaAnna Petrova23 dagen geleden
  • perfect. sound. perfect atmosphere. this beats full my room in highest stare. and i enjoy it. perfect

    Anna PetrovaAnna Petrova23 dagen geleden
  • The beat dropped harder than Geroge Mcfloyd's oxygen level.

    Korax PlaysKorax Plays23 dagen geleden
    • That joke make me can't breathe

      Михаил ФокеевМихаил Фокеев23 dagen geleden
  • eZ nEm A hAlÓ???!!!

    Zsombor UgrayZsombor Ugray23 dagen geleden
  • Is it on Spotify ??

    Quantum SPACERQuantum SPACER24 dagen geleden
    • Yessssssss

      Extra TerraExtra Terra23 dagen geleden
  • This game sucks ass, I'm a best fan of Whitcher 3, this game sucks, It's a fact.

    RadruganRadrugan24 dagen geleden
  • Hmmm, Need a PC mod for the game that allows you add Radio channels. I would totally create a Extra Terra Radio channel I could cruise to around Night City.

    SternLXSternLX24 dagen geleden
    • That would be great!!

      Extra TerraExtra Terra24 dagen geleden
  • found something I needed

    Jakub PechJakub Pech24 dagen geleden
  • Banger

    Tannmay YadavTannmay Yadav25 dagen geleden
  • genere?

    Skay BeilinsonSkay Beilinson25 dagen geleden
  • I started listening to the Cyberpunk theme for the memes, but I ended up here and stayed for the pure badassness.

    Lucas PaulLucas Paul25 dagen geleden
  • Поддерживал информационно.

    Максим СтояловМаксим Стоялов25 dagen geleden
  • Takie lata i taka muza zajebista,to co to będzie w 2077 roku

    DeadosDeados26 dagen geleden
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  • Wish this was the music used in the game, than what they got on there, this is the type of music that i associate Cyberpunk with, or at least used in some songs.

    TobyToby26 dagen geleden
  • This video:*exist* Me:*vibes*

    itz_ya boi arsonist_toastitz_ya boi arsonist_toast26 dagen geleden
  • 12:21 its..... *TIME!*

    Mod ManMod Man26 dagen geleden
  • 1🇺🇸👤🎭🐭🖕💋 1 second ago ERGO ARGO !! -,-'-,-.-

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  • Neural Link much better than all-game music

    Sergei MaksimovSergei Maksimov28 dagen geleden
  • 1🇺🇸.,🎄..1🌈🇬🇧., BASE ROLLERS #111 01 10 1.1 1.11 11.1 .1. 1.1 ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE ~ love kelly...1..2..3..4

    K GRHAGANK GRHAGAN28 dagen geleden
  • 1🇺🇸 claim that T.RUT.HU.MAN

    K GRHAGANK GRHAGAN29 dagen geleden

    K GRHAGANK GRHAGAN29 dagen geleden
  • to ashley stone story: finally fucked like a real girl...pump that dat. NO LIMIT DAT FULL AIR FULL DAT HU.RT

    K GRHAGANK GRHAGAN29 dagen geleden
  • I think the future will stay in Detroit become Human :3

    Aldo SaputraAldo SaputraMaand geleden
  • Is this possible to use your music in cyberpunk materials?

    Lajty GroweLajty GroweMaand geleden
  • Blockchain? More like Hyper - Spoiler but with extra ambient Sounds good tho

    Not JustAlexNot JustAlexMaand geleden
  • I always listen this playlist when i work on my project.... Deus Ex using Unreal Engine ;) Currently I am working on optimization Check my work if you want

    GameDev & CodingGameDev & CodingMaand geleden
  • Cyberpunk 2077 New theme by JB

    John JohnJohn JohnMaand geleden
  • Some people still think thumbs down is download ... it isn't 😂

    FoxxTVFoxxTVMaand geleden
  • wow this playlist is better than all the music in the actual game

    Da Snow ManeDa Snow ManeMaand geleden
    • @Not JustAlex ok so I mainly listen to the dirge and I looked up the whole playlist and it has over 27 songs on it and iv only heard maybe 10 of them. I’m sure other radio stations have some bangers that the game just never plays for me... I’d say it’s fair that the cp has a great soundtrack and this is a nice alternative

      Da Snow ManeDa Snow Mane21 dag geleden
    • @Not JustAlex i mean its just an opinion, i wasnt impressed with the music selection within the game, some songs are actually really good dont get me wrong, but some songs are also just as "bad" or incompatible with my taste and its more "bad" than "good" songs overall

      Da Snow ManeDa Snow ManeMaand geleden
    • are you sure about this?

      Not JustAlexNot JustAlexMaand geleden
  • Funny the adds premier one yea the fire the adds

    Idk JackkkIdk JackkkMaand geleden
  • *Mortal ! creo que Cyberpunk debió dedicarse mas a la musica que a los videojuegos. La música es increíble, bien adaptada a la época actual de la Nano Tecnología.*

    Diego Hiroshi y sus VideosDiego Hiroshi y sus VideosMaand geleden
  • When you realise that we are closer too 2077 than to 1960

    FilipFilipMaand geleden
  • they all the same

    Mad JackMad JackMaand geleden
  • WTF

    Serkan ColakSerkan ColakMaand geleden
  • Hey guys, I'm developing a John Wick inspired Gun-Fu game so I decided to post around and see if anyone's interested. Visit my channel to check it out, subscribe and join the discord to chat with the community, hope to see you there !

    GameDevDaveGameDevDaveMaand geleden
  • Breathtaking

    Megas VNMegas VNMaand geleden
  • You're breathtaking.

    SerijasSerijasMaand geleden
  • my ass WAS JAMMING OUT

    redninja 0706redninja 0706Maand geleden
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    Wwidi pakdWwidi pakdMaand geleden
  • This was breathtaking

    Fire FishyFire FishyMaand geleden
  • what genre would you put this in? like (Industrial Techno) or something?

    BlottedBlottedMaand geleden
  • listening to this playlist almost makes up for how unplayable it is Just kidding, I like it despite the game's flaws... Annnnd it just crashed.

    AwoovementAwoovementMaand geleden
  • glad to see uppermost on here, would love to see him more in future playlists :)

    Amoda KAmoda KMaand geleden

  • Why this music isn't in the game blows my mind. Way to much hard rock or whatever and i dont like that at all lol. :(

    zSzzSzMaand geleden
  • 37:23 HOLY SHIT

    HUY NGuyen LeHUY NGuyen LeMaand geleden
  • Listen to this mix if you have to do some School Stuff, this boosts your productivity to the max

    Justin SchmidtJustin SchmidtMaand geleden
  • This mix is better than the music in game imho

    DragonBusaDragonBusaMaand geleden
    • Lmao*

      Liam O rourkeLiam O rourkeMaand geleden
  • Ironic how this vid came out a year from the actual release date.

    Arthur CallahanArthur CallahanMaand geleden
  • Fuck yeah ❤️❤️❤️

    redraven150redraven150Maand geleden
  • I was with em until he followed 'big kickin' it' with steven segal I guess technically Segal is "big" kicking it lol

    XxstexXXxstexXMaand geleden
  • Checkout this please

    ilya surninilya surninMaand geleden
  • 👽Hello Cyberpeople ! Here Cyberrap from Poland - 👽

    Bana NaaBana NaaMaand geleden
  • Dat Blockchain beat!!! FIRE!!! 👌😲💖

    UberphatUberphatMaand geleden
  • This Mix was made by DrDisrespect

    Victor VedeanuVictor VedeanuMaand geleden
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Kay FhungKay FhungMaand geleden
  • When you drink a Pepsi infront of a coca-cola truck

    Raymundo VNRaymundo VNMaand geleden
    • When you drink fiji water instead of tub water

      John SchneiderJohn Schneider11 dagen geleden
  • Artificial Intelligence is a natural next part of our humankind evolution. We will live forever in AI cloud datacenters without our biological bodies.

    Virgin HumanityVirgin HumanityMaand geleden
  • Смесь попсы и панка - музыка из гиперпанка)

    Кто-тоКто-тоMaand geleden
  • This is better than the game on launch day

    J CKJ CKMaand geleden
  • Very..i mean very powerful and chill in the same time. Wow.

    Dragos ioan MironDragos ioan MironMaand geleden