CRUELLA Trailer 2 (2021) Emma Stone, Disney Movie

14 mrt. 2021
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CRUELLA Trailer 2 (2021) Emma Stone, Disney Movie
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  • A female version of Joker 😍😍

    Florence TeohFlorence Teoh12 minuten geleden
  • Look like joker movie

    KingDevinKingDevinUur geleden
  • I'm so ecstatic about this movie I'm passing rainbows 😃😍☺

    Charlene SearlesCharlene Searles2 uur geleden
  • Aww yes another Joker movie!

    Chen-Wei HongChen-Wei Hong3 uur geleden
  • I still live for Glenn Close as "Cruella". 👏 ...Circa 1990s.

    Tyra WitherspoonTyra Witherspoon5 uur geleden
  • Basically she's just harley quin but more badass with good personality

    King Kion Yeet OfKing Kion Yeet Of15 uur geleden
  • I remember when ellen asked emma thompson in her segment burning questions of who she hates, she said "i dont know.. Emma stone!! " lol. And if its true that Glenn Close wrote the soundtrack "transformations" i hope she gets both the oscar and grammy for it. So that she could be the next EGOT..

    Ulrich FulcrumUlrich FulcrumDag geleden
  • She got down the laugh I like it

    nina ocanasnina ocanasDag geleden
  • Most of you Disney sympathizers are the reason the company feels comfortable churning out trash like this. Like "Yasss girl boss"??? Even if this movie is alright, movies like these are lowest common denominator cash grabs with little to no thought. Stop with the remakes and retellings and make a new 2D animated movie. This is like Mulan all over again.

    SpeeSpeeDag geleden
  • Okay. The movie looks good, but I can't get over the source material. This character wanted to hurt puppies. I can't.

    Chisty AChisty A2 dagen geleden
  • I wasn't sure about Emma Stone for this role but after watching this trailer I totally think she will rock this.

    DaniiDanii2 dagen geleden
  • IDEC about the dogs, I wanna see Cruella. This looks good af, I can't wait. Also, f people who are like "wE wAnT OrIgInAl StOrY". just shut up.

    mahi waymahi way3 dagen geleden
  • Aren't we supposed to hate cruella didn't she like literally kill puppies

    Larissa LoriaLarissa Loria3 dagen geleden
  • Emma Thompson... Emma Stone... Dynamic dual! Brilliant

    K. C.K. C.3 dagen geleden
  • "I'm a woman, hear me roar?" So... another femicunt "empowerment" flick?

    Havok FzHavok Fz3 dagen geleden
  • now, now if this is not a masterpiece i don't know what is. retell of a fairy tail is the most amazing thing

    aadya kumaraadya kumar3 dagen geleden
  • Oh, she's British. Did Andrew help with the accent?

    Abhinaya Mary KoshyAbhinaya Mary Koshy3 dagen geleden
  • Female version of Joker vibes...

    siletsaharsiletsahar5 dagen geleden
  • Game of Thrones should have got this Cruela to Dorne and transport it to Kingslanding. That, and that only, Season 8 is saved.

    John GeeJohn Gee5 dagen geleden
  • Who else is watching this on the toilet after doing a poo?

    G RodriguezG Rodriguez5 dagen geleden
  • "The Devil Wears Prada," the Disney version.

    Gabriel BennettGabriel Bennett7 dagen geleden
  • i want to see cartoon again not humans :/

    TiinkTiink8 dagen geleden
  • cant wait!!!

    Lucie PavlováLucie Pavlová8 dagen geleden
  • nope. I don't see any humanizing hints in this trailer. I wanna watch this to see what consequences bad people/villains should face for being the devil.

    Alexis BabylonAlexis Babylon8 dagen geleden
  • Is this the Disney version of the Joker?

    pulplizardpulplizard9 dagen geleden
  • All the movies where the villain tortures and kills hundreds of people: no one bats an eyelid A villain who is cruel to puppies: tHiS iS oUtRaGeOus!!! How can Hollywood make this???

    msmarya100msmarya10010 dagen geleden
  • I’d love it if Edna Mode met Cruella. Imagine the fashion darling

    임남석임남석10 dagen geleden
  • Yet another sympathy for the devil story. Soon we'll see the origin stories of Ursula, Hans Westergaard, and Jafar. :rolls eyes:

    LeseveselLesevesel11 dagen geleden
  • Ooohhhh....This LOOKS FUN!!! Love my Disney Badies😎

    Laura N.Laura N.11 dagen geleden
  • OMGGGGG yessssssss

    Ishie Boom boomIshie Boom boom12 dagen geleden
  • ms. Emma Stone nailed it. well done! :)

    You Are Amazing!You Are Amazing!12 dagen geleden
  • Ok, la je dit. Woooooooow, costume, décor, glamour et signé Cruella❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ j'ai hate qui sorte. Deux semaines après ma fête. Un beau cadeau. Merci Hollywood.

    Kym Heilliette-LaflammeKym Heilliette-Laflamme12 dagen geleden
  • Omg these outfits though

    Will CookWill Cook12 dagen geleden
  • Why does this movie exist? This movie did not need to exist.

    Kelly MosesKelly Moses12 dagen geleden
  • Mark Strong. Yum

    ballsoutballisticballsoutballistic12 dagen geleden
  • I already love the movie because of Emma Stone 💕 😍

    Patricia’s Primer JardínPatricia’s Primer Jardín13 dagen geleden
  • gaslight, girlboss, gatekeep

    Abigail CAbigail C13 dagen geleden
  • I feel like this is the treatment Maleficent should've gotten. The Mistress of all Evil isn't nicer than Cruella DeVille.

    Diana Cameron McQueenDiana Cameron McQueen13 dagen geleden
  • Never going to feel bad for anyone who kills animals even in fiction.

    Diana Cameron McQueenDiana Cameron McQueen13 dagen geleden
  • BIG Jenny Humphrey vibes

    Meredith BottinoMeredith Bottino13 dagen geleden
  • OMG!! Emma Stone!!!! Yay!! I love her! I’m excited to see what crazy plot Disney comes up with now....she actually give me a Harley Quinn vibe

    Carolina CanceladoCarolina Cancelado13 dagen geleden
  • They r making move about creualla? Instead of the dalmasians?

    Nipa EbrahimNipa Ebrahim13 dagen geleden
  • What's the music played in the second trailer?

    SerenaSerena14 dagen geleden
  • Feels like a Harley anti-hero make over. Since Harley belongs to DC, I can see Cruella joining the Marvel Universe. Anything is possible since Disney and Marvel are joined together.

    Michael SooMichael Soo14 dagen geleden
  • Can we take a moment to appreciate how AMAZING Emma *Thompson* continues to be?

    MJ SailingMJ Sailing14 dagen geleden
    • Yes except that isn't Emma Thompson its Emma Watson, says so right in the title. Dah.

      Shane's Warped World CreationsShane's Warped World Creations4 dagen geleden
    • YES!!!

      VAPX007VAPX0078 dagen geleden
  • so they are going to make cruella good now. me: okay... as long as the story is good... my youngr self: No way dude!!!! shes evil!!!! dont u read the name!!???

    LEOLEO14 dagen geleden
  • we like villains in comic book movies not disney movies. reminds me of descendants

    emma nunuemma nunu14 dagen geleden
  • boring

    emma nunuemma nunu14 dagen geleden
  • HBC would have owned tf outta this role!

    Ms. lovinglifeMs. lovinglife15 dagen geleden
  • I didn't know Emma Stone could make being a red head hotter.

    Things `n StuffThings `n Stuff15 dagen geleden
  • Shit movie. Hard pass

    IckiesgalIckiesgal16 dagen geleden
  • I'm here for the soundtrack 😏.

    Intrigued heartIntrigued heart16 dagen geleden
  • I am sooo beyond excited for this movie!!!!! Disney thanks you for expanding beyond the typical happy endings and soft kid stories, which are great but different is great tooooo

    Maria Camila Cepeda CuellarMaria Camila Cepeda Cuellar16 dagen geleden
  • I was rooting got this but its not historically accurate, i know that's the intention but still its a pet peeve of mine will annoy me for sure lol

    90sDRgirl90sDRgirl16 dagen geleden
  • Emma vs Emma

    Apoorva SolankiApoorva Solanki16 dagen geleden
  • she's like todays feminists. And they took out the thing that she wanted to make a coat out of dogs to fit todays world views even more and make a positive figure out of her.

    Julija LunchNowJulija LunchNow16 dagen geleden
    • lmao no? the whole point is that she's still an asshole who wants to skin puppies. Not a single person's thinking "oh she's such a role model! amazing!" We're watching a villain movie for fun, because it's fictional and entertaining.

      Silver CatSilver Cat16 dagen geleden
  • 101 dalmatians meet Nanny McPhee

    The One Hit WonderThe One Hit Wonder17 dagen geleden
  • Loving how not relatable she is

    Anonymous DancersAnonymous Dancers17 dagen geleden
  • When she reveals her dress at the black and white ball reminds me of Brittany on the Chipmunks when she wore a red dress to the black and white ball. Uhm, I'm not gonna judge it negatively, but I have to wait to see it. It might be ok.

    Cantetinza17Cantetinza1717 dagen geleden
  • Omg. I said the same thing!!!! The devil meets prada meets harley quinn!

    Ursula KershUrsula Kersh17 dagen geleden
  • This looks like Disney does Harley Quinn.

    Jennifer LiggettJennifer Liggett18 dagen geleden

    rose dawsonrose dawson18 dagen geleden
  • Yay animal cruelty?

    Karma LynnKarma Lynn18 dagen geleden
  • Jesus, thank you for answering my prayhhuurrs.

    CuratedByConradCuratedByConrad18 dagen geleden
  • please let the movie be better than the trailer :P

    Rebecca DsouzaRebecca Dsouza19 dagen geleden

    Chas TVChas TV19 dagen geleden
  • I've been so over these Disney remakes, but this looks SO GOOD and, you know...ORIGINAL. Honestly can't wait!

    Sarah BatemanSarah Bateman19 dagen geleden
  • Why are their villain movies the ones that look best??

    Brittni MerryBrittni Merry19 dagen geleden
  • I am honestly soooo excited for this and Emma is gonna rock it

    Sydney BahrSydney Bahr19 dagen geleden
  • Interesting take..... I am intrigued.

    calisouthqueencalisouthqueen19 dagen geleden
  • the accent tho.. it hits different

    Juvelle GraceJuvelle Grace20 dagen geleden
  • omggggg

    Jasmyn GardnerJasmyn Gardner20 dagen geleden
  • I. Fucking. Love. This. Shit. I've been waiting my whole life for this shit to come out. And guess what? IT'S HERE.

    Jen AnneJen Anne20 dagen geleden
  • Michelle Visage was born for this role.

    NatNat20 dagen geleden
  • Ok ok hear me out, Cruella and the joker. Boom.

    Alex DoradoAlex Dorado20 dagen geleden
  • I'm just loving how they can effortlessly make Cruella in practically every generation: 1960's animated, first live action 1990's, Once Upon a Time, and now 2021. I may have an unpopular opinion, but (Ignoring the awsomness that is OUAT) Cinderella or Snow White always seems to take place in one time period. With Cruella, they keep her modern without having to change her at all! I would very much like to see a modern Ariel and Ursula. How would Aladdin or Genie do in today? (Genie would blend right in!) Oh! How would the story of Mulan do in todays era? IDK, I guess the last two aren't really going to mesh in today's setting huh? But I can't stop wondering about a modern Little mermaid story!! I mean, Aquaman looked cool, so... possible??

    Jacqueline WilkinsonJacqueline Wilkinson20 dagen geleden
  • Harley Quinn is shaking

    Noel KyleeNoel Kylee21 dag geleden
  • Sooooo lets guess. They are going to turn this into some sob story, feel sorry for cruella because she had a tough life, she's not evil she's just broken foolishness? I hope not. I do not promote evil, as I am a follower of Christ but I think they should just keep her as what we have known her to be. Cruel.....either that or its going to be disappointing and same old same old. We should not keep trying to make it seem like there are good excuses for bad behavior. It may not have been your fault all the things that happened to you but it's your responsibility to do better and be better.

    Janiel SewellJaniel Sewell21 dag geleden
  • Cruella meets Harley Quinn

    BigSistahTipsBigSistahTips21 dag geleden
  • Is Disney trying to kill their child friendly brand? This is like seeing Hanna Montana turn into a twerking raw turkey all over again

    RovhaltRovhalt21 dag geleden
  • Epic

    Ria FuziawatyRia Fuziawaty22 dagen geleden
  • It seems they are focusing on fashion and I fucking love that! Regardless of her evil, Cruella has always been a fashion inspiration, especially for drag and LGBT folks.

    AliskyAlisky22 dagen geleden
  • So this is almost like the Disney version of the joker? Cool! Can’t wait!

    A-Parently CoffeeA-Parently Coffee22 dagen geleden
  • Nope.

    sampriti shomesampriti shome22 dagen geleden
  • Nope

    Zoe CuiZoe Cui22 dagen geleden
  • Can't wait to watch this, it's going on my list of films to watch.

    Patrick Liam BerryPatrick Liam Berry23 dagen geleden
  • Can't wait!

    VirginiaVirginia23 dagen geleden
  • Uhmm No😑

    Safanja DorffSafanja Dorff23 dagen geleden
  • She’s not even British

    anne weberanne weber23 dagen geleden
  • a big ol HUH

    Mishi RMishi R23 dagen geleden
  • Yaaaaaaaas Ema 😍😍😍😍😍

    Sarah MSarah M23 dagen geleden
  • i just hope this isnt a movie to make us feel bad for getting mad at her for wanting to skin puppies.

    Dorothy SiasonDorothy Siason23 dagen geleden
  • Pathetic

    Carmen NykampCarmen Nykamp23 dagen geleden
  • If joker and Harley Quinn had a child and she was kidnapped by Disney producers

    Gabriela TurraGabriela Turra23 dagen geleden
  • I preffered helena bonham carter

    Clang AndeoClang Andeo23 dagen geleden
  • Born brilliant, Born bad, and a little Mad. I Love this movie. F*ck the pansies in the comments. THIS IS GENIUS!!!

    DVS.4Ever FugitiveDVS.4Ever Fugitive23 dagen geleden
  • "I AM WOMAN, HERE ME ROAR" When Emma said it, I felt it.

    Hadessz YTHadessz YT23 dagen geleden
    • Lol

      Itz Moonlight WolfItz Moonlight Wolf8 dagen geleden
  • Can't wait for this one, great stories combined, great 60's soundtrack,those dogs! And EMMA STONE AND EMMA THOMPSON, and haute couture...

    anonymous anonymousanonymous anonymous23 dagen geleden
  • rip the real super cruella

  • Insane, evil, cruel,.....yep sounds like Disney.

    UnHoly GHouLUnHoly GHouL24 dagen geleden