Cruella - Everything Wrong With Disney

22 feb. 2021
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The recent trailer for Disney's Cruella pretty much highlights everything wrong with this company. Let's take a closer look.

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    The Critical DrinkerThe Critical Drinker3 dagen geleden
    • @The Critical Drinker. Tell me, did you act like you did in the video when kill Bill came out? How dare a female main character do bad things, lol. You are just as much as a sjw as the leftist sjws

      Johnny FeralcatJohnny Feralcat17 uur geleden
    • Disney raped StarWars. What more do we need to know that Disney has turned from Gold to Turd?

      Lafasu MafaaluLafasu Mafaalu18 uur geleden
    • @Hoa Nguyen I don't think that's true. From my experience, most people don't care about things like "politics" "feelings" or "logic" in something. Most of the time, people like something if they find it enjoyable or entertaining. And some of the things that people like don't have much logic in them, but they still enjoy them because they find them entertaining. You don't need to bring politics into everything, because this is actually not considered by the majority of people when they choose their entertainment. Which has always been the case. And will always be the case no matter what you or anyone else says. Whenever someone mentions "wokeness", all it shows is their detachment to reality and the world.

      Edward HewittEdward Hewitt18 uur geleden
    • Not a fan of a lot of the live action disney but do want to point out disney classics were already not original ideas

      Kristopher BKristopher BDag geleden
    • Everything you said In the video is true. But, MCU and Star Wars is why Disney+ works and MCU fans and man child’s will never leave Disney.

      Aryaman MehrotraAryaman MehrotraDag geleden
  • I was hoping that we would have Cruella be a normal person that has a bad family dynamic or something and something happens that makes her turn evil and something happens to her mansion and then the end of the movie should be her laughing and being so evil because that’s what she is but there has to be something in it where she turns evil when we don’t want her to because she is a villain so we can’t sympathize with her she has to somehow be evil like for example maybe someone doesn’t love her as she wants them to or something like that which we would understand but then she would take it way too far and way too personal.

    Brooke JohannaBrooke JohannaMinuut geleden
  • Hey. Rian Johnson gave us knives out.

    abhijith thampiabhijith thampi3 minuten geleden
  • one thing the left is good at is relating to evil monsters

    Space MonkeySpace Monkey6 minuten geleden
  • If Cruella De Ville written as a feminist antihero doesn't scare you, no evil thing will.

    Nick RowarkNick Rowark17 minuten geleden
  • It doesn't matter how mean Sauron's parents were to him. It doesn't absolve him of what he tried to do.

    Christopher TooleyChristopher Tooley20 minuten geleden
  • Arrives at a hotel? Liberty? A hotel? Its only the oldest and one of the most famous shops in the world. But crack on, im sure the rest of the video will be full of correct information from now on.

    boodgebuttonboodgebutton35 minuten geleden
  • In regards to the whole "nobody has any original ideas anymore" complaint, I'm afraid the reality is actually far more depressing than that. It isn't that Studios like Disney are out of ideas, it's that they're not willing to approve original ideas anymore. Movies are bigger and more expensive to make than ever and major studios arent willing to risk the chance of an idea being a flop. Remakes, sequels, franchises, and re-imaginings are considered "safe bets" so that's all that's getting greenlit these days =/

    Danger Dan JerzDanger Dan Jerz48 minuten geleden
  • Critical drinker you are absolutely correct Disney has no clue at all how to make original good movies anymore personally I loved the animated 101 Dalmatians When I saw the trailer come out for the 1st live one I never wanted anything to do with it because I knew it was a piece of trash then when they did the 2nd 1 I couldn't believe they were doing it I guess there just that stupid but like you would say I already did say it with those 2 films fuck off films and fuck off Disney For that and what they did to Star Wars

    Allen GoreckiAllen Gorecki54 minuten geleden
  • This from a company who labels "The Muppets" as racist. I'm done with Disney. I''m tempted to box up all my DVDs and leave them on the curb.

    Pea Nuts_MaPea Nuts_MaUur geleden
  • I swear to god, if the Twitter mob is unironically gonna go YAS QUEEN for a sociopath who wanted to skin puppies alive for her wardrobe, I’m gonna eat an actual fridge.

    SasquatchoSasquatchoUur geleden
  • This looks like a Batwoman spin off

    TheJolleTheJolleUur geleden
  • Joker: Hello harly quinn with black and white hair XD Warner: my feminist film is the most woke. Disney: hold my beer.

    Rey Arturo NegroRey Arturo NegroUur geleden
  • 102 Dalmatians might have been a bad sequel, but Patch’s London Adventure was quite smart and enjoyable. It was even a masterpiece compared to most direct to video movies!

    FromtheHerts81FromtheHerts81Uur geleden
  • What happened to evil villains? I mean i dont dislike the idea of remaking villains as misunderstood as long as their original counterpart can allow for it. Tbh Maleficent was never a big part of my childhood so i didnt mind her being remade. Besides it was at least a pretty well-told story and character. But Cruella? Who im finding out skinned dogs for fashion? Pls, i dont think that is meant to be made sympathetic. Besides, the the 'I am woman, hear me roar' line is enough to tell what this remake is going for. Just classic pandering at its worst. Simpathetic and complex villains can be great but the evil villains are all but gone from mainstream media. Spoilers for Wandavision latest episode: The Agatha Harkness reveal at the end was pure gold to me, especially with her theme song playing. The 'I killed Sparky too' finishing line was perfect way to end and establish that she is evil and not meant to be understood or some tragic victim type material. Thats the show just embracing a purely evil villain.

    Lucas ReedLucas ReedUur geleden
  • This trailer feels like something that should have been released on April 1.

    LightpointLightpointUur geleden
  • And yall seemingly have so much issues with the "i'm brilliant" line when it's juxtaposed with the fact that puppies outsmarted her. Duh, every evil character written with the mindset that they wouldn't be caught, that they are slick, but in the end they fell short. Wall Street bankers and brokers thought that they are brilliant, but then 2008 financial crisis struck, which means, what you think doesn't necessarily means it's true

    Ichsan NurzamanIchsan NurzamanUur geleden
  • As a woman who considers herself a feminist, holy fuck why does Hollywood think woman stronk = woman equal. Instead of acknowledging the problem they wipe it under a million pound rug and hope people run with the shitty characters they put out there. Wokeness doesn’t sell if you don’t know half the time what exactly the decent people of this world have problems with.

    nevershoutemmanevershoutemmaUur geleden
  • For all we know, she might still be an evil character. Yall hyped Joaquin Phoenix "Joker" so bad but now it's Cruella, you have issues? Joker source material and early depiction were all horrible, like, just pure villain. But then, as the time evolved, the creator added depth to him. Why can't the same thing happen for Cruella? Adding depth doesn't necessarily mean we should root for her by the end of the movie, duh, she still skinned dogs and that's fact.

    Ichsan NurzamanIchsan NurzamanUur geleden
  • What we really need is a live action movie about Scar's tradjic anti-hero origins and how Mufassa dominated him into submission, as lions do.

    Raven IronwingRaven IronwingUur geleden
  • Too much money, not enough brains is the reason. Disney as the rest hires too many mediocre people for diversity, who in return are incapable of anything worth while. They are not creators per se. Best they can do is create a cheapass knock off copy of something else, like their favorite Chinese.

    UVUVUur geleden
  • 7:25 Why? Because new/original stories inevitably will be based on the existing social structures that will reflect the dominant social values of male (hero) and female (heroin/damsel), and the current corporate culture in Disney (and many networks) is to oppose this narrative, which pretty much leaves them with nothing but rewriting past characters.

    smdanny1smdanny12 uur geleden
  • Cruella is the embodiment of nihilistic greed. Of course Disney wants to make her look good.

    UltraPoseidonUltraPoseidon2 uur geleden
  • Live Action movie about the Priest who was the villain of Hunchback of Nortadame. It's going to be rated R.

    SKYRULE-49SKYRULE-492 uur geleden
  • Why is Disney rehashing old movies? Because China is a burgeoning new market that isn't as familiar with our old movies. They try to throw in edgy anti-hero nonsense to entice Americans and Europeans.

    Travis HappyTravis Happy2 uur geleden
  • So to sum it up... Disney is trying to make a movie that would (at least attempt to) redeem a cartoon villain depiction of animal abuse and exploitation by the fashion industry a few decades back. I'm not the only one who can see some additional layers of backfiring here, right?

    OzixiThrillOzixiThrill2 uur geleden
  • O!?

    Six MagSix Mag2 uur geleden
  • I can't imagine wanting to watch something less.

    Travis HappyTravis Happy2 uur geleden
  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates this whole thing. I am a Disney die hard but man their live action movies suck ass.

    Hanan HazardHanan Hazard2 uur geleden
  • You sound like you’re trying to hold in a burp this entire video and I’m not going to lie it kind of grosses me out for some reason

    Jesus CortesJesus Cortes2 uur geleden
  • Wow, when you've got The Drinker (barely) defending Birds of have truly fucked up

    Anthony SanchezAnthony Sanchez2 uur geleden
  • They really DO be riding off joker's sucess

    Federico ArrojoFederico Arrojo2 uur geleden
  • I thought Harley Quinn right off the bat as well (since it's totally blatant). I guess they started production before Birds of Prey became a flop.

    RationalificRationalific2 uur geleden
  • So far the only live action remake they’ve done that I really enjoyed completely was Cinderella.

    TheAngryGoblinTheAngryGoblin3 uur geleden
  • Far too polite! Have you been neglecting the sawse?? Completely spot on though.

    morriman0987morriman09873 uur geleden
  • The answer is “easy money”

    StuntedShadowStuntedShadow3 uur geleden
  • I loathe Disney.

    Luminya MLuminya M3 uur geleden
  • So it's canon now that Cruella was a post-punk goth girl?

    Oatmeal GuyOatmeal Guy3 uur geleden
  • Man I love Paul Whitehouse

    Partario PPartario P4 uur geleden
  • You already know that there are going to be articles that claim misogyny is the reason why the trailer is hated

    CornCorn4 uur geleden
  • Disney is like no more bad people lol Just misunderstood mfs

    P SP S4 uur geleden
  • Idk why it upsets you if you know that Disney is just gonna keep doing this. Instead of getting mad you could just not pay attention to it. Oh wait, you want money from the video...

    Kevin RJKevin RJ4 uur geleden
  • btw the video comes off as you just complaining about everything since you didn’t even give the first movies a chance and acted like they were uncalled for.

    okioki4 uur geleden
  • 4:07 this could be any villain or hero character ever.

    okioki4 uur geleden
  • The problem is all these movies want to have that strong woman but they have no idea what a strong woman is combine that with the fact they cannot say a stay-at-home mom is a strong woman they have no idea how to write 1

    KingKrackerKingKracker4 uur geleden
  • Disney, you can do better!

    Meli ChanMeli Chan4 uur geleden
  • What is looks like to me is that Disney has internalized the bs about their old movies being racist and NOT WOKE so the remakes are them trying to Make up for crimes they never committed so they can look good again. Or some crap like that. I was confused as hell when Cruella showed up in Once Upon a Time bc she had no magic so so next to all of those powerful magic using ladies she had no place. This confuses me even more. Now I would love a movie about how Cruella came to be but this isnt it.

    Mary HarrisonMary Harrison4 uur geleden
  • It's unfortunate to me that Disney is revisiting some of their classic animated films, when there are some fun, memorable live-action films that could do with a reboot. Greed has blinded them, and going "woke" can't slay the mouse.

    Coastal AnimistCoastal Animist4 uur geleden
  • Whers PETA in all this LOL

    John SmithJohn Smith4 uur geleden
    • 🤣🤣🤣👌 good one!

      Darya YarmolenkaDarya Yarmolenka3 uur geleden
  • harley quinn got another sequel?

    MushroomFleetMushroomFleet4 uur geleden
  • her name is cruel devil said in a fancy way and thats funny cause they could not call her bitch now can they this cartoon was based on a real person

    Quin KellyQuin Kelly5 uur geleden
  • curella looks like the joker

    Asia JordanAsia Jordan5 uur geleden
  • Please watch “I Care A Lot”! Everything wrong with modern film is on full display, and getting rave reviews!

    Martyn RitceyMartyn Ritcey5 uur geleden
  • The only things good about Disney are Marvel and Pixar

    Kaung Khant ZawKaung Khant Zaw5 uur geleden
  • Feminism is easy to address and exploit. Its why its been baked in to every single one of these live-action remake/prequel/villainess backstory/whatever movies. Its much easier to repackage their backlog to new children and old adults already familiar with the material, so they can sell millions of "badass" girl-power merch without it seeming completely backwards and tasteless. The only reason this movie is being made, is to make money. That's all.

    m1lk0medam1lk0meda5 uur geleden
  • Did anyone ask for this movie?

    Captain CrunchCaptain Crunch5 uur geleden
  • Cruella should have been mixed race, so she could be half white and half black even on a biological level

    Stuart GroovesStuart Grooves5 uur geleden
  • What next, Ursula movie where she fights against fat shaming and "plus size/body positivity?" Oh no I'm giving them ideas...

    Lone Laguna EspadaLone Laguna Espada5 uur geleden
  • She doesn’t wear fur at any point in this miserable trailer! What the heck?! Also it just looks like utter garbage🤢

    DaenerysGOT18DaenerysGOT186 uur geleden
  • rude😡

    Isabella DialIsabella Dial6 uur geleden
  • You know as idiotic as this looks, I would’ve been all over it had Helena Bonham Carter been Cruella.

    Da BozDa Boz6 uur geleden
  • "which villain should we make a redemptive movie about next? ah yes the one who literally wants to kill and skin puppies"

    neko mataneko mata6 uur geleden
  • I completely agree I try to mention this to a colleague and she looked at me like I am a complete moron and don't know what I'm talking about she believes that Disney cannot do wrong despite there are blatant obvious means that they don't give a crap anymore and they're going full woke until the bank says they are completely broke

    Sergy CasimirSergy Casimir6 uur geleden
  • When I told my sister about the trailer she said that she look like a crackhead.Then I said what about mulefasent and she said that was ok because she looked cool.

    Jeorgia 236Jeorgia 2366 uur geleden
  • Honestly this take is exactly why joker isn’t a Joker movie

    2021 Trooper2021 Trooper6 uur geleden
  • I hate modern Disney, but I’m looking forward to this movie actually.

    Rambl3OnRambl3On6 uur geleden
  • Puke. On top of shit.

    The Bitter TruthThe Bitter Truth6 uur geleden
  • Is cruela now a lesbotron? Like on every Netflix movie.

    e val79e val797 uur geleden
  • Disney, the bastion of family entertainment. Young women need strong role models, after all.

    William DelahuntyWilliam Delahunty7 uur geleden
  • soo basically an attempt to repeat maleficent. maleficent was actually something interesting, and the movie could be pulled off only on account of fairies always being in the grey area when it comes to morality. but with cruella de'ville, we're dealing with a one note character that was all about slaughtering animals to make fancy coats.

    GustyGusty7 uur geleden
  • Trying to portray Cruella as an anarchist rebel is like trying to portray Trump as a wise, stoic, and restrained man.

    Dan SlashDan Slash7 uur geleden
  • Disney really did come up with "Dalmatians of Prey"

    Bloodmoon AngelBloodmoon Angel7 uur geleden
  • Not everything wrong with Disney!! Disney LOVES the Communist Chinese Government! Disney MUST do away with Winnie the Pooh, he looks entirely too much like Xi Jinping,

    Tim MattleTim Mattle7 uur geleden
  • Leftists wish they were Donald Trump, but they’re just corporate sponsored idiots.

    Manohar RajanManohar Rajan7 uur geleden
  • I can't wait until we get the tragic misunderstood backstory of the Huns from Mulan

    Justin NolanJustin Nolan7 uur geleden
    • Well, Mulan 2020 had Roruans so you are not gonna do the Huns right.

      Angus NgAngus Ng4 uur geleden
  • Goooh eweh neh-ooo

    BingBing BongBongBingBing BongBong7 uur geleden
  • Disney has entered the realm of creative treason! Globalists have no imagination. Not a wonder so much stuff is crap. The most creative people are distancing themselves slowly but surely from the giant corporate manipulators.

    Colin MacInnesColin MacInnes8 uur geleden
  • Disney saw Birds of Prey and thought "you know we could do worse"

    Jason Lee JamesJason Lee James8 uur geleden
  • It's the poor man's version of the most recent Joker

    Dr CoomerDr Coomer8 uur geleden
  • Still gonna be rooting for the dogs.

    Mary NystromMary Nystrom8 uur geleden
  • I sincerely hope they go out of business. If they prefer playing the politics game instead of doing their jobs and entertaining people, then they need to go.

    Erik SeguinErik Seguin8 uur geleden
  • Any comments on Luca?

    Thai AnhThai Anh8 uur geleden
  • This is real? I thought this a fucking joke.

    GrandCorsairGrandCorsair8 uur geleden
  • I hate Disney is trying to neuter their villains by making them "complex, misunderstood" or whatever trite they're doing. Why can't a person just be evil for the sake of being evil?

    Metroid4everMetroid4ever8 uur geleden
  • You know what, you go away now.

    Liam TimminsLiam Timmins8 uur geleden
  • The bar is so low that a psychopath that skins puppies is put on a pedestal as a gleaming example of female empowerment.

    Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On MeHarvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me8 uur geleden
  • Disney went down hill after the 90s with all this sjw bullcrap.

    Zombie Hunter 36%Zombie Hunter 36%8 uur geleden
  • I thought it was supposed to be the 60's, and I thought they were copying Joker not Harley Quinn.

    Christopher FritcheyChristopher Fritchey8 uur geleden
  • I wonder if Disney is actually laundering money at this point. it's one weird movie after another, very high-budget ones, no less... I don't know if they're doing it on purpose or what

    40088922400889228 uur geleden
    • Interesting!, I'd be down to dwell on this theory

      Darya YarmolenkaDarya Yarmolenka3 uur geleden
  • Disney is the crazy junkie hobo in the third matrix movie, only their fix is price gouging and exploitation. Once that subway hobo catches Neo (each of us) he basically owns you to there point you're happy to pay $70 to shop at it's shops at it's closed theme park and pay money for this stupid prequel. Fuck this garbage they keep making and fuck every last person that keeps buying this swill produced by the sleezy people that have turned their ip into what is basically a puppy mill. Oh and fire Kennedy.

    Dan SDan S9 uur geleden
  • This "Nostalgia Effect" is starting to fail them. It doesn't work with everything

    Mattia LonghinMattia Longhin9 uur geleden
  • So this lady has super dumb high IQ but a bunch of dogs outsmarted her ?

    GodDamn ArshiaGodDamn Arshia9 uur geleden
  • 1:52: you're a spoiled rich girl with an old Etonian accent love trust me your not upsetting anything Me: Thats not true she'll be upsetting the audience

    Matthew BrownMatthew Brown9 uur geleden
  • Hey Disney, likely that half a million people agree.....

    Josh LewisJosh Lewis9 uur geleden
  • All it really did was make emma stone look ugly, old, on meth, out of shape and tacky.

    Hotpocket MoutaindewHotpocket Moutaindew9 uur geleden
  • This movie was made specifically for women who also have cruella Deville's e-girl haircut

    Mr. SmitherineMr. Smitherine9 uur geleden
  • 26th Feb 2021 - He didn't even saw the movie and say it's bad... 🤔 Guess he judges a book by it's cover before even reading.

    DerHalbeEuroDerHalbeEuro9 uur geleden
  • I think they were trying to say that Cruella is insane, and SHE thinks that the reason society hates her is because she's a woman, and not because she's a psychotic puppy-skinner, but the trailer did not convey that at all.

    Lindsey SquireLindsey Squire9 uur geleden
  • The good news is, if this is a hit, then ten years from now Disney will make a movie about a young Hellman woman who was a misunderstood anti-hero who confronts a new antagonist. This storytelling model can perpetuate new stories based on the same story for infinity.

    Joe DJoe D9 uur geleden
  • I agree 100% witht the criticisisms of the Cruella movie and trailer and premiose and disney, but less so of Harley Quinn and a few specific points that you just objectively got wrong like HQ was ALWAYS smarts. From her inception in the 90's she was a medical doctor driven mad by Joker. She's smart. And Joker movie turning him into a sympathetic tragic antihero - while groundbreaking, brilliant and the first time they did it in feature live action film - was not entirely unheard of. The killing joke. Joker has had a million manifestations. I'd be on board with Disney trying new manifestations of their characters buyt that';s not what they douing. I mean, we're well into our thrid Spider-Man incarnation just in the very modern era of superhero movies. Some characters can be done over and over. But each attempt needs to try sokemthiong new otherwise jt';s nto contgributing anything is it

    MacumazahnMacumazahn10 uur geleden