‘Criminal violence’: Dutch PM deplores COVID lockdown riots

25 jan. 2021
82 678 Weergaven

More than 200 people have been detained across the Netherlands while protesting against coronavirus lockdown rules.

Police deployed to 10 cities on Sunday used water cannon to clear some of the crowds.

Al Jazeera's Andrew Chappelle has more.
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  • Good job.

    Veneeta WhyteVeneeta Whyte9 uur geleden
  • free speach?

    beaver-tails64 69beaver-tails64 6919 dagen geleden
  • Does Covid exist? Yes But it has been exaggerated to such a crazy point. I dont think such a low death rate is worth shutting the world down

    Jamie WJamie W19 dagen geleden
  • Man these Dutch needs to stop partying, a lot of your DJs has been livestreaming their sets and you can just listen on it on your mobile devices 😂 unless if you have a boat like Martin Garrix

    Soft LofiSoft Lofi22 dagen geleden
  • What has got into these people? Sick of being told lies? Sick of NGOs dictating policy to goverments? Sick of globalists killing small businesses? FFS when is enough enough

    Channel WandererChannel Wanderer23 dagen geleden
  • PCR tests all false positives therefore there is no pandemic The government commits criminal violence .

    Jesse AledonisJesse Aledonis23 dagen geleden
  • They want to be more like Sweden.

    D TarmiziD Tarmizi25 dagen geleden
  • I’m ashamed a lot of people from my country are inbreed speed heads.

    KlusherKlusher26 dagen geleden
  • the only solution is free marihuana

    Jin LingJin Ling27 dagen geleden
  • Well said Mark Rutte!

    Kat ThompsonKat Thompson28 dagen geleden
  • At 0:26 the lady is worried about the Netherlands goings backwards, and she is wearing a MAGA cap. This totally undermined anything she had to say. Wow a Dutch person supporting a fascist, incredible.

    Kat ThompsonKat Thompson28 dagen geleden
  • We know who needs to go down. This is phoney garbage.

    Vicit GladiatorVicit Gladiator29 dagen geleden
  • I'm so sorry that MAGA has infected your country. It's a mental disease.

    Rowsdower MansionRowsdower Mansion29 dagen geleden
  • Welcome to democracy, honest citizen treated as a criminal

    F. BabF. Bab29 dagen geleden
  • Was that a maga hat?

    Jorge da CostaJorge da Costa29 dagen geleden
  • In Israel Vaccinations And Covid Are Both Spiking Higher @t Israeli Arabs avoid the Pfizer jabs and are not getting covid!!

    Horse237Horse23729 dagen geleden
  • This is our Great Reset, the 99% will own everything and be happy. The 1% will lose everything and be humbled

    Luke GriffinLuke GriffinMaand geleden
  • Freedom

    JLJLMaand geleden

    JLJLMaand geleden
  • ✌🤟✌

    Lee SherriffLee SherriffMaand geleden
  • Met een waterkanon en knuppel in het hand deescaleren wij bij onvrede in heel Nederland!

    Politie NerderlandPolitie NerderlandMaand geleden
  • Soon it will be the Hunger games... emphasis on hunger...bif people don't react. Enough is enough.

    Willowy13Willowy13Maand geleden
  • People ain't taking their lives being destroyed for grant using a flu so politicians can sell the continent to Chynn annh. Just don't destroy businesses. Take the anger where it belongs.

    Willowy13Willowy13Maand geleden
  • Go protest to wassenaar van polanen park there is a lot of politicians there👍

    SounuSounuMaand geleden
  • I hope they blow up there government

    abby marieabby marieMaand geleden
  • Well done our Protestant cousins. I wish Britons had some protest. We're being treat like children.

    chonneronechonneroneMaand geleden
  • The government has to take a hard look at themselves.

    Han SchouwmanHan SchouwmanMaand geleden
    • People abroad often think that the Netherlands is Amsterdam. No it is for a small country quite a big city. Rotterdam is the biggest city in the Netherlands. But 12 provinces have each a capital and they are not the biggest cities in the province. Not necessarily. Please we are groningers

      Han SchouwmanHan Schouwman29 dagen geleden
  • I love how I had to go out of my way to find out about the protests because I live in the US

    GhosttGhosttMaand geleden
  • Nice, fighting for freedom!

    Gentleman1147Gentleman1147Maand geleden
  • Respect NETHERLAND greetings from Germany with Love ❤️🇳🇱❤️

    GrGrMaand geleden
    • Love to Germany 🇩🇪

      Cool SpongieCool Spongie14 dagen geleden
  • No, Dutch PM, it is not "unacceptable", what you are doing in taking people's rights and freedoms away is unacceptable.

    Jemima GoreJemima GoreMaand geleden
  • I'm against violence and I surely don't support their actions. But I really wonder who really is the criminal. The people or the government. I'm disappointed Al Jazeera. You say criminal violence. Why not just violence. You news is as biased as most other media stations. Not believing a word you're spreading.

    John Allan RöserJohn Allan RöserMaand geleden
  • It’s the psychological effects of the lockdown, people are getting crazy including myself.

    Never say neverNever say neverMaand geleden
  • keep fighting for your freedom netherlands

    haha falseflaghaha falseflagMaand geleden
  • I'm for the protests everywhere. Let these politicians know who they serve, the people.

    Jerimey PerryJerimey PerryMaand geleden
  • I love the ladies Obey shirt

    Jerimey PerryJerimey PerryMaand geleden
  • THERE YOU GO KIDS. THERE ARE 40 MILLION AFRICAN AMERICANS ON THE EAST COAST & 50 MILLION LATINOS ON THE WEST COAST & A LOT OF BUSINESS IS COWERING IN TEXAS. KNOCK THE GRID OUT AND TAKE OVER. Texas is the only state in the lower 48 U.S. states to have its own power grid. There are three main grids in the U.S.: the Eastern Interconnection, the Western Interconnection and the Texas Interconnection. The Texas state grid is managed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

    David ChippsDavid ChippsMaand geleden
  • Don’t let Covid kill freedom and democracy.

    Jack CameronJack CameronMaand geleden
  • ..*!*..*?*..*!*..

    jurriaan Ademajurriaan AdemaMaand geleden
  • Glad to see the rest of the world respects Trump. Sad our own nation had a fraud election.

    That Car GuyThat Car GuyMaand geleden
    • Do some thing about it US has 350 milion populations You can destroy the aggresser

      F. BabF. Bab29 dagen geleden
  • stay home or im gonna boom boom it

    chonk catchonk catMaand geleden
  • "When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." - Thomas Jefferson People, the government is and should be our servant, not our master.

    Роман Анатольевич СемёновРоман Анатольевич СемёновMaand geleden
  • none of them has a mask of course....

    DanielDanielMaand geleden
    • In the Netherlands it's not mandatory to wear a mask in the open. Only in buildings we have to wear masks, because the chance of getting infected in the open air is very small due to better ventilation than we have in buildings

      ᴍʀ-ʜᴏʟʟᴀɴᴅᴍʀ-ʜᴏʟʟᴀɴᴅ16 dagen geleden
  • To all you non Dutch Be glad we havnt eaten our prime minister again

    Rick Van DamRick Van DamMaand geleden
  • all the people who are rioting here be ashamed of yourself (voor elk persoon dat hier aan het rellen is schaam je zelf)

    GWGA KKWGWGA KKWMaand geleden

    shuni shunishuni shuniMaand geleden

    shuni shunishuni shuniMaand geleden
  • G E K O L O N I S E E R D

    Wietze MeijerWietze MeijerMaand geleden
  • What can you expect to a country who loves to party at night. Smoke weed and dance to EDM. Imposing curfew to them is like choking them while they’re smoking weed.

    Dasura Han 다수라 한Dasura Han 다수라 한Maand geleden
  • We know who the rock throwers are....

    KelKelMaand geleden
  • Leuk hoe deze video’s alleen op worden geklikt door Nederlanders, ook heel goed genederlandst van mij

    Rosalie GrummelRosalie GrummelMaand geleden
  • "Dutch government hires Romeo's to incite violence and degrade legitimate protest." That is a LEGITIMATE headline that holds the integrity of the story. AJ just another cut and paste presstitute organisation!

    Aled LongAled LongMaand geleden
  • All world's leaders have to read everyday the old say of Abraham Lincoln : "You can fool a part of the people all the time, you can fool all the people a part of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time !"

    Laur ELaur EMaand geleden
  • Good work to the people

    Jahid SamedJahid SamedMaand geleden
  • Stay home♥

    池袋ジュン苦労池袋ジュン苦労Maand geleden
  • How news takes things wayyyy out of context... 🤦‍♂️ The only thing more dumb are some of the comments here...

    Yousef PYousef PMaand geleden
  • Its unacceptable what government deside

    KisseMissenKisseMissenMaand geleden
  • Is Rutte talking about his POLICE? Yes they did attack a peaceful Protest with brutal force (violence) to provoke Riots. Same Methods different country. BTW Covid-19 is not isolated

    KayFabeKayFabeMaand geleden

    piet vinkpiet vinkMaand geleden
  • I love how governments think they can tell us what to do.

    Nick FerdinandeNick FerdinandeMaand geleden
    • They actually do. 99% of your daily routine is preprogrammed by the media. We are all NPCs .. nvm ..

      Peter ManPeter Man16 dagen geleden
  • Well, I'm not for violence but... this is just what happens when a government takes away their citizens' freedom

    Dale KocherDale KocherMaand geleden
    • What other solutions do the citizens have?

      Noname ManNoname ManMaand geleden
  • Don't make a mistake by destroying your country you are guys are blessed to be born there no matter what do not destroy Netherland government is a good government if only you knew how countries like Nigeria are couping with fake government and fake Corona

    360360Maand geleden
  • It's the entire country

    Simone V. PoiseSimone V. PoiseMaand geleden
  • in my country Malaysia, the economy went down due to this lockdown but the number of people commiting suicide went up :'(

    Emylea EdruceEmylea EdruceMaand geleden
    • Same here. The economy is probably going to have the biggest crisis since ww2. Covid patients are priority in hospitals, so cancer patients and others that need long term care can wait even longer for their treatment. There's a peak in the number of suicides and people with depression, most victims are young people.

      ᴍʀ-ʜᴏʟʟᴀɴᴅᴍʀ-ʜᴏʟʟᴀɴᴅ16 dagen geleden
    • a lot of South Korean women also committed suicide due to joblessness

      D TarmiziD Tarmizi25 dagen geleden
  • Why is she wearing a make america great again hat in the netherlands lol

    Laura SanchezLaura SanchezMaand geleden
    • Probably someone who is voting voor Geert Wilders, but she doesn’t have merch. So she bought trumps merch since trump is the American Geert Wilders.

      Rosalie GrummelRosalie GrummelMaand geleden
  • When there were protests in Serbia, it was like "here again in the Balkans .. Savages" And now they cover their ears and do not comment. Even though... So much for the European Union democracy, liberalism in this flower country. Savages nothing else .

    AirSerbAirSerbMaand geleden
  • “Clinicians need to recognize the enhanced accuracy and speed of the molecular diagnostic techniques for the diagnosis of infections, but also to understand their limitations. Laboratory results should always be interpreted in the context of the clinical presentation of the patient, and appropriate site, quality, and timing of specimen collection are required for reliable test results”. [9]

    Driss ArtistDriss ArtistMaand geleden
  • The Western people really have a problem of being controlled and are much more on a self-centered view point like what about my rights, my freedom, etc. Meanwhile in Asia people tend to follow what the government is saying like for example the lockdown and wearing of face mask. They might begrudgingly follow but they will still accept the lockdown and not hold mass protest which increases the risk of the virus spreading and also wear face mask. I'm in the Philippines we had very restrictive lockdown during the early stages of the pandemic last year. It was like a ghost town or city everywhere and only handful of people are out for essential travel like buying food, I can't even travel outside my town. Not only face mask is required but a face shield as well. Covid cases are still present and there are still deaths related to it but it's not as crazy as what is happening in most Western countries. I guess the lockdown prevented the spread, there are no more lockdowns in most places and apart from the face mask and face shield, the number of people outside are now returning to normal. What we have now though are updates from the government every 15 days whether lockdown will be enforced again in some areas with high cases while other areas will continue with general community quarantine.

    ImpenneteriImpenneteriMaand geleden
  • This is stupid and governments all the western world need to be locked up. PROTECT THE VULNERABLE!! There is plenty of data showing who is at risk. Lock them up and really protect them which is what they have failed spectacularly to do, especially in the UK. and let the rest of the people have their liberty. Economies are being destroyed by cowards who are afraid of being told they didn't do enough to stop the spread, when stopping the spread is the wrong focus. Which governments are talking about improving immune systems to reduce the impact of the virus? All I hear is fear, fear and more fear. The impact of lockdowns will be felt long after this virus is brought under control.

    Fight For FreedomFight For FreedomMaand geleden
  • Well done Dutch people standing up to this new way off life

    Lewis TLewis TMaand geleden
  • Children get detention for a day. Grown up get detention from corona maybe up to 2057 or 2070.

    Online Shopping JakartaOnline Shopping JakartaMaand geleden
  • Sweet. Fight!

    The Tunnell TakeThe Tunnell TakeMaand geleden
  • Global government is a virus 👍

    Serguei LigostaevSerguei LigostaevMaand geleden
  • Wait, MAGA hat, in Europe? bruh did your parents drop you on your noggins as a kid?

    Bilbo SwagginsBilbo SwagginsMaand geleden
  • Al Jazeera. Honest question. do you also report about Qatar?

    Koude KroketKoude KroketMaand geleden
  • "First world country"

    TraxesTraxesMaand geleden
  • Don't comply!!!

    Born with a receiptBorn with a receiptMaand geleden
  • People are tired to be told all the time 😳

    Baraka AliBaraka AliMaand geleden
  • People are awake! They know this is a scamdemic

    Larry CapijaLarry CapijaMaand geleden
  • Looks like she's caught the MAGA virus (Dutch variant)

    Michael HelmeMichael HelmeMaand geleden
  • These measures are NOT just in europe. It is here in America too. They take livelihoods by force closing all small businesses. Meanwhile governors and senators have restaurants they like opened to have their family eat at. Meanwhile the average person is sitting in their home with almost nothing because there's no way to make money. Sounds fair huh?

    John MorrisseyJohn MorrisseyMaand geleden
  • Blijf sterk

    One Shot KillOne Shot KillMaand geleden
  • These people are idiots and an embarrassment for our country. This has nothing to do with so called “ fighting for freedom “, these are criminals and sensation seekers. I am glad the police is following up with arrests.

    SantaSantaMaand geleden
  • People are dying some irresponsible ones occupiying street and causing violance, in the name of freedom.this is crime not freedom.

    guestguestMaand geleden
    • You are part of the problem. Lock up the vulnerable and let the rest of society get on with life.

      Fight For FreedomFight For FreedomMaand geleden
  • Has nothing to do with this, but I just realized that it's pretty rare to hear news from the Netherlands up here in Sweden, even though it's a more populous country.

    Valdemar PartanenValdemar PartanenMaand geleden
    • Jazeera is Qatar news.... (No human rights) but showing the world how bad it is.....

      Koude KroketKoude KroketMaand geleden
  • If you stand with us! We stand with you too! .....................from Hong Kong!

    暴徒民主黑衣人暴徒民主黑衣人Maand geleden
  • End the lockdown by any means necessary

    zk 1zk 1Maand geleden
    • End your stupidity by any means necessary.

      SantaSantaMaand geleden
  • The whole world is in the same situation which is not political, it’s just a health issue. Keep not wearing masks, and get corona and pass it to others. You will have the freedom you want but with big consequences ( economic crisis) It’s your own choice. Which company will still invest in a country that people can’t breath the air , cause it’s so contaminated with deadly virus?

    Irma ViagemIrma ViagemMaand geleden
  • Hundreds??? Hahaha Thousand You Mean! Fight for freedom people.

    TYGTYGMaand geleden
  • Same as malaysia.

    Mey HaqimMey HaqimMaand geleden
  • 1:30 In July 1944, Freedom and the American Dream arrived back in Europe, at the beaches of Normandy. *We are not going to loose to politics, what was fought for with guns, by patriots.* If you like it or not. We demand our god given rights. We are not going to give them up easily in europe ever again. This is what has gotten into these people! Ofc. the violence is terrible, and especially damage to private property is unaccaptable. But the outrage shouldn't have been a surprise.

    Surreal EngineeringSurreal EngineeringMaand geleden
  • They don’t listen to protest, what is criminal is that they act against the people for the deep state run by them bastards in Davos

    farm indfarm indMaand geleden
  • Go out and play just don't break stuff. We know the virus is nothing big to worry about. Politicians are criminal operators

    thinkin outloudthinkin outloudMaand geleden
  • I am ashamed of these people. So stupid, so selfish....

    NEXT InstituteNEXT InstituteMaand geleden
    • So Robert Brown, do you think society should foot the hospital bills for these people? Please explain.

      NEXT InstituteNEXT InstituteMaand geleden
    • @Robert Brown So, my question to you: if such people refuse vaccination (no solidarity with the weakest) and later get sick, should society pay for the costs of their intensive care if they contract a bad strain of covid? In other words, should society take care of the selfish individuals that purposely neglected to care for the elderly and other vulnerable people?

      NEXT InstituteNEXT InstituteMaand geleden
    • @Robert Brown These selfish people, whose actions prolongue the agony of the retailers and restaurants who are suffering because of this pandemic... So selfish. And... Europe has good health care... I am quite sure they make the calculations that, they, themselves don't get sick. They don't understand it is all about solidarity... And they know, that if they do end up at intensive care, like so many... That society, we, will pay for their healthcare. It's shameful... and sad. But we are really not all like this... Most of us, luckily, care.

      NEXT InstituteNEXT InstituteMaand geleden
    • Why are they ? please explain

      Robert BrownRobert BrownMaand geleden
  • revolution is the solution the great reset will be destroyed along with its creators

    HelliskronHelliskronMaand geleden

    robert walkerrobert walkerMaand geleden
  • Confinement has nothing to do with Covid 19, but with the Davos 2030 agenda

    Pedro PintoPedro PintoMaand geleden
  • Its the 99% being fed up with the corrupt globalist policys of Dutch politics, this has been brewing for decades. And despite many warnings which of course were ignored this was bound to happen. The lockdown simply was the last drop that flooded the bucket.

    Minute RepeaterMinute RepeaterMaand geleden
  • 0:27 Great! Trumpism has affected Netherlands and now stupidity will come to them.

    Vans3151Vans3151Maand geleden
    • At least Trump didn't start new wars unlike Biden putting some more troops in Syria. Good work.

      Arrogant Australian Socialist of VictoriaArrogant Australian Socialist of VictoriaMaand geleden
    • Really? You think Trumpism is the problem while the rich are getting richer because of the pandemic? Oki. Keep staying in that bubble. You are doing just great.

      Alnivol666Alnivol666Maand geleden
  • trumpism is a global pandemic

    Ultracapitalist UtopiaUltracapitalist UtopiaMaand geleden