Crazy Rescue Dog | Dog Attack

5 apr. 2021
594 655 Weergaven

Mickey is a rescue mutt who isn't afraid to show the groomer who is boss.
Dogs must be completely dried when possible to avoid hot spots. Hot spots are infection of the skin, and often develop when a damp coat sits on skin for a prolonged period of time.
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  • Ah, he's a good boy! Only going for the hardware and not the barber.

    beorlingobeorlingoUur geleden
  • You have a real talent. I secret you have is remaining calm and composed. And I love your doggo uploadd. :)

    libbadlibbadUur geleden
  • Vanessa I hope these vids are generating a considerable income for you. If not I'm sure you have a tv show here which some tv channel would be interested in. Have you ever tried pitching the idea to an entertainment group.

    TedTucholskiTedTucholskiUur geleden
  • What a good boy

    Manny LoserManny Loser2 uur geleden
  • Thank you for being so nice with dogs like this. My moms current groomer who has been taking care of her Westie since she was little is trying to get us to go else where because shes getting old and snappy. She's 12 for god sake. It's not her fault. She's not an evil dog, she's just sensitive in her old age.

    Elizabeth BonaventuraElizabeth Bonaventura7 uur geleden
  • Seems kinda sad to use a conditioner made out of slaughtered minks to pamper a dog :(

    Dad FatherDad Father8 uur geleden
    • 🧍‍♂️

      Manny LoserManny Loser2 uur geleden
  • He’s a sweetheart I’m he just doesn’t like the blower I mean when I had a dog they was always terrified of the vacuum cleaner

    Metrí SeoulMetrí Seoul10 uur geleden
  • 0:47 *Why did i think she saved his ear off-*

    EnderdragooonEnderdragooon11 uur geleden
  • Are you sure thats a dog? Not Satan?..

    EnderdragooonEnderdragooon11 uur geleden
  • 1:58 That evil laugh was really unexpected, but a fine addition. I laughed out loud.

    Benjamin ŠporarBenjamin Šporar15 uur geleden

    - syl- syl17 uur geleden
  • He didnt attack this time because he knew you are going to post this vid on youtube.

    Mysterious SenoritaMysterious Senorita19 uur geleden
  • I would like to be there just to hug every dog after their full bath hahah

    BrazilianDude96BrazilianDude9620 uur geleden
  • What you say is very true. Without difficulties life would be very boring with everything being easy. Thank you!

    Devika BhideDevika Bhide20 uur geleden
  • I love your channel.

    TheSaccopizzaTheSaccopizza22 uur geleden
  • A-May-Zing 😻

    squaltermannsqualtermann23 uur geleden
  • What's with his feet? Did they get hurt when he was younger before being adopted? I know it wasn't a you thing, but normally dog nails come out of the toes and don't sit on top like human nails do.

    TDATATDATA23 uur geleden

    Parker EhmanParker EhmanDag geleden
  • Stage 5 Klingers? Excuse me?

    jeremy klingerjeremy klingerDag geleden
  • Lol grinch feet.

    Cam X CamCam X CamDag geleden
  • You are the best narrator. Love listening to these stories..Thank you!

    BuckeyeBuckeyeDag geleden
  • The way they tapped gloves

    NeenaNeenaDag geleden
  • "This is Mickey Mouse" .... That sentence right there just made my whole day

    Killua ZoldyckKillua ZoldyckDag geleden
  • Oh your funny lol......

    John WeaverJohn WeaverDag geleden
  • I wish more people understood dog psychology, it would help them understand and handle those kind of situations.

    Kendra BratkoKendra BratkoDag geleden
  • Sooooo cute 😍

    Annhelen SjostromAnnhelen SjostromDag geleden
  • Do the animals not love the nice warmth coming from bathing? I would! lol (I like a warm shower on a winters day!)

    The Forsaken OneThe Forsaken OneDag geleden
  • 2:31 what a beautiful dog :)

    CHiiiLLeRCHiiiLLeRDag geleden
  • None of you know what mink oil conditioner is.... Otherwise you'd know to reprimand the "caretaker" for animal abuse. Mink farms are explicitly EVIL. There's no such thing as good or evil? If I hurt you for fun, that's evil.

    Shilra ViuxuzShilra ViuxuzDag geleden
  • A mega mutt!

    Driveway STARDriveway STARDag geleden
  • Seems like you just kept taking the muzzle off to get him to lunge at you...

    H MartinH MartinDag geleden
  • Mickey should of bit her!

    HW2800HW2800Dag geleden
    • R u ok?

      IrishMelonIrishMelonDag geleden
  • Your blowing the air into his face a lot of dogs dont like that vary hard on they ears

    Jared CobleJared CobleDag geleden
    • She never did, it was always aimed at the neck

      IrishMelonIrishMelonDag geleden
  • handsome lil pup

    Edy CMEdy CMDag geleden
  • "Before any good fight, we tap gloves..." 😂😂😂 Alright Tyson and Holyfield! 😂😂😂

    Shae I.Shae I.Dag geleden
  • I would always put that muzzle on a dog 🐶.

    Rhonda ClarkRhonda Clark2 dagen geleden
  • My other half is an ACA in a vet clinic and gets bit like once a month by angry cats/scared pups, how often do you actually get bit? =o

    Dylan BurrowsDylan Burrows2 dagen geleden
  • 1:10 I’m a brave boi 1:50 not a brave enough boi for this!!!

    my spotmy spot2 dagen geleden
  • stage five clingers LOL

    ultramaximusultramaximus2 dagen geleden
  • He looks like he would have a lower bark but then it’s high pitched and it threw me off.

    EmeraldEmerald2 dagen geleden
  • Title: CRAZY DOG 2 sec into the video: “This is Mickey Mouse” 😭

    ConfusedConfused2 dagen geleden
  • The fact you specified rescue dog in the title after crazy, really fucking bothers me and can again add stigma to rescue dogs.

    volthunter3volthunter32 dagen geleden
  • Какие классные ушки )

    4Tesla Storm4Tesla Storm2 dagen geleden
  • we trained our rescued dogs to be able to handle these kind of things now they actually enjoy it and they end up surprising the vets since they fight harder than what they would of done with there last owner, in terms of how long the dog will last. just had our 19 year old cat in surgery chances of survival with open wound and very little blood most would die during o.p. but no not this bugger he fought and he survived and is live and kicking again.

    neil Taylorneil Taylor2 dagen geleden
  • Wow! Handsome 😘🌻

    TC TCTC TC2 dagen geleden
  • Australian Shepherd mix maybe

    Annie KoehlerAnnie Koehler2 dagen geleden
  • aahhhh, I'm so glad to find out I'm not the only one who has issues with stage 5 clingers

    CharlieRCCharlieRC2 dagen geleden
  • So funny, good job.

    Ian BlackIan Black2 dagen geleden
  • Красота )))

    Vladimir GolovashchenkoVladimir Golovashchenko2 dagen geleden
  • Look at his huge ears! what a cutiepie

    Johnny TightlipsJohnny Tightlips2 dagen geleden
  • Definitely a corgi mix! Cute!!

    Mel MarieMel Marie2 dagen geleden
  • The confidence she trimmed those tips with. Gave me slight anxiety at first lol.

    krombopulos rickkrombopulos rick2 dagen geleden
  • damn.. what an easy line of work..,

    Shilra ViuxuzShilra Viuxuz3 dagen geleden
  • But he wanted to eat me again” that is so 😂😂

    Kayleigh SmithKayleigh Smith3 dagen geleden
  • "Save yourself woman!"

    Mister NovelBroMister NovelBro3 dagen geleden
  • Glad to see he was not trying to bite you, but the instruments of fear you were wielding. He looks awesome!

    James RossJames Ross3 dagen geleden
  • "And then Mikey remember who he was!" Ahhhh

    Fourier KarenFourier Karen3 dagen geleden
  • Still good boy

    September HicksSeptember Hicks3 dagen geleden
  • I am the 1000th comment, bow down to me mere mortals

    Lazar MihajlovicLazar Mihajlovic3 dagen geleden
  • Please dontncall him crazy :(

    RicciRicci3 dagen geleden
  • 😃🤣

    M. DavisM. Davis3 dagen geleden
  • Nearly spat my tea out when I heard 'stage 5 clingers'.

    David PDavid P3 dagen geleden
  • Lmao “thank you for the sass” 😂 that’s how I feel about my dementia patients 🤣

    Finding My PlaceFinding My Place3 dagen geleden
  • The dog is like Mickey: be like I don’t like this human get this muzzle off me plz someone help Human:sorry I have to do this

    Wolf FoxyWolf Foxy3 dagen geleden
  • so glad you are having success with out muzzles and grooming nooses , stay well and may you also have the correct technique for every pet

    Proguard PetsProguard Pets3 dagen geleden
  • Groomers are so chill about dogs Wilding out 😂 it's great to see

    The CubanThe Cuban3 dagen geleden
  • jump scare laugh

    Bad_CasualBad_Casual3 dagen geleden
  • My dog likes to attack our vacuum the way this dog attacks the hair dryer

    Bmore BobBmore Bob3 dagen geleden
  • I just love your attitude to the more sassy dogs.

    GemmelGemmel4 dagen geleden
  • Nothing that a good hard smack with a rolled up newspaper to the nose won’t solve. Dogs need to be made aware of who is the boss

    Robert EwingRobert Ewing4 dagen geleden
    • Resorting to violent ways of training a dog is not recommended, as well as it being cruel

      IrishMelonIrishMelonDag geleden
  • I seriously love you, you're so good at this and handle the dogs so well. You're awesome

    iTrustDoubtiTrustDoubt4 dagen geleden
  • He looks great!

    Britt MardenBritt Marden4 dagen geleden
  • You’re so good with the tuff pup. ❤️🐶

    Tom MeadTom Mead4 dagen geleden
  • That cruel laughter was the highlight please that kind of thing again I liked it

    Saksham TrivediSaksham Trivedi4 dagen geleden
  • What is this dogbreed? Looks cute

    RenkinjuRenkinju4 dagen geleden
  • Hes a good boy deep down, but doesnt like the noise. It seems from this visit though hes gettin more comfy with gettin bathes

    LadyJosieLadyJosie4 dagen geleden
  • Look at that cute little rascal.

    MantosastoMantosasto4 dagen geleden
  • well no wonder hes crazy. HES CALLED MICKEY MOUSE!

    Johny No WayJohny No Way4 dagen geleden
  • This is so cute i subscribe

    Doodols GamingDoodols Gaming4 dagen geleden
  • Bruh what is up with that back right foot

    slightly weetardedslightly weetarded4 dagen geleden
  • And ends with the cutest picture of that dog ever. He looks good!

    Adina LAdina L4 dagen geleden
  • dog while grooming: OH No you didnt!... dog after grooming: Yeah!.. thanks that was fun...

    Erick reyesErick reyes4 dagen geleden
  • Look how good he looks. All this sass but then he’s smiling

    Emmanouil JEmmanouil J4 dagen geleden
  • That's what happens to me when my wife takes me to get my haircut, only I don't get a muzzle. LOL

    JHJH5 dagen geleden
  • Hey idk how I found your NLworld channel but I enjoy your comical commentary. You’re funny and the dogs are cute 🥰

    Anonymous LeeAnonymous Lee5 dagen geleden
  • The end picture he is like butter wouldn't melt.

    PaulinePauline5 dagen geleden
  • His face at the end was just *chefs kiss* so cute

    Plùtó -ChAnPlùtó -ChAn5 dagen geleden
  • I love how he looks between her and the dryer like "Stay out of this human. This is between me and the fire demon."

    Llamania manLlamania man5 dagen geleden
  • Mink oil, perhaps from One Piece?

    The Weekly RandomThe Weekly Random5 dagen geleden
  • OMG Mickey looked soooo cute after everything :D

    Dixi WonderlandDixi Wonderland5 dagen geleden
  • You are very underrated

    FrankPlayZ!FrankPlayZ!5 dagen geleden
  • That does look like mickey

    Eddy BeastEddy Beast5 dagen geleden
  • In my country (Chile🇨🇱) we call mutts “quiltros” and are very much loved by everyone here 🥰

    LiliLili5 dagen geleden
  • This woman is so professional.

    PJ KhaledPJ Khaled5 dagen geleden
  • You are a remarkable person, I really appreciate your humour and love for animals

    Animania freakAnimania freak5 dagen geleden
  • I would really love to get my GSD professionally groomed, but I'm worried about how she'd react. She suffers through baths that I give her, but I don't do it well. I brush her a bit, but she's not a fan either. It's also a serious struggle to get her to sit still so I can cut her nails. She's never been aggressive, but she is protective and slightly anxious. The vet does fine with her after I hand them the leash and walk out of the room for a little while. Is there anything you recommend I do? Is it normal to have dogs like this come into get groomed? I don't want to be "that guy" who brings "that dog" in. You probably won't see this, but in the off chance you do. She's about 2 years old and a little over 80 pounds. Yes, she is big for a girl.

    SharpEye ProductionsSharpEye Productions5 dagen geleden
  • You've got to touch gloves that's the law 😂😂

    G SQUADRANG SQUADRAN5 dagen geleden
  • End result: Face of an angel.

    Heru- deshetHeru- deshet6 dagen geleden
  • Wow what a transformation! Beautiful work! Sure wish you were close to groom my pets!

    Double DoinkDouble Doink6 dagen geleden