Cloudy Days & Cloudy Dads | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

1 mrt. 2021
267 189 Weergaven

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The ultimate fair weather dads
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  • Must be the book Abraham read...

    Hadim beardenHadim bearden15 dagen geleden

    Ahsangamer 27 #4 IM NOT A NEW YOUTUBERAhsangamer 27 #4 IM NOT A NEW YOUTUBER24 dagen geleden
  • I REALLY hope I one day have an excuse to tell someone “Get bent you cumulus freak”

    TK BTK BMaand geleden
  • They miss the chance to title it with "Cloudy with a chance of Dad's"

    Lazy ModeLazy ModeMaand geleden
  • Anyone else curious about how a cloud got it on with a girl?! Managing to conceive a baby in the process😂🧐

    Darkbrotherhood DovahkiinDarkbrotherhood DovahkiinMaand geleden
  • Beating the Rain could be the next horror film if it is done right just saying.

    ThatCreepyKnitThatCreepyKnitMaand geleden
  • The animation never changed since 2010

    spark do3s_ytspark do3s_ytMaand geleden
  • Wait a minute, I feel like I saw this sketch years if not months ago. Am I crazy?

    BenderButtGMBenderButtGMMaand geleden
  • Wait how tf was he even born if he’s part cloud/human? Did a woman just fly up to a cloud and say nice cock?

    SquiglySquiglyMaand geleden
  • They should actually publish and make that rainy day book

    Yosh BoiYosh BoiMaand geleden
  • Carry on Tym let's see where this goes

    hobofuturehobofutureMaand geleden
  • It's been a fucking long time since I shouldve changed the world after having made a child

    hobofuturehobofutureMaand geleden
  • When you realize could is water and body is mostly made out of water

    Yeet And DeleteYeet And DeleteMaand geleden
  • I just wanna know...who f**ks a cloud

    Faceless Multiverse79Faceless Multiverse79Maand geleden
  • How was he made...

    Eh Why notEh Why notMaand geleden
  • Milton's Miltons!

    Mastadon KingMastadon KingMaand geleden
  • so dis his grandpa f a cloud

    MattMattMaand geleden
  • That’s a plot hole. How does he exist if clouds cannot reproduce?

    Sirène NoireSirène NoireMaand geleden
  • That’s a plot hole. How does he exist if clouds cannot reproduce?

    Sirène NoireSirène NoireMaand geleden
  • The orange and black mushroom looking clouds looks cool

    hi I'm a penguinhi I'm a penguinMaand geleden
  • I'm I part cloud and my answer is no I guess? 🙄😕

    Emmett DoyleEmmett DoyleMaand geleden
  • Don't you just hate it when your cloud dad comes crashing your hot date? Can relate

    Sam KolevSam KolevMaand geleden
  • Technically speaking, most our bodies are made of water, so we are all part cloud

    eddie fordeddie fordMaand geleden
  • All dads look the same here.

    ClemClemMaand geleden
  • Scp 4382: things to do on a rainy day. Scp 4832 appears to be a normal book with activities to do with your son on a rainy day. However as you read farther on the instructions suddenly become demented Acts. The book was first found in the hands of (redacted) who was shacking in a corner covered in blood with his son (redacted) sliced up in small pieces. Through testing with several d class father son pairs it has been found that once you have read the book on a rainy day it is impossible to stop. Also the son shows no sign of trying to resist. More testing has shown that the book has no effect people with no male children present in the room. To them it appears as a normal book with rainy day activities inside. Feel free to post addendums in the replys

    epicx23epicx23Maand geleden
  • I'm happy you're based, you have unique characters at least. Not the disney shit

    perception ascendingperception ascendingMaand geleden
  • Where is Cloudy Dads mask

    SlimSlimMaand geleden
  • I hate mondays and these help me through them

    Platypuses unitedPlatypuses unitedMaand geleden
  • I guess th... That gu.... That guy's judgement was... Clouded?

    Benjamin CooperBenjamin CooperMaand geleden
  • Being able to shoot out lighting from their eyes is pretty rad to be honest.

    Kred LKred LMaand geleden
  • Trinston was here .

    Trinston MichaelsTrinston MichaelsMaand geleden
  • The outro song sounds weirdly awesome at 0.25x

    Ayan BanerjeeAyan BanerjeeMaand geleden
  • I need a video on cloud dads em well I need it fo science

    a ducka duckMaand geleden
  • You too can end cloud racism.

    ŁuakszŁuakszMaand geleden
  • I was expecting the son asking his dad like "If u are a cloud, that means...The rain is your pee?" Or something like that

    Sponge Bob 24Sponge Bob 24Maand geleden
  • Can someone just make the "Rainy day" short into a horror movie aleready??? It sounds like a great plot...

    Thomas BuelensThomas BuelensMaand geleden
    • It would fit very well in "Scary movie" movie as well

      Παναγιώτης ΧαιδεμενάκηςΠαναγιώτης ΧαιδεμενάκηςMaand geleden
  • That ending was quite dramacumulus!

    tiefensuchttiefensuchtMaand geleden
  • So for the rainy day book. The next time it rains do they start again from the beginning or where they left off?

    DirtyDanDirtyDanMaand geleden
    • I think that's the implication

      mr skeleton manmr skeleton manMaand geleden
  • Cumulolingus though. I can't - LOL 🤣

    Jason BrazenJason BrazenMaand geleden

    ʙᴏɴᴇᴢ rox ꪜʙᴏɴᴇᴢ rox ꪜMaand geleden
  • Must Be A Monday!

    Itsfinecraft ChannelItsfinecraft ChannelMaand geleden
  • F*** Samsu‌ng

    why creepywhy creepyMaand geleden
  • "that's how genetics works son"

    Andrea PikeAndrea PikeMaand geleden
  • Waiting for Cloud Dad part 3

    Werewolf MasterWerewolf MasterMaand geleden
  • Next short should be called slow fall it’s about a guy who jumps out of a flying vehicle and fall down slowly and then ours later he make it to the ground and then dies

    Tahmoney XTahmoney XMaand geleden
  • That lightning when he cried made me chuckle. But the book telling the dad to kill his son was hilarious!

    Alex MercerAlex MercerMaand geleden
  • Thor origins : alternate dimensions.

    NEHA R.NEHA R.Maand geleden
  • That single-frame subliminal message... *chef's kiss*.

    fresnikfresnikMaand geleden
  • I always wonder how does cloud dad have sex with a human woman

    archampionarchampionMaand geleden
  • Im 100th dislike I dont hate I just like doing things

    BegiBegiMaand geleden
  • LOL

    Dani’s showDani’s showMaand geleden
  • Wait are they re re showing older episodes.....

    Tony2Truuu TVTony2Truuu TVMaand geleden
  • Rayden as kid.

    Vendetta DMVendetta DMMaand geleden
  • Opie is right is like sad larry

    Raffael Gabe Del RosarioRaffael Gabe Del RosarioMaand geleden
  • I am a cloud tooo😂😂😂

    1 Minute Memes1 Minute MemesMaand geleden
  • What if Milton spits?

    John M.John M.Maand geleden
  • "No, you idiot, I'm a cloud!" 🤣🤣🤣

    Tugi FoxTugi FoxMaand geleden
  • 9:00 am

    Average forza playerAverage forza playerMaand geleden
  • No more reposte of the same stuff that's already been posted before 😭

    John ScoliosisJohn ScoliosisMaand geleden
  • Do one where an alcoholic finds love on a dock, or one where a little girl gets abused by her stepmother and brother and when she grows up she finds love on a dock but the man she falls in love with gets disowned by his friends bc the girl is a murderer

    IAm CharlieIAm CharlieMaand geleden
  • "That's how genetics works, son." Biologist (raises finger to object but then stops, realizing they're in the C&H universe): "I'll allow it."

    Phil T KaswahlPhil T KaswahlMaand geleden
    • Biologist realizing we are 70% water, so technically everyone is part cloud

      Krzysztof CzarneckiKrzysztof CzarneckiMaand geleden
  • Is it weird that C&H cures my depression?

    SkittlesSkittlesMaand geleden
  • Sus. Dad was faking tasks.

    rmt3589rmt3589Maand geleden
  • Pensavo che vendessi mutandoni per anziani

    KASSARO DjaxaroKASSARO DjaxaroMaand geleden
  • Am I the only one who notices that literally every dad in Cyanide and Happiness has a moustache

    Todd MushroomTodd MushroomMaand geleden
  • Don’t worry Milton, if you have lightning hands you can make a badass superhero!

    Mr FungisMr FungisMaand geleden
  • For like less than a second it said ‘‘murder your son’

    Mr. BookMr. BookMaand geleden
  • Milton is Partly cloudy

    Aces VengenceAces VengenceMaand geleden
  • Looks like his relationship stratus will remain single...

    Jaime JimenezJaime JimenezMaand geleden
    • Nice

      angelslikathat Gamingangelslikathat GamingMaand geleden
  • When I have a son I'll prep some tarp and bleach in case the rain last too long

    SixFeetRabbitSixFeetRabbitMaand geleden
  • Me and my friend Looting Lizard are racing to get 1 million subscribers, currently I am losing! Can we change that? ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    offi SaltyMangoYToffi SaltyMangoYTMaand geleden
  • poor milton

    yndhira Rodriguezyndhira RodriguezMaand geleden
  • If his dad comes down to the ground he is then part fog

    Slimey KouroshSlimey KouroshMaand geleden
  • So wait wait wait the is a human and the dad is a cloud so how does it work? lol

    The Last PlayerThe Last PlayerMaand geleden
  • Still a better love story than twilight

    Rex JollesRex JollesMaand geleden
  • Not me looking up what that means 2:23

    Dannie And friendsDannie And friendsMaand geleden
  • Is cloud ☁️ boy 👦 and sad 😞 Larry twin brother.

    Elijah XElijah XMaand geleden
  • So how did his dad do it???

    Michael TMichael TMaand geleden
  • 3:21 who noticed that ?!

    HMBHMBMaand geleden
  • Well that got dark really fast

    Jamie LishbrookJamie LishbrookMaand geleden
  • If you want memes come see SuperYoshiBrosU

    SuperYoshiBrosUSuperYoshiBrosUMaand geleden
  • How did she know the cloud looked like his dad?

    DerpyPenguinDerpyPenguinMaand geleden
  • hey if he is part cloud where is his big ass buster sword?

    alpha yunalpha yunMaand geleden
  • Cloud dad seems cool, cloud kid should be more appreciative of his cloud dad

    GO FIG 5GO FIG 5Maand geleden
  • Nobody: Roman Bellic: 2:05

    HeyMyMuffinHeyMyMuffinMaand geleden
  • 2:06 so roman bellic is his dad?

    go2hell746go2hell746Maand geleden

    RudeVoicesRudeVoicesMaand geleden
  • 6.9k Likes *Nice*

    Ahmad AZAhmad AZMaand geleden
  • "Not possible, your dick is water vapour" did cloud dad impregnate a human woman?

    freakymoejoe2freakymoejoe2Maand geleden
  • Should've put a light in a cloud.

    MagilouMagilouMaand geleden
  • umm i swear i watched those both like 2yrs ago am ii trippin?

    StansStansMaand geleden
  • HOW DO U MAKE THESE?!? there r hilarious XD

    *_Itz Glitch_**_Itz Glitch_*Maand geleden
  • I feel like it would’ve been even funnier if when he cried his hair turned grey

    Round boi ProductionsRound boi ProductionsMaand geleden
  • I would like to be a cloud. Well, I would like to be able to turn into a cloud if I wanted.

    Stickman AnimationsStickman AnimationsMaand geleden
  • Win win I can’t have kids and I get super powers hell yeah I wish my wish my dad was a cloud I’m not a deadbeat

    Elijah CharlesElijah CharlesMaand geleden
  • the only thing I see from this video is that they were able to play monopoly in less than a day

    HelloHelloMaand geleden
  • Old uploads as a new

    Rakanarshi2Rakanarshi2Maand geleden
  • What happend to purgatony

    Belinda0222Belinda0222Maand geleden
  • You really just wanted to use the cloud dad in a compilation, didn't you?

    Pixie FairyPixie FairyMaand geleden
  • I like how the thumbnail implies that it was cloud dad who caused the events of the final part

    Shinobi XShinobi XMaand geleden