Clean Bilge! - Episode 150 - Acorn to Arabella: Journey of a Wooden Boat

19 feb. 2021
110 194 Weergaven

Building a boat can seem like an incredibly daunting task. One thing that has gotten us through these years is seeing it a lot of little things that need to be done and pieces that need to go together. This episode is very much dedicated to that ideology.
We make a couple more fin head bolts to lock in the grown knees we put in the boat recently. We finish and lock in the sill for the deck house and we clean up the bilge so that we can finish off one more piece of Arabella, her bronze floors!
Thank you all for watching and supporting the project in all the many ways that you do. This community has really grown to be something amazing and we really appreciate you all.
See you next week! And happy 150th video!!
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Acorn to Arabella is a boat building project taking place in Granby, Massachusetts. Steve and Alix started as amateur boat builders building their own 38' wooden boat in their backyard: designer William Atkin's Ingrid with a Stormy Petrel's gaff rig. These videos follow the journey from tree felling, to lumber milling, to lofting, to the lead keel pour and beyond-sharing details of the woodworking, carpentry, metal smithing, tool building, and tool maintenance that wooden boats command. This ultimate DIY project will continue well past launch, when they will travel and learn to cruise aboard the boat that they've built. Just kidding about all that, this channel is about a Siberian Laika named Akiva.
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    Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To ArabellaDag geleden
  • Looking amazing. Wish I would have known, we have a big house up by Franconia with extra space if you need a place to crash. Right near Med

    NH PawnNH Pawn7 dagen geleden
    • What a beautiful place in the world. Cheers!

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella5 dagen geleden
  • Great editing. Every week seems like new milestones. Can’t wait till tomorrow so I am watching this one again

    Ronnie BassettRonnie Bassett9 dagen geleden
  • De-stressing: Shouldn't the bronze floors be destressed after welding? Welding the bronze (metal generically) introduces stresses that can fracture. I've sure seen it in my extensive steel welding experience. I've welded a bit of bronze too, but I've never welded anything that absolutely couldn't fail, so I've never destressed my work after welding. Don't want 3 floors in row cracking during a storm in the North Atlantic.

    J CJ C10 dagen geleden
  • A clean bilge is a happy bilge! No way I could have left it such a mess for so long!

    kandk920kandk92010 dagen geleden
  • Thanks for posting and sharing. The bilge looks great all vacuumed out. Very nice to hear about the upcoming weekend off.

    lancedanielslancedaniels11 dagen geleden
  • I just wanted to stop and say, out of the 4 different boat build channels i've been watching, THIS is the only one I don't get frustrated with. You guys have kept everything going and still feel like you are true to your original purpose. Thank you for this content, and I cannot wait to see launch of this beautiful boat.

    Daniel LadishewDaniel Ladishew12 dagen geleden
  • Awesome job guys she is really coming along

    dee harrisdee harris12 dagen geleden
  • I denied myself for 2 weeks so I could binge, well binge as much as I could with 2 episodes. Awesome guys. A pleasure watching you do your thing. Thank you

    TroubledSpiritTroubledSpirit12 dagen geleden
  • The dog’s howling doesn’t seem right. I’m sure you guys have a good reason for not letting the dog In with you, but it’s only natural for dogs to want to be with their masters. This is true especially when it’s cold.

    Michael AlexanderMichael Alexander13 dagen geleden
    • Hi Michael, we get the feeling but he’s a snow dog he’s happy and fine out there. He howls because he’s bored and wants attention. When he’s in the boathouse with us he just keeps running to the gate and whines to go back outside... then in... then out... you get the point.

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella12 dagen geleden
  • Brass gets brittle when you heat and beet it, Brass gets soft when you heat and quench it. Its the upset of Steel.

    Russ t TelenkoRuss t Telenko13 dagen geleden
  • i know the bilge is done (at the moment) but i am concerned about where the planks and the bilge meet. will that be covered or will that always have water?

    TrommariTrommari13 dagen geleden
  • An army marches on their stomachs :)

    Peehand ShihtzuPeehand Shihtzu13 dagen geleden
  • Arabella was the flagship of the Winthrop Fleet . (Commonwealth of Massachusetts)

    gary schraagary schraa13 dagen geleden
  • Great stuff. So good to see you guys working together and exchanging thoughts and ideas. Always good but this was rather nice! Thanks, as ever

    maxim rickardmaxim rickard13 dagen geleden
  • bronze and brass contain a lot of copper and this means that heat and hammering causes work hardening. cooling it rapidly in water will make it soft again. the opposite of tempering steel.

    johan Rheederjohan Rheeder13 dagen geleden
  • A Masterpiece !!!

    dimitris tsalatsanisdimitris tsalatsanis13 dagen geleden
  • Triple screen!

    Lach EltingLach Elting13 dagen geleden
  • Still a lot to do. But it’s coming together

    latitudelatitude13 dagen geleden
  • A clean bilge looks great...

    Renzo M. CafferataRenzo M. Cafferata13 dagen geleden
  • *- Lots of steps. Lots and lots of work. But you are getting there.* *- Hope you ski Cannon Mt. and try out the expert labeled Zoomer trail.* *- Nowadays most folks don't ski it right and it will be full of moguls because no one can/will sky it fast enough.* *- If the 10th Mountain Division is training there on "Ice Mountain", please say hi for me, and ask if the locals are still skiing with them to help with their learning how to properly do "Eggbeater Falls".*

    Robert FayRobert Fay13 dagen geleden
  • Try laying hammer on the bronze after heating it up and strike the hammer not the bronze directly and allow you to create the flat section on the bronze rod

    DCAPImagesDCAPImages13 dagen geleden
  • 4:15 "I'm going to heat this up, While he pounds. We're gonna upset the tip. Put it in there. And see if we can form a finhead"

    Trenton CairnsTrenton Cairns13 dagen geleden
  • Someone please, send some Acorn nuts to Acorn to Arabella! Protruding threads give so many of us watchers the heebeegeebees! Kind regards from the UK 👍

    Bung Fu PandaBung Fu Panda13 dagen geleden
  • Hi guys! What microphones do you use?

    bellevue260bellevue26013 dagen geleden
    • I use a Røde video mic pro on the Canon EosR sometime a lav with the Røde wireless go. The gopros we have in the new microphone mods.

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella12 dagen geleden
  • Não vejo a hora desse barco começar a navegar, estou ansioso esperando esse momento.

    vandembergmarquesdanvandembergmarquesdan13 dagen geleden
  • Really appreciate the time taken to detail the filming and the dedication to getting it right. Keep it up you guys, sterling job.

    Paul HarveyPaul Harvey14 dagen geleden
  • quick question, not sure it's been asked already - just spent some 'quality' time removing slotted head wood screws out of an old bench. I tend to avoid slotted screws in favour for phillips head or square head deck screws (as appropriate). Just wondering why you are using slotted screws? i.e. what am I missing?

    Paul van den BergenPaul van den Bergen14 dagen geleden
  • You guys should get more help

    Paul NovakPaul Novak14 dagen geleden
    • No thanks. There will be times when we’ll need help but we’re good at the moment.

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella12 dagen geleden
  • With regard to the tiller it will have to go under the traveler for the mizen sheet unless you build an aft sprit. Also you do not want the tiller to invade the cockpit too much. Maybe 6 inches to a foot otherwise all that space in the cockpit is lost.

    Oliver LiddellOliver Liddell14 dagen geleden
  • In ten years the planking will be done maybe. I saw that Sampson guy and wow that’s a boatbuilder that knows his stuff.

    CDL Info and more Time to trainCDL Info and more Time to train14 dagen geleden
  • Well done says I to the editing and sound guy

    David HarrisDavid Harris14 dagen geleden
  • Bonjour Alix and Stephen, Question, why do you use paint ? Epoxy, even without fiber glass would not be better in terms of strength and durabilité ? Besides this, bonnes vacances Amicalement Raphaël

    Raphaël HavranekRaphaël Havranek14 dagen geleden
  • Firstly you should be heating up all the steel or metal that will be coming into contact with the brass rods your trying to heat, that means the vice jaws or whatever your clamping it with and also any tongs etc your gonna use to hold the rod. Getting stuff to the right temp and keeping it there while you manipulate the metal is key and you guys clearly already know that so good luck boys. Love this channel and the Arabella is gonna be beautiful.

    MrRABC1MrRABC114 dagen geleden
  • She's looking real pretty. great job.

    Lee Shores, Lazy Jacks and LunchesLee Shores, Lazy Jacks and Lunches14 dagen geleden
  • If you oil your vice threads you'll get more squeeze for your buck.

    Anthony SmartAnthony Smart14 dagen geleden
  • YOu haven't made thin head bolts before this????

    just mejust me14 dagen geleden
  • I have missed the Dolphinite so much, I had to buys a can and start spreading it on my English Muffins! UMM great with coffee!

    Robin JaegerRobin Jaeger14 dagen geleden
  • You are building a fine piece of furniture and thats not a dig.

    kevinkevin14 dagen geleden
  • Don't know why, but I got unsubscibed. Yt has gone WAY downhill.

    Salazar MontegoSalazar Montego14 dagen geleden
    • @Acorn To Arabella I check in every Friday. But thank you.

      Salazar MontegoSalazar Montego12 dagen geleden
    • Indeed. If you’d like notifications when the video comes out we can send it straight to your inbox via our newsletter :) link is in the description if you are interested. Thanks for watching!

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella12 dagen geleden
  • So how do you test those fin head bolts, after you make them, to make sure they are reliable and haven't turned brittle and will snap off after they get exposed to cycling loads at sea? They don't look like they would be an easy thing to replace if they fail.

    georgianbentsgeorgianbents14 dagen geleden
  • you guys are master boat builders ,, great show CHEERS

    barry athertonbarry atherton14 dagen geleden
  • POV: You came to the comments to see all the amateur blacksmiths commenting.

    GbhayekGbhayek14 dagen geleden
  • Will you be able to bring a crew back in to speed up production? We re all not getting any younger ! Haha

    Stellar LunaStellar Luna14 dagen geleden
  • If you are looking for different meats to exchange, there must be somewhere in the US that stocks Australia's national symbol, Kangaroo. If you like venison and such "game" meats it is worth a try. Low in fat, tasty, best served med rare to rare. 40 thousand years of use by Australia's first nations people points to it having some merit as a food source. Emu, Camel and Crocodile are worth a look too. Cheers Eric

    midgoog2midgoog214 dagen geleden
  • Torch : the highest temparature inreached at the top of the flame

    vincentvincent14 dagen geleden
  • Those oval portholes in the fore-end of the house need to have eyebrows and eyelashes painted on them, don't they? Reminds me of the eyes on Jason's ship the Argo, or a ship that Odysseus might have sailed in. At 14:00.

    freesk8freesk814 dagen geleden
    • The Eyes of Osiris, or Eyes of Horus, on boats are a pretty amazing tradition in the Mediterranean. May our eyes bring luck and safe passage!

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella14 dagen geleden
  • Great video again ! Could you tell the viewers a little more about the “how” and “what”. Fore example: What stuff do you dip the srews in, before you put them in place? Doesn’t look like dolphinite - or is it?

    Kai RädischKai Rädisch14 dagen geleden
    • There are a few things one can use-here we're dipping them in Dolfinite, but you can also use bowler's wax or something similar. This little attention to detail helps with extraction later and, some think, it helps stem water intrusion.

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella14 dagen geleden
  • All those studs and threaded rods sticking out everywhere make me cringe!

    itsnotmeitshimitsnotmeitshim14 dagen geleden
  • I was just wondering why you do not use a electric impact gun to tighten all the nuts that you tighten with a ratchet wrench

    Barbara RendelmanBarbara Rendelman14 dagen geleden
    • Couple of reasons. There aren't that many, it doesn't take that long, and bronze is soft. Easy does it.

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella14 dagen geleden
  • how often do you forget to remove the cover from the license plate?

    DavoAllstarDavoAllstar14 dagen geleden
  • Meat share? Be vegan instead, it'll help you live to 200. :)

    Alex PaulsenAlex Paulsen14 dagen geleden
    • We've got lots of vegan friends and appreciate that approach! Choices made for eating are quite personal, more personal than we plan to share here, but we'll just simply say that we choose a locally focused diet for many reasons. Eating choices are impactful for sure, good on ya.

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella14 dagen geleden
  • 1+ on the production upgrade.

    lee krichbaumlee krichbaum14 dagen geleden
  • Every next little piece! Look how far you’ve come! Thanks fellas

    Jenkins Boat WorksJenkins Boat Works15 dagen geleden
  • "6 more floors to go"? Must be a tall ship. Just meant as a poor layperson's joke. Keep up the nice work.

    orbsphereorbsphere15 dagen geleden
    • Wait 'til you see that, in boats, you can *almost* dance on the ceiling. ;)

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella14 dagen geleden
  • That's probably the cleanest and sweetest smelling the bilge will ever be. Just install a catch pan under the engine and you'll only have to deal with stinky sea water! 8P

    Mike SkellyMike Skelly15 dagen geleden
  • Banging metal on metal while I see your neighbors house in the background...Very neighborly....sure they love you while you build a vehicle on private property for commercial gain. Is there a zoning issue here?

    syntaxerorrsyntaxerorr15 dagen geleden
    • No, there's no zoning issue. This is day time, many of our neighbors are away for work during the day, and besides, we know them. When you actually have relationships with your neighbors, you'll find it's not a problem to work out a good work schedule.

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella14 dagen geleden
  • This whole build has been captivating and now seeing the house mockup fitted is so cool (no pun intended for the snow)

    Gordon ClarkGordon Clark15 dagen geleden
  • Steve is allergic to hot peppers?!? Oh you poor soul! That's going to complicate traveling around the world...

    Scott KennyScott Kenny15 dagen geleden
    • I doubt it's a real allergy so much as an intolerance that causes him to spend excessive time on the -toilet- head.

      J HemphillJ Hemphill14 dagen geleden
    • People are kind and accommodating, and Steve's done a fair bit of travel before all this and knows pretty well how to navigate gastronomic challenges.

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella14 dagen geleden
  • M

    Tom RobertsonTom Robertson15 dagen geleden
  • This boats a tank. They just don't build them like this anymore unless you have a lot of disposable cash. Beautiful project I've been watching for quit a while.

    James HickeyJames Hickey15 dagen geleden
  • It's nice to have You two, back working together.

    Charles ReliableCharles Reliable15 dagen geleden
  • 150 episodes! (Plus special videos) You guys should be very proud of the work you share with us!

    Meekasa PhotographyMeekasa Photography15 dagen geleden
    • Thanks! We're grateful to have you here to enjoy it.

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella14 dagen geleden
  • seems like you fellers need to invest in a SERIOUS, OLD OLD OLD Heavy Bench Vice....... ??? to stop the SLIPPING of the brass rod, when being BANG-BANG-BANG'd......??? just a shade tree diy-er viewpoint.... Jim in JAX, FL (COLD and rainy here right now !!!!!)

    Jim JensenJim Jensen15 dagen geleden
  • You folks have created the best community.

    James PetersenJames Petersen15 dagen geleden
    • Yeah, there are some very cool people here and we appreciate them very much.

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella14 dagen geleden
  • All I will say about having a forge is that a box of fire brick is $35 for six on Amazon and that you already have a weed burner. Or you could make a burner assembly out of plumbing parts.

    Alan FerkinhoffAlan Ferkinhoff15 dagen geleden
  • How long before you get back to planking?

    Frederick WinckowskiFrederick Winckowski15 dagen geleden
    • Probably mid summer, if the oak has dried out enough...

      Scott KennyScott Kenny15 dagen geleden
  • You guys look to be using a welding tip on that torch. A rose bud tip is specifically made to heat things and will work faster. This allows you to get more heat into an area without it soaking into the rest of the part as much. A cutting head would be better too but rose bud is where it’s at.

    Jdh 104Jdh 10415 dagen geleden
    • or even a cutting torch would work.

      Captn JackCaptn Jack12 dagen geleden
  • I aint much of a smith but you gotta get some shade to see what you are doing.

    Pete ChmielowiecPete Chmielowiec15 dagen geleden
  • You need to add more oxygen to your flame to gain enough heat. In general terms to gain optimum heat keep adding oxygen until the central blue cone stops shrinking. At the point that you show when working the flame you probably have only 50% of the heat potential and there will be a black carbon deposit left on the steel from the excess acetylene in the flame. You also dont have your steel hot enough when you are working it. As a rule of thumb it needs to be a cheery red before you start to work it.

    horsebee1horsebee115 dagen geleden
  • The fastening details you are adding for strength are so thoughtful in that they hold the wood from both directions.

    bgdavenportbgdavenport15 dagen geleden
  • Was the fist music played Morning Dew?

    Tim TelferTim Telfer15 dagen geleden
  • Steve to Alex "Watch my hand" Steve allergic to peppers how sad.

    CharlieCharlie15 dagen geleden
  • There's something so satisfying seeing all of the sawdust out of the bilge.

    Robin FarleyRobin Farley15 dagen geleden
    • Agreed!

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella14 dagen geleden
  • With the bronz if you enell it will make it softer

    Kevin AuldKevin Auld15 dagen geleden
  • I really can't wait to see her get in the water. Keep up the great work.

    Matt EssencyMatt Essency15 dagen geleden
  • Looking lovely boys

    GrahamGraham15 dagen geleden
  • Nice episode- new camera for some of the shots of the hammer work on the fin head bolts???

    BenB20000BenB2000015 dagen geleden
  • the blue engine surrounded by the woodworking looks amazing

    Tristan CampbellTristan Campbell15 dagen geleden
  • hold fast...winter is drawing to an end. Spring around the corner.

    Tom VitiTom Viti15 dagen geleden
  • Hi - I'm probably more stingy than you and I love to make my own stuff to beat the System, but I must say I would have called the Schooner Chandlery and bought 2 fin head bolts rather than trying to make my own experimentally. They come in 1/2 or 3/8 dia x up to 24 in for about $40 - 80. They are forged in ASME sil-brnz and threaded to your specs. Ships in 2/3 days. Just my own opinion. I'm glad to hear Akiva is back on the soundtrack. Boats' looking real fine. Thanks for the video.

    RAY BAMERAY BAME15 dagen geleden
    • Neat tip, Ray. Thanks for watching. And Akiva sends his AWOOOOO.

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella14 dagen geleden
  • great video lads, the mock up is making her look the beauty she will be...cant wait to see some sailing vids in the ffuture

    Colin KerryColin Kerry15 dagen geleden
  • Is there a boat-building equivalent for sitting in your shell of a project car making vroom-vroom noises? That's the stage Arabella is at. Great video!!

    El QuesoEl Queso15 dagen geleden
  • I know I'm jumping the gun a bit, but are you guys planning any decorative carving or figureheads?

    Caleb Voisine-AddisCaleb Voisine-Addis15 dagen geleden
    • Not in particular. They're neat though. So much work to do, thinking of those details is a little like naming the band before we have a drummer. Thanks for watching!

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella14 dagen geleden
  • The white cone of your flame was too long, try and keep the cone as small as possible .👍

    Allan DewarAllan Dewar15 dagen geleden
  • 15 min of hitting a piece of brass that’s what yall got done in a week? How long are these videos behind time

    Big BrianBig Brian15 dagen geleden
  • Hi Guys im sure Leo has a post on making finheads

    russellrussell15 dagen geleden
  • 14:09 - Bella has eyes now!

    Whatcom OrchestrasWhatcom Orchestras15 dagen geleden
  • Going to New Hampshire, must be nice to be able to leave your own area. In Canada we are not supposed to leave our area, our lock down rules are different here. Anyway another great video and I agree with some of the posts, use more oxygen to make a very short blue flame. How many cordless drill motors have you guys gone through? It seems you use them every week,\.

    Darrell BedfordDarrell Bedford15 dagen geleden
  • Coffee, a petite pipe, fire in the woodstove, and Steve and Alix for companionship. What could be more pleasant?

    Cliff StevensonCliff Stevenson15 dagen geleden
    • Glad to kinda be with you there, Cliff. Sounds great!

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella14 dagen geleden
  • just use a leaf blower after the big stuff is picked up

    penroc3penroc315 dagen geleden
  • Love Steve’s boots

    Royden58Royden5815 dagen geleden
  • Crappy idea maybe, but would you guys be interested in having this journey on DVD/BluRay? Thinking back to the very start, all the videos on physical DVD's or BluRays. Each one an episode etc. I know I for one would be happy to buy them. (would need to work in region 4 but 😒)

    Peter TPeter T15 dagen geleden
    • Neat suggestion, Peter.

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella14 dagen geleden
  • Ahhh, the Howl of the House Wolf is back.......

    Andrew DaviesAndrew Davies15 dagen geleden
  • My weekend always starts at the moment you post your weekly Episode! I kick back, get a glass of wine and start smelling the wood shavings from your barn!

    Chris GirChris Gir15 dagen geleden
    • Nice!

      Acorn To ArabellaAcorn To Arabella14 dagen geleden
  • Might be a lot simpler if you drilled and tapped a hole in bronze plate and threaded the rod then peened the end into a large chamfer. Use some red lock-tight in the treads. Turned the plate round in the lathe and, wa-la.

    David RenaudDavid Renaud15 dagen geleden
    • @David Renaud you are correct. I had not even thought about the galvanic reaction of dissimilar metals in this case. And with sea water it would make the reaction even stronger. So thinking about it, mig welding the pins would be a pretty hard thing to do. So your purely mechanical solution would be my chosen method.

      SAMRODIANSAMRODIAN14 dagen geleden
    • Silver Solder would introduce bimetal contamination. Perhaps weld the end like the bronze floors.

      David RenaudDavid Renaud14 dagen geleden
    • I would agree that's the way I would do it but I would silver solder the thread union after.

      SAMRODIANSAMRODIAN15 dagen geleden
  • Love this intro, best yet and I hope it hangs around for a while.

    Pearse EganPearse Egan15 dagen geleden
  • saw on ebay that the Tally Ho was for sale, know it is not your boat, but its wooden and would hate to see it not completed. May some of your viewers or yourself may be able to save it.

    richard lamkinrichard lamkin15 dagen geleden
  • Comment (For NLworld)

    Matt CaylorMatt Caylor15 dagen geleden
  • Watching Steve clean. I have never understood how you can take a piece of wood, cut it how you want it and still wind up with moor sawdust and wood combined. It is like cleaning up after horses, they can take 10 pounds of hay and make 15 pounds of manure

    roger daviesroger davies15 dagen geleden