Clash Of The Titans - Van der Poel Vs Van Aert At The Tour Of Flanders + More! | GCN Racing News

19 okt. 2020
92 246 Weergaven

The final monument of the 2020 season was an incredible bike race. We look back at the men's & women's Tour of Flanders, the second week of the Giro d'Italia and much more, including the sad & frustrating news of Paule Ka ending their sponsorship of a cycling team.
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  • Who do you think will win the Giro in the mountainous final week?

    GCN RacingGCN RacingMaand geleden
    • Tao può far saltare il banco... how to traslate in English? I think you can understand

      Leo LuoLeo LuoMaand geleden
    • @Nikola Tesla Waiting for someone named Merckx to respond with Nikola Tesla...

      Edwin JansenEdwin JansenMaand geleden
    • Tao followed easily the Sunweb train like Pogacar in the Tdf following JV train then attack in the end for the win.

      Frederic NietzscheFrederic NietzscheMaand geleden
    • Tao

      Blaz KozjekBlaz KozjekMaand geleden
    • I think Almeida will do it. I cannot imagine that the organisers can let the tough Alpine stages take place because of the weather (at least not as planned) - I live in the area and there is still snow down to an altitude of 1800 meters...

      Michael OMichael OMaand geleden
  • i'd say it's a "battle of the van's" (lol!!)

    #AkoSi- Bong#AkoSi- BongMaand geleden
  • Off topic question. Now that you have an app and race pass does that mean there won't be any cyclocross races posted on NLworld? Will it all be behind a pay wall? Asking for us poor fans.

    empooressempooressMaand geleden
  • keren

    iyus goberiyus goberMaand geleden
  • Hi there, My name is Cassie and I’m a Content Partnership Representative at BBTV. I wanted to contact you to discuss an exciting opportunity that could really elevate your NLworld experience. I know you probably get a ton of messages, but I would love to get in contact with you to chat more about this opportunity! Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll set up a call! Cassie Cannon

    Cassie CannonCassie CannonMaand geleden

    James BarnesJames BarnesMaand geleden
  • Tour of Flanders was great but also had some fine funny commentary, such as the comments at the start about the rubbish music which should be replaced with Danny boy and my favourite section at 3 hours 17 mins (approx) where the team are all actually sleeping with the mics on ha ha, almost to the point of snoring, until someone wakes? and says wake up just off the mics. Class.

    humstrumbangtwanghumstrumbangtwangMaand geleden
  • no footage . wank

    welsh logicwelsh logicMaand geleden
  • I hope Tao Gegenhart pulls out a Froomey to win the Giro ;)

    supernpstrsupernpstrMaand geleden
  • Ganna... I think he can become...Indurain

    Leo LuoLeo LuoMaand geleden
  • Totally JA ‘s fault. MVDP did swerve a little. That’s racing I guess. Get well soon Julien !

    Phillip PittsPhillip PittsMaand geleden
  • Força, Almeida! Best Regards!

    Abel SousaAbel SousaMaand geleden
  • No mention of the Van Aert crash? And I like how you cut the clip of the Alaphilippe crash making it look like he wasnt on his radio just before it.

    invergroovyexportinvergroovyexportMaand geleden
  • GCN should be the new sponsor for Paule Ka team

    Martin RaucherMartin RaucherMaand geleden
  • So sad to see Ilnur going back to his former team and stepping down from pro tour level. Makes you wonder what happened. So much talent.

    Edwin JansenEdwin JansenMaand geleden
  • It is Beer-ringen. ;-) Just think about the popular drink. :P

    Edwin JansenEdwin JansenMaand geleden
  • wonder how MVP won the sprint against WVA? simple, he was gloves lighter ... marginal gains (lol !!)

    #AkoSi- Bong#AkoSi- BongMaand geleden
  • More positives at giro Judy announced

    Troy CollettTroy CollettMaand geleden
  • poor old alaflip-turn double spin pike twist, he's far too fidgety on the bike, playing to the cameras, how many times he needs to tighten his shoes for example, this was his own faults 100% not paying attention and not the first time either..

    Marty BirkinshawMarty BirkinshawMaand geleden
  • I was super impressed with NTT, more teams should check the train time tables before sending their guy off the front to attack 🤪

    Josse McKenneyJosse McKenneyMaand geleden
  • a great prevention for bone fractures, weight train. look it up.

    William DiazWilliam DiazMaand geleden
  • Cyclocross racing must be exciting this year now that it's not just mdvp and Wva winning everything!

    Joel Guerin-SimardJoel Guerin-SimardMaand geleden
  • Woow its like yowamushi pedal anime scene , what a beast

    Newbie GowesNewbie GowesMaand geleden
  • Giro was boring

    ML TrendsML TrendsMaand geleden
  • Cross > gravel

    timtimzi - Cycling and Gamingtimtimzi - Cycling and GamingMaand geleden
  • poor alaphilippe after winning the worlds hes been struck with bad luck

    Netflix Javier YTNetflix Javier YTMaand geleden
    • @Charlie Dillon i agree, he's far too fidgety on the bike, playing to the cameras, how many times he needs to tighten his shoes for example, this was his own faults 100% not paying attention and not the first time either..

      Marty BirkinshawMarty BirkinshawMaand geleden
    • His sketchy riding has nothing to do with bad luck. Too loose on the bike and can't seem to ride it in a straight line. Still a superstar but he needs to settle down.

      Charlie DillonCharlie DillonMaand geleden
  • WAIT!!!! Am I the only one to notice that Van der poel had some nice deep dish rims vs Van Aert? could this have made a difference in the outcome? I think it would have gone to photo.

    Luciano SerafinoLuciano SerafinoMaand geleden
  • There are 3 motorbikes in the inside of a curve. Why do they slow down and wait where riders make their beeline? Motorized vehicles' drivers have to give way and keep clear of racers, not the other way round! Are these guys properly trained?

    Gaulois RefractaireGaulois RefractaireMaand geleden
  • Chapeau to Dan for saluting his teammate but a little disappointed he didn’t say for what team they used to ride for

    chanito nycchanito nycMaand geleden
  • Although I'm a huge sports fan, for time reasons I only manage to follow the TdF and the Giro each year. But the Ronde this year has convinced me that I ought to better myself. It was sheer madness...cobblestones...narrow roads....the climbs..or...all of it in some places. Hell! Had it not been for Europsport hopping back and forth to Italy in their coverage, I would have enjoyed it even more. Bad luck for Alaphilippe, it would have been an epic threesome at the end. But van der Poel deserved it all right.

    Miro PribanićMiro PribanićMaand geleden
  • Thanks for the Ads. They come at the best times..............

    Rocky SlayRocky SlayMaand geleden
  • van Der Poel vs van Aert! almost like Blur vs Oasis! but this time, both are actually good!

    Polar RedPolar RedMaand geleden
  • Great racing update Dan, done in your inimitable style as always. Just a heads-up...Strava has without notice, switched the default Flybys privacy setting to 'off'. This was allegedly done as a result of a person complaining that her privacy was infringed by this feature, which went viral. Her post was technically/factually incorrect but it didn't stop Strava going into damage control to correct it. Strava users now have go back into privacy settings to enable it and hope their friends do the same. This was a great feature and it needs resurrecting. DC Rainmaker posted a recent story on this. Hopefully this can get a mention in one of your GCN shows 👍

    GazLoweGazLoweMaand geleden
  • Van Aert Van Der Poel Van Vluetan Van Der Breggan so basically if you want to win a race stick a van at the start of your surname

    Callum McCaffreyCallum McCaffreyMaand geleden
    • all the while listening to Van Halen and Van de Graf Generator as well as Van Morrison woohoo :)

      Marty BirkinshawMarty BirkinshawMaand geleden
    • @TMK Who did add a Van to the start of her surname too!

      Paul WrightPaul WrightMaand geleden
    • And the winner of the womens race: Chantal van der Broek-Blaak!

      TMKTMKMaand geleden
  • The rainbow curse

    dave katadave kataMaand geleden
  • Almeida is lucky not many teams present

    dave katadave kataMaand geleden
  • Here's an article of Honorè future wedding. It's in italian but I hope you can translate it. Btw his girlfriend accepted!

    Frens88Frens88Maand geleden
  • "goosebumps" well said - had the same reaction.

    Andrew GatesAndrew GatesMaand geleden
  • "his power was unbelievable"; Why do we keep hearing this??

    Kevin DeRungKevin DeRungMaand geleden
    • Because his power was unbelievable

      Robert SmithRobert SmithMaand geleden
  • Are Van Aert and van der Poel enemies, or frenemies?

    David VenhuizenDavid VenhuizenMaand geleden
    • Take a look at the UCI cycling Instagram post today, these two guys have been banging bars for many years since their early teens in cyclo-cross.

      Jojo HarperJojo HarperMaand geleden
    • They arch-rivals. Much more respectful towards each other than media of course wants to show.

      Jonathan van GeunsJonathan van GeunsMaand geleden
  • It wouldn't be a Racing News Show without Dan banging on (again) about his days at the Cervelo Test Team (roll eyes ad nauseum). LOL

    John AndrewsJohn AndrewsMaand geleden
    • Some things must be said, every possible time 😁

      Exil BayerExil BayerMaand geleden
  • Oh, the irony. Cyclist runs into the back of a motorbike and blames the motorbike. Just like how every time a car runs into a cyclist and the driver blames the cyclist. I still feel gutted for Alaphilippe. One of my favorite riders to watch. But, you have to pay attention. Blame should either be on Van Aert for drafting off the motorbike and then dodging at the last second, or Alaphilippe for not paying close enough attention. It's a very sad and unfortunately situation, regardless. Hope he heals up quick. Also, Van Aert may have been gracious to Van der Poel, but you could see his disappointment in every camera shot. Even on the podium. Kristoff was excited to get third. Van de Poel was over the moon to win. But Van Aert barely sprayed his champagne and you could tell by his body language just how disappointed he was not to have won.

    Evan MacDougallEvan MacDougallMaand geleden
  • Bring on April next year, when we will all be talking about all the cancelled races again and trying to find some big roll. As if 2021 will he normal, it could be worse so it's not worth getting excited about just yet. Fingers crossed it is better and we get to see all the races as usual .

    Mr KickbackMr KickbackMaand geleden
  • One of the reason WvA has more success on road this year than MvdP is that he has been riding more races. Tdf for instance.

    Henrik SHenrik SMaand geleden
    • @Fred Phlombey I know. That makes his performance even more impressive. :)

      Henrik SHenrik SMaand geleden
    • Wout is now a full time road rider; Mathieu isn't - he still mixes 3 disciplines.....

      Fred PhlombeyFred PhlombeyMaand geleden
  • What a showdown. Epic battle of the lowlands.

    SavageRivaleSavageRivaleMaand geleden
    • Flatland

      Jn wntJn wntMaand geleden
  • Clash of the Vans

    MrMJJ23MrMJJ23Maand geleden
    • The most exciting contest between two vans since the M25 slip road with the M4 at 7:30am today.

      Rover200PowerRover200PowerMaand geleden
    • And that in 'De Ronde VAN Vlaanderen'.

      warbwarbMaand geleden
  • watching wout v vdp sprint, and have been watching cycling for 32 years....I realised for the first time that 150m in a slow start sprint there is no chance to slip stream. Not enough road. There is no time and the guy on the wheel is giving away a bike length. Basically if its slowing down with 200m to go you roll alongside or you preempt and kick yourself.

    N LN LMaand geleden
    • i was wondering the whole time why wout was waiting so long, his advantage of his positioning was completely lost because of it

      Robert HoRobert HoMaand geleden
  • That sprint at the end got me at the edge of my seat! Both MVdP and WVA are a winner! I felt like ive won too!

    Holden McGroinHolden McGroinMaand geleden
  • wasn't mvdp wearing the same number as his pappy, too?

    PratalaxPratalaxMaand geleden
    • 51 --> That's Eddy's number!!!!!!!!

      Ingmar ThelenIngmar ThelenMaand geleden
    • yeah, 51. He said he didn't believe in that sort of thing before the race though afterwards he had a conversion

      Robert HoRobert HoMaand geleden
  • In a group ride it would be Van Aert fault. He would have said to the guys behind that a moto was near

    Alessandro MesquitaAlessandro MesquitaMaand geleden
    • @Alessandro Mesquita JA made himself crash. Victim blaming is appropriate here.

      Charlie DillonCharlie DillonMaand geleden
    • @Holden McGroin so you make people crash. Bravo

      Alessandro MesquitaAlessandro MesquitaMaand geleden
    • This is not a group ride, it’s a race

      Holden McGroinHolden McGroinMaand geleden
  • Motorcycles should be forever to pull over either in the grass, a side road or driveway. Doesn’t matter how wide the road is if the last person can’t see over a taller rider he shouldn’t have to be surprised when his view opens up to the back of a motorcycle. New rules needed for motorbikes.

    Pete DoylePete DoyleMaand geleden
    • @invergroovyexport why because I can read?

      Pete DoylePete DoyleMaand geleden
    • @Pete Doyle NERD ALERT! NERD ALERT!

      invergroovyexportinvergroovyexportMaand geleden
    • @invergroovyexport you mean 2.2.038 all drivers ( car and Moto) must respect the relevant provisions of highway code applicable to country of event. -drive in prudent manner to safeguard the safety of riders spectators and other vehicles. So you can stop on the road there? Seems safe. Edge of the road is still on the road.

      Pete DoylePete DoyleMaand geleden
    • @Pete Doyle You should maybe read the UCI rules.

      invergroovyexportinvergroovyexportMaand geleden
    • No. Still shouldn’t be stopping on the road. Common sense.

      Pete DoylePete DoyleMaand geleden
  • They were sprinting side by side for almost 200 meters. It makes me wonder, was van der Poel’s bike more aero?

    Per MarkestadPer MarkestadMaand geleden
    • Van der Poel responded immediately to WvA's surge. Wout never got a jump in the sprint.

      Charlie DillonCharlie DillonMaand geleden
    • @Gaius Julius Caesar Aero legs?

      Casper BakkerCasper BakkerMaand geleden
    • Bikes don't make the difference, legs do

      Gaius Julius CaesarGaius Julius CaesarMaand geleden
  • Yue miss that Majka goes to UAE Team Emirates

    plcnlc1plcnlc1Maand geleden
    • I did. I only saw that this morning and we recorded this last night. Good support for Pogačar! Dan

      GCN RacingGCN RacingMaand geleden
  • It seems Jumbo Visma have signed up Marianne Vos, Riejanne Markus and more for their womens team as well which given Lizzy Banks' horror story certainly gives some upside to women's cycling I guess. But after hearing her side, she has every right to be bitter about the proceedings.

    heliumtrophyheliumtrophyMaand geleden
  • What an exciting race this was! Great final sprint and a spectacular crash!

    SpiritCyclingSpiritCyclingMaand geleden
  • Bernard's frustration was so much, during both of their bike throws Bernard almost pure power wheelied his bike.

    Shubhan KShubhan KMaand geleden
  • Was a good Sunday viewing

    FinlayFinlayMaand geleden
    • One of the best Sunday's we can remember for a while!

      GCN RacingGCN RacingMaand geleden
  • The year has been a roller coaster for all of us mate

    Shubhan KShubhan KMaand geleden
  • This video was probably already recorded when the news came out but Jumbo Visma is starting a women team lead by Marianne Vos

    Guus PronkGuus PronkMaand geleden
    • announcement by the team background story in Dutch

      Peter SlegersPeter SlegersMaand geleden
    • Yes! We missed that by recording early, but it was a rumour for a long time, great to see it confirmed.

      GCN RacingGCN RacingMaand geleden
    • It was, yes, we did it last night. Dan

      GCN RacingGCN RacingMaand geleden
  • Regarding NTT, Paule Ka... How much does it cost to sponsor a team? World team or continental? Or any other types? Can GCN talk about this issue?

    Richard WittRichard WittMaand geleden
    • @mackiechang really? Seems really cheap compared to the cost of other things companies sponsor.

      murmamirr mohaimenmurmamirr mohaimenMaand geleden
    • 5-10 million

      mackiechangmackiechangMaand geleden
  • No, Alaphilippe my man. Though i have been roasting you for your recent mishaps it's sad that you weren't able to continue to in the race. So unfortunate. Having you on the lead makes the race fun.

    Louis Jay CaroLouis Jay CaroMaand geleden
    • @Henrik S You're right Henrik, how could I have forgotten Sagan!

      john hixjohn hixMaand geleden
    • @john hix I know what you mean. But there are others that are exiting too. Sagan though he has been out of it lately. WvA & MvdP are exiting.

      Henrik SHenrik SMaand geleden
    • ... and dangerous!

      Cyclo_furiousCyclo_furiousMaand geleden
    • His nervous, weaving style gets him into trouble far too often imo.

      Jojo HarperJojo HarperMaand geleden
    • @john hix Nah. You haven't seen enough MVDP races I suppose.

      Jonathan van GeunsJonathan van GeunsMaand geleden
  • The hottest September in world and Europe history has helped the mountains stay snowless. Please pollute more for cycling!

    GeneralArmorusGeneralArmorusMaand geleden
    • Yeah, slowless mountains are much faster.

      mrloopmrloopMaand geleden
  • Never before has a grandfather-father-son won a monument either, but Poulidor won a different monument.

    Korey StephensKorey StephensMaand geleden
    • @Robert Ho ya we all know that thanks bob

      James BarnesJames BarnesMaand geleden
    • @John Andrews fair enough

      Robert HoRobert HoMaand geleden
    • @Robert Ho Very true, but MVDP's blood has both men's blood and that's the point, although mislabelled.

      John AndrewsJohn AndrewsMaand geleden
    • adri is not Pouli's son though

      Robert HoRobert HoMaand geleden
  • Oh god it was good to be a dutchie this weekend

    MSc BijlesMSc BijlesMaand geleden
    • Hup Holland!!!!!

      Eben van HeerdenEben van HeerdenMaand geleden
    • I'm a Belgian...but I was really happy Vander Poel won...what an athlete (so is Van Aert for that matter)

      Bjorn SantensBjorn SantensMaand geleden
    • nevermind the covid surge yeah

      GeneralArmorusGeneralArmorusMaand geleden