#CivilTV: Welcome Home Bobby Shmurda

26 feb. 2021
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Welcome home #BobbyShmurda. Brooklyn's own Bobby Shmurda has touched down on his first home as Karen Civil & #CivilTV recaps his day from a family dinner with his mom, his first interview with GQ magazine and a private welcome home party with family & friends.
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Executive Produced by: Karen Civil
Shot By: Destiny Fulfilled
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  • 1:32 bruh manz looks just like quavo

    Star LilyStar Lily6 minuten geleden
  • Is dat quavo

    Star LilyStar Lily7 minuten geleden
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    Jessica TexasJessica Texas20 minuten geleden
  • The guards did not make the rules Bobby did

    King ace ArellanoKing ace Arellano3 uur geleden
  • Man Bobby was eatin good in prison

    SlideSlide13 uur geleden
  • Welcome home bro do u

    Sha,kim XSha,kim XDag geleden
  • Welcome home Bobby

    JES - ReXus`JES - ReXus`2 dagen geleden
  • Stay safe Brother

    ChristianX Z ownerChristianX Z owner2 dagen geleden
  • Le mec il n’a pas connu le Covid-19

  • How u got a mask on but u GANGSTA man am confuse about this

    NICK Da guyanese banditNICK Da guyanese bandit2 dagen geleden
  • Manz gotta get used to COVID tho

    txɪo FNΨtxɪo FNΨ2 dagen geleden
  • my nigga shmurda lookin like juice wrld, am i trippin?

    CometZCometZ3 dagen geleden
  • Yo tell me why he looks like beatlejuice

    Ashton GoodlingAshton Goodling3 dagen geleden
  • He’s back

    KanVien't EveelKanVien't Eveel4 dagen geleden
  • Got the dude sneakers...they should have got him the Qu'ran

  • Look at his company and their conversation...he is going right back to prison real soon.

    • Its all a show.....

      Beit IsraelBeit Israel3 dagen geleden
  • His dumb a*s will be back in prison within 2 years. They never learn.

  • القافله #شقلح

    محمد العوضمحمد العوض4 dagen geleden
  • Gangster 💯💯

    MehdiMehdi4 dagen geleden
  • Sad thing is that he wont change and will be in the statistics soon another gang victim

    Stan MboksStan Mboks5 dagen geleden
  • stay safe young brother ,i want to hear more music

  • Let my homies out the dog pound

    Swaggy PSwaggy P6 dagen geleden
  • Under the right care and guidance, he can help change the black community where he's from. I know mentally he can't still be the same after been in prison. I know and hope he wants to change other young men from following in his foot step and getting their freedom taken away. Was it worth it would be my question to him? Would he do it all again the exact same way, and if yes, why?...and if no, why? This is real life, not just a music video or movie.

    Teisha WoodsTeisha Woods6 dagen geleden
    • I also like what Fabulous said at the end.

      Teisha WoodsTeisha Woods6 dagen geleden
  • I wonder if they took his hat??

    myron Xmyron X6 dagen geleden
  • Quavo begging for a feature at this point lol

    AkadeProductionsAkadeProductions7 dagen geleden
  • Kendra JanaeeKendra Janaee7 dagen geleden
  • Bobby stuck in 2014 lmao

    Eibin SolizEibin Soliz7 dagen geleden
  • Welcome back Bobby and dang mans got big was skinny af and now hench af can’t wait for him to release the beast and show everyone he’s back but take your time my G get yourself sorted and had some time with the fam n extended fam

    tooner gamingtooner gaming7 dagen geleden

    CarterCarter7 dagen geleden
  • Welcome home Bobby hopefully he stay out of trouble

    The Chosen MemeThe Chosen Meme7 dagen geleden
  • What's the song at 2.50?

    Josh NelsonJosh Nelson8 dagen geleden
  • he said “i’ll be lightskin and jamaican before i go back” 😭😭😭

    Marcus PruittMarcus Pruitt8 dagen geleden
  • He'll be back in jail

    john Njohn N8 dagen geleden
    • not before he become lightskin and jamaican wit dreads

      phragmentphragment7 dagen geleden
  • how he was in prison for 7 years, and with 69 he recorded a video 3 years ago

    TurboXIITurboXII8 dagen geleden
  • The COMPLETE opposite of Takashi.

    Brian SmithBrian Smith8 dagen geleden
  • Big Ups to him getting out of jail but they was killing black people

    Lorrd HollisLorrd Hollis8 dagen geleden
  • You should get somebody to write for you as well

    Lorrd HollisLorrd Hollis8 dagen geleden
  • Ironically he looks better now than he did before being locked up

    Soso LawsonSoso Lawson9 dagen geleden
  • Not to hate but flexing money really have you seen your net worth xD

    MillixMillix9 dagen geleden
  • Welcome back shmurda

    朴实原创区怕天河靠iller方法朴实原创区怕天河靠iller方法9 dagen geleden
  • Come on man Bobby did 1 ok track your going to be disappointed thinking this man going to take over the game he’s wack

    Jarvis steadJarvis stead10 dagen geleden
  • “Hot boy” 🌞

    Ethan BentonEthan Benton10 dagen geleden
  • Anybody know them white high top Bobby rocking? They fire

    Excellence_ 85Excellence_ 8510 dagen geleden

    Paterne IgiranezaPaterne Igiraneza11 dagen geleden

    Paterne IgiranezaPaterne Igiraneza11 dagen geleden
  • 😂😂😂

    huseyin özhuseyin öz11 dagen geleden
  • Ce cocalari imputiti lol

    El AcmeEl Acme11 dagen geleden
  • Ayeee

    JosephJoseph11 dagen geleden
  • this man be highkey soundin like kodak💀

    em.em.11 dagen geleden
  • 👇🏾This how many times he said "know what I' m sayin"

    Tamia DonaisTamia Donais11 dagen geleden
  • Nuff respect ✊🏾 to da real ones!! WELCOME HOME KING 👑!!

    Eudes AndersonEudes Anderson12 dagen geleden
  • "Hot Boy" by Bobby murder

    SeanDaGo4tSeanDaGo4t12 dagen geleden
  • 0:11 the pilot in his cockpit, sneaky old man XD

    branchyapplebranchyapple12 dagen geleden
  • They literally dressed him in more money than a normal persons career

    2020 Re-Imagined2020 Re-Imagined12 dagen geleden
  • Why is Bobby looking like a tall beetle juice

    WHATWHAT12 dagen geleden
  • How everyone wants it when they get back from the pen

    Aaron BrownAaron Brown12 dagen geleden
  • Welcome Home Like the weight you put on Healthy 🇨🇴♥️

    Janine Frances HarriganJanine Frances Harrigan13 dagen geleden
  • Streets ain't dead til they kill Bobby Shmurda. God bless a n**ga who didn't fold.

    The PodhubThe Podhub13 dagen geleden
  • ahahaha,everyone in the rap industry wanna rock with this guy,because he served in jail and its a certified gangster.Everyone wants to be in a video with him and steal his fame somehow. I mean if he is a smart guy,he could just choose to select what is real or fake friends. I hope this guy just do his things and make music.

    全球反港狗联盟Fuck all Hong Cunts全球反港狗联盟Fuck all Hong Cunts13 dagen geleden
  • Mans thicker than a bowl of oatmeal now

    Siar EnraSiar Enra14 dagen geleden
  • I'm so happy bro miss u man nigaa

    The kidThe kid14 dagen geleden
  • Is it me or he sound DMX a lil bit ( #prayforDMX)

    Trevon JohnsonTrevon Johnson14 dagen geleden
  • Bobby back !! Eviction time for those fake ones

    Bane CushBane Cush14 dagen geleden

    ShinobibxnditsShinobibxndits14 dagen geleden
  • less go bobby let me get my cap

    doge devdoge dev14 dagen geleden
  • Ahora a por 6ixtinay

    joel vegajoel vega14 dagen geleden
  • He's gonna stay home watching vines 24/7

    Andi SpahiAndi Spahi15 dagen geleden
  • Bobby grow to a man in prison Not skinny anymore

    Mehmet BasaranMehmet Basaran15 dagen geleden
  • 7 years sheeesh

    jason biernierjason biernier15 dagen geleden
  • This man doesn't even speak English properly

    Detective PigeonDetective Pigeon15 dagen geleden
  • GS9

    Boss 971Boss 97115 dagen geleden
  • loyal towards his brothers god bless this young man....!!!

    pakhrin sudhirpakhrin sudhir16 dagen geleden
  • Mustache???

    Antman BOIAntman BOI16 dagen geleden
  • Quavo ft shmurda😎

    sergio weedsergio weed17 dagen geleden
  • This is what you call friends his Day1s are right there and made sure he was straight when he got out! Loyalty like this hard to come by these days ...

    lmfd7373lmfd737317 dagen geleden
    • Money talks man.

      Tom WTom W13 dagen geleden
    • FR

      Happy GenerouslyHappy Generously15 dagen geleden
  • Did she just say hot boy it’s hot nigga

    Joshua OvermanJoshua Overman17 dagen geleden
  • #W3lçøm3Høm3FaM

    Shawn Bartholow / LesserShawn Bartholow / Lesser17 dagen geleden
  • Real 💯

    Isaiah KannamoreIsaiah Kannamore18 dagen geleden
  • did he find the hat??

    I was born with MemesI was born with Memes18 dagen geleden
  • i garantie all gangs can't do anything in our areas Moroccans Cartel's

    MouadMouad18 dagen geleden
  • He will be back in no time... Hopefully he gives back to the community and spreads his wealth

    Sean BenghiatSean Benghiat18 dagen geleden
  • Yo Beetlejuice why u posing as bobby

    Theo personalTheo personal19 dagen geleden
  • Bobby Shmurda is the real king all new york 👑😎

    Kelvin HenriquezKelvin Henriquez19 dagen geleden
  • they filmed this like big homie a whole mafia boss got released LMAOOO

    HexHex19 dagen geleden
  • waited a lot

    rahul Barotrahul Barot19 dagen geleden
  • Hahaha. He falling for the okey dokey again. You can't fix stupid.

    Jah SenorJah Senor19 dagen geleden
  • my best singer came out bobby shmurda desde columbia

    geovanny valenciiageovanny valenciia20 dagen geleden
  • Hes fat

    Blaxodus SopraelasBlaxodus Sopraelas20 dagen geleden
  • Welcome home king of NY

    VE-brothVE-broth20 dagen geleden
  • Sub to my channel!!!

    StewdentMusicStewdentMusic21 dag geleden
  • Dude not even tryna make music he knows he washed now

    zextruhzextruh21 dag geleden
  • People act like he was the most fire rapper ever. One and half records and seven years in prison. Young MA got more records then him and NOBODY cares.

    Saint KupoSaint Kupo21 dag geleden
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    Ielts Help centerIelts Help center21 dag geleden
  • Ahora todos quieren cantar con bobby jsjajaj

    ianbenitez Officialianbenitez Official22 dagen geleden
  • The outstanding hyena corroboratively boil because brow analytically dream but a flippant patient. long, long-term stepson

    Suns10RuleSuns10Rule22 dagen geleden
  • yo how a jamaican loooking at di vid

    blazer qexyblazer qexy22 dagen geleden
  • Welcome home!!

    Christina DaviesChristina Davies22 dagen geleden
  • Surveillance in plain sight at it’s finest.

    Colby Got CarsColby Got Cars23 dagen geleden
  • Love how he keeping that Mask Strapped!! Welcome home yo'!!!

    DeNae' BambolinaDeNae' Bambolina23 dagen geleden
  • I was 1 year old wen you went to jail

    Kash MONEY KINGSTONKash MONEY KINGSTON23 dagen geleden