Chris Confronts Tammy's Boyfriend Jerry | 1000-lb Sisters

15 feb. 2021
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  • When yo man loves junk food more than you, girl... RUN

    andhg cgandhg cg15 minuten geleden
  • So I guess everything is Jerry's fault now. Tammy has been unable to get her own food for years and they have stuffed her. Jerry shows up and now they have someone to blame? This is crazy they should be more worried about him being married and having so many kids. He likes big women but he did think she was this bad off. The last thing Tanmy needs is a relationship she needs to work on her. People think very obese people can't have sex and get pregnant and that's not true. If Tammy is having relations with him and gets pregnant that can kill her. This is very serious and they are playing games it's not funny or cute.

    Leasa HartLeasa HartUur geleden
  • Tam(my) & Jerry- I-

    rea kurea ku4 uur geleden
  • Jerry has a Fat fetish.

    Chetan OimbeChetan Oimbe4 uur geleden
  • Brothas sure luv biiiiiiig white girls

    175elias175elias4 uur geleden

    dahyun bibimbapdahyun bibimbap7 uur geleden
  • Each Like equates to how many other woman Jerry is sleeping with

    Phifty nicPhifty nic9 uur geleden
  • As a brother to two sisters , I feel where he is coming from!

    Colten WalkerColten Walker9 uur geleden
  • Jerry got his Jamaica shirt on🤪

    Ashley WatsonAshley Watson10 uur geleden
  • When Chris started cracking up he gave me chucky vibes when he laughs 😂☠💯

    Leann AlizaidanLeann Alizaidan10 uur geleden
  • lol this is so funny

    Lillexi SlaygirlLillexi Slaygirl12 uur geleden
  • If u live junk food fine. Just don’t eat it in front of Tammy

    m dkm dk13 uur geleden
  • Jerry looks like badger brom breaking bad if he put on 200 pounds and smoked 3 packs of cigs a day

    Rylan MartinRylan Martin14 uur geleden
  • Someone in the comments said Jerry look like a healthy crackhead, Im weak😂😭

    lI Unknown IllI Unknown Il14 uur geleden
  • Honestly, I think Jerry is better for Tammy than her family. First, the family had been enabling this long before Jerry. My problem with how the family approaches it is that they are too forceful and strict; addicts (we’ve all been one at some point) tend to shut down when someone tries to force their change, because they’re taking what has always been a source of comfort. Jerry, however, (and this is based off vibes and interpretation) seems like he gives just enough to keep her from shutting down. When he says she’s sometimes hard-headed, that means to me that he cuts it down at least to some degree.

    Derek HoltDerek Holt14 uur geleden
  • Lol black dudes are the best

    Bret HarleyBret Harley17 uur geleden
  • He tryna kill her ass by over feeding and secure that bag🐐🐐🐐🚀🚀🚀

    RIPPERRIPPER17 uur geleden
  • You gonna want a refund lmao

    Lucas McEvoyLucas McEvoy17 uur geleden
  • *tea.*

    _junie bug__junie bug_18 uur geleden
  • Get jerry outa here. Cant you like. Take the gunt off with a garrote or somethin.

    Malicious MuppetMalicious Muppet18 uur geleden
  • God bless Chris. A brother everyone needs.

    The Wisconsin FilesThe Wisconsin Files20 uur geleden
  • Tf he meant by what bring you to this part of the cornfield👀🤣💀 I felt some type of way but i also see his concern with his sister

    candy richcandy rich21 uur geleden
  • Does anyone else notice this guy seems to like to be on tv? thats why he is with her !!

    Kasa BonikaKasa Bonika21 uur geleden
  • Is he from Jamaica 🇯🇲

    itsyoboy rickitsyoboy rick23 uur geleden
  • dang. You guys really dont like jerry...

    Moses WeatherwaxMoses Weatherwax23 uur geleden
  • I didn’t know they lived in Kentucky ✋🏼

    Anastasiya LewisAnastasiya Lewis23 uur geleden
  • This is so awkward

    Tiffany WalkerTiffany Walker23 uur geleden
  • It must smell so bad in that house

    WildernesswolffWildernesswolffDag geleden
  • Jerry is skinny as a stick.

    michael murillomichael murilloDag geleden
  • He's married.

    Chicken PermissionChicken PermissionDag geleden
  • isn't the bf married?

    Sidin' With BidenSidin' With BidenDag geleden
  • Chris: so why you dating my sistah Jerry: Imma going to the store

    Ryan MeurerRyan MeurerDag geleden
  • Chris we know it's not tammy's fault she gained the weight. It's every body around her. They force feed her large amounts of junk food. And although this is Jerry's first time ever visiting Tammy he did it to her the worst. GTFOH

    Sheena ThomasSheena ThomasDag geleden
  • that brothers staving

    Cooper RoyCooper RoyDag geleden
  • Chris is the real MVP sticking up for his sister like that!

    MikailaMikailaDag geleden
  • They both look a hot mess.

    Black Media MomentsBlack Media MomentsDag geleden
  • The whole snow storm he been warm💀

    Dyterrian RaineyDyterrian RaineyDag geleden
  • Naw its not up to Jerry its up to tammy but I get what he's saying if she knows her fate this she needs to get with it, now Jerry can support her or encourage her but if she not willing to change thats on her.

    Entertain me im bored pleaseEntertain me im bored pleaseDag geleden
  • This man does not like extremely morbidly obese women he is just along for the free food!!

    lite brite 27lite brite 27Dag geleden
  • i wAnT tHe bEsT fOr tAmMY

  • @ 0:30 the look Jerry giving Tammy because she burped so loud & then her brother Chris walks in 😅😂😂😂had me weak af!

    Hadzf SHadzf SDag geleden
  • Ewwwww u have to be thirsty God level to be with a person that weights over 600 pounds

    Uncle RuckusUncle RuckusDag geleden
  • White girls in america only accept a black men when there fat or when he's rich

    zach ezach eDag geleden
  • Apart from the sentimental drama what is this girl doing for getting better???? As far as I can see she is even worse than before!!!!!

    Marren PinkMarren PinkDag geleden
  • Love this dude chris

    Rodolfo PeralesRodolfo PeralesDag geleden
  • People people Jerry is not a Yardman, I do not know where he got that Jamaican T-shirt. Yardmen do not live like that.

    Beast TitanBeast TitanDag geleden
  • Chris is my favorite he’s a good bro

    Marilyn MeyerMarilyn MeyerDag geleden
  • Bruh that man gonna turn anorexic being with that family

    Larry the lobsterLarry the lobster2 dagen geleden
  • Jerry just got here. Making it seem like he’s keeping her fat is absurd.

    Adonis UnchainedAdonis Unchained2 dagen geleden
  • Fun fact he’s actually r Kelly’s cousin

    Black JewBlack Jew2 dagen geleden
  • Honestly Chris is amazing 🙂

    Emily DollEmily Doll2 dagen geleden
  • Hi Tammy, Amy, and Chris, I want to let you know how brave and incredible I think all of you are for showing the world your daily struggles with life. Your weight problems are not entirely all your fault. All of you can succeed in your goals to lose weight and live more active healthier lives. Even you Tammy. I know you get your weights worth of shame and hate from idiots out there. Remember they are idiots that do not know you at all. I see your hurt and your struggle. I also see how smart you are and how much love you have to give to anyone worthy. I am sure you get loads of advice about the weight loss. It is hard but not impossible. I know because I helped my husband lose about 100 pounds after failed open heart surgery. He could not exercise at all. The doctors were fed up and frustrated with his progress and had a very bleak outlook for his survival beyond a few years. He has kept that weight off for 4 years now and has resolved some of his life threatening heart issues. He had to make changes in his habits but once he did, he was all in and has not looked backed. His weight was 287 when they put him in cardiac surgery in 2015. 2 years later he was 185, his ideal weight. He was 180 this morning, Feb 23, 2021. If you would like to learn how we did that for each other, please message me and we will contact you with details. You can email me at People that you do not know love you and look up to you. Please show them that nothing is impossible when we put our minds together for the common good. May you find blessings everywhere.

    Katrina BoucherKatrina Boucher2 dagen geleden
  • Well I learned that they all live in Kentucky and it honestly doesn’t surprise me because there’s obese people everywhere here.💀

    Sanatic PlaysSanatic Plays2 dagen geleden
  • Jerry probably needs a greencard 📗.

    Jerome EvansJerome Evans2 dagen geleden
  • Take that Jamaica 🇯🇲shirt off breda Not the publicity we looking for. #one love thou 👏

    Jerome EvansJerome Evans2 dagen geleden
  • So he can’t eat what he want to bc she’s on a diet tf ??

    Carley MarshallCarley Marshall2 dagen geleden
  • He love fat girls

    Jack Lew kee22Jack Lew kee222 dagen geleden
  • why the hell am i watching this

    Sufri HSufri H2 dagen geleden
    • This was recommended to me.

      Armadillo HamsterArmadillo HamsterDag geleden
  • *Oh I've been waiting for this one*

    I'm just a fan of Gorillaz THE FIRSTI'm just a fan of Gorillaz THE FIRST2 dagen geleden
  • chris needs to bodyslam jerry

    rosette taprosette tap2 dagen geleden
  • This CANNOT be real. Like holy shit.

    FAT BLUNTFAT BLUNT2 dagen geleden
  • 400 pound man approaching 100 pound jerry: maybe you weren't here for her putting on the extra 600 pounds, but whether she succeeds or fails is still completely on you. your dietary habits are screwing this up, and i might get violent if we have to talk about your screwups again. enjoy your new girlfriend like sir please do not be issuing threats when you'd be thwarted by a slow jog

    superspoonsuperspoon2 dagen geleden
  • 400 pound man approaching 100 pound jerry: she hasn't shown any motivation to do this on her own whatsoever, and I am about 50 pounds away from requiring a walker, myself so you can see how this is all your fault

    superspoonsuperspoon2 dagen geleden
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Sheena ThomasSheena ThomasDag geleden
  • 400 pound man approaching 100 pound jerry: i don't want any bad influences on my sister's health

    superspoonsuperspoon2 dagen geleden
  • i don't really watch the show but can someone burn all jerry's shirts with caribbean flags on it

    A JA J2 dagen geleden
  • This shit is not funny, it’s kinda depressing

    Jesus DamianJesus Damian2 dagen geleden
  • Tammy is a grown-up woman. She needs to have willpower herself, let's not put all the pressure on Jerry.

    I Am ChosenI Am Chosen2 dagen geleden
  • as he should

    thedaperthedaper2 dagen geleden
  • Wow I guess opposites really do attract, that man built like a pencil and she built like a water buffalo

    Steven JacksonSteven Jackson2 dagen geleden
  • Where sis meet him at ? He seem suspect 🤔

    Pa'Aliyah GrangerPa'Aliyah Granger2 dagen geleden
  • how tf tammy get so fat

    Alec RomeroAlec Romero2 dagen geleden
  • Love chris great brother he tells it as it is

    Diane RobertsDiane Roberts2 dagen geleden
  • That feeling of not liking someone but they live in YOUR home is unreal

    Legend 27Legend 272 dagen geleden
    • Sounds like my dad talking about me :))

      Owen WhiteheadOwen Whitehead14 uur geleden
  • Jerry's face when Tammy burps at 0:30 😂

    Tessa WoodenTessa Wooden2 dagen geleden
  • Is it racist to point out that black guys seem to have a thing for morbidly obese white women?

    Kapn KrumpKapn Krump2 dagen geleden
    • @Kapn Krump it is not, it is lowering our stock

      homerun !homerun !15 uur geleden
  • Jerry is a POS

    kalebkaleb3 dagen geleden
  • "you might need refund" LMFOOO

    holly johnsholly johns3 dagen geleden
  • Damn how desperate must Jerry have to be lmao

    Zack BeguelinZack Beguelin3 dagen geleden
  • This shit is so staged. How can y’all not see that?

    Pumpkin SeedsPumpkin Seeds3 dagen geleden
  • Chris said that so intelligently.

    Jess ZornJess Zorn3 dagen geleden
  • oh so he wasn’t gunna carry the bag of Cheetos with him ? iight den

    Just TonieJust Tonie3 dagen geleden
  • One day he wears a Trinbago jersey the next a Jamaican? 🤨

    ; The Tongue Of Angels; The Tongue Of Angels3 dagen geleden
  • That burp took me out!! They know the camera people could’ve cut that out!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Tamya EvansTamya Evans3 dagen geleden
  • Munching on them cheese puffs 😆

    Mr. E.O.MMr. E.O.M3 dagen geleden
  • Jerry has zero personality. None, nada, zilch!

    lyndim100lyndim1003 dagen geleden
  • this man needs to stop seeing Tammy!

    Laura RadomskiLaura Radomski3 dagen geleden
  • lol tammy is fat

    SkooterKooterSkooterKooter3 dagen geleden
  • Fake

    MrCoreyp1989MrCoreyp19893 dagen geleden

    Amber GroonAmber Groon3 dagen geleden
  • People need to realize that Chris has REALIZED HOW the entire family has been an enabler for Tammy. He’s trying to fix that and change things now, so stop calling him a hypocrite. He’s trying to prevent what they did to Tammy to continue. HES ACTUALLY TRYING TO HELP.

    MiraclesandchancesMiraclesandchances3 dagen geleden
  • Chris and jerry piss me off

    Mayed.AMayed.A3 dagen geleden
  • I know one thing; Tammy needs to get it together. Amy has a plan for her Life. She needs to have one for hers. Amy is getting tired of her. She has the right to put her own family first now.

    Debra WilliamsDebra Williams3 dagen geleden
  • It is up to Tammy to stay on her diet. she is responsible for her own weight and well being. She is not a Child!

    Debra WilliamsDebra Williams3 dagen geleden
    • Exactly, yet everybody in the comments says it's Jerry's fault. I doubt he's ever coming back when he leaves. And Tammy can thank her enablers/family

      Sheena ThomasSheena ThomasDag geleden
  • i wish people would notice that tammy’s probably struggling mentally too

  • Jerry looks like the soul guy-

    Axsthetical•MxdridAxsthetical•Mxdrid3 dagen geleden
  • I hate Jerry. You can just tell what he's all about, it's the huge elephant in the room.

    J SJ S4 dagen geleden
  • Tammy and Jerry’s relationship is so toxic

    Evermore_ SpamsEvermore_ Spams4 dagen geleden
  • The guy look like a old Rkelly 🤣😂

    stay realstay real4 dagen geleden
  • How he hitting how desperate can you be.. she got to be giving him loot

    JD Fitness & NutritionJD Fitness & Nutrition4 dagen geleden
    • I really don’t understand how it’s physically possible for her to have sex. She is so big and so limited in her mobility- I don’t see how they can find a position that actually works

      Lemon limeLemon lime55 minuten geleden
    • She must have that good gawk gawk 9000

      MxzxhMxzxh9 uur geleden
    • @김이모 plus sized um u gonna have to add a couple of pluses and sprinkle some health issues while u at lol

      delto asukadelto asuka10 uur geleden
    • I can't figure out the logistics of it..

      Shannon WilliamsonShannon WilliamsonDag geleden
    • @Cayla Clanton She can't have sex at this size. She can barely move around. He's in for the money and publicity.

      argybeeargybeeDag geleden
  • Jerry seems really sweet and listens

    Randy MarshiiRandy Marshii4 dagen geleden