Chip feat. Young Adz & Young MA - Lumidee | GRM Daily

14 jan. 2021
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  • Louis v bag straight from Milan? LV is french, Paris. Lyric makes no sense

    Hidden GrimeHidden GrimeDag geleden
    • @Hidden Grime bro you’re deeping it too much relax

      HiHiDag geleden
    • @Hi yh but if it’s gone from Paris to Milan then it’s not ‘straight from’ isit?

      Hidden GrimeHidden GrimeDag geleden
    • You can still buy it in Milan?

      HiHiDag geleden
  • Am just here becos of Young M.A ,and she killed it big time

    Okpor WealthOkpor Wealth5 dagen geleden
  • Young ma jus

    Calvin alphaCalvin alpha5 dagen geleden
  • Pussy spec-tac-ular 🔥🥶

  • They must’ve paid a lot for this blue haired girl, bare screen time

    Akinsola SalamiAkinsola Salami7 dagen geleden
  • If you don’t know the start of this song from broken silence then🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🔥🔥

    Amber FieldAmber Field8 dagen geleden
  • Why does young ma dress like that 🤔🤔🤔

    dont know udont know u8 dagen geleden
    • She’s lesbian

      HiHiDag geleden
  • They both lucky to be working with adz

    Unknown SUnknown S9 dagen geleden
  • Yong yo your adz I wish u are my brother

    Razia BegumRazia Begum10 dagen geleden
  • YOUNG ADZ my guy! 100% Badass.

    DODIZDODIZ10 dagen geleden
  • 02:31 yung adz is when your guy gets his first wine at a party 😂🤣

    HT MUSICHT MUSIC14 dagen geleden
  • imagine 50cent on this

    Smol PupperSmol Pupper14 dagen geleden
  • what a tune!

    Smol PupperSmol Pupper15 dagen geleden
  • Who’s pumping this up in their car 😂😂

    BillyBilly15 dagen geleden
  • All of them dont disappoint 👌

    Ben SwannBen Swann16 dagen geleden

    DJ GREED D. GHOSTDJ GREED D. GHOST16 dagen geleden
  • broken silence ... deep

    Doni BrascoDoni Brasco18 dagen geleden
  • Only true ones know about Lumidee

    Queen NubiaQueen Nubia18 dagen geleden
  • UK girls or US girls Like= UK girls comment= US girls

    Albin GeorgeAlbin George18 dagen geleden
  • I said let me see if my baby lumidee is in this video smh

    rubski 1978rubski 197818 dagen geleden
  • Where is this instrumental from? I've heard that melody before. I'm talking about the flute sound, not the Lumidee ad-lib

    K AhmedK Ahmed18 dagen geleden
  • this song is legit banger. young adz hook is so cold

    slicer 4lifeslicer 4life20 dagen geleden
  • Young ma and young adz yes finely

    MoegotitMoegotit23 dagen geleden
  • Im surprised the women have clothes on and are not twerking well done very refreshing as not everyone enjoys watching that crap. Decent vid good tune

    LeahLeah23 dagen geleden
  • Dirtbike Lb is so underrated, like do collabs with him, ps i luvv young adz too

    Lakatos ZsanettLakatos Zsanett23 dagen geleden

    D Block EditsD Block Edits24 dagen geleden
  • Need to remake the song add Lumidee she should have been in the video facts✌

    luisa ramirezluisa ramirez25 dagen geleden
  • Young ma was not at the same location,(she's in the USA) the edit is so wavey to make it look like that,same camera ,settings etc 💯🔥

    Rewind NRewind N25 dagen geleden
  • Give Adz his verse man. Why keep him just fot the hook .

    himatvir singhhimatvir singh26 dagen geleden
  • young adz abuses auto tune way too much i hate his songs LOML is the only one i can listen to

    Kieran BennionKieran Bennion27 dagen geleden
  • Hardest Tune Out This Year 💯🔥🔥🔥

    Itzz NinoItzz Nino27 dagen geleden
  • The Broken Silence sample 🔥

    Alexander ThompsonAlexander Thompson28 dagen geleden
  • This song 🎧 🎵 🎶 is gonna go places

    chris eganchris egan29 dagen geleden
  • Anyone know what the hoodie adz is wearing is?

    DethxpaloDethxpalo29 dagen geleden
  • 💥💥💥💥💥

    KhasperKhasper29 dagen geleden
  • sample?

    loveisaremdyloveisaremdy29 dagen geleden
  • Gang

    Lewisham MenaceLewisham MenaceMaand geleden
  • So Solid sample.

    hello150hello150Maand geleden
  • did i see amber rose

    4fred44fred4Maand geleden
  • Future's pissed he never thought of this instrumental 🤞😂

    SunnySunnyMaand geleden
  • young adz spittin fire

    alhussein binmahfouzalhussein binmahfouzMaand geleden
  • fredo and daves song passed this in views in 3 days

    Jayden Herbert 7Jayden Herbert 7Maand geleden
  • Young ma looks like ADZ lil sister

    Chaz BeatsChaz BeatsMaand geleden
  • Real OG’s will know the background tune from So Solid Crew - Broken Silence and Lumidee - Never Leave You(Uh Oh) both 2003 era

    R JR JMaand geleden
  • broken silence sample uno da ting this collab is levels tho

    therealistjdmtherealistjdmMaand geleden
  • How you going to ruin this legendary beat with some autotuned hook

    Usmaan RafiqUsmaan RafiqMaand geleden
  • Loving the so solid crew sample broken silence

    Benjamin LewisBenjamin LewisMaand geleden
  • You might end up in the club when you should be at home 🔥🏆

    C'LAVIEEC'LAVIEEMaand geleden
  • The song underrated af

    Moso MoMoso MoMaand geleden
  • Power of the pen The artistry is real Evolving and evolving the sound ....

    LuMinaryNERDLuMinaryNERDMaand geleden
  • Young adz fucking floated on this

    O GO GMaand geleden
  • It’s high time Young Adz feature w/ High quality USA rappers! Adz x lil durk would be fireee

    Mayoo xoMayoo xoMaand geleden
  • 🔥🔥🔥 Fanatix

    Troy GoldieTroy GoldieMaand geleden
  • Yo what’s the blue hair tings @👀????🤦🏿

    JaydenJaydenMaand geleden
  • Her name young M.A not young MA

    Brian ShikabiBrian ShikabiMaand geleden
  • When Em gives you props and features you then you're special Young MA is a bad ass bitch

    SteveSteveMaand geleden
  • You know you come first like the rent do

    carltin omollocarltin omolloMaand geleden
  • Bro the instrumental of so solid. Is a 10 from me amazing

    Koray KayaKoray KayaMaand geleden
  • young ma make the perfect lyrics for this beat

    T.2drippyT.2drippyMaand geleden
  • Why dies LB never come on a private project with young adz, only young adz does music alone with other ppl

    Thunder StormThunder StormMaand geleden
  • This is ridiculous the uk is catching up and will soon surpass america if we keep producing this type of music.

    Jevon Adu-walkerlaneJevon Adu-walkerlaneMaand geleden
  • blue hair girl bad tho ngl

    Enrique ManjarrezEnrique ManjarrezMaand geleden
  • So solid crew broken silence love this song but why ruin a classic 😢

    Layla MonaghanLayla MonaghanMaand geleden
  • Guys: oh yeah the gyaldem be peng asf **Young MA enters** Guys: This is who we came for

    Be mi naeBe mi naeMaand geleden
  • MA SMOKE THATTTTT❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ALL MA FANS

    Daniel VkingDaniel VkingMaand geleden
  • I thought I was logging into Runescape at the start

    Dan-Glee SchlongDan-Glee SchlongMaand geleden
  • Young MA KILLED IT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Chips work rate this year already is undefeated, GOAT in the scene

    Tom QuickTom QuickMaand geleden
  • One of the girls looks like Lumidee

    Lucy MaynardLucy MaynardMaand geleden
  • Want to know names of these girlsssss on IG😫

    Riccardo VallongoRiccardo VallongoMaand geleden
  • Yes 🙌🏾 big link up! 🔥🔥🔥

    betta danbetta danMaand geleden
  • I already forgot this song existed lmao

    August 25thAugust 25thMaand geleden
  • Yes Matisse killing it

    Eden SmithEden SmithMaand geleden
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Marissa FMarissa FMaand geleden
  • Young Ma doing bits

    Tom WaterhouseTom WaterhouseMaand geleden
  • So Solid broken silence beat in the beginning I do miss that beat

    wab rahmanwab rahmanMaand geleden
  • Drinking my favorite rum!! Añejo 7 años Havana club! The best

    ReyCuban TvReyCuban TvMaand geleden
  • Everyone go show luv to my new tune CT bop 🥶

    CTS MixtapesCTS MixtapesMaand geleden
  • 10/10💯💯💯📸🔥

    Badminton FitnessBadminton FitnessMaand geleden
  • Camera 📸 quality is 😍🔥💯

    Badminton FitnessBadminton FitnessMaand geleden
  • They should have left this beat for something else 🤦🏽‍♂️ original is sick aswel so solid crew

    mohammed asammohammed asamMaand geleden
  • this ELITE trio was one we never wanted!!!.... but the one we needed!!! 🥵💯

    E NE NMaand geleden

    LaazrGamingLaazrGamingMaand geleden
    • So Solid - Broken Silence was so much more meaningful. This version is better for the bass but the lyrics are so shallow.

      Anime AimeAnime Aime15 dagen geleden
    • Original pisses on so solid 🔥

      Billey TaylorBilley Taylor26 dagen geleden
    • Original is way better.

      NoireNoireMaand geleden
    • So solid

      Owem SmithOwem SmithMaand geleden
    • Broken silence

      Sam GylesSam GylesMaand geleden
  • Im a Stormy'z fan and now i see why his not responding this guy versatile as hell

    George WilsonGeorge WilsonMaand geleden
  • Got that so solid crew sample 👀

    Louise MurrayLouise MurrayMaand geleden
  • ma nigga go slide but .........

    GTX 11GTX 11Maand geleden
  • Chips one of my favourite rappers and can't lie only just heard of this Young Ma but think she definitely shone brightest woii 🔥

    KayKayMaand geleden
  • Adz never fails. Like he never fails

    Fax No capFax No capMaand geleden
  • Who else thought the melody was straight outta shrek🤣🤣DONT LIE

    Phantom BeatsPhantom BeatsMaand geleden
  • Young MA Killed this song!!!

    Richmond OpuniRichmond OpuniMaand geleden
  • Can someone drop the girl with blue hair insta

    jjk tjjk tMaand geleden
  • Young MA, knew had to give this tune a listen 💯 % she is amazing

    DM TabrarDM TabrarMaand geleden
  • We need more UK🤝🏽US

    Leekz 1oLeekz 1oMaand geleden
  • 👎🏻

    YouTube Gotyallpeggin4subzlksNshitlmaodamshameYouTube Gotyallpeggin4subzlksNshitlmaodamshameMaand geleden
  • That broken silence sample👀

    Skoramusic22Skoramusic22Maand geleden
  • Young maaaaaaaaaaaa

    Minah Vlogs XOXOMinah Vlogs XOXOMaand geleden
  • Whos the bad B with the blue hair 🥶

    OfficialMitchOfficialMitchMaand geleden
    • @Jadelaurice

      Young wipper SnapperYoung wipper SnapperMaand geleden
  • Nobody was better for this hook than young adz fits perfect

    David BalogunDavid BalogunMaand geleden
    • What about if it was Dappy or not3s 😎

      Music SnippetsMusic SnippetsMaand geleden
  • ‘Every gyal want to wuk affi me’ ah big tune dat

    Joel AshleyJoel AshleyMaand geleden
  • Yes yes one love👌Yong adz 29 🖤👊

    Yogi BearYogi BearMaand geleden