Chelsea SACK Frank Lampard! 'Chelsea recruitment a poisoned chalice for Lampard' - Laurens | ESPN FC

25 jan. 2021
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ESPN FC's Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens react to the breaking news that Chelsea have sacked Frank Lampard with immediate effect. Chelsea are also expected to announce former PSG and Borussia Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel to replace him. Laurens believes Frank Lampard's £200 million summer spending spree in the transfer market was a poisoned chalice for the former Chelsea player. Lampard brought in many new faces in the summer including Timo Werner and Kai Havertz from the Bundesliga, both of which has struggled to adjust to the Premier League. Chelsea sit in ninth in the Premier League and haven't won a game in five, with Wolverhampton Wanderers their next opponents.
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  • Lets face it Tuchel will be a one season wonder like Sarri or Conte while Lampard wins trophies in Scotland in Celtic and then come back to West London and have success there. So yeah- Chelsea will be ok and just be Tuchel's fanboys until he loses 3 games in a row in 2023 after winning the Prem and the Europa league. He was a good interim and if I was him I would have let that be an interim job, go back to the lower leagues or abroad (eg: Celtic) and then build the way back to that. He came when the club was in need of a fresh face, confidence and a morale boost. Lampard did that job. He should have left and searched for somewhere else to build up to a permanent employment at Chelsea instead of another interim stint. Lampard took a risk and failed. So what? Mistakes happen... Now Celtic will be calling, he should go and be a winner there. Challenge Gerrard at Rangers and maybe even beat him. Celtic need a manger like him and with some experts around the guy- he could be the next big thing to come out of Glasgow since Dockers Strikes, SNP MPs and The Proclaimers! He knows the basics well, he trusts in youth and he likes a rebuilding job proven at both Chelsea and Derby. He can do it! He would bring Celtic into a new age that they haven't had since the 1960s! He may not be world class at the moment and need a morale boost but that's what Celtic would provide: experience and a moral boost for both the squad and the players. *CELTIC GIVE THE MAN THE CHANCE AND THE FUNDS AND HE'LL BE 20x BETTER THAN GERRARD!*

    Rory BlessingtonRory BlessingtonMaand geleden
  • The only coach I regret Chelsea loosing is Di Manto and Conte

  • Arsenal fan here, People always criticized him for playing Mason Mount but through their poor run of form, there were few players who put in effort, Mount, Pulisic, CHO but he was always inconsistent thus being in and out of the squad, Mendy was quite good as well but the rest of the players however talented and good they were, they put in little to no effort, Feel sorry for Frank but the players should also be held accountable

    Charles MuhireCharles MuhireMaand geleden
  • ClasslessFC strikes again. This time instead of more oil and N0vich0k, more a of a homegrown player's head for that personalised touch

    netweed09netweed09Maand geleden
  • I dont like Thomas Tuchel at all as Chelsea manager.I hate him.

    Ali BabarAli BabarMaand geleden
    • @Abdi I support Chelsea and I have my own standards with regard to a Chelsea manager.I would have Rafa Benitez or Maurizio Sarri back as Chelsea manager rather than Thomas Tuchel who is not special

      Ali BabarAli Babar10 dagen geleden
    • @Ali Babar no one cares what u like or don't like. Go support arsenal or united plastic

      AbdiAbdi10 dagen geleden
    • @Abdi I still dont like him as he is not my cup of tea as I am a fan of managers like Ancelotti and I dont like managers such as Pep Guardiola and only like Jose Mourinho.

      Ali BabarAli Babar10 dagen geleden
    • @Ali Babar where are u now?? Clown

      AbdiAbdi10 dagen geleden
    • @Lauriston Smith No I think he is not at all suitable for Chelsea.I am a Chelsea fan so dont want any bad manager for my club.

      Ali BabarAli BabarMaand geleden
  • Frank Lampard was great as a Chelsea manager.I love him.He should have stayed until the end of the season.

    Ali BabarAli BabarMaand geleden
  • I'm just amazed at tone everyone has towards this. If this was Ole getting fired I guarantee it would be an "its about time" attitude taken towards this. Just shows how bias these analysts are.

    KayodeKayodeMaand geleden
  • Poor frank

    D2xD2xMaand geleden
  • Lampard deserves the sack by Chelsea. Acting like Top manager . Go back to Derby and stay there for 5 years than come back . No Premier league will want to take him now.

    Tamil MaranTamil MaranMaand geleden
  • Frank is great, but his style was flawed. He's a hard working guy, so i'd expect this time off to reflect and reinvent his strategy would do him well. Things like these you can't do whilst preparing for a game every week. He will come back in a few years for a second, and even better stint i'm sure.

    spoots1234spoots1234Maand geleden
  • "I wasn't expecting it because I WAS TOLD not to expect it" hahaha the way followers without own thoughts talk

    Rodrigo Gil FloresRodrigo Gil FloresMaand geleden
  • Chelsea has failed their fans by sacking lampard 🤦🏽‍♂️

    masroor mallickmasroor mallickMaand geleden
  • Look at the beginning I had faith in lampard But week in and week out he never had a starting 11 always using difrent players ..was using players out of position..always using same tactic with the back passes ..doing wrong subs sometimes ..Chelsea never were a creative team It was just to frustrating to watch ...I feel bad he had to go ..but feeling bad ain’t gonna get u results I love u as a player ..but too early to manage a big club like Chelsea ...ur welcome back when u get more experience...thanks u legend

    2.0t2.0tMaand geleden
  • You can't turn Chelsea into Mason mount fc and expect not to get the sack.

    Revolutionary LeaderRevolutionary LeaderMaand geleden
  • Frank was great player and a club icon, obviously. But his inexperience was also obvious. He could only do so much relying on motivating young players to produce results. His favoritism toward young players over more experienced players, who helped him to top 4 finish last season, was his own undoing. His tendency to play fast and hard all the time, but no clear sense of tactics, wore out players unnecessarily. Like it or not, club like Chelsea don't give anyone time to experiment. He's still young and can grow from his experience. He may turn out to be a great manager someday. Good luck to him.

    Soljer BlueSoljer BlueMaand geleden
  • In Human Yes Frank Lampard is the same as Thomas Tuchel But Tactical Certainly He is not, was too greedy to accepted that Job, it's like kid from Elementary school trying to teach Rocket science in University huh, doesn't work like that. Definitely need more experience find small Teams from kazakhstan Myanmar maybe Yes Yes India since been colonized by British, nothing to loose mmmmm Remember do a favour to yourself Don't use verbal fight with a Player in a lockeroom absolutely unprofessional. Don't bite What You can chew. Sorry Lampard mmmm maybe not but next time DON'T LET THE SAME DOG BITE YOU TWICE🤔😂😂😂

    Simba MotomotoSimba MotomotoMaand geleden
  • The fact LampsHard refused to resign, after 300k spent FOR HIS CHOOSEN PLAYERS, running this team into the ground without even a Europa spot in sight, and Chelsea dolts are like...GiBe AmBeR lAmPs A cHaNcE! And you're all scratching your heads why Chelsea is the most hated team in England. Time to give it to a German to clean up your mess, as always. PROST!

    Sub StantialSub StantialMaand geleden
    • No one resigns these days. It costs too much.

      Lauriston SmithLauriston SmithMaand geleden
  • When will Gab learn to talk closer to the mic and keep his head in one place and not move it away from the mic everytime he talks 🤷

    abhishek pabhishek pMaand geleden
  • The board not getting the result they want so u already know, and anybody can get sack in the EPL cause they only care about the brand their business..

    Deco LardDeco LardMaand geleden
  • as a fan we wanted a change, but after 15years of firing coaches, we have to question if this is a sustainable strategy. Literally there are no coaches out there right now, we are even lucky Tuchel was free. The team isnt playing well but then we spent $200milion, d owe give it time like Klopp (Who has a proven track record building dortmund) or do we keep churning the managers. As a fan we its tiring but it does bring in the cups. What ever happened to Frank Rijkard could we not get him???

    kudz Pakaipakudz PakaipaMaand geleden
    • After 15 years you're questioning if it's sustainable?

      Lauriston SmithLauriston SmithMaand geleden
  • I think the sacking is tied to loss of income overall for the club. Me thinks that is how the owner likes to run the club. Get a good season or 2 then sack them for a new one

    Immortalsidathara29Immortalsidathara29Maand geleden
  • chelsea managerial job is one of the worse jobs in sports this club does not give managers time ,if ole gunnar was at chelsea he would have being sacked long time

    king proking proMaand geleden
  • normal

    Elite EliteElite EliteMaand geleden
  • Give the man time...

    Todor AndonovTodor AndonovMaand geleden
  • He simply wasn’t ready.

    Controller BullyController BullyMaand geleden
  • The players really let him down though. All of them!!!

    richard zungurichard zunguMaand geleden
  • I think a lot you guys are lost you all talk about Chelsea not giving managers time and all that but you also have to understand that the boarder gave him 200million to spend while other premier league teams couldn’t even buy players because of covid, they couldn’t sell tickets but he still got that amount of money and bought great players but he’s still lossing. Some of you guys also talk about how he saved us from a potential bad season last year but I believe that’s every coach that Chelsea would choose to come and manage the club could’ve done better probably, Chelsea made a terrible mistake by signing him in the first place after 1 year of experience and he should know that if you don’t meet the standard you get sacked easily. He should have gotten sacked a long time ago for Chelsea to go get pochettino he would have probably been on top of the league if he had 200 mill to spend

    Controller BullyController BullyMaand geleden
  • Let's see if Mount can keep his place in the team now lol

    Alex MulugetaAlex MulugetaMaand geleden
    • @Revolutionary Leader 😂

      Alex MulugetaAlex MulugetaMaand geleden
    • He's getting the iron bench 🤣🤣

      Revolutionary LeaderRevolutionary LeaderMaand geleden
  • Lampard just didn't know how to use his players. You can't have your top goalscorer on the bench most of the time and expect to win games.

    Delon PetersDelon PetersMaand geleden
  • “Let’s speculate away” - this is exactly what’s wrong with certain parts of the football media

    A PA PMaand geleden
  • Kante can still boss the central defensive position so is you talking about bro 🤷🏾‍♂️❌

    elie kabashaelie kabashaMaand geleden
  • I have a feeling Lampard will be back.

    DCDCMaand geleden
  • You were wong Gab, he had to go.

    OshaneOshaneMaand geleden
  • He bit off more than he can chew

    claudus12claudus12Maand geleden
  • Fresh perspective and dimension

    Chuka OnonyeChuka OnonyeMaand geleden
  • those 2 are only what good it is in espn FC!

    TetraGranulaTetraGranulaMaand geleden
  • Frank was Frank honest to the point a good coach and player Surrounded by Useless players

    joe 90joe 90Maand geleden
  • I've been supporting Chelsea since 2002, sadly over the years clowns started supporting the team, calling out Lampard to be sacked. Yesterday morning some fans even hung banner stating we believe in Lampard. That's the kind of support we need. Well done Frank Lampard I will forever support you wherever you go. I HOPE TUCHEL FAILS HORRIBLY!!!?

    Elton Wayne WilliamsElton Wayne WilliamsMaand geleden
  • Lets keep it 100. Lampard didnt know how to manage a top team. Nobody untill this day has a clue what his tactics are. Spending 250 mil on top of the players allready there means you cant be in 12th position thats just business. Lampard the player is totaly different from lampard the coach. Lampard the player is a legend.

    p3rp13x xp3rp13x xMaand geleden
  • Chealsea is a big club than a new kid manager as Lampard or say MU for ole, they are new kid on the pitch. Sorry for Lampard, lucky for Ole time will come for you

    Van der Lekhen JorjieVan der Lekhen JorjieMaand geleden
  • Why you guys acting like lampard is a better coach than Thomas, Thomas is a far better coach than lampard it’s not even debatable.

    Danny LDanny LMaand geleden
  • GREAT option, idk what psg were thinking when they sacked thomas but Chelsea made a great decision on going after him before other clubs snatched him.

    Danny LDanny LMaand geleden
  • now kepa can manage Chelsea and he is not an goalkeeper anymore.

    Akshay jainAkshay jainMaand geleden
  • Jorginho and kovacic are 2 of the biggest problems

    Alama AustinAlama AustinMaand geleden
  • Sacking club= shocking club=sucking club

    Pushpa ShresthaPushpa ShresthaMaand geleden
  • Finally it was a no brainer

    Alama AustinAlama AustinMaand geleden
  • I feel if they gave Lampard actual time to develop and understand the role better Chelsea would probably have a good couple of seasons ahead but of course Chelsea sack their coach like always lol

    DankishDankishMaand geleden
  • As a Chelsea fan im very disapointed. Lampard is a young manager learning as he goes. Half the team changes and he has to restart the process of building the team. The team is very young. Sure its not been going great lately but I think the players are to blame for alot of it. Chelsea lost games because alot of players couldnt do the basics. That had nothing to do with how the manager sets the team up. The players bad performances made it even harder for Frank. I think its stupid that he got sacked. I dont think Chelsea will have a harder working manager than Frank. He gave it all for the club as a player and a manager. Shame the players didnt do the same.

    Gabii97xGabii97xMaand geleden
  • No Chelsea fan but he should of started at a lower club in opinion as first maneger, and bring up a club from relegation and get to know the politics in football. Maybe celtic, to rival Gerard lol..

    jrx6666jrx6666Maand geleden
  • Will Frank return after more experience? He did improve Mason and Tammy and done well with Ben and Reece. Silva for Luiz was a good move. Shame about Tariq and Fiyako. We lost Willian and Pedro and gained Werner and Ziyech. What does this mean for Alonso, Emerson and Jorginho? Will Ross Ruben and Ethan return? Guehi and Sarr might be ready soon? Wishing Frank the best!

    Samsung SaracenSamsung SaracenMaand geleden
  • They are thinking about Europe and that is understandable. Honestly, I believe that he was too arrogant for the job and he thought that he was better than he thought he was. Man was blaming the players, fighting other managers, and calling out the journalists. Chelsea fans, especially the youtubers, love to bring up Arteta and Lampard is better than him, but when he was under pressure, Arteta took all the shots and criticism directly without derailing the blame. He improved so much and they are in good form because Arteta saw what he was doing wrong and correct it and I didn't see that from Lampard.

    Cowboy WazowskiCowboy WazowskiMaand geleden
  • I am not a Chelsea fan but it's unfair to the man how will u build a team ever manager need time thank good I am man u fan because say would man u always give there managers a fear time at the job

    Akil BhawansinghAkil BhawansinghMaand geleden
  • This is the beginning of new revolution... feels like 2003...

    Qaran DoonQaran DoonMaand geleden
  • Had to be done. Performances have been too pitiful.

    Patrick McGowanPatrick McGowanMaand geleden
    • @Patrick McGowan Wow, Captain Obvious seems obviously rattled. Chain of 2 comments already. So sad, haha 😂

      netweed09netweed09Maand geleden
    • @netweed09 Misspelled “grammar” btw. Lol. Good luck big guy. Can tell you’re going places.

      Patrick McGowanPatrick McGowanMaand geleden
    • @netweed09 Just pointing out the you’re all grumpy.

      Patrick McGowanPatrick McGowanMaand geleden
    • @Patrick McGowan Uses the 'grammer card' and talks about a lowered mental state. And sucks up bait like a lungfish. Couldn't make it up 😂

      netweed09netweed09Maand geleden
    • @netweed09 Thank you, depressed guy who can’t even spell “okay”. Luls.

      Patrick McGowanPatrick McGowanMaand geleden
  • Lampard needed time, he actually saw himself in that sad for his new journey, but I guess this will strengthen him.

    Kelvin MambaKelvin MambaMaand geleden
  • "I trust your sources" That's just these conmen watching each others back. These people just write their own opinions on what will happen, like any of us could do.

    LazyGamesLazyGamesMaand geleden
  • Does this mean Mbappe could go to Chelsea

    tony labruscatony labruscaMaand geleden
  • Everyone was saying Lampard out, and now everyone is saying they shouldn’t of sacked him???

    Owen HidoOwen HidoMaand geleden
  • Lampard should have played Pulisic every game and he would win more but he loves Werner and Ziyach too much and they simply didn’t deliver for him. Good riddance and welcome Tuchel

    Raul RubioRaul RubioMaand geleden
  • give Steve Gerrard the job

    Francisco GarciaFrancisco GarciaMaand geleden
  • First real dip in form don't think he should've been sacked yet

    Maxxis WovidMaxxis WovidMaand geleden
  • Weren't these experts talking about Chelsea challenging for league back in December? Fact is Chelsea is vastly inferior to Liverpool, Manchesters, Tottenham. They will hopefully do worse after Lampard's sacking. Its what they deserve.

    0-equals-1-trillion Tiger0-equals-1-trillion TigerMaand geleden
  • Completely correct about the lack of a sitting CDM (exc. gilmour)... Massive hole in the middle meant Lampard was always struggling tactically!

    Andy TCAndy TCMaand geleden
  • Management probably wants Tuchel to get to know the Chelsea players and evaluate them before the summer transfer window. Decisions will have to be made and waiting to start the whole process only come summer would have been an opportunity lost.

    Not 2 busyNot 2 busyMaand geleden
  • It was long overdue

    Big fish KeBig fish KeMaand geleden
  • If you don’t produce you get let loose. Henry IV

    Rob IngramRob IngramMaand geleden
  • Fat throat Gab

    Prince KPrince KMaand geleden
  • They are too many new players at Chelsea, Lampard not a great coach but they should have waited till the end of the seas before to change manager....Give the recruit time to get use to premier league then judge what Lampard did..

    claricekandaclaricekandaMaand geleden
  • Feel he shouldn't have been sacked but this is the way Chelsea has always been. He should never have taken the job.

    Glorious TrumpGlorious TrumpMaand geleden
  • Prediction in advance, the new manager whoever comes in will be gone by christmas 2021

    Mason PayneMason PayneMaand geleden
  • I really like Frank but his tactic is dumb. Chelsea is not a low life club it's elite and as a Chelsea fan I always expect Chelsea to fight for the title each season. He started good but he's picking the wrong formation to play against other team. When I watch the matches this season he start good but he made some mistake I of to wonder if his mind is going are something.....Respect Frank lampard for what you did for Chelsea, long live the legend

    killer kev Digitalkiller kev DigitalMaand geleden
  • Frank lampard Chelsea last season: good not bad Frank lampard this year: TRASH EW GROSS. But still a legend and one of the best to play for Chelsea

    hk Khk KMaand geleden
  • Roman will never learn to give manager few years. Huge respect for Frank from Man Utd fan.

    MarioMarioMaand geleden
  • So why do these guys mourn Frank Lampard’s sacking but act like united need to sack Ole Everytime he loses a single match?! I don’t get it! They talk like Frank is supposed to be some tactical genius with a huge winning reputation that Chelsea will regret losing? I feel bad for Frank. Of course he deserved the chance at a top job but i just disagree with the thought that Frank deserved a fair chance but Ole doesn’t? ESPN pundits please explain.

    Astronomic AstroAstronomic AstroMaand geleden
  • I think Pirlo will be the next...they are appointed to win now after the club has invested a lot of money. However, bottom line they are still inexperienced managers that still have a lot to learn. They should have said NO thanks for the offer like Xavi did when he was offered Barcelona's job.

    Hugo HernandezHugo HernandezMaand geleden
  • What a harsh sack 😭😭😭!! Bye legend Frankie ❤️❤️

    Deng BigDeng BigMaand geleden
  • not dissing the presenters the whole network is terrible garbage sports

    Justin NagyJustin NagyMaand geleden
  • stick to nfl

    Justin NagyJustin NagyMaand geleden
  • espn sucks

    Justin NagyJustin NagyMaand geleden
  • Lack of motivation for several players Always blaming players Unclear strategy on the pitch The only thing improved : mason mount

    indra iskandarindra iskandarMaand geleden
  • Not F that! Put Burley and Nichols on this topic. No hiding for the guys saying Ole will be sacked before Lampard.

    Jimmeh BizzleJimmeh BizzleMaand geleden
  • Jules is definitely one for the ladies. And Neymar. 😂😂😂😂

    Hungi 7Hungi 7Maand geleden
  • Im just sad that we won't see Lampard in "The Champions" animated series anymore

    Albert CardenasAlbert CardenasMaand geleden
  • Arteta needs to be careful at Arsenal he could be next if arsenal do not finish the season well

    VictorVictorMaand geleden
  • Lampard didn’t hv the plan to turn things around. I feel sorry for him but it was necessary sack

    GH slash AfrikaGH slash AfrikaMaand geleden
  • I honestly pray mount keeps his place

    Oageng ShuanOageng ShuanMaand geleden
  • Frank gone, Ole top of the League... Its not going to plan lads.

    Alan PettiferAlan PettiferMaand geleden
  • Chelsea needs to stop sucking mangers so quick.

    alex sanchezalex sanchezMaand geleden
  • These guys want lampard to stay so ESPN could talk smack about Chelsea and lampard like the did all this and last season. KMT.

    MR B-ryeMR B-ryeMaand geleden
  • Sacked because of his transfers werner and havertz flop and they bring german coach trying to save them hhhhhhh what a joke of a story hhhh werner we ll still miss man to man this is premier league no matter the coach clubs in face do not change this is his problem lampard s given him everything he played even he was not effective at all stressed by his own when you are missing easy penalty kicks was never been a problem of coaching when your player misses penalty kick .

    bad boybad boyMaand geleden
  • Did anyone remember when they said ole is gonna get sacked before Lampard and arteta this season is proving these idiots wrong in many ways

    99 official99 officialMaand geleden
    • go watch something else then. don't call them names. you'll be okay.

      U BetchaU BetchaMaand geleden
  • Please I don't want Tuchel to be Chelsea manager 🙈

    Magic ZiyechMagic ZiyechMaand geleden
  • Now mount will have to grow up without a father

    DomeDomeMaand geleden
  • Everybody pray for mason mount hhhhhhhhh

    bad boybad boyMaand geleden
  • Funny how these were the same people calling for ole to sacked

    Sabrina BSabrina BMaand geleden
  • Moda f deserved it

    j kj kMaand geleden
  • Hopefully Werner continues to flop like the fraud that he is

    Duval In The WallDuval In The WallMaand geleden
  • Arsenal and Manchester United must be massively respected after this incident. They are sticking with their managers Even through thick and thin.

    Veekshan SunnyVeekshan SunnyMaand geleden
  • This sacking was justified. He should've been coach 7 years later not now it was too soon to be a Chelsea manager. He should've had the role that Avram Grant had as a board of director or something. He's the club legend we love you Lampard. But idk if Tuchel would be a good replacement though.

    King TshiloboKing TshiloboMaand geleden
  • As United fan I am really disgusted on Chelsea board. Lamps was a better manager and did a good job last season where Ole bottled.

    lokesh kumarlokesh kumarMaand geleden