Cheering for BAD THINGS to Happen *To All The Boys 3*

19 feb. 2021
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  • Dylan: Tall, pale, and wearing a nice black shirt with white vertical stripes. Me: His reminds me of Jack Skellington!🎃

    Hexalys WalkerHexalys Walker23 seconden geleden
  • not lj and her family attaching a lock for her family onto her mom and dads lock and dylan assuming she put one on there for peter and herself.

    sadgalccsadgalcc2 uur geleden
  • yass thats right im gonna watch this just beacause you are gonna roast it

    do rdo r2 uur geleden
  • "I couldn't care less. His fictional father left his fictional ass" lmfaoo I laughed way too hard when he said this xD The loath dylan has for this guy is real

    Luggia 2000Luggia 20003 uur geleden
  • bruh I knew Lara Jean ( or whatever the protagonists name is) is Korean, but the last thing i expected was SNSD at the start of this movie lmfao.

    Krishi MehtaKrishi Mehta3 uur geleden
  • Dylan you are smooth ... 😂😂

    Ramadhana MuhammadRamadhana Muhammad3 uur geleden
  • Can you please react to the pitch perfect movies? Love your videos!!!

    Eliara VenturaEliara Ventura3 uur geleden
  • The lock was actually the initials of her sisters and her dad. ;-)

    Shanyetta23Shanyetta234 uur geleden
  • I feel like we need Dylan watching a k-drama LOL

    Chayanika GanguliChayanika Ganguli4 uur geleden
  • How old was the youngest sister supposed to be? Those constant pigtails? Ugh.

    IpizzippyIpizzippy6 uur geleden
  • i just got rid of my ‚gee‘ earworm and the movie has the audacity to open with this song. are you kidding me

    hnzhhnzh8 uur geleden
  • I was watching this on netflix, and i was like "What will Dylan say about this scene and that scene?" Lmaoo.. 😂😂 😂

    nsyz amdnsyz amd8 uur geleden
  • Can you pls react to Mulan real life

    Hema PushpikaHema Pushpika9 uur geleden
  • This is a very good look for you

    ChewyogumbishChewyogumbish11 uur geleden
    • Aww I love this new intro!

      doire aintudoire aintu7 uur geleden
  • The movie was pretty shitty

    Laiqa AbidLaiqa Abid11 uur geleden
  • Dylan I'm gonna ask you directly: are psychic lol

    Duru TaylanDuru Taylan11 uur geleden
    • Bet you miss Culver’s cheese curds right now

      doire aintudoire aintu7 uur geleden
  • Not me writing my college essay about my dead mom and getting into UCLA 👁👄👁 (but I’m a transfer okay I cheated the mf system)

    Iman HussainIman Hussain12 uur geleden
  • Dylan: "don't spank your kids" every asian mom ever: *gasps in fake shock*

    peiopeio13 uur geleden
  • Can we talk about how Dylan has 2 Netflix profiles! WHO TF IS KAYLEE YOU BAMBOO STICK😤

    tanvi mainkartanvi mainkar13 uur geleden
  • she actually wanted to answer her sister, when she asked if they were okay after their fight, but she send the message to peter by accident, so she didn‘t choose to lie to him. idk it doesn‘t really make a difference.

    lina olivialina olivia15 uur geleden
  • Worst one!

    just livejust live19 uur geleden
  • They skipped over a lot of the good things that were in the book.

    Araceli RamirezAraceli Ramirez20 uur geleden
  • 15:50 Honestly, what was the point of the second movie? You can just skip it. But if John Ambrose did happen to go to NYU, and Peter and LJ are still having setbacks, that would make this all the more interesting.

    BarelyTsunamiBarelyTsunami20 uur geleden
  • Hearing Gee within the few seconds of the film as a kpop fan got me wayyyy to excited. Then it made sense when it showed her in Korea 😂

    Meg PerksMeg Perks20 uur geleden
  • its been a little over a week and it still bothers me that Dylan didn't notice that it wasn't her and peter's initials on the lock they connected to her mom's

    Aalycia BrownAalycia Brown21 uur geleden
  • lara jean is like katara w her necklace

    isabeella insaurraldeisabeella insaurralde22 uur geleden
  • 4:15 The lock wasn't for her and her boyfriend, it was for the dad and three sisters.

    Precarious IvyPrecarious Ivy22 uur geleden
  • When you physically CAN'T watch the actual movie from how boring the trailer was, but you definitely gotta watch Dylan suffer through it

    Yara WaelYara Wael22 uur geleden
  • Bet you miss Culver’s cheese curds right now

    Skye ForemanSkye Foreman23 uur geleden
  • I think this is the first time I've ever disliked a video. When he roasts other movies its funny, but when he roasts these movies I get extremely enraged, I am very attached to these characters

    Emma KoinerEmma Koiner23 uur geleden
  • when you don’t have netflix anymore so you just wait for Dylan to do a Movie Commentary Monday 😂

    •SmittenBean••SmittenBean•23 uur geleden
  • Anyone else really want to see Dylan do a book commentary series now after he recommended Legend?? Cause, I do!!

  • isnt the song gee by girls generation

    vantevanteDag geleden
  • is nobody gonna talk about how they drew Mt. Rushmore in North Dakota on the map when Mt. Rushmore is in South Dakota?

    Calli SCalli SDag geleden
  • my song with my bf is fergalicous. it doesn't need that much thought.

    THIS is the bad placeTHIS is the bad placeDag geleden
  • OK to be completely fair the book series was 10000x better than the movies and the last two movies were directed by a man and you know how they think teenagers are. Jenny Hann did a way better job in the books.

    Michelle :DMichelle :DDag geleden
  • does anyone else watch Dylan so much that when they watch anything they critique it now? .... just me ok

    Zariya RichardsZariya RichardsDag geleden
  • Ummm Excuse me?! UCLA is like one of the top schools in the country! They also have some of the best art, history and STEM programs in the nation. I’d sell my soul to be able to study Biology at UCLA man...

    Obi-Wan PierogiObi-Wan PierogiDag geleden
  • I could barely make it through half of this movie’s narrative on its own so I’m glad you made a video that makes the experience more enjoyable lol

    Angelic VegaAngelic VegaDag geleden
  • 1 MILLION FINALLY! I LOVE YOU DYLAN! Literally every time I watch movies, throughout the movie, if something so wrong happens, I say, “Dylan would HATE that.” Just thought you should know.

    ShavyeaShavyeaDag geleden
  • Has Dylan been in the sun or is he experimenting with makeup

    MrStevo411MrStevo411Dag geleden
  • watching dylan 1,5x while he watches the movie 1,5x

    João Eduardo LavardaJoão Eduardo LavardaDag geleden
  • me: can't be bothered to actually invest time and watch this friggin movie dylan: provides the prefect solution

    Johanneke DubbeJohanneke DubbeDag geleden
  • YAYYYY ⭐️✨ Dyl posted so late

    Bejoux SoleilBejoux SoleilDag geleden
  • I love Legend trilogy. I read it when i was a freshman in high school and June and Day are just ugh yes

    Chisom AnyanwuChisom AnyanwuDag geleden
  • my only problem is that you didn't know Gee by SNSD. that was the first kpop dance i learned lol. still so good

    Chisom AnyanwuChisom AnyanwuDag geleden
  • i'm sorry, but this movie was way too over hyped 😭

    natalianataliaDag geleden

    Bella TorresBella TorresDag geleden
  • Please watch the first and last episode of the originals

    NicoleNicoleDag geleden
  • I’m all for his commentaries, favorite thing on NLworld and this one is hilarious... but is no ones gonna mention how close Dylan is to 1 million subscribers? So excited for him!!!

    Laura ZurawskiLaura ZurawskiDag geleden
  • Geez - this is so hard to watch.

    Christa KwonChrista KwonDag geleden
  • So close to one mil congrats Dylan. Thanks for always making me smile :))))

    vintellexvintellexDag geleden
    • Guys, he's hitting 1 mil!!

      mikea hiooimikea hiooiDag geleden
  • you have 999k subscribers😯

    Merel LamMerel LamDag geleden
    • @mikea hiooi and this comment has nothing to do with mine lol

      Merel LamMerel LamDag geleden
    • dylan not realizing that the lock attached to her mom's has the initials of LJ's family...has nothing to do with Peter lol

      mikea hiooimikea hiooiDag geleden

    Chickens 4 lifeChickens 4 lifeDag geleden

      Chickens 4 lifeChickens 4 lifeDag geleden
    • @vintellex ME TOO😭

      Chickens 4 lifeChickens 4 lifeDag geleden

      vintellexvintellexDag geleden
    • @evelyn v IKR me too! I wanted to comment on his most recent vid because I’ve also been seeing his rapid growth and it’s amazing!! And today he’s at 999k so I’m so excited🥳🥳 I’m so proud😭

      Chickens 4 lifeChickens 4 lifeDag geleden
    • i came to see if anyone was saying it 🤩 i’m so happy for our boiiiiii. i’m literally checking him on social blade every couple hoursss

      evelyn vevelyn vDag geleden
  • Bro you HAVE to watch the 100

    Alberto GamesAlberto GamesDag geleden
  • He’s about to hit one mil

    Dplex 98Dplex 98Dag geleden
  • do a commentary on Julie and the Phantoms

    Maria Clara FlaesMaria Clara FlaesDag geleden
  • Yess Dylan is Almost at 1 mil subscribers

    Gowri NairGowri NairDag geleden
  • About to hit 1 million baby🤍🤍🤍🔥🔥🔥

    aaDag geleden

    angeliqangeliqDag geleden
  • You’re about to be a 1 million subscribers congrats

    LaprisLaprisDag geleden
  • Can you please do a commentary on Ella enchanted

    Abby AbbyAbby AbbyDag geleden
  • Dylan, I know that this has nothing to do with the video. I just wanted to record this moment somewhere. It's 6:24 PM (PST) on February 26,2021 and you have 999K subscribers. Congratulations!

    45.Bravya Niharika Saravanan45.Bravya Niharika SaravananDag geleden

    Nikki HannahNikki HannahDag geleden
  • Hey Dylan! You should watch "Teen wolf". At least first and last episode... Dylan O'Brien is in this series

    Melissa MuraMelissa MuraDag geleden
  • dylan not realizing that the lock attached to her mom's has the initials of LJ's family...has nothing to do with Peter lol

    abbsnn coseabbsnn coseDag geleden
  • Guys, he's hitting 1 mil!!

    Araya Sara ThomasAraya Sara ThomasDag geleden
  • 1000 away from 1milloj

    luke Roasts peopleluke Roasts peopleDag geleden
  • I just watched the movie, but i am pretty sure i enjoyed watching this reaction video more XD

    Jessica O'GradeyJessica O'GradeyDag geleden
    • all I thought about was her wealthy upbringing. no mention of fasfa, or getting no reward letters

      abbsnn coseabbsnn coseDag geleden

    Meowf MeowfMeowf MeowfDag geleden
  • Is no one gonna talk about kittys tux suit like it looks good 😌

    Daisy ZapetaDaisy ZapetaDag geleden
  • 2:08 literally that's what the movie is about ugh, so cheesy and it gets boring

    Celia Rod JimCelia Rod JimDag geleden
  • Can you please do wanda vision

    Isabel AguirreIsabel AguirreDag geleden
  • i dont know if anyone cares but the guy who played Peter's dad is the same guy who played elliott in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial hehe

    AkshiAkshiDag geleden
  • Dylan wants to watch something with a love triangle. Just give him any K-Drama and he's hooked. Every K0Drama I watched has a love triangle, except for Goblin.

    Batoul ElzeinBatoul ElzeinDag geleden
  • She wrote the initials of her family members on the lock... not Peter...

    SOSODag geleden
  • dylan is my celebrity crush.

    kira graefkira graefDag geleden

    sonia Ksonia KDag geleden
  • Almost at 1 mil. At 999,000 right now

    • Its killing me , I want someone to just bammm😆

      liah tomlinsonliah tomlinsonDag geleden
  • Ye your hands look really good ya praying mantis

    chiquitaesschiquitaessDag geleden
  • The fact that Dylan has recommended Legend by Marie Lu twice now makes me happy

    Kiesha TanKiesha TanDag geleden
  • Almost 1m uwu

    sunteeuhsunteeuhDag geleden
  • 11:29 - 11:38 is probably my favorite part of the video

    Lakota CasselLakota CasselDag geleden
  • all I thought about was her wealthy upbringing. no mention of fasfa, or getting no reward letters

    Toyin RobinsonToyin RobinsonDag geleden
  • literally why would you hold yourself back for a BOY?

    anaanaDag geleden
  • Hiii can you react to Teen Spirit (2011)

    Tamir SmithTamir SmithDag geleden
  • That “DAD DADD NO DAD DADDY PAPPA” really hit me hard I died

    Bethany HutchisonBethany HutchisonDag geleden
  • You should do Moana

    Doris DurajDoris DurajDag geleden
  • Dylan sitting thru not the greatest netflix trilogy movies👍

    jaberjawsjaberjawsDag geleden
  • please watch starstruck

    1987_fullhouse1987_fullhouseDag geleden
  • The books are so much better omg

    Detective Taylor SwiftDetective Taylor SwiftDag geleden
  • i hope trin doesn’t watch this

    Emmaline StarkEmmaline StarkDag geleden
    • Trin uploaded her reaction

      Judy the Kung Fu Master AKA PandaJudy the Kung Fu Master AKA PandaDag geleden
  • The fact that you read Legend made my day :)))

    lilly davidsonlilly davidsonDag geleden

    N GN GDag geleden
  • You know what I realized rn you look a lot like Jensen from movie The losers

    Aurora BlomAurora BlomDag geleden
  • Who else thinks Dylan would like WEBTOON? If he doesn’t already have it 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

    Makheyla RobertsMakheyla RobertsDag geleden
  • day 1 of asking you to movie commentate dark harbor 1998 with Norman Reedus

    Kate HowardKate HowardDag geleden
  • This movie made me so pissed. Like the whole time people were apologizing to Lara Jean, but she was the guilty one. Uuuuugch. And in the end she is like "When you love someone, you choose him every day." But she didn't choose Peter for once. So.... But Dylan's commentary made the whole movie so much better.

    AndreaAndrea2 dagen geleden
  • Dylan is looking SWOL.

    puhhhtentialpuhhhtential2 dagen geleden
  • if i get your book on audible, will i get to listen to you read it to me? hmmmmmm?

    DharmaDharma2 dagen geleden