Chatterbox (2011) FULL SHOW | Sarah Millican

2 dec. 2019
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While I go for a quick snack, why don’t you sit down and enjoy Chatterbox in full.
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  • I wish you her my wife

    Paul NortonPaul Norton6 uur geleden
  • Wtf. Wow miss!

    Paul HammonsPaul Hammons21 uur geleden
  • I must be honest (sorry ladies) and say that there are very few women who consistently make me laugh out loud but Sarah Millican certainly joins Joan Rivers right up there 👍👍👍

    Lance RooneyLance Rooney3 dagen geleden
  • I saw this show in Manchester. At the end if the show we got a badge on the way out, you picked 'chatterbox' or 'gobshite'. I got one of each 😁 She was hilarious. Very quick witted.

    mandy cmandy c4 dagen geleden
  • I've just listened to this set while driving. My wife's face hurts from laughing and I had a hard time not crashing into things. Good stuff! 😁

    MartinMartin4 dagen geleden
  • Who is the 1.3k people who didn't like this and also clicked on the video

    Rory O'SheaRory O'Shea4 dagen geleden
  • BRILLIANT! As ever.

    derek haydonderek haydon6 dagen geleden
  • Her laugh is so cute but the things that come out of her mouth are foul lol I love her so much

    M BeckerM Becker7 dagen geleden
  • 26:15

    catharine orellanacatharine orellana9 dagen geleden
  • I love your show Pet! Canny bag o' Sarah! Only found you yesterday! Already watched three of your shows! I'm from Manchester but lived in the USA for 32 years, and now in Singapore for 14 months. My soon-to-be wife is an executive chef and I help her out. Let us know if you are anywhere close, and we will cook you a fabulous meal, including cakes!! Yum! David.

    David HaslamDavid Haslam9 dagen geleden
  • I honestly can't think of anything particularly great about being a woman sadly. The bad things tend to spring to mind, but the good don't measure up against them. Although, then I hear guys think the best thing about being a man is literally something women can and do all the time, and I think maybe we don't realise our benefits lol

    DreamBeliefDreamBelief9 dagen geleden
  • I just discovered Sarah Millican, and I’m so grateful rn. My dad is in the hospital with COVID and I’m messed up about that worrying at the moment because I can’t visit. Like, these three full shows are hilarious and make me laugh and smile. I love this woman. She seems like a really sweet person, too. Can’t believe I hadn’t heard of her yet.

    Anna JoyAnna Joy9 dagen geleden
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    Ker LozKer Loz11 dagen geleden
  • This was hilarious. Thank you Sarah.

    denis murphydenis murphy11 dagen geleden
  • She's so fucking funny!!!!

    M. T. ElectricM. T. Electric12 dagen geleden
  • I swear I have never seen anyone funnier!

    G GG G13 dagen geleden
  • Ah this whole special just feels to me like if she's talking about me tbh! :D I desperately want to go and get a fckin tea with Sarah Millican just because. I need it. :D

    SillyKat69SillyKat6913 dagen geleden
  • I would love to see her and Michael McIntyre on stage together. I know it will never happen but it would be hilarious!!

    •Sweet Tea••Sweet Tea•15 dagen geleden
  • You're the funniest person I have ever watched 😂😂

    Martin FindlayMartin Findlay16 dagen geleden
  • The kind of mothers I hate are the one's who have only one kid who's not even a year old yet and try to tell you who have raised 3 children 2 of which are teenages how to parent.

    didjamom1979didjamom197918 dagen geleden
  • Her delivery is insanely good!!

    SeraphimWhytSeraphimWhyt18 dagen geleden
  • What the bleep is a "JOOODy? She keeps saying it. As an American I have no clue what a Jody is.

    GaramondGourmondGaramondGourmond19 dagen geleden
  • Been trying to find tickets for Oxford shows I would say it’s easier to grab a unicorn Fat

    Reg GardnerReg Gardner19 dagen geleden
  • You must have a LOT of handbags.

    GaramondGourmondGaramondGourmond19 dagen geleden
  • 34:19 the dude is fucking sleeping

    Michael DuntzMichael Duntz19 dagen geleden
  • That was absolutely brilliant!!! I was in tears at times with laughter. Thank you!

    Colin JohnstonColin Johnston20 dagen geleden
  • 34:46 brilliant

    JoyceJoyce20 dagen geleden
  • Why did I think that doing my nails and watching this at the same time would be a good idea?

    Karina KaljurandKarina Kaljurand21 dag geleden
    • Did it get messy?

      TRiG (Ireland)TRiG (Ireland)18 dagen geleden
  • You are awesome. Thank you!

    Brian GoldsberryBrian Goldsberry23 dagen geleden
  • Absolutely love Sarah makes me laugh so hard give her a Netflix deal pleeeease !

    leah sintonleah sinton23 dagen geleden
  • Cant believe i sat thru 1hr 40mins of this. its amazing

    Mad MaddyMad Maddy26 dagen geleden
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    Bessie WellsBessie Wells29 dagen geleden
  • Bloody brilliant, such a laugh, just what was needed 🥰 thank you #SarahMillican

    Lianne KinnairdLianne Kinnaird29 dagen geleden
  • I find myself weirdly attracted to this woman

    Vic BurkeVic BurkeMaand geleden
  • I wish there was a ' I LOVE IT' button i here

    Valery ValenciaValery ValenciaMaand geleden
  • This is the 4th time I've watched this in a week It just never gets old and I love it You're one of the funniest people I've ever met Sarah and thank you for keeping us sane through these horrible times

    whyamiherewhyamihereMaand geleden
  • "Do you have to wear a little mask in London, do you?" (22:40) Just you wait 9-10 years and the question takes a turn

    Fennec FFennec FMaand geleden
    • It hit me, too, as I watched today.

      TRiG (Ireland)TRiG (Ireland)18 dagen geleden
  • Hey, if things go south with that fancy bloke of yours... I'd happily do you're bins for you. I can also make fresh cake, just sayin...

    fatmanbravo6fatmanbravo6Maand geleden
  • I cried laughing

    Laura TárkányiLaura TárkányiMaand geleden
  • I love listening to this at my mum's house she gets a real kick out of Sarah.

    Jess WolfeJess WolfeMaand geleden
  • 23:33 im a bit shocked she so opely stole that joke from bill bailey

    slickstringsslickstringsMaand geleden
  • I had no idea how funny this woman really is! Brilliant 😃

    Helen TuckerHelen TuckerMaand geleden
  • I just love your sense of humour, and you have the sweetest smile. Thank you for always making me laugh

    Rawan Al-RajabiRawan Al-RajabiMaand geleden
  • this is super fucking funny

    DanielDanielMaand geleden
  • love her shes funny as heck

    rurounikenshin1878rurounikenshin1878Maand geleden
  • Binge watching

    Maali JeddaMaali JeddaMaand geleden
  • I’m surprised that a feminist comedian has multiple jokes that are so disparaging to sex workers.

    TJ RLTJ RLMaand geleden
  • put the tiny clothes on your cat, it'll make them freeze and fall over a bit like fainting goats

    char russellchar russellMaand geleden
  • This lady is a pure legend ever time I watch her it gets better every time and I end up in pain with laughter brilliant pure class 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😂😂💕💕😷

    Jane CrawfordJane CrawfordMaand geleden
  • Funny funny

    Penny Robinson RouttPenny Robinson RouttMaand geleden
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    Lavonia LauriLavonia LauriMaand geleden
    • ...what?

      Rosie LowRosie LowMaand geleden
  • I've broken a bed before, but it certainly wasn't during sex, I just rolled over.

    Black SheepBlack SheepMaand geleden
    • Hubby and I have broken a bed and a pull out sofa...during the act, hadn't seen one another in awhile hahaha

      ES BruceES BruceMaand geleden
  • Sarah Lee ♨️✨

  • Absolutely brilliant! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻😂😂🤣

    K LK LMaand geleden
  • found one of her clips thanks to NLworld recommendations and now here I am watching a whole damn show!

    Summer SaltSummer SaltMaand geleden
  • Sarah: Fresh air in London? Do you have to wear a little mask when you go out? Me: Ahaaaa foreshadowing

    MegiirlMegiirlMaand geleden
  • 0:21 anyone else think he sounds like Joe Lycett?

    MeijiMeijiMaand geleden
    • @TJ RL oh ok that's why

      MeijiMeijiMaand geleden
    • It is! He was her support act on this tour

      TJ RLTJ RLMaand geleden
  • Laughed throughout the whole thing, and I don't laugh easily. Brilliant!

    Joana FreitasJoana FreitasMaand geleden
  • I'm 64 and the closest I've gotten to a bidet was the toilet in my sister's mobile home that came with a separate spray nozzle. She tells me later it was meant to help you flush 😳

    Cynthia Smith-HeidenCynthia Smith-HeidenMaand geleden
    • 🤣⚰️

      Beth CBeth CMaand geleden
  • Okay anyone else think the beefcake daddy at 30:25 is hot?

    Riley FlynnRiley FlynnMaand geleden
  • Geordie! Sorry🤫

    Paul CrombiePaul CrombieMaand geleden
  • Gerdie's make the best comedy! Thanks Sarah 🥰

    Paul CrombiePaul CrombieMaand geleden
  • I love it when she uses the 'F' word, proper Geordie. Whey iye man!

    Paul CrombiePaul CrombieMaand geleden
  • 34:10 how is the guy behind her asleep at a Sarah Milican show?!!

    Weird GremlinWeird GremlinMaand geleden
  • Well I was trying to listen to our Sarah as I tried to fall asleep and all I did was spent the time laughing so hard I had to keep getting up to pee. Dammit to hell!

    E CE CMaand geleden
  • I love her. She's so funny 😂

    Bonnie BabbBonnie BabbMaand geleden
  • Your crowd work is champion!

    Soren DielSoren DielMaand geleden
  • I had a guy come into my house one night because he had seen me at a neighborhood party. I worked 2 jobs and had to be up at 4AM and it was midnight. I fell asleep only to be woken up by this guy trying to crawl into my bed!! I didn't know him and hadn't even met him at that party. Well, I had a very heavy horse/Indian statue on my nightstand, I put my hand under the horse's belly and proceeded to knock that b-tard out!! Yeah, big messy b.s. and all I wanted to do was to get some rest before work!! Ugh.

    Linda LoweLinda LoweMaand geleden
  • OMG,watched you in the early hrs of the morning, with my earbuds in, you have no idea how much I had to hold my laugh in, lockdown 3 at home, all working or college,one part I couldn’t help myself, thank you Sarah or making my year not just my day.🤣🤣🤣💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙

    karen72 armourkaren72 armourMaand geleden
  • Best thing about being a woman...anytime my car breaks down, I don't have to wait more than 15 minutes before some random man stops and fixes my car.

    Jessica LeserJessica LeserMaand geleden
  • That cameraman should be promoted man..

    Jon SnowJon SnowMaand geleden
  • Eating all these sweets in 5min? *tips hat* I can respect that

    Rene JaenschRene JaenschMaand geleden
  • Thank you for the side splitting laughs! I swear I have a 6pack now

    scotti reedscotti reedMaand geleden
  • Weirdly. The ‘psychic’ lady said you’d like her glasses?? A year later on your next full show, you had those self-same half-frame glasses... do do do do... 🤣🤣🤣

    Ian AndrewIan AndrewMaand geleden
  • I've just noticed something. This isn't one show. It's cuts of various shows. Her hair changes in the middle of a joke and then changes back agin to what it was at first. Around 50:47 in the middle of the pea joke.

    Charlie_n_MegCharlie_n_MegMaand geleden
  • Outliving Jesus has now officially become one of the main goals I have in my life that have stopped me from killing myself.

    RandomFandomTh0tRandomFandomTh0tMaand geleden
  • My blood place does millshakes, partie pies and sausage rolls... Australia is a splendid place

    RAH Bruhn-HowardRAH Bruhn-HowardMaand geleden
    • Just had to Google partie pies. I was really expecting something sweet

      TJ RLTJ RLMaand geleden
  • Ty

    SharonjraineySharonjraineyMaand geleden
  • What needs more attention, her walk out song. Just perfect choice. 🎶🎶

    Emily CardenasEmily CardenasMaand geleden
  • Good

    Brian GreyoBrian GreyoMaand geleden
  • Sarah is the funniest lady. I love her stuff

    Gordon AlexanderGordon AlexanderMaand geleden

    Tommy GTommy GMaand geleden
  • As a filthy Estadounidense, I had to look up what "bobbins" were. I could only find "bourbons." 🍪

    DannieDannieMaand geleden
  • I appreciate you putting captions on this!

    Captainkitty25Captainkitty25Maand geleden
  • 🤣😂there’s no way *SHE* innocently sweet voiced lady ate all them cakes 😳

    Pure GoldPure GoldMaand geleden
  • How have I not seen her?? That was fantastic!

    Spiritual EmpressSpiritual EmpressMaand geleden
  • 52:15 bdays????

    Totally_Professional_ArtistTotally_Professional_ArtistMaand geleden
  • The most important rule of relationships - don't date a comedian. Cuz you always end up in their routine.

    GaramondGourmondGaramondGourmondMaand geleden
  • Such an awesome show! I laughed out loud and chuckled and snorted. Thank you! You made my life during Covid19 a better place.🤣

    Madelaine SeguinMadelaine SeguinMaand geleden
  • Her laugh is so musical. Mine is like a hyena.

    Beth PembertonBeth PembertonMaand geleden
  • 2:25 what does a school bike mean in this joke...please

    Shiloh StoreShiloh StoreMaand geleden
  • Love you! You are amazing at jokes!

    Chibi-Kitten PlaysChibi-Kitten PlaysMaand geleden
  • Love this show as my favorite because it's brash and very naughty. Sarah presents these elements in a down to earth way, not as nasty and vulgar as they could be. Thanks for the Video!! 💓

    Roger HallRoger HallMaand geleden
  • 34:19 that guy is straight up asleep

    Bester BouldBester BouldMaand geleden
  • Why did the guy introducing her sound like Hugo Boss?

    Bester BouldBester BouldMaand geleden
  • I love how soft spoken like she's a church mum then she starts and it's like really did she just say that.

    Tony RoeslerTony RoeslerMaand geleden
    • ?

      Elvar MassonElvar Masson13 dagen geleden
    • @Joseph Jacobs kkknnpnp

      Samuel PetersonSamuel Peterson14 dagen geleden
    • P

      Ello BetEllo Bet25 dagen geleden
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      Sian BlairSian Blair29 dagen geleden
    • She has a fairy godmother voice, but I swear every time she says "rub her button" it lose it.

      Joseph JacobsJoseph JacobsMaand geleden
  • Watching in 2021. Asking the dog walking man man in London if he wears a mask takes on a different tone now...

    thebearded ladythebearded ladyMaand geleden
  • She’s great

    Kelly MaherKelly MaherMaand geleden
  • is that Daniel Andrews the Premier of Victoria Australia? 1:03:53

    Jessica GonzalezJessica GonzalezMaand geleden
  • I simply adore herrrr!

    Olivia CantuOlivia CantuMaand geleden