Charli D'amelio being UNGRATEFUL for her fans and RUDE to chef..

19 nov. 2020
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Charli D'amelio UNGRATEFUL for 100 million followers and RUDE to chef.. Charli D'amelio chef has been trending after charli damelio rude to fans occured in the same video! Charli damelio ungrateful and being rude to chef was so surprising and it caused charli damelio losing followers. Charli damelio cancelled could be happening after more fans see the charli damelio chef video. What do you think about charli damelio complaining about now having enough followers during dinner with the damelios? The damelio dinner definitely did not go as planned, just like the charli damelio fight video that has been trending, she should just be grateful and think about the charli damelio first tiktok that changed her life instead.
Charli D'amelio fight with Addison Rae before The Ellen Show!

  • Check out Charli D'amelio's apology video!

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      Jurnee HairJurnee Hair11 uur geleden
    • @Mariah Hobson ok then leave charli alone thats all im asking u, ur stressing urself out by replying to millions of comments & ur literally talking bad abt charli in them like leave her alone LOOLL

      isabella maiisabella mai13 uur geleden
    • @isabella mai leave me alone I am not in the mood for a lecture.

      Mariah HobsonMariah Hobson13 uur geleden
    • @Mariah Hobson if u hate charli we not asking u to like her u can not like her but u can leave her alone pls & dont be commenting smack LOL

      isabella maiisabella mai13 uur geleden
    • @Jurnee Hair she aint spolied she isnt ungrateful first of all be careful of wat u say cus she aint even SPOLIED LOOLL YALL GAVE HER THE FAME SHE EARNS MONEY FROM IT . * she wasnt even asking for these followers like calm down plsssss LOOLL 😭✋

      isabella maiisabella mai13 uur geleden
  • Stfu if someone gave you something you dont like you would spit it out to

    Steve CoeSteve Coe54 minuten geleden
  • Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh ?

    brie haysbrie haysUur geleden
  • F*** Charlie

    James MiddlebrooksJames Middlebrooks2 uur geleden
  • the chef was her family friend and it was a joke and she also makes faces cuz it was scripted and teh chef was ok with it stop spgiving her hate and Dixie vomited cuz she is a picky eater as she and Noah said it too so stop giving her hate

    PEWDIE PIEPEWDIE PIE2 uur geleden
  • That wasn't really rude they were queit nice to the homeless man

    Kitty_booKitty_boo3 uur geleden
  • I’m so confused

    Shortie MayaShortie Maya3 uur geleden
  • I hate her

    Noa GamingNoa Gaming3 uur geleden
  • On 0:37 what do u mean by “as you can see” like she said nothing

    Corrine SimoneCorrine Simone5 uur geleden
  • ok but like she made a mistake....but she never even was disrespectful..stop tryna ruin her reputation wats your problem

    laminator940 Bouylaminator940 Bouy6 uur geleden
  • fame got her

    Terka BerkováTerka Berková7 uur geleden
  • I don't get it. Celebs can stay at their house all day, do absolutely nothing in the pandemic, and earn millions of dollars. Meanwhile there are front liners who are financally struggling. No wonder the world is fucked

    ShizzinsShizzins8 uur geleden
  • You got clickbaited!

    I’m wrong but,I’m wrong but,10 uur geleden
  • Charli was just setting a personal goal and not being disrespectful she didn’t say that it wasn’t ok that she didn’t have 100mil in a year she said it would be cool to have 100mil in a year and again get y out r facts right before you hate on one on other it is not right t

    Joey AmbusterJoey Ambuster10 uur geleden
  • the chefs put the slug in there knowing that they would be disgusted and did it for views honestly really disappointed y’all are tryna cancel her

    mafuyus guitarmafuyus guitar12 uur geleden
  • 1:02 thats dixe

    Manuel TrevinoManuel Trevino13 uur geleden
  • Shes a teenager let her live we all have our bad days let her live !!!

    emmaemma13 uur geleden
  • You guys didn't even show the apparent clip of her saying we're numbers-

    Macey_PlayzMacey_Playz14 uur geleden
  • This whole video is just capitalizing on news that has been blown out of proportion or is skewing things the wrong way, watch the actual videos and decide for yourself if they’re rude or not

    Jack CottrellJack Cottrell14 uur geleden

    Kennedy The bestKennedy The best14 uur geleden
  • It was a joke

    Hayden BurdeshawHayden Burdeshaw15 uur geleden
  • okay, i have SO much respect for james.

    Natalie MarieNatalie Marie15 uur geleden
  • RUDE WHERE????????

    Courtney And Chelsey's Random LifeCourtney And Chelsey's Random Life15 uur geleden
  • *I want Loren Gray back, she's so sweet*

    big boi hour we gucci パパラッチbig boi hour we gucci パパラッチ16 uur geleden
  • Oh ok?

    Conediger 2Conediger 216 uur geleden
  • You know I love Charlie the Melia and then when I watch her videos TiK ToK my parents kicked me out of her she's not good I hate her

    User UserUser User19 uur geleden
  • That's why I don't like Charlie at all

    Lisa Manoban's FanLisa Manoban's Fan19 uur geleden
  • I’ve never been more confused everyone’s mad at Dixie for gagging after eating snails. But when you eat food you absolutely hate wouldn’t you gag?, I literally have no idea how dixie not liking a certain food has anything to do with her being ungrateful? And Charli and dixie weren’t rude to that homeless person it was just Akward. if someone random came up to you in the streets wouldn’t you be a little Akward when talking to them?.

    Waffle TaeWaffle Tae20 uur geleden
  • This title, this NLworld account, literal bullsh*t. As If this is the worst thing someone has behaved so far? For all the haters, are you really that innocent? I think the hell nah. Cancel culture is toxic. I doesn’t matter if you’re a pre-teenager, teenager or a grown ass adult you’re pretty much childish for hating on a 16 year old girl. Not a fan, not watching her vids, but y’all need to stop overreacting and basically putting out millions of interpretations for a thing someone said just to get them down.

    guavexapricitie bingo6!guavexapricitie bingo6!21 uur geleden
  • Money goes to there head too much

    Glasgowcc1 InstaGlasgowcc1 Insta21 uur geleden
  • First of all the personal chef finds it okay and he said he loves them, he knows them personally none of you do , but I admit that she could've been respectful saying it but let's admit Dixie was worse so idk what y'all pressed for another thing I wanna point out is the homeless man issue Why tf is he following them around that's weird I would be scared and actually run or maybe it wasn't his intention... idk honestly and another thing I wanna point out is🤨🤨 this Hollywood wire guy I think that's the name is stupid he follows them everywhere like ummmm.....bro you're everywhere you can't tell me it's destiny they keep bumping into each other he might be stalking them and it's uncomfortable but to conclude things I ain't even following any of those tik tokers just wanted to state my opinion. Edit: imagining hanging with your friends and somebody comes what if some of your friends don't like being filmed or in front of the camera idkk to me it's just idk anymore whatever

    UmmiうみUmmiうみ23 uur geleden
  • Addison is my favorite person she’s not mean

    Doa NurDoa Nur23 uur geleden
  • it’s y’all calling that man homeless for me , he not even homeless

    girlyxbaiigirlyxbaiiDag geleden
  • How was they being rude they were smiling the whole time and I didn’t hear nothing rude

    Morghan JamesMorghan JamesDag geleden
  • they weren't rude to the homeless man- and for the snails, the people in the clip were legit saying the did it for her reaction

    Amelia ChuAmelia ChuDag geleden
  • She doesn't deserve to have a 100million followers because of her fucking personality

    SKULL YTSKULL YTDag geleden
  • But she does need to learn to be thankful

    Jessica YorkeJessica YorkeDag geleden
  • She apologized so that’s all that matters leave her alone k

    Jessica YorkeJessica YorkeDag geleden
  • if you watch the real video you will understand people are making it seem a bigger deal than it actually is and she is not referring to her fans as just numbers its just a dream to hit 100M

    Matt GilchristMatt GilchristDag geleden
  • I hope the chef hopefully feels that way 🙂

    Greg PGreg PDag geleden
  • How many times she lied 1 2 3 4 5 6 ......

    Chloe JonesChloe JonesDag geleden
  • Was her attitude really that surprising?

    Jasmine ovoJasmine ovoDag geleden
  • *"just friends" In English: Bang bang bang , tap tap tap , smash smash smash*

    John JohnJohn JohnDag geleden
  • HJEVELYN is better she my idol she need to have 100m

    Mackenzie LewisMackenzie LewisDag geleden
  • Uhh that was Dixie begin ungrateful at the chef

    Dana ZaquerozDana ZaquerozDag geleden
  • Acting of rudeness

    Cynthia MustradoCynthia MustradoDag geleden
  • All she was doing was talking to him how is that disrespectful

    Camryn TurkCamryn TurkDag geleden
  • She was never rude to the homeless man. They were smiling and laughing to what the man was saying. Idk how that is disrespectful

    April OlairesApril OlairesDag geleden
  • Taking an interview in front of a homeless person? Disgusting.

  • She don’t deserve 100mill

    NoLxveVellNoLxveVellDag geleden
  • Everyone shut up you accidentally no nothing

    Techno FixTechno FixDag geleden
  • Yo y’all are so sensitive who caress she’s only 16 like Jesus you guys expect her to be perfect you guys get hurt over the smallest shit like grow tf up

    Karen BudzKaren BudzDag geleden
  • And just Bc they didn’t like the food like really

    ClipZClipZDag geleden
  • Lol in what way we’re they rude to the homeless man

    ClipZClipZDag geleden
  • Oh all of the lies

    Laura ChantreLaura ChantreDag geleden
  • Imagine a random dude walking up to you... it’s creepy, she did nothing wrong.

    Lori PittmanLori PittmanDag geleden
  • If you watched the Live then you saw that it was just a joke and that y’all are coming for her like she is nothing there is some food that you might love or hate it is there decision not yours so stop shamming her!

    Family EditsFamily EditsDag geleden
  • *thumbs down*

    Madison BryantMadison BryantDag geleden
  • As part of the logical thinking....your clips are not even in full context and only pulled some words and make it seem like something else. Also I would’ve done the same with the old man (not saying homeless bc that’s the only thing I’m not sure of) and also expecting teenagers to act like mature 35 year old well known actors when in reality they just having some fun is so odd. Elaborate better next time bc your video doesn’t even represent correctly any negative aspect only putting out stuff that’s not even legit

    Jesse RosalesJesse RosalesDag geleden
  • She never deserved 100 mil +her dance moves are the same

    jimin oppajimin oppaDag geleden
  • Shut up. Charli is kind

    Mr ChocolateMr ChocolateDag geleden
  • fake

    Jaslene MaldonadoJaslene MaldonadoDag geleden
  • stfu

    Kyle WenkKyle WenkDag geleden
  • No wonder lily huddy left her

    Nevaeh DahlagerNevaeh DahlagerDag geleden
  • Charlie wasnt complaining it you had 99 million followers would you be able to imagine every one of them

    Thepath_ 1Thepath_ 1Dag geleden
  • I don't even like Charli but bro, these clips and the video has bad statements and nothing happend in them, the clips i mean it's so dumb.

    TheMrPotatoTheMrPotatoDag geleden
  • That’s was do I not Charlie eating the snail

    CrazyGamer_ Girl xxCrazyGamer_ Girl xxDag geleden
  • He deseved it i dont wanna be mean but he deserved it >:( hes ungrateful yass deserved it duhhhhh

    Bio NgoBio NgoDag geleden
  • What is going on with this video????

    Random BubbleRandom BubbleDag geleden
  • 0:34 ??????? She didn’t do anything??

    Random BubbleRandom BubbleDag geleden
  • Stop faking Juat to get famous u robot voice

    Marie Kaye PasayMarie Kaye Pasay2 dagen geleden

    diane uriosteguidiane uriostegui2 dagen geleden
  • Please change your pfp and your header because that design is usually what scammers use on yt so just a heads up! No hate.

    Alina OwlAlina Owl2 dagen geleden
  • Y’all just tryna find excuses cause she’s famous and your not-

    ClairePlayzClairePlayz2 dagen geleden
  • charli:breathes dixie :does a normal human thing internet :CHARLI AND DIIE ARE RIDE AND SMOKE AND ARE UN GREATFUL before yalll jugde them get facts

    missing cat pls help findmissing cat pls help find2 dagen geleden
  • are they dumb bro the 2nd video clip is of dixie and yall dont know the real story

    missing cat pls help findmissing cat pls help find2 dagen geleden
  • BROO in the clip all i heard was wait wait woah woah

    missing cat pls help findmissing cat pls help find2 dagen geleden
  • How she being rude? Chef: Hello enjoy u meal Charli: *talks nicely* SHE NOT RUDE

    •cookie cøw••cookie cøw•2 dagen geleden
  • I’m sorry but can y’all think of 100 million people INFRONT of you? No? Then yes you are just numbers to her and it’s fine, she still care bout yall lol. Y’all took it to far. Plus she was only setting a goal she wanted to reach. And Dixie reacting to the snail was all set up for views. Y’all over reacting lol

    Cute PotatoCute Potato2 dagen geleden
  • I love char bear

    Illa’s WorldIlla’s World2 dagen geleden
  • Dude she is literally a CHILD. Of course she is going to be shocked, like I wouldnt know anyones name if I had 100 million fans, and what else what you call them if you dont know who your fans really are? I don’t believe the media, because I know how much they fake things and make things sound different, but everone has bad days, and not even Charli Damelio is perfect. That is just my opinion

    Sophia StocktonSophia Stockton2 dagen geleden
  • HOW DARE SHE!!!! CANCEL HER!!! FR if you care about anything this CHILD does get a fucking life

    RezirRezir2 dagen geleden
  • Charli: "Wait,,, WHOA WHOA WHOA *Sticks tongue out*" Her: "As you can see she is being disrespectful" Me: WHUT!?

    Francis AbellanaFrancis Abellana2 dagen geleden
  • this video is so dumb, and not true

    Jaci LaPradeJaci LaPrade2 dagen geleden
  • She was not rude I swear charli would breath and it would be all over the internet saying she huffed at her mom how disrespectful!!!! This crap needs to stop

    Laila JeanLaila Jean2 dagen geleden
  • guys stop hating on them that's stupid and there teens like you not gonna expectit I guys STOP

    It's Me AddieIt's Me Addie2 dagen geleden
  • the narrator is being the rude one. girl- sweetie. u shouldve done ur research before attacking them and calling them very disrespectful because they all said it was a whole jokes

    Audrey DesnoyersAudrey Desnoyers2 dagen geleden
  • Please guys this is kinda rude yah she wanted to hit 100 million followers and like it is very excited and I would do the same so please don’t hate!

    Jayden RosierJayden Rosier2 dagen geleden
  • She already said she didn’t mean it as numbers yall calling them dramatic it dramatic to get all mad over a SNAIL like so what I prob throw up to GET A JOKE ppl

    Bella ButtBella Butt2 dagen geleden
    • JUST get a JOKE

      Bella ButtBella Butt2 dagen geleden
  • People hating yt-ers and say "it isnt a Job" This Girl litteraly making 83k in a montg ONLY from tik tok (not included Interviews, Sponsors etc) and her whole Job is just shitty dancing in Front of a camera. The World is sad

    eNTeNNeTeNTeNNeT2 dagen geleden
  • I genuinely can't tell if this is satire or not

    Shaso HunterShaso Hunter2 dagen geleden
  • They are not good people. All that influence makes them out of touch with reality. Gross

    Golden HuskyGolden Husky2 dagen geleden
  • People HAVE GOT TO realize that all humans have flaws. Nobody’s perfect. I’ll bet each one of us has talked back to someone or been rude, but when a celebrity does it, it’s this huge thing which isn’t even fair. She’s not perfect, nobody is!

    Annabeth GreenAnnabeth Green2 dagen geleden

    Leticia SilvaLeticia Silva2 dagen geleden
  • ...are we just not going to talk abt how she showed charli saying “woah woah woah woah” and then said “see???? charli sees her fans as numbers!”

    aphroditeaphrodite2 dagen geleden
  • I hate her but y’all are so sensitive...imagine cancelling someone for something they didn’t even do like lmao

    alex hammy ham hamalex hammy ham ham2 dagen geleden
  • I Hate charli

    Tt leo_is_cute_af LolTt leo_is_cute_af Lol2 dagen geleden
  • She is just a kid mannnnn. Kids mess up sometines. Im no fan of her, but she is a damn kid

    Maxim Fodor NedelcuMaxim Fodor Nedelcu2 dagen geleden
  • So ur not sure what he talked about?? HE PROBLEY SAID SUM THEY DIDNT LIKE

    Yo BaddiesYo Baddies2 dagen geleden
  • She was joking about eating dino nuggets and she IS grateful for 100 mil she was just taking about if she hit 100 mil in a YEAR so when she hit 1 mil a year later she had 100 mil Get ur facts straight

    Yo BaddiesYo Baddies2 dagen geleden