Chaos in Washington as Trump supporters storm Capitol and force lockdown of Congress - BBC News

6 jan. 2021
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Thousands of supporters of President Trump have stormed the US Capitol building, venting their anger at the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election.
They forced the evacuation and lockdown of Congress, where lawmakers were preparing to approve the election result.
Shortly before the clashes President Trump had addressed his supporters near the White House telling them that he would never accept defeat.
President-elect Biden called on Mr Trump to tell his people to go home and eventually that was the message delivered from the White House.
Washington’s Mayor ordered a curfew as members of the US National Guard were deployed to protect the city.
Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by North America editor Jon Sopel in Washington and from Aleem Maqbool and Lebo Diseko at the Capitol.
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  • Antifa chaos

    Sean WilliamsSean Williams2 uur geleden
  • False flag by Dems

    Shiv GiriShiv Giri2 uur geleden
  • These Trump supporters are acting like a bunch of 2 year olds! 🥳

    B76B762 uur geleden
  • This is all a crock of shit. They wr all allowed in you can wven hear a guard say this way as they all walk in a nice line. Again this is all bullshit. Big lies msm

    anna canna c3 uur geleden

    Md SohelMd Sohel16 uur geleden
  • Covid be like: yes yes spare more my child by close distancing

    Taren DannyTaren Danny19 uur geleden
  • This is what happens when the brainwashing comes to end. Reality hits back hard 💥

    Matthew NgMatthew NgDag geleden
  • Usa invades usa

    Esteban SuárezEsteban SuárezDag geleden
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  • Your news suck know that was Antifa

    BawaaateeBawaaateeDag geleden
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  • Modii shame on you!!

    Super PowerSuper PowerDag geleden
  • “we love you, your very special” they sure are

    Moy NavaMoy NavaDag geleden
  • This was orchestrated by ANTIFA. A few stupid Trump supporters were conned into the act. Wait for it. Proof is coming.

    joyjoy2 dagen geleden
  • God bless President trump

    Natalie Buchanan Rutherford ‘All About Jesus’Natalie Buchanan Rutherford ‘All About Jesus’2 dagen geleden
  • BLM and ANTIFA

    hecthor ochmartzhecthor ochmartz2 dagen geleden
  • This is a once ina century opportunity, the 20s gotta be roaring louder than last time

    Caity L. CharnoskiCaity L. Charnoski2 dagen geleden
  • It gets scary when the rioters have IQ and proper grammar on their side huh? Look at all the minorities running to call the police. Pathetic

    memba berrymemba berry2 dagen geleden
  • 👉

    Jase CarJase Car2 dagen geleden
  • Antifa and blm stormed you moron! Trumpets werr lead in by the staff guards. We have all seen the real video you try to ban on NLworld.

    Manuel QuengaManuel Quenga2 dagen geleden
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  • Its quite easy to distinguish a dove from criminals.

    R LittlejohnR Littlejohn2 dagen geleden
  • Patriots defend freedom, Trump supporters burn it to the ground.

    R LittlejohnR Littlejohn2 dagen geleden
  • Turquie terorist ☝🏻

    M. M.M. M.2 dagen geleden
  • We are drinking from seperate fountains freedom .

    R LittlejohnR Littlejohn2 dagen geleden
  • Oer the ramparts we watched alright. They call themselves Patriots when they are neurotic and psychotic

    R LittlejohnR Littlejohn2 dagen geleden
  • Trigger happy police what happened to them now when Luke Skywalker storms the capital. Stunning, citizens on the GREAT side of the wall storming their own capitol . Hypocrites . Masses on opiods .

    R LittlejohnR Littlejohn2 dagen geleden
  • “To overthrow the will of the people...” Anyone who has viewed testimonies by witnesses, read signed affidavits, and listened to statisticians describe the impossibilities of instant vote spikes for only one candidate in the dead of night has more then reasonable cause for suspicion. Unlike numerous contesting of prior elections (by Democrats) the Trump campaign was not afforded the chance to present their case. Consider; Biden received more votes than Obama...and I have prime swamp land for sale.

    Promethean AllegoryPromethean Allegory2 dagen geleden
  • Lies from the media so cut and edited

    J MJ M2 dagen geleden
  • This was planned - by the antifa group to stand in amongst trump protestors so to make it look like they were rioting and smashing windows..find the footage.

    J MJ M2 dagen geleden
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  • Trump is better president

    jamesthemanjamestheman2 dagen geleden
    • Lol

      Tkill Rs 2Tkill Rs 22 dagen geleden
  • *These aren't PROTESTORS for SURE 🙄*

    Tushar VermaTushar Verma3 dagen geleden
  • What next? Trump supporters trying to assassinate Biden?

    Bryan RamirrzBryan Ramirrz3 dagen geleden
  • A mostly peaceful protest.

    Tony MortonTony Morton4 dagen geleden
  • Why can't they just admit to trump defeat why can't they just let it go

    Lawrence HanismaoiLawrence Hanismaoi4 dagen geleden
    • Because we just spent 4 years of Democrats doing the same thing... remember?

      Matt HarrellMatt Harrell3 dagen geleden
  • Learn the facts before you report them. This is just fake news.

    joel johnsonjoel johnson4 dagen geleden
    • Prove that it's fake please

      Nyx256Nyx2567 uur geleden
  • It’s just the beginning

    harrypotter zoupharrypotter zoup4 dagen geleden
  • China Wuhan coronavirus puts the world at risk and holds the Beijing Winter Olympics without any guilty feelings Funny, unbelievable Chinese people are afraid of people from other countries coming China A country without lies and truth

    살조커살조커4 dagen geleden
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    Katlyn CharlesKatlyn Charles4 dagen geleden
  • The people were not happy, this message has been repackaged by the media to damage the Trump presidency. In reality the people were not happy with the outcome of the fraudulent election and 4 years of slander against an elected presidency that put the people first.

    laminlamin4 dagen geleden
  • People need to realize that the police tried to keep them out of the building but there were far too many people for them to handle.

    Ellie CallahanEllie Callahan5 dagen geleden
    • The police let them in. There was a mix of ANTIFA and BLM in there too.

      laminlamin4 dagen geleden
  • All because of Donald Trump.

    Ulysses GrantUlysses Grant5 dagen geleden
  • I see that BBC is telling the same lies as CNN. The police let people in the building. It was a setup from democrats.

    LethalMayoLethalMayo5 dagen geleden
  • トランプサポーターではないし、断定されていない。

    織田信長織田信長5 dagen geleden
  • Antifa and Q fools "stormed" the Capital.

    Joe WJoe W5 dagen geleden
  • Trump's been failing since the beginning: offending everyone seeding fear and wrath among the US citizens It's all a show. OPEN YOUR EYES!

    Matthew Rodriguez QuezadaMatthew Rodriguez Quezada5 dagen geleden
    • And yet he had the most successful first term in history, and all despite the slander from the left.

      laminlamin4 dagen geleden
  • Year after year , USA is slowly falling apart. I can sadly feel a China-India superpowers world in half a century or so.

    Flavio GuminaFlavio Gumina5 dagen geleden
  • So many people are cancelling the BBC and demanding refunds on their licence fee that they can't keep up with the demand. Be one of those people. Anyone who gives money to the BBC for their sick propaganda are part of the problem.

    Steve BagshawSteve Bagshaw5 dagen geleden
  • The BBC is a disgrace and the MSM are finished.. That's why they're banning real journalists, real truthers and real new outlets. For 90 days BLM/Antifa idiots were trashing Portland and caused billions of pounds worth of damage across major cities. No condemning, little coverage except to support 'mainly peaceful rioting'!!!

    Steve BagshawSteve Bagshaw5 dagen geleden
  • Area 51 expectations:

    MilkyWay studios lol :3MilkyWay studios lol :35 dagen geleden
  • this is our example? WTF USA Police have killed a woman? Did I understand it correctly? WTF

    HefestoHefesto5 dagen geleden
    • and no one talking about that, this is main, the Government (Trump and Biden both of them is guilty ) has killed a human, OMG

      HefestoHefesto5 dagen geleden
  • U are fired trump!!??

    oNeMariSsaoNeMariSsa5 dagen geleden
  • The statement from 9:53 has quite some weight 🤨🤨

    Bharat NareshBharat Naresh5 dagen geleden
  • "WAKE UP" Halloooooooo................. Hallooooooooooo.............. What if BIDEN supporters were the one's posing as Trump supporters, storming the capitol wearing Trump paraphernalia, thus smeering the outgoing party's name. "I REST MY CASE"..........................................

    Wayne ChannonWayne Channon5 dagen geleden
  • This was NOT Trump supporters! It's a false flag!! NOBODY reports that Trump was 2hrs late to the rally blocks away from the Capital and these actors were waiting at the Capital long before Trump arrived to the rally. Then they stormed the Capital BEFORE Trump was done speaking and BEFORE anyone from the rally walked to the Capital!!

    North StarNorth Star5 dagen geleden
  • A stealing , liar man , can’t be president .

    Quyen TranQuyen Tran5 dagen geleden
  • this is completely a lie. buses with Anitifa were ushered in by the DC police, barricades moved and doors opened for antifa. A few antifa pulled off of the walls as the broke windows and Trump supporters tried to get the DC police to stop antifa. You are full of propaganda and lies BBC.

    Christa JChrista J5 dagen geleden

    Margaret JohnsonMargaret Johnson5 dagen geleden
  • USA era is end, welcome the new leader of the world sad to know its communist🙄

  • This is lie. Antifa and BLM terrorists lead the attack. Why don't you check all the videos and info coming out instead of spreading lies and fake news. Journalism is dead. No one believes you - fake, corrupt news!

    MyVictoriavMyVictoriav5 dagen geleden
  • Antifa only

    Leonard DeryLeonard Dery6 dagen geleden
  • They stole our election

    Andrea MarieAndrea Marie6 dagen geleden
  • #Antifa

    Mícheál FlaithbheartaighMícheál Flaithbheartaigh6 dagen geleden
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    Real life 101 RealReal life 101 Real6 dagen geleden
    • So dick heads and trump got someone shot

      opzz xsinopzz xsin6 dagen geleden
  • Thousands did not storm the building. You have zero primary sources for this report.

    Wendy MartinieWendy Martinie6 dagen geleden
  • Fake news

    Vanderlei BernardoVanderlei Bernardo6 dagen geleden
  • Hope this happens everywhere

    Freedom Flag CoFreedom Flag Co6 dagen geleden
  • Ту ту ту ту ту)Я тут 1 из рашен фидирашен)

    1nagE1nagE6 dagen geleden
  • storming the capitol was nothing compared to all the monuments toppled over the past year or so and unruly mobs looting and rioting in different cities blocking roadways and burning buildings down!!!!

    Terry TiggleTerry Tiggle6 dagen geleden
    • Plus the occupation of American land by BLM and Antifa...

      Matt HarrellMatt Harrell3 dagen geleden
  • BBC News never reported on 100 days of leftist violence, murder and riots in American cities that were encouraged and never condemned by Democrats. BBC is fake news.

    channelhismojochannelhismojo6 dagen geleden
  • Those were not Trump supporters liar liars. those were BLM and antifa and they have been arrested for the crime. Shame on YOU for not telling your listeners that. Trump supporters were still blocks away listening to their president speak.

    Shannon PendergrassShannon Pendergrass6 dagen geleden
  • Trump is a sore loser NGL

    Rob RavuRob Ravu6 dagen geleden

    Bernard TendenguBernard Tendengu6 dagen geleden
  • Amerika lässt zu das Verbrecher ihr Verbrechen vollenden können 😭Ich fühle mit dem Amerikanischen Volk😭

    Dagmar MeierDagmar Meier6 dagen geleden
  • It's kinda dumb that a lot of Trump supporters say to foreign people "Well, at least we have freedom!". What do they do? They hurt people who don't belive in what they belive in, they aren't fixing America, they ruining it.

    LoekLoek6 dagen geleden

    Lasse KrögerLasse Kröger6 dagen geleden
  • Everyone knows it was about 300 Antifa dressed up in MAGA. Duh bbc is shite propaganda

    BadradnessBadradness6 dagen geleden
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    Criss CrossCriss Cross6 dagen geleden
  • So dick heads and trump got someone shot

    Dean ChristopherDean Christopher6 dagen geleden
  • This is rubbish. All news is controlled and paid for by satanists.

    Awake in TruthAwake in Truth7 dagen geleden
  • Hey ding dongs! Get your story straight! This was an organized attack. This was not Trump supporters. How about you type in and see where that directs you.

    C BC B7 dagen geleden
  • School security's better than capital security

    heyisaiahheyisaiah7 dagen geleden
  • You pussy it was Antifa and Blm hey england get your broadcasters in line this is some pravda bullshit

    J CJ C7 dagen geleden
  • They aint his supports they tryna get him 😂

    Bhad_barbie.tBhad_barbie.t7 dagen geleden
  • We are American citizens who our ancestors fight and died for our freedom and who die for the rights cause not for most up stuff. American are not born coward were not born gay were not born as a abominations but born as God made us and born in our American country who know how to stand our ground. We are spose to fight like our oldest leader like the first president of the United States George Washington who turn on his British kind for American and as well fight with abraham Lincoln and few other we fight. Civil War in our community to take back our freedom of speech religion and choices. Our ancestors died in vain for nothing now we see were letting twist crap like jo biden falsely win when he was so so far behind trump how did he get his vote when he so far behind and him and trump were spotted to be on break as they should ? How did get a head when there are 4 state left ? Were did jo biden getting his vote when he is no were near trump vote at all ?

    nathan harpernathan harper7 dagen geleden
  • The only day in history where you had a crowd with an IQ average lower than 80...

    Finn xMMFinn xMM7 dagen geleden
    • @Jacob Campbell antifa members who have been arrested at protests in other states were storming the Capital on 1-6-21. These are cross checked and verified by name and photo antifa members. The only thing fake is the narrative on msm. Has nothing to do with fake photos.

      North StarNorth Star5 dagen geleden
    • @North Star pictures of the milky way aren’t actually the milky way.

      Jacob CampbellJacob Campbell5 dagen geleden
    • That was antifa that stormed the Capital. They even advertised they were going dressed as Trump supporters and causing trouble that would be blamed on Trump!

      North StarNorth Star5 dagen geleden
  • Today is the most Luckiest day in the history for American people as the Cowboy left The White House

    Aryan DylanAryan Dylan7 dagen geleden
  • All of the yayhoos came out of the woodwork.

    Alexa ShirleyAlexa Shirley7 dagen geleden
  • I think Amayrika must first stop production of violent blitzkrieg superhero movies and produce movies with moral sciences.

    Pritham SriniPritham Srini7 dagen geleden
  • OMG I love it so much?

    mikin liroumikin lirou7 dagen geleden
  • as this point it went from george floyd riots to trump supporters getting mad that biden won and storming the white house

    Capuchin MonkeyCapuchin Monkey7 dagen geleden
  • This video isn't a bit incorrect. He said, "peacefully and patriotically make our voices heard". Also, these people breached the Capitol before he was even done speaking so he clearly didn't incite anything.

    M BloomM Bloom7 dagen geleden
  • Mexicans that support's like they think up-sided-down and in reverse.

    Trurah MiyakiTrurah Miyaki7 dagen geleden

    Daniel LopezDaniel Lopez8 dagen geleden
  • They mad fun of Mexicans about climbing walls now look at them now

    Jr Skull play’sJr Skull play’s8 dagen geleden
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    • You should watch this video

      Mark SmithMark Smith7 dagen geleden
  • They had no idea Donald Trump call them there so they can lose their second amendment rights is everyone Donald Trump call there storm the White House and that's a felony so they cannot no longer be gun owners

    Total Public Exposure T.V. ChannelTotal Public Exposure T.V. Channel8 dagen geleden