Cesar Millan Faces a Pitbull Terrorizing a Neighborhood | Cesar 911

1 mei. 2021
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Cesar Millan spies on this out-of-control pit bull from the safety of the second floor and provides his unfiltered opinion! The owner is clearly not doing enough to control her dog's behavior, and Cesar must step in before it continues to terrorize this South Los Angeles neighborhood. Get more dog training tips like this on Cesar 911, Sundays at 10AM Eastern | 9AM Central. Visit bit.ly/2sGTUwA for where to watch! #Dabl #DablNetwork #CordCutters #FreeTV

  • Luna has those crazy eyes!!

    bobshenixbobshenix19 minuten geleden
  • they need to do away with pit bulls

    Sandra MillerSandra Miller46 minuten geleden
  • So this is how psychopaths are grown...

    Santi OlivaSanti Oliva52 minuten geleden
  • I HATE these incomplete videos that leave you hanging! Where's the rest of it?!?

    SurveyTest MoneySurveyTest MoneyUur geleden
  • That thumbnail is sending me 🤣🤣🤣

    GirlMeetsRealityGirlMeetsReality2 uur geleden
  • There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.. she looks like a person without self discipline, so she certainly don't deserve dogs like this. She doesn't deserve any dogs for the matter.

    ronny6xronny6x2 uur geleden
  • This dog should be taken down - the sooner the better. It´s simply too dangerous.

    Ole BertelsenOle Bertelsen2 uur geleden
  • Just put her down already

    Parisamore XoXoXoParisamore XoXoXo4 uur geleden
  • Wow this dog looks exactly like my dog except those eyes 👀 they bulge right out Luna head!

    Alisha GadsonAlisha Gadson5 uur geleden
  • Thats how my pit bull acts!

    Vassilios KavalasVassilios Kavalas6 uur geleden
  • woman: i love animals derp! but these kind of animals you dont understand rips childrens faces apart these breeds should not be allowed with normal people, woman go raise a chihuahua

    woreyour woreyoureworeyour woreyoure7 uur geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/unBlrLWqlminoHw&ab_channel=GermanShepherd_Jackbaby

    German Shepherd_Jack babyGerman Shepherd_Jack baby7 uur geleden
  • Perfect example of I love animals, get 1 , leave it at home and don't do anything.

    rajeshone Rajeshrajeshone Rajesh7 uur geleden
  • pits should be exterminated

    Mike McdonnellMike Mcdonnell7 uur geleden
  • Once you touch the nose of a,dog then you've gained its trust.

    Nap SumNap Sum10 uur geleden
  • Pit bulls are so evil😤smh

    Obvious Bait CommentObvious Bait Comment13 uur geleden
  • Pit bulls make up only 6% of the dog population, but they’re responsible for 68% of dog attacks and 52% of dog-related deaths since 1982,

    WindywormWindyworm14 uur geleden
  • Watch Earthlings documentary to see the suffering animals go through for meat, dairy, eggs. Think about what the animals experience and how they feel.

    Peace and PositivityPeace and Positivity15 uur geleden
  • No one with sense owns a Pit Bull

    vaticinusvaticinus18 uur geleden
  • This is so sad to watch, knowing that this person gets a dog and doesn't invest the time and "MONEY" for proper training. She doesn't even have a clue as to handle these kind of breeds. Just terrible.

    Florentine SorelleFlorentine Sorelle19 uur geleden
  • If I own a small dog it really doesn't matter if the dog gets a bad attitude - I am in charge based on my size and strength. Pit bulls are like owning a crocodile and thinking that you can control it. It's bred to have a certain amount of power and a certain type of attitude. Dogs are supposed to be pets, not guardians/ protection. If you want protection get a security system, not a pit bull. Go to any animal shelter website and what are 90% of the dog breeds in the shelter - pit bulls. Look at insurance statistics for which dogs harm people the most - pit bulls - and there are a number of other breeds that shouldn't be pets, period - ChowChows, Dobermans, etc. If you have a dog breed that your homeowners' insurance won't cover you if the dog bits someone at your house, maybe you should rethink that dog breed. Your friends and family shouldn't have to be terrified to come and visit you and if they are, that's on you.

    The One True KingThe One True King22 uur geleden
  • The owner looks like a pitbull too

    richard halilirichard haliliDag geleden
  • This lady should have bought a poodle she needs no pitbull

    Dee bugzavichDee bugzavichDag geleden
  • I have done rescues and sometimes there is just such severe aggression that only strong sedatives can get under control. And, even that us sketchy when they have a powerful jaw and terrier combination is really extreme . They need constant aggressive monitoring by one constant committed human. and very strong kennels.

    Liza RosaLiza RosaDag geleden
  • Is great to love animals but there are some animals that don't belong to some people!

    Alien HernandezAlien HernandezDag geleden
  • Good nite. Not a pet..not everyone is Caesar ...worrisome. love Caesar.

    Thunder pantsThunder pantsDag geleden
  • Why the whole version is not shown?. Why should I watch in another site? Rubbish!! Stopped watching all these shows!! Good riddance.

    Venkatesh MandikalVenkatesh MandikalDag geleden
  • Pit bulls are not typical dogs. Frankly they need to stop breeding them or at least make it necessary to obtain a special license to own one. The shelters are FULL of this breed and they can't find them homes because most people don't want them. Sad.

    Kct SKct SDag geleden
  • Dogs eyes look like hes having flashbacks from vietnam war

    Dimitris MoulosiotisDimitris MoulosiotisDag geleden
  • aw cute puppy! i like them too and staffies!

    Paulie WPaulie WDag geleden
  • Why do so many Americans keep these beasts as pets? Is it an ego thing? Tough guys with tough dogs? I mean, really? You would be safer keeping a fekin Bengal Tiger for a pet!

    Wile e CoyoteWile e CoyoteDag geleden
  • Love dogs, hate Pitbulls, too unpredictable, can never trust them, and with them jaws, wouldn't want one anywhere near me, DEFINITELY NOT pets!

    Wile e CoyoteWile e CoyoteDag geleden

    Angelina LefeversAngelina LefeversDag geleden
  • A lot of people have been killed by pit bulls.

    Margaretha WinartoMargaretha WinartoDag geleden
  • Its quite simple in the UK, Pitt Bulls are put down if found... end of story.

    The Drone Home ZoneThe Drone Home ZoneDag geleden
  • Pitbull’s are loose cannons, it takes way too much work to tame them. They all need to be destroyed and thrown into a ditch

    King TrawalKing TrawalDag geleden
  • Kill a pitbull, save a child

    King TrawalKing TrawalDag geleden
  • I can see it is not Junior, I was confused, sorry.

    Francisco GarcíaFrancisco GarcíaDag geleden
  • That’s why I don’t like shit Bull dogs

    Dan BaileyDan BaileyDag geleden
  • Hi! I was always a Animal Person! Because - I love Animals! I would also bring them home when I found them on the street! Q: Do you know anything about animals, their behavior or how to train or handle them? A: No. Why? I love Animals!

    Curt Cour de LionCurt Cour de LionDag geleden
  • The dog seems extremely anxious to me

    mrtonybony1 Tbmrtonybony1 TbDag geleden
  • People who cannot be the boss, be clear and be consistent with their dog, shouldn’t have a dog, particularly not strong dogs like pitbulls.

    Khamsin ShamalKhamsin Shamal2 dagen geleden
  • .......the lady loves pitbulls and has no idea how to handle, much less train a dog.......... fucking great

    asdasd2 dagen geleden
  • Some woman always can't control her pitbull.

    stamped metal swordstamped metal sword2 dagen geleden

    Moses MartinezMoses Martinez2 dagen geleden
  • I will never understand how people get dogs and don't invest the time into behavior training. You have to do it everyday. She's clueless and that can make a dog dangerous. Blame the people not the dog and this woman is the perfect example. Don't get a dog unless you can invest the time into training.

    Sports GirlSports Girl2 dagen geleden
  • What kind of imbeciles keep such a killing machine.

    Didier DegrooteDidier Degroote2 dagen geleden
  • Go it Kuvasz or Komondor:)

    iccakai lovagiccakai lovag2 dagen geleden
  • Pitbulls are crazy dangerous

    TheAllSeeingWheelTheAllSeeingWheel2 dagen geleden
  • Bigger PROBLEM is OWNERS!

    Deep SoulDeep Soul2 dagen geleden
  • Some people shouldn't own dogs, those people shouldn't breed either since they can't train a dog they won't correct a child's behaviour either

    Itaboi 309Itaboi 3092 dagen geleden
  • Some people shouldn’t have those breeds if they can’t train them and know how strong they are and they aren’t bad dogs (I love them too) but they need training and strong leader (human)

    Valerie OlivarezValerie Olivarez2 dagen geleden
  • He's not stupid 😂 that's not no regular lil mut there bro that's a Killin machine ...I love pits

    Deon PritDeon Prit2 dagen geleden
  • She sounds like my daughter, I love animals, but not to train them. As a child she brought tons home (throw a ways, sick/injured). She watched me help take care/foster them, until they found homes. But as an adult she wants the love , but not the responsibility.

    Shari BigayShari Bigay2 dagen geleden
  • Weak people should not have powerful dogs, this is a formula for disaster. Some times love is just not enough..!

    Cuda MikeCuda Mike2 dagen geleden
    • Having seen one of these aggressive things suddenly turn on its owner for no reason..sure, sweet, friendly one minute, tearing holes in the owner the next..and if you love your kids and dog, dont let them anywhere near these nasty articles!

      Wile e CoyoteWile e CoyoteDag geleden
  • Pitt Bulls never cause trouble in the UK. The police take them away and they are *always* destroyed, no arguments.

    GivenFirstName FamilyFirstNameGivenFirstName FamilyFirstName2 dagen geleden
  • Funny how she says that the worst case scenario is hurting a family member. Here's the worst case scenario: Luna attacks a stranger or another stranger's dog. If either one gets hurt, yes they'll need medical attention, but they will report Luna to animal control. She will be taken away, period. And the other party will sue Luna's owners for medical expenses. People, if you're not confident, aren't comfortable or don't have the proper knowledge to take care of a dog, DO NOT GET ONE!

    Lens of TruthLens of Truth2 dagen geleden
    • Both of you loons are off. It's amazing how clueless most land shark owners are. The worst case scenario is that this trash dog ends up KILLING a stranger. This dog needs a furever nap. 💉💉💉

      ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTYÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY18 uur geleden
  • POISON!!!

    Ludwig van BeethovenLudwig van Beethoven2 dagen geleden
  • I hate pitbulls they r extremely aggressive

    Susana SalazarSusana Salazar3 dagen geleden
  • I've been attacked and severely bitten by 3 different dogs..pitbulls are like a loaded 357 magnum!! I hate dogs!

    Caryl FontaineCaryl Fontaine3 dagen geleden
  • I won't watch another one they don't show the ending

    Joe SchneiderJoe Schneider3 dagen geleden
  • What a pretty woman, beautiful smile. You’re the Best Cesar 🙏🏻

    Joyce EdwardsJoyce Edwards3 dagen geleden
  • Love the SHOW 😍😃✨❤️💙

    Clarence DixonClarence Dixon3 dagen geleden
  • Red Flags when I heard her said she was afraid of Luna and fears one day may attack a family member and get rid of her. Dear GOD. When will people learn to be proper pet owners. There are so many breeds. Y u need to stress yourself out by having one of the most aggressive breed such as a pitbull?! Get a grip.

    Khaleesi888 AmazonKhaleesi888 Amazon3 dagen geleden
  • Give her ultrasonic- bark-control. Than tell her what she must not do, show her something instead, e.g. take a rest at her place. Done.

    Tobias KernTobias Kern3 dagen geleden
  • Why this lady have a dog in the first place , crazy

    Martin Fiay SrMartin Fiay Sr3 dagen geleden
  • if you remember correctly, then, the American Staffordshire Terrier, also known as a Pit Bull, is the most aggressive and destructive dog at the United States of America however Rottweilers always have and always will be superior to pitbulls in terms of domination, physically speaking, of course

    yhootoobyhootoob3 dagen geleden
  • People who get pitbulls for a fashion statement, are signing their death warrants. Stupid.

    joeashbubemmajoeashbubemma3 dagen geleden
  • Some people shouldn’t own dogs!

    Tree TreeTree Tree3 dagen geleden
  • "Yeah let's cut the video halfway, that's what the people want"

    Broken soffaBroken soffa3 dagen geleden
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    kadir kuchingkadir kuching3 dagen geleden
  • If that vicious dog hurts someone the owner should have to pull some serious jail time.

    roger thorntonroger thornton3 dagen geleden
    • That's why you keep a glock or sig saucer on you at all times. All that tough barking will cease when you put some rounds in his body

      Christopher MorrisChristopher Morris2 dagen geleden
  • Five minutes for nothing!

    Touchofgrey53Touchofgrey533 dagen geleden
  • You couldn't pay me enough to own that breed. Not worth the liability.

    linda maddoxlinda maddox3 dagen geleden
  • So what happened next did cesar able to alleviate that pitbull's aggressiveness? Is there a continuation video?

    Orlee CodnobOrlee Codnob3 dagen geleden
  • I hate pitbull.....

    Rod LudeñaRod Ludeña3 dagen geleden
  • I remember that time he got bite

    Jamie LancasterJamie Lancaster3 dagen geleden
  • Well, still can't see if the situation was resolved!

    Clarina Van Der MerweClarina Van Der Merwe3 dagen geleden
  • Can you crop more this video? Like 15 seconds, so that it will be more interested to watch :)

    Philip Jan BaruisPhilip Jan Baruis3 dagen geleden
  • Oh man.I ended when I wanted to know what happen in the end , never mind the dog now I'm stressed😂🤔🤔🤔🤔

    love sick 831love sick 8313 dagen geleden
  • she loves animals and raised them as a monster...lol

    say 10say 103 dagen geleden
  • This is the story behind the story of pitbull mauling family member.....

    Cory GallivanCory Gallivan3 dagen geleden
  • Where's the rest of the video??

    you & MEyou & ME3 dagen geleden
  • Cesar makes a Pitbull toss a Salad

    Maurice Sebastiaan van OosterhoutMaurice Sebastiaan van Oosterhout3 dagen geleden
  • Cesar 911 season 3 episode 7

    RIPER TAPESRIPER TAPES4 dagen geleden
  • I’m sorry , I don’t play doggie psychologist , an aggressive dangerous dog should just be put down period. I’ve known two families whose devotion to their aggressive dogs lead to several family members being mauled, in one case the dog owner’s own four year old daughter was the victim.

    Normando CabanNormando Caban4 dagen geleden
  • Thumbs down video is too short!!! No results!👎👎

    Ray LuminRay Lumin4 dagen geleden
  • That people are scared of their dog and should not stay with her. I don’t think is aggressive . What that dog needs is at least a basic training of sit, stay or sit down 🤷🏽‍♀️My Dogo Argentino and Bichon Frise barks like that when someone is at the door. Looks at me like saying “hey there is someone here” then I tell them “I am coming “ lol! They sit and stay. Are not aggressive , they are my door bell 😂🤣

    Ninibeth RamirezNinibeth Ramirez4 dagen geleden
  • 2:48

    John SniperJohn Sniper4 dagen geleden
  • Cesar Millan Menghadapi Pitbull yang Meneror Lingkungan | Cesar 911

    Thomas Ksatria GurkhasThomas Ksatria Gurkhas4 dagen geleden
  • Mmm there's no blue pitbulls that's an American bully

    carlos sanchezcarlos sanchez4 dagen geleden
  • Here is a dog under control nlworld.info/key/video/tKRkaruunXCQaGs

    ironmiketoddironmiketodd4 dagen geleden
    • It’s not the BREED IT IS THE OWNER! nlworld.info/key/video/05-Ti7vTpm-FfGs

      ironmiketoddironmiketodd4 dagen geleden
  • Por que no lo ponen en español o subtitulado

    Virginia Pacheco MoscosoVirginia Pacheco Moscoso4 dagen geleden
  • Weak owners

    Max battersbyMax battersby4 dagen geleden
  • You have no business with a pitbull if you can't control it. Those dogs aren't weak. lol. I think thats obvious by now.

    Kit RodriguezKit Rodriguez4 dagen geleden
  • People without knowledge of dog behavior 😫

    ZatomisZatomis4 dagen geleden
  • Personally, I do not like pit bulls. Most people shouldn't own them because pits need a strong hand. My perfectly socialized German Shepherd was at the dog park and in comes one of them tree hugging millennials with an intact male pit she saved from certain death. What a hero! Immediately the pit went for my Shepherd and tried to latch on, my dog turns away and trots off. The girl said "He always does that". I told her the dog was looking for trouble and tried to latch on. It happened again and I told her she should leave. 4 millennials jumped my ass and I was defending my POV when that damn pit latched onto an elderly Husky. No one could get the pit to release and guess what? The chick disappeared. Pits can easily become a weapon..

    Guy SolisGuy Solis4 dagen geleden
  • Bro wtf now I gotta look for part 2

    Calvan ✔️Calvan ✔️4 dagen geleden
  • She loves to own a pitbull, but doesn't know how to handle it. Bad, dangerous to other people.

    rajesh shettyrajesh shetty4 dagen geleden
    • She loves to "say" she has a pitbull....as if that's impressive.....nothing that a 9mm won't take care of

      Christopher MorrisChristopher Morris2 dagen geleden
  • How does Cesar deal with these people! Honestly.. the owners are so damn stupid! Animal person.. what a joke! Yes, lock the dog in a cage and DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what should be done.. which is being the pack leader and giving the dog direction and clear rules and boundaries!

    Hella BellaHella Bella4 dagen geleden