Can we SAVE our ENGINE? - Sailing Yabá #16

21 feb. 2021
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We are Ben and MP!
Recently we decided to purchase a two-masted 70ft wooden schooner in Brazil. The fun detail about our story is that the boat we bought was sinking and relying on many bilge pumps to survive so we had to lift it onto the dry to start a full refit.
In this episode, we show the current state of our engine and start the works of bringing it back to life! There's a lot of rust and way too many quick fixes so we are making sure we remove all we can and that we properly fix everything this time!
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  • FAQ 1) What kind of wood was the boat originally made of? The hull was made of Jack Tree (Artocarpus heterophyllus), the deck out of Jataipeba (Dialium guianense) and the structure out of Sucupira (Pterodon emarginatus) and Vinhático (Plathymenia reticulata). 2) What kind of wood are we using for the new pieces? The wood we are using is Garapeira (Apuleia leiocarpa). 3) What are we going to do to avoid the worms to eat our keel again? First of all, we would like to clarify that what happened to the old keel was a combo of: neglected maintenance + boat stuck at the same place without moving for too long + tropical waters (worms’ favorite environment). As we are planning on moving and maintaining the boat yearly, the worms shouldn’t be able to feast on our hull like this again. Besides that, we will treat and protect our wood against the worms, for sure. For now, we’ve been applying a protective thin coat of an anti-corrosion primer, to start protecting the wood from sun, rain and basically anything in general. As it’s very thin and gets absorbed very well by the wood, it also works as a treatment against cracks by simply nourishing the wood. We still didn’t define 100% what will be done afterwards, so we will share this information later on. But we believe we will be using epoxy, tar and anti-fouling in layers to protect the hull, which is the most common technique here for wooden fishing boats + a worm shoe 4) When was Yabá built? And Where? Yabá was built in 2006/2007 in Bahia, Brazil. 5) What are the threads and nuts we are using made of? And why not bronze? The threads and nuts are all stainless steel. We are not using bronze because unfortunately this option exceeded too much our budget. 6) What's the engine model/brand? Our engine is a Mercedes Benz OM 352 A, widely used for trucks, buses and fishing boats here in Brazil so spare parts are found everywhere very easily. It is 210HP turbo diesel. Thank you so much for your kind messages and for showing so much interest in our project!! We will keep documenting everything to share as much as we can of this journey with you!!

    Sailing YabáSailing Yabá13 dagen geleden
    • @Matthew Haynes That is what I was worrying about but they said it was only built in 2006/2007 so if that is true asbestos should not have been used then as it was banned years before.

      KingWhiskers1KingWhiskers112 dagen geleden
    • @irmux skeptic if it wasn't all messed up we wouldn't be watching : ) I don't pay attention to trains passing by, but I will stop and watch a train wreck. I watch Yaba to see what will happen next.

      David Edward TolsonDavid Edward Tolson12 dagen geleden
    • hull rotten, engine fucked up,why you even bought it -not cheaper to make new? and make boat from dry wood,wet wood is pointless to paint, and antifoul dont get in to it

      irmux skepticirmux skeptic12 dagen geleden
    • @David Leatherbarrow I would like to add - lots of spare part, and lots of lube oil.

      Lars HansenLars Hansen12 dagen geleden
    • @Brad Bell 😂😂😂

      A NastitaA Nastita12 dagen geleden
  • Troquem os parafusos por parafusos de aço inox, assim não terão problemas de ferrugem.

    Jose Carlos CampeloJose Carlos Campelo6 uur geleden
  • So much work, but you'll get there! We're all learning so much from your journey! Keep up the great work.

    Boating JourneyBoating Journey12 uur geleden
  • Change those old v-belts to modern flat belts there much easier to change and better griping. Also easily found at auto parts stores. Look for new/old pullys and a tensioner at car/truck wreckers.

    jackdburjackdburDag geleden
  • That thing you keep calling a water tank is a heat exchanger.

    Fon HollohanFon Hollohan2 dagen geleden
  • Hey Ben here's a tip for you. Use penetrating oil to help loosen rusted bolts. If that don't work, use heat like a mini torch or oxygen acetylene torch's and do not burn yourself. lol

    Fon HollohanFon Hollohan2 dagen geleden
  • Bom trabalho!

    Washington .AlmeidaWashington .Almeida4 dagen geleden
  • The engine looks like it was "rode hard and put up wet"... (in the before pictures)

    JayJay5 dagen geleden
  • I have read a lot of the advice below and I wasn't going to add my voice but I think I have to give you my opinion. I am a diesel fuel injection mechanic by trade and ran a diagnostic workshop that used to deal with all the problem diesels that nobody could get to run correctly. Was the engine making any nasty or unusual noises when you had it running? Was there excessive smoke when starting or under normal running conditions? What colour smoke did you get when the engine was started from cold? Did the engine start easily from cold? I would as some people have suggested, get a compression test done; if that is ok and you had no knocking or excessive rumbling from the engine when it was running, you might have something decent to work with. I notice that quite a few people have recommended getting the injectors cleaned. You do not just clean diesel injectors and then they are better, they have to be re machined but in most cases nowadays, they don't do this, they just replace the nozzles with new ones and it can be very costly. Before spending the money on that, get the compression test done and try to remember about the engine noises. that will give you an indication on whether the fundamentals of the motor are ok. If it is at all feasible, drain the oil and look at it for any particles / metal flakes, that will tell you quite a bit. Obviously it would be better to remove the sump to examine this but having worked on a lot of marine diesels, this probably won't be possible is situ. I really do wish you good luck and will answer any questions that you may have if I can.

    Cousin JackCousin Jack6 dagen geleden
  • Engine ? What engine !??

    Kraftwerk kuriere hamburgKraftwerk kuriere hamburg6 dagen geleden
  • I like that calling the heat exchanger "this is the marine bit" the bit where the fresh water and salt water go's,

    southerneruk southsoutherneruk south7 dagen geleden
  • Don’t let the boat ruin your relationship especially in the rush to get if back on the waves. Do the batteries need to be placed strategically for ballast? Like in two places on with side of the board, combined they must weigh more than the engine, surely?

    Kym HammondKym Hammond8 dagen geleden
  • Looks like you have a game plan. Your engine isn’t in as bad shape as you might think. Remember put tags on every wire and hose.

    Eddie OhearnEddie Ohearn8 dagen geleden
  • Yep some paint and that engine is like new 😂😂😂😂 How is it possible......

    Kaiserm35Kaiserm358 dagen geleden
  • The wiring in that boat looks like an unholy mess. I can not imagine sleeping on that boat without 100% of the wiring being properly redone or verified safe.

    Ed SoniatEd Soniat8 dagen geleden
  • Oh it's a turbo-diesel. Makes sense.

    Venturi LifeVenturi Life8 dagen geleden
  • put a hose on the the crankcase breather and direct it into the engine air intake, this will deal with the the oily air that comes out of the crankcase.

    Darren JohnsonDarren Johnson9 dagen geleden
  • Go on you guys !! Just listen to positives felows, this motor is Very easy, don’t cost too much to get fixed and running like new !! Much better than electronic ones !! Go for it !! One life, live it !! Blesses !!

    Eurico TrevisaniEurico Trevisani9 dagen geleden
  • Ben my man I'm in love with MP. Such a sweet young lady with a sense of humor. I love her accent. Her most of all I want to see Yaba sailing again she is so optimistic. Great what you're doing with the engine replacing parts especially servicing alternators & cleaning everything. I agree with others to do a compression test on the engine. There are wires hanging all over the place. Bundle them when you start to rewire. It looks like street wiring in Cambodia. Really loving your channel.

    Joe BrownJoe Brown9 dagen geleden
  • I love your videos and look forward to seeing them each week. MP makes a great tigress 🐅 and you two make every episode fun. Thank you for sharing your rebuild of Yaba ! She is lucky to have such caring new owners ❤️

    Don FarmerDon Farmer9 dagen geleden
    • Hey Don! Thank you so much for your kind message!! We really appreciate it! 🐯🧡

      Sailing YabáSailing Yabá7 dagen geleden
  • This guy used to personally train me in belgium😅😅😅

    Sam GuilfordSam Guilford9 dagen geleden
  • You guy's have a BIG job on the eng. good luck, from Capt. Bill.

    Billy HintonBilly Hinton10 dagen geleden
  • Poor girl i sorry for u

    nouman jawednouman jawed10 dagen geleden
    • Ok then i am very happy for u just know the stress you going through.cant wait to see the vessel sailing

      nouman jawednouman jawed7 dagen geleden
    • Please don't be! I'm a very happy girl! ☺️

      Sailing YabáSailing Yabá7 dagen geleden
  • Rakkenjak is actually not Dutch but Belgian... the Dutch would call it a 'ratelsleutel'

    wouter wolkerswouter wolkers10 dagen geleden
    • You are right! I (MP) gave very misleading information. Even though it's true that Ben is half Dutch, he grew up in Belgium so he speaks flemish, and that's why he calls it differently. Sorry for the mix-up!

      Sailing YabáSailing Yabá10 dagen geleden
  • Best ook alle elektriciteit aanpakken, ziet er rommelig uit.

    zendesignerzendesigner10 dagen geleden
  • Try using steam cleaner ! Pressure washer isn't going to cut the grease good luck !

    Neal ChristensenNeal Christensen11 dagen geleden
  • Now would be a great time to install LED lighting strips all along the engine room ceiling. If you installed them along all of the joists, you could almost eliminate all shadow in the engine room, making it a great environment to work in, and still draw less power than the one light bulb. You could also install a pressure switch, so when you open the access hatch, the LED's automatically come on.

    Brian ReppBrian Repp11 dagen geleden
  • Have you heard the expression "putting lipstick on a pig"? That's what cleaning and painting the engine is. It's more important that it be mechanically sound than that it look pretty. It appears to have been used, abused and neglected so inspect, measure, analyze and diagnose it from the inside out. Have you even done an oil analysis? I love your can do attitude and wish you well.

    DocuMetrics, Inc.DocuMetrics, Inc.11 dagen geleden
  • doing a great job looking good

    My Wax HandsMy Wax Hands11 dagen geleden
  • I think I'd fit some good lighting first, make the job so much easier.

    Michael WrayMichael Wray11 dagen geleden
  • Hallo Ben. Jullie zijn lekker bezig met deze indrukwekkende uitdaging! Ik ben het wel eens met de meeste commentaren hieronder: Die motor, daar moet je wat mee. Ja, je kunt 'm oppoetsen zodat ie er weer een beetje leuk uitziet, maar je hebt geen idee hoe betrouwbaar hij is. Als je ziet hoe de machinekamer er uitziet moet je daar wel een boel vraagtekens bij hebben. Is er ooit onderhoud gepleegd? Olie ooit ververst? En dan hoe de koeling is aangesloten... is dat een chromen buis van een stofzuiger oid? Als uitbouwen en/of reviseren geen optie is moet je op z'n minst een compressiemeting doen, dat zegt al veel over de conditie. Je kunt ook nog de olie laten onderzoeken op metaaldeeltjes. Veel succes en wijsheid gewenst! GJ

    GJ HammerGJ Hammer11 dagen geleden

    Pedro KolmererPedro Kolmerer11 dagen geleden
  • At least you have a relatively reliable gear box from ZF. If you need any spares/help here I can try to contact ZF who is located just 10 kilometers from where I live in Germany at Lake Constance.

    O PSO PS11 dagen geleden
  • This engine room looks more like a junk yard. Get rid of everything an replace it by reliable material.

    O PSO PS11 dagen geleden
    • I have seen engines in much worse condition. I would recommend the see if they can get the parts and the cost to rebuild vs replacing the engine. I would also see if they could find a used replacement that is already rebuilt that would reduce cost assume they can go and get the engine.

      Eddie OhearnEddie Ohearn8 dagen geleden
  • seems you have some good guys helping you out, now one of my top channels, love it.....😃

    rich millerrich miller11 dagen geleden
  • Ótimo vídeo! E, o interessante, é que vamos aprendendo sobre todo o conjunto do Yabá! Tudo de bom SEMPRE!

    Anselmo Soares LobatoAnselmo Soares Lobato11 dagen geleden
  • Ik kan zien dat je geen toegangspoort hebt om de motor te verwijderen. Ik stel voor dat u de tijd neemt om die toegangspoort te maken. Verwijder vervolgens de motor. Voer een volledige re-build uit. Je zult jezelf over 10 jaar dankbaar zijn als je het opnieuw moet bouwen. DAT IS ER GEDAAN! Translated I can see that you don't have an access port for the engine to be removed. I suggest that you take the time to make that access port. Then remove the engine. Do a full re-build. You will thank yourself 10 years from now when you have to re-build it again. BEEN THERE DONE THAT!

    Robert HartleyRobert Hartley11 dagen geleden
  • Tell me what does the mechanic say about taking engine out

    glenn jaggardglenn jaggard11 dagen geleden
  • Put a catch bag under motor so to catch anything that fall saves you up and down like a yoyo

    glenn jaggardglenn jaggard11 dagen geleden
  • I have come to agree with most comment,s made in this Video I would lift motor out completely to rebuild her then you would have all the room to clean repair and paint engine Bay as well as God hoe that boat did not go up in flames with that awful wiring which with engine out you could tidy up heaps

    glenn jaggardglenn jaggard11 dagen geleden
  • I would suggest the use of appropriate protective equipment for the job, as long as you have a video camera everything is fine, starting from the moment you get to work and things change. Use appropriate glasses, helmets and work gloves, and never put your bare hands on metal parts where there is oil, water, electrical parts, baterries, etc. You are working without paying attention to safety, hands, head, eyes.

    Giovanni FusiniGiovanni Fusini11 dagen geleden
    • Not to mention respiratory protection. It would be a shame to finish this project then, even years from now, have injuries or medical problems from it. You won't be able to enjoy your boating lifestyle if you have chronic health problems.

      DocuMetrics, Inc.DocuMetrics, Inc.11 dagen geleden
  • This simple tecnick, will also avoud a horrible and poisones smell of diesel un all the s.v. Engine bilge, does not should be able to flow throw all the hull!!!! It is also very eficient to cambat fire!!!!

    MarMar11 dagen geleden

    MarMar11 dagen geleden
  • Porca Tróia... 🙄🙄

    Giovanni FusiniGiovanni Fusini11 dagen geleden
  • What a massive undertaking!!

    Larry Jolliffe SrLarry Jolliffe Sr11 dagen geleden
  • Hi Guys.I am watching you with great interest always from The Aegean Sea. I live in Bodrum Turkey. a beautiful small vacation town. These old wooden boats Called GULET in my part of the world. Bodrum was and is a wooden boat building Mecca. I know how hard it is to maintain wooden structures. However, ancient mariners used these boats to sail always from India to Genevize and Venice Italy. Just a small suggestion. If you can afford it. while you are getting the engine serviced. go ahead and have it rebuild. You may need to change parts inside the cylinders. Have them bored and check the crankshaft and its components. A good mechanic will tell you what to do. Otherwise, all this effort will be invane if you have a major engine failure. By the way, what is the name of the Lovely black mut that lives in the boatyard

    David OzgunduzDavid Ozgunduz11 dagen geleden
  • My goodness, I admire your tenacity in driving this refurbishment. 😯

    Russell McVeyRussell McVey11 dagen geleden
  • A compression test as mentioned is a good place to start, that would eliminate rebuilding the short block if it's good. Those engines are strong, maybe rebuild the head, injectors valve grind etc.. Engine belts, pully's, hoses and even the engine wiring is basic but should be cleaned up just so you get to know everything, and you'll have the comfort knowing it was done right and done by you. This will make for easier fix's in the future because you'll get familiar with the engine and it's components. Then in the end you can stow some common spare parts and all those junk yard patches & repairs your finding won't be an issue for you in the future. I've been a mechanic for over 45 years; take a lot of pictures of what your working in detail before you demo it.

    Bonny DoonerBonny Dooner11 dagen geleden
  • Great job guy's

    BVBV11 dagen geleden
  • While your removing electronic equipment also remove all none engine electrical wires, Map out all wire run for engine, alternators, sender units, oil, diesel, temperature, etc. Make up harness route, label and mount waterproof electrical conduit. Draw draft map for ships log. Easy diesel compression test, while engine is running remove oil filler cap, place hand over oil filler hole if vacuum is felt at all , the Rings or liners are warn, no suck Good.

    BVBV11 dagen geleden
  • Very interesting project guys , you have yourself a new subscriber UK ex pat living in Thailand 😎😎 what country are you in ??

    karl altonkarl alton11 dagen geleden
    • @Sailing Yabá i have since found that out as i am catching up on all your previous video"s ive missed 😁😁 stay safe guys 😎😎👍👍

      karl altonkarl alton11 dagen geleden
    • Hey Karl!! Nice to have you here! 🤩 We are in Brazil!

      Sailing YabáSailing Yabá11 dagen geleden
  • Have you ever used Petrowrap Anti-Corrosion Tape??? We used that on our crab boats and it keeps out lines from rusting. Just wrap and forget it.

    Dan Can DoDan Can Do11 dagen geleden
  • 😍😍😍👍👍 from Australia. With the smiles and giggles during this hardest bit, imagine the sailing and adventures at the end. Much luv to you both, your both very brave.

    Steve KnightSteve Knight11 dagen geleden
  • Take pictures before you take parts off. It helps with installation.

    douglas millerdouglas miller11 dagen geleden
    • Hey Douglas! We did! Thanks for the tip anyway!

      Sailing YabáSailing Yabá10 dagen geleden
  • MP is a machine! 8-0

    roscoauroscoau12 dagen geleden
  • I would be removing that engine and replacing it with one that you can easily get parts for anywhere you go. I know it’s expensive but that one will work out the same in the long run. By the looks of it it’s out dated and past the useby date.

    Craig KaschanCraig Kaschan12 dagen geleden
  • For god’s sake please empty the engineroom of everything: engine, cabling, hoses, equipment,... and start from scratch!

    Fr anzFr anz12 dagen geleden
  • Pay attention because solar panels will keep on generating even disconnect from the controllers. You must to cover them!

    Alcibiades Marcial NetoAlcibiades Marcial Neto12 dagen geleden
  • Tie a cord round your wrench and attach it to your wrist or anywhere else handy. If you drop it again you can just pull it up with the cord.... simples

    Philip HartleyPhilip Hartley12 dagen geleden
  • why don't you buy a new engine

    rombout weltevredenrombout weltevreden12 dagen geleden
  • how old is the engine guys

    rombout weltevredenrombout weltevreden12 dagen geleden
  • Spray the engine with a degreaser. Oven cleaner works great. Then use that power washer.

    S R CasticS R Castic12 dagen geleden
  • At 20:18 that pipe you were removing, I hope it was not covered in asbestos tape. It certainly looked something like that.

    KingWhiskers1KingWhiskers112 dagen geleden
  • Good job, hard job

    Pierre #5Pierre #512 dagen geleden
  • That "spoiler" at 25 secs brought tears to my eyes...

    MrSychnantMrSychnant12 dagen geleden
    • Happy tears we hope! ☺️

      Sailing YabáSailing Yabá11 dagen geleden
  • Y’all are amazing and love y’alls energy 👍

    Joe BoothJoe Booth12 dagen geleden
  • to put this boat to float state you need sell cocainum as "donor product" and lot of it

    irmux skepticirmux skeptic12 dagen geleden
  • 🤦‍♂️

    José MartinsJosé Martins12 dagen geleden
  • I would give some very, very serious consideration to pulling the engine and doing a rebuild. Old diesel, salt water and time is a combination for disaster. I've seen it 100 times in marine. The boat is already in pieces. The expense of doing the engine now will be heavy but will be pail in comparison should you run into issues later. Food for thought I guess but I would hate to see it go sideways later cause you wanted to "skimp" on something.

    Cameron MarshallCameron Marshall12 dagen geleden
    • Cleaning and paining is all very nice but it is no substitute for making sure the engine is in sound condition. It is, after all, a motor boat NOT a sailboat. At very minimum there should be a compression test and oil analysis.

      James DWIGHTJames DWIGHT12 dagen geleden
  • 17:07---How old is that hammer? the face is flattened a little!

    h2odragon1h2odragon112 dagen geleden

    Michael ChamberlainMichael Chamberlain12 dagen geleden
  • What breed of an engine is she lads I couldn't quite make it out?

    katmanclancykatmanclancy12 dagen geleden
    • They pinned a comment answering the most asked questions. "Engine is a Mercedes Benz OM 352 A, widely used for trucks, buses and fishing boats here in Brazil so spare parts are found everywhere very easily. It is 210HP turbo diesel. "

      A NastitaA Nastita11 dagen geleden
  • Take the cylinder head of now that you have so many parts of already. With the cykinder head of you can check the condition of the engine and decide if it need to come out for a rebore and new pistons. You can also get the valves grinded so that is known to be in order. I admire your willngness to put a lot of sweat and elbow grease into Yaba! Keep going and you will get there!

    Hans HögqvistHans Högqvist12 dagen geleden
  • After dealing with boats for 34 years without doubt if you can dont mess and waste time with that old engine it really isnt worth it and will just give you endless trouble. Go for new means peace of mind a lot cheaper running and spares more easybto get plus compliance with many new emmissions rules etc. Replace absolutely everything you can with new you wont regret it especially for your type of boat

    Andrew ThompsonAndrew Thompson12 dagen geleden
  • 20:26 "The Great Persuader" (hammer) is always a very useful tool

    Lars HansenLars Hansen12 dagen geleden
  • Lots of good and wise advice on additional engine maintenance in the posts. The wiring rats-nest around the engine looks like a fire-trap in the making. When you do put it all back together, please please please do all that you can to secure, encase, protect the wiring.

    BEC BECBEC BEC12 dagen geleden
  • I haven't said it in awhile because I thought there was hope. SUCKERS$ B.O.A.T BOard Another Thousand. This boat is a money pit in the water.

    SY SublimeSY Sublime12 dagen geleden
    • I admire their enthusiasm but deplore their judgment.

      James DWIGHTJames DWIGHT12 dagen geleden
  • What's the over/under on how much rot you find when you blast the engine bildge? Seriously, GL Yaba. I'm rooting for ya.

    yabo jaboyabo jabo12 dagen geleden
  • Keep going on the engine! Perfect time for cylinder work. Rebuild the head. Replace the Main bearings. Replace the cylinder rings.

    Don AlleyDon Alley12 dagen geleden
    • Replace the engine!

      James DWIGHTJames DWIGHT12 dagen geleden
  • Great work on the engine. Make sure you replace critical parts and carry some spare parts as well. Maybe buy a new double diesel filter with glass recipients and get rid of the old once. Very good idea to move the complete electrical control panel upstairs where you can monitor it more easily and also get rid of all those electric wires in the engine room ; ) it looks like a jungle there. And yes we call this a "rakkenjak" here in the north of Europe, hahahaha it is indeed the sound it makes but other tools are called by names not referring to the noise they make ... Hang in there and good luck in the restoration. Like it!

    Joannes HellingsJoannes Hellings12 dagen geleden
  • MP has a great sense of humor even in the midst of all the hard work. She's an inspiration.

    Alan SAlan S12 dagen geleden
    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Alan! 🥰

      Sailing YabáSailing Yabá10 dagen geleden
  • Great episode! I laughed when Ben, near the beginning, said "We're going to lock up and go home for the night" ... lock up??? ... you have no hull ... lol.

    Warren PetersonWarren Peterson12 dagen geleden
  • Why did you buy a boat like that you've just wasting time ,money and giving you a headache i hope u can manage take care you couple GODBLESS

    psp4brothers PERRYpsp4brothers PERRY12 dagen geleden
  • Yaba lives!

    Bob SmithBob Smith12 dagen geleden
  • Ya MP is back in the videos. The mechanical stuff is the heart of the vessel. Could watch all day long.

    J GriffJ Griff12 dagen geleden
  • Take the engine out and run a compression test on it and rebuild it

    Deron HostenDeron Hosten12 dagen geleden
  • All the flying wires !😄

    Kraftwerk kuriere hamburgKraftwerk kuriere hamburg12 dagen geleden
  • Seaworthiness at its best !

    Kraftwerk kuriere hamburgKraftwerk kuriere hamburg12 dagen geleden
  • Ooooooooh noooooo : The batteries 😂electric part !!!

    Kraftwerk kuriere hamburgKraftwerk kuriere hamburg12 dagen geleden
  • What a cave full of kabels, wires, tubes, leakages 😆

    Kraftwerk kuriere hamburgKraftwerk kuriere hamburg12 dagen geleden
  • For safety, You guys should really pull the engine out ,and have it completely overhauled! That thing is a mess!

    Harlan SnyderHarlan Snyder12 dagen geleden
  • Your engine should be called Frankenstein because of all the parts you have on it that are not made for that engine

    Gudjon JonssonGudjon Jonsson12 dagen geleden
  • Hey Guys, Absolutely love the rebuild of Yaba...I'm actually learning along the way...thanks for the tuition. Quick question...the motor looks like it's had better days. What would a rebuild of your motor cost in Brazil???

    B77EN B77ENB77EN B77EN12 dagen geleden
  • When do we hear of the financial aspects?

    Andrew ChapmanAndrew Chapman12 dagen geleden
  • Nice progress that you're making there. I remember a lot of people commenting that you're in a lot of trouble working on this boat. The world doesn't change if there aren't people out there like you out there giving it a go and learning through the process. Thanks for the videos. I'm learning a lot too.

    bin_chickenbin_chicken12 dagen geleden
  • Never mind polishing things! Your engine might be bug---ered! Do a compression test!

    Andrew ChapmanAndrew Chapman12 dagen geleden
  • You need to remove that engine guys, get it out whiel you have the chance, have it refurbished, sand blast it, gut the engine room, and completely redo it, other wise you are never going to be happy. If it is out you can paint everything and make it look good, then every time you go down in there you will thank yourself that you did, trust me, yes it is a daunting big mammoth task but it would be worth it, you will never get another chance like you have just now. You can then trust your engine, and you will know how it is all put together. lt also looks to me from this far away that them engine mounts are shot, good chance to change them, keep the vibration out of your stringers and shaft seal. I take my hat off to you guys mate, for your enthusiasm, keep up the good work.

    Barry SummersBarry Summers12 dagen geleden
  • C'mon guys youre going to sea. SEA! Get a new engine.

    chickenoverlordchickenoverlord12 dagen geleden
  • Power hose? No . Steam clean.

    chickenoverlordchickenoverlord12 dagen geleden
  • Bolts and screws are two different things.

    Mick MoonenMick Moonen12 dagen geleden