Can the Milwaukee Bucks Finally Get Over the Hump in the Playoffs? | NBA on TNT

15 apr. 2021
421 070 Weergaven

After falling short in the playoffs the last few years, Chuck, Shaq, Kenny and Ernie discuss if the Bucks can make a deep run this year and which Eastern Conference squads may stand in their way.
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  • The Buck's can't rely on one player because if he have an off night that's the game. But I see the personal on the court production. It have to be on defense to not just offense.

    Tyrone Bates Libra!Tyrone Bates Libra!2 dagen geleden
  • jimmy jiMVP buckets is insulted the heat are not mentioned. but when hes back in the finals yall gonna want a interview

    Awesomest WilsonAwesomest Wilson8 dagen geleden
  • "You can stop at 3, America." Yup. Also, the one team you don't want to see is the Nets.

    yoinkhahayoinkhaha12 dagen geleden
  • 5:12 looks like shaq has been watching some kuroko's basketball

    ibiosoibioso13 dagen geleden
  • Quick answer no. Same goes for Philadelphia. Celtics or Miami will make it to the finals before Philadelphia in Milwaukee does. Won’t be this year but in the future

    YouTube Connolly familyYouTube Connolly family13 dagen geleden
  • Yes if Embiid and KD are both Out Injured etc

    Supur ManSupur Man14 dagen geleden
  • I think Shaq is that Original "get off my lawn" guy.

    DLX InfiniteDLX Infinite14 dagen geleden
  • Charles Barkley: ‘Portis is a good lil player’ 😂

    Akeem NeilStrongAkeem NeilStrong14 dagen geleden
  • Lol its prime time for the bucks to lose again in the east.

    dave latumbodave latumbo15 dagen geleden
  • Chuck is against player super teams but wasn't he the part of one with the rockets?

    Meme NNMeme NN15 dagen geleden
  • Lol the Wizards are no where near close to the playoffs

    kingsspckingsspc17 dagen geleden
  • Chuck: “The one team you don’t want to see is the Wizards” Ernie: “and you don’t see them on there” Ernie just ethered the Wizards and Chuck in one simple comment 😂😂

    Nate CruzNate Cruz18 dagen geleden
  • Chuck is right. NBA defense doesn't exist.

    Chris RocketChris Rocket18 dagen geleden
  • been watching the Bucks for 50 years......same ol story...can never get out of the East to the finals.....

    jaggerjagger18 dagen geleden
  • I hate to see the guys being reduced to just Thursday. I'm not watching on Tuesdays can't take Cp and wade😔

    Julian AmenJulian Amen18 dagen geleden
  • No disrespect to Chuck, but he should really listen to Gilbert, Gil speaks the mind of the current and forever evolving players

    chen1609chen160919 dagen geleden
  • Chuck sounding like a real old head😂🤣🤣

    Jay JayJay Jay19 dagen geleden
  • So Chuck doesnt like the players teaming up but he tried to join the rockets to get a ring and it backfired.

    Javon CookJavon Cook19 dagen geleden
  • chunky chucky chuck wagon went from Philly to the Suns after it didn't work out there he goes to the Rockets with Pippin, Hakeem ,Clyde so must we forget what you did round mound of rebounds

    SD4phillySD4philly19 dagen geleden
  • Philly will never win the chip with ben simmions at the point guard.

    blacc rushblacc rush20 dagen geleden
  • Jesus loves you all, allow him into your heart's...

  • BuT dEfEnCe wInS cHMpIoNsHiPs.

    HydeHyde20 dagen geleden
  • Everybody is happy these guys are back

    Michael AshtonMichael Ashton20 dagen geleden
  • IDK WHY SHAQ Calls Yannis " Baby Shaq" ??? THERE WILL NEVER BE A GREAT DOMINANCE IN THE LIKENESSES OF SHAQUILLE O'NEAL, THE RAW POWER, AGILITY, BRAINS etc Btw the Fear that Playing against Shaq brought U lol...YANNIS Isn't a bad player...But SHAQ will Never be Cloned (GENERATIONAL TALENT)

    Sean HallSean Hall21 dag geleden
  • I respect Chucks take on this though lol I felt that. That’s why the 80s-90s is the best era of Basketball.

    Dr. Ositadinma AkaemeDr. Ositadinma Akaeme21 dag geleden
  • No, the Bucks aren't a serious contender imo

    Mike MoneyMike Money21 dag geleden
  • NO.

    ANDRE SMALLANDRE SMALL21 dag geleden
  • Why they was not there the last weeks

    Karlos JeterKarlos Jeter22 dagen geleden
  • When Shaq becomes the reasoning factor

    Social PowerSocial Power22 dagen geleden
  • As usual. I agree with chuck 100% on everything he said (well, maybe not Washington being trouble lol)

    D WD W22 dagen geleden
  • Kenny hypocritical in how he talks about Philly vs how he talks about Bucks. 😂

    Matt WernerMatt Werner22 dagen geleden
  • I agree with chuck. Game is so boring to watch now. No one plays defense. Everyone wants to take 10000 threes a game. Btw, I’m 27.

    ZenusZenus22 dagen geleden
  • So.let me get this straight...Chuck wants to root AGAINST guys teaming up together when HE THE DREAM AND SCOTTIE trying the ONE YEAR MISTAKE in HOUSTON... so because his try was a debacle he's going to always root against it🤦🏾‍♂️😆😆😆

    Daryl PaulkDaryl Paulk22 dagen geleden
  • Stay tune, same channel,

    David Britt AffiliatesDavid Britt Affiliates22 dagen geleden
  • 👍Please keep this team together. Classic forever

    Sky WilSky Wil22 dagen geleden
  • Please stop inviting d wade to sub in 👏🏽

    Luis DiazLuis Diaz23 dagen geleden
  • Budenholzer and the coaching staff should be fired if the Bucks aren't good in the post season. This is their third chance to hopefully prove they can work around the wall the opposition teams build around Giannis. Their roster is very good and them being the underdogs compared to Philly and Brooklyn might help them.

    Shut upShut up23 dagen geleden
  • Barkley : Never been a fan of players teaming up to win Championships In 1997 Barkley goes on to do exactly that . Barkley teams up with Drexler and Olajuwan in a trade Barkley orchestrated to ring chase probably .

    Mysterio 6996Mysterio 699623 dagen geleden
  • Chuck is so correct. The NBA is boring now with no defense and all 3's. No strategy anylonger.

    jonzstarjonzstar23 dagen geleden
  • Kenny smith is salty...stop trying to be so smart are not. Chuck is better..

    ursa Brownursa Brown23 dagen geleden
  • Go back to the retirement home Chuck.

    w chanw chan23 dagen geleden
  • Chuck needs to stop complaining. Teams averaged 109 pts on 48% FG for the ENTIRE 80's decade, and that's without shooting a lot of 3s yet the 80s get a lot of love for their defense.

    JosephJoseph23 dagen geleden
  • Everybody is sleeping on the hawks and they aren’t even healthy yet!

    Trinity ClarkTrinity Clark23 dagen geleden
  • 689th comment

    javier book shadows contributor dujavier book shadows contributor du23 dagen geleden
  • what chuck said at the end about giannis is cap

    denden23 dagen geleden
  • Charles showed up grumpy tonight.

    Phil DPhil D23 dagen geleden
  • They be low-key trolling.. lol

    Robert WilliamsRobert Williams23 dagen geleden
  • No the Bucks will not win anything, book that. They will no way beat Brooklyn or Philly in playoffs. And I’m a bucks fan, it’s called reality

    Bob WileyBob Wiley23 dagen geleden
  • Bucks have horrible team defense. Jrue is the only one that actually plays defense. Middleton plays defense against himself.

    PahaninPahanin23 dagen geleden
  • Bucks are going to choke again

  • When the Bucks lose again prior to the eastern conference finals, we need a new coach that can utilize Giannis better. We also need a fourth star or move Khris for a truer second star on a ring chasing team. Other things needed too.

    Gary L. StreetGary L. Street23 dagen geleden
  • I think it's better for them to be the hunter than the hunted. They'd be the underdog against Philly and Brooklyn. Maybe that's what they need to finally break through. Certain teams have needed that...I can think of Dallas in 2011 and the 2006 Colts in football.

    Manu Ginobilis Bald SpotManu Ginobilis Bald Spot23 dagen geleden
  • No

    Alfredo Alvarez_1187Alfredo Alvarez_118723 dagen geleden
  • Chuck always hates the Hawks. Even when they won 60 games he was talking trash. And he works right next door to them, I never understood the animosity

    TheHawkdaddyTheHawkdaddy23 dagen geleden
  • If Giannis can get a half court game yes.

    Picasso JulienPicasso Julien23 dagen geleden
  • Hand checking has been illegal since 1979. The narrative that they were able to hand check in the '90s is a blatant lie. People were called for illegal hand checking back then all the time.

    Hermonymus of SpartaHermonymus of Sparta23 dagen geleden
  • Court jester🤡🤡Barkley be like: “I’m NEVER gonna root for BKLYN A.K.A. guys “teaming” up. ALSO Barkley: Let me go team up with Scottie & Hakeem on the Rockets🧏🏾‍♂️🧏🏾‍♂️

    Rashawn FredricksRashawn Fredricks23 dagen geleden
  • how did miami fall they were in the finals last year & chuck always says put it back up😂

    Allday GoodnightAllday Goodnight23 dagen geleden
  • Tnt need to take Charles Barkley off tv because he sound dumb

    Rashua BeyRashua Bey23 dagen geleden
  • Chuck is faded.

    Justin KellerJustin Keller23 dagen geleden
  • Really don't like this 10 team playoff format. It was fine with 8. Who's pushing for a 22-32 team to be in the playoffs?

    Odinson42Odinson4223 dagen geleden
  • Sir charles out here talking facts with Embiig giannis and harden not having proven themselves in the playoffs

    Edwin YounesEdwin Younes24 dagen geleden
  • Knicks in 5.

    thetramp123thetramp12324 dagen geleden
  • Kenny can u belive it that chuck said clippers are pretenders. And you Mr. Kenny the voice of reasoning stayed silent.

    Sean StewartSean Stewart24 dagen geleden
  • Irvin's Boston team knows what it's like to be dominated by the Greek freak for whole series

    kalinwang1kalinwang124 dagen geleden
    • irvin?

      Benjamin PuljakBenjamin Puljak22 dagen geleden
  • That trae foul garbage

    Gabriel LopezGabriel Lopez24 dagen geleden
  • Why are these guys always so blind to the fact that offens has exploded in recent years. Due to 3pt shooting and spacing

    Laurens HFKLaurens HFK24 dagen geleden
  • Miami the team to watch come playoff time

    Antonio DupreeAntonio Dupree24 dagen geleden
  • Chuck isn’t lying. They say that fans want more offense but why are ratings down? You’ll be surprised at how many fans absolutely love the “Malice in the Palace.” Fans like threes, fans like euro-steps, but fans love blocks, steals, and one on one defense. The game is not enjoyable enough to warrant ratings. The NBA does not really listen to its fans.

    Raymond WhortonRaymond Whorton24 dagen geleden
  • Joel aint winning the MVP. The joker deserves it.

    Bryan GBryan G24 dagen geleden
  • Chuck that's the new NBA model, ain't you know?

    Ronald MurphyRonald Murphy24 dagen geleden
  • I love these guys, but they need to realize that they are the reason nba’s popularity is beginning to plateau. You have to embrace the new game and not hate on it. You drive away fans when you only talk about how much you hate the new generation of players.

    Matt SchumacherMatt Schumacher24 dagen geleden
  • The get off my lawn 🤣🤣 ernie made sure to say man after no induendos 🥴😂

    tureigntureign24 dagen geleden
  • Bucks aren’t fr

    Jabronylin43Jabronylin4324 dagen geleden
  • Man chuck is my guy but he is a bit of a hypocrite! He don't like how Brooklyn built it's roster this season with guys teaming up. Did he foget about him and Clyde Drexel teaming up Hakeem And the already two time champion Houston rockets. I'LL WAIT

    Donte PhillipsDonte Phillips24 dagen geleden
  • 1:54 Chuck the goat

    Rick Rijuana ProductionsRick Rijuana Productions24 dagen geleden
  • So Charles you wasn’t in Houston tryna get you one? 😂😭😭😭

    Lowkey PapLowkey Pap24 dagen geleden
  • Chuck really was on his old man that night.

    Jordache JordanJordache Jordan24 dagen geleden
  • brook lopez makin 3's and giannis can't? smh🤦🏽‍♂️

    Jonathan CarranzaJonathan Carranza24 dagen geleden
  • Short answer: Nope

    aimthemoon quaytaligaimthemoon quaytalig24 dagen geleden
  • Giannis literally destroyed the Celtics in 2019

    Dimitri HaleDimitri Hale24 dagen geleden
  • Chuck is the show but he has amnesia. Did he forget he teamed up in Houston? He left Phoenix to play for the team that beat him twice in the playoffs. #ComeOnMan

    Outtellect AnomalyOuttellect Anomaly24 dagen geleden
  • Kenny is the worst analyst on Earth

    Maxim Cangé BenoitMaxim Cangé Benoit24 dagen geleden
  • The truth is . . Milwaukee couldn't completely knock out an Atlanta team with 6 rotation players out of the lineup + Trae Young at about 70% due to his calf injury.

    finisher3xfinisher3x24 dagen geleden
  • Doc Rivers has more teams underperforming and choking than chips

    PhilPhil24 dagen geleden
  • No Wisconsin team will see a championship 30yrs Have MVP in every major sport can't bring a title.

    Liemciemdk89Liemciemdk8924 dagen geleden
    • So no Aaron Rodgers right

      Courey JonesCourey Jones23 dagen geleden
  • Atlanta: Shoot 3’s

    Brian Dawson IIBrian Dawson II24 dagen geleden
  • Brooklyn in 6

    Adrian RiceAdrian Rice24 dagen geleden
  • It’s in the best interest of the NBA that Brooklyn didn’t win the title.

    E. BurksE. Burks24 dagen geleden
  • Barkley is such a hypocrite man. He went to Houston to try and build a super team. Listen I'm a Lakers fan and don't want anybody but the Lakers winning the chip. But he needs to stop talking about superteams when he tried to make a super team. He has also never made an all defensive team talking about "play defence". This era just has more gifted scorers and players overall.

    StrawHatShonenStrawHatShonen24 dagen geleden
  • No. Giannis is a dominant player no doubt, but his lack of a jumper kills him in the playoffs every time and he’s in the East! The rise of Brooklyn and maturation of Embiid and the Sixers won’t help their case either. Miami has been unhealthy but if they get healthy at the right time would also prove a major challenge to Giannis squad. He shouldn’t have re up’d with the Bucks and instead set his sites on joining Luka.

    Sayed El AminSayed El Amin24 dagen geleden
  • The Bucks will choke again

    Jean SalomonJean Salomon24 dagen geleden
  • Bucks will go to the Finals this year.

    Kostini MikadoKostini Mikado24 dagen geleden
  • Best show on 📺

    Senior BahGowSenior BahGow24 dagen geleden
    • Shout out to Jalen and Jacoby

      Senior BahGowSenior BahGow24 dagen geleden
  • Finally. Candace was killing the ratings

    TeacherLegendaryTeacherLegendary24 dagen geleden
  • Small market in the finals not happening now bad for the NBA

    Alnaseem HamisAlnaseem Hamis24 dagen geleden
  • Lakers 2021

    mr.13mr.1324 dagen geleden

    probly zuitedprobly zuited24 dagen geleden
  • Charles Barkley is still mad about being forced to join other players on the monstars. lol

    vsc1988vsc198824 dagen geleden
  • giannis travels....... come on.. thats like 4 steps....

    Jesse CassadyJesse Cassady24 dagen geleden