Can I Make A Recipe That’s Been Translated 20 Times? • Tasty

17 mrt. 2021
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  • I watch her show because of her personality 😂 She seem like a very fun and nice person to be around. I wish I could be friends with her hahahahaha (no creepy ish)

    H. Q.H. Q.Uur geleden
  • Please do it again!

    Srijita BanerjeeSrijita Banerjee3 uur geleden
  • This is most funniest backing vod I have ever seen 😂😂😂😂

    Malvika RadhakrishnanMalvika Radhakrishnan5 uur geleden
  • oh my she making a stawberry swiss roll? i havent seen it yet but i assume

    Tanvie DastidarTanvie Dastidar6 uur geleden
  • wow i only knew what this was from watching the great british bake off lolol

    zoëzoë13 uur geleden
  • Did you guys get this from Brandon Farris??

    Rachael WillisRachael Willis15 uur geleden
  • At 4:57 did anyone else notice that she used her middle finger to press the buttons so it looks like she is sticking it out…

    anushka :Danushka :D19 uur geleden
  • Honestly she's so witty! She did so well. Also if you like this kind of things I suggest the channel "translator fails"

    mimikyu lovermimikyu lover21 uur geleden
  • “Life is about learning about your failures” And that’s why I’m the youngest.

    Kareemah MalikKareemah Malik22 uur geleden
  • This is actually a good idea 😅

    aesthetic princessaesthetic princessDag geleden
  • 15:07 the writing says T = 2 🙈🙊

    froggysnackkkfroggysnackkkDag geleden
  • 。 أولاً ، خذ العجينة وجمّدها.

    Shreyas Prince ShannShreyas Prince ShannDag geleden
  • Please make more videos of this series :D. Menghibur sekali!

    FLo ToruanFLo ToruanDag geleden
  • HAHAHA I laughed and laughed. I think Jasmine did GREAT! Do another challenge!!!

    Phoebe ChikiPhoebe ChikiDag geleden
  • Just watched eardrum- keep doing these!!!

    Daniel GreenbaumDaniel GreenbaumDag geleden
  • The fluffy reindeer neurally print because battle continuously bless upon a painstaking ronald. equable, lavish napkin

    Dag geleden
  • Brandon farris

    Noxx -Noxx -2 dagen geleden

    Natalie Jazmin PaulNatalie Jazmin Paul2 dagen geleden
  • Kasamba psychic readings

    Natalie Jazmin PaulNatalie Jazmin Paul2 dagen geleden
  • This absolutely NEEDS to be a series

    Meifua EditsMeifua Edits2 dagen geleden
  • 5:25 😂😂😂

    Ysrael M. DumadaraYsrael M. Dumadara2 dagen geleden
  • She forgot to do the first step add alcohol to the cook and it all makes sense

    Wildest CartonWildest Carton2 dagen geleden
  • wow. the least you could have done was tag Brandon Farris after copying him

    ArielAriel2 dagen geleden
  • Ok, they totally copied Brandon Ferris I-

    Hailey YulyHailey Yuly2 dagen geleden
  • "Until the teeth are clean" I didn't read the recipe or anything, but that probably means until a toothpick comes out clean.

    SirSpams ALotSirSpams ALot2 dagen geleden

    brenda torresbrenda torres2 dagen geleden

    Stelliferous OoferStelliferous Oofer3 dagen geleden
  • she really just called galician gaelic

    Thomas NeocleousThomas Neocleous4 dagen geleden
  • lol... please get other people to do the strawberry king king and compare who did it better

    Victor Terhorst NunesVictor Terhorst Nunes4 dagen geleden
  • Why u should never trust Google translate

    Hazel CheungHazel Cheung4 dagen geleden
  • This is so so funny and sweet

    Kerrie ScarffKerrie Scarff4 dagen geleden
  • I did it with « I love my mother and (a person I will not disclose the name of) » and it came out « I love my father and guns » 😭

    Chef GonChef Gon4 dagen geleden
  • "teeth are clean" probably means using a tooth pic

    Ellie RamosEllie Ramos4 dagen geleden
  • Biggest mistake was going from English to Chinese first.

    Zen PlusZen Plus4 dagen geleden
  • I also translated the name Strawberry Charlotte Royale a bunch of times and I got Royal Charlotte Hotel in Morango

    Thalia GraceThalia Grace4 dagen geleden
  • @brandon Ferris

    julia buccijulia bucci5 dagen geleden
    • He did it first

      julia buccijulia bucci5 dagen geleden
  • copied from imbrandonfarris

    Dilek ŞahinDilek Şahin5 dagen geleden
  • The word “mix”: “so I assume the world doesn’t remember me.”

    Layan KabbaniLayan Kabbani5 dagen geleden
  • Rip off of @brandonferris

    Kristen RussellKristen Russell5 dagen geleden
  • Seems like a stolen idea.

    AnimataroAnimataro5 dagen geleden

    Chahinez ighilChahinez ighil5 dagen geleden
  • I was hoping she was gonna go brush her teeth while baking (':

    Feng DXMFeng DXM6 dagen geleden
  • i let google translated fry the dumpling about 5 language and the result said fried potatoes 😂

    Bonny parteBonny parte6 dagen geleden
  • This works so well!

    Jo WattsJo Watts6 dagen geleden
  • She is doing an awesome job.

    Sonya Cosby HendersonSonya Cosby Henderson6 dagen geleden
  • I had to stop the video to say that I wanted her to roll it the other direction.

    Sonya Cosby HendersonSonya Cosby Henderson6 dagen geleden
  • jasmine are you sure you like baking because you have a lot of ''least'' favourite things

    ISN AtlasISN Atlas6 dagen geleden
  • That was fun! Good job, Jasmine! :)

    LittleG6LittleG67 dagen geleden
  • Bro this is copied from imbrandonfarris

    Clam ChowderClam Chowder7 dagen geleden
  • they copied brandon farris

    Samara KirkSamara Kirk7 dagen geleden

    VincentKoh LUMCFanVincentKoh LUMCFan7 dagen geleden
  • JASMINE IS SO SMART "Trust your heart, your heart is strong" NO GIRL UR BRAIN IS ON POINT LOL

    Miranda V-LMiranda V-L7 dagen geleden
  • I just translated 'I love my saucepan.' a bunch of times, and now it is 'I am free from my quota.'

    Thahaani HashirThahaani Hashir7 dagen geleden
  • Love this!! Please make this into a series

    Danielle ZachariahDanielle Zachariah8 dagen geleden
    • imbrandonfarris already does this since 2020.

      cvni1981cvni19817 dagen geleden
  • As a baker myself, I’m jealous of how she’s actually really nifty and knows her way around the kitchen enough to be able to pick apart nonsense and make sense of it.

    Laurel CookLaurel Cook8 dagen geleden
  • I think the ‘clean teeth part’ means when a toothpick comes out clean.

    BLΛƆKPIИK blinkBLΛƆKPIИK blink8 dagen geleden
  • This should be a new category on Great British Bake Off.

    julie Wallisjulie Wallis8 dagen geleden
  • I thought japanese boygroup Strawberry Prince make a new song titled "Strawberry King King". It turns out a recipe that has been translated many times. But it wil be hilarious if they really made a song about this dessert

    紅呂四Lukman Hakim F.A.F紅呂四Lukman Hakim F.A.F8 dagen geleden
  • This was honestly so entertaining 🤣 😝

    Piano_RatPiano_Rat8 dagen geleden
  • This video is just proof that Google Translate is 95% wrong

    Mikayla ChuaMikayla Chua8 dagen geleden
  • Is it strawberry royale idk I'm just saying I don't even know what strawberry royale is made of.and I'm 4:54 into the video and she said she was gonna like roll it and strawberry royale has roles

    Kiggeorgea BrownKiggeorgea Brown8 dagen geleden
    • I knew it

      Kiggeorgea BrownKiggeorgea Brown8 dagen geleden
    • It look like it

      Kiggeorgea BrownKiggeorgea Brown8 dagen geleden
  • Brandon Farris did it first

    Redi RuciRedi Ruci8 dagen geleden
  • I couldn't have done better even with the real recipe 🥲🙌💖

    Cookie KuntyCookie Kunty9 dagen geleden
  • i love this concept, also this video now lives in my head rent free

    wintersimswintersims9 dagen geleden
  • I want more of these! Please!

    RebeccaRebecca10 dagen geleden
    • imbrandonfarris already does this since 2020.

      cvni1981cvni19817 dagen geleden
  • I dont like it cause you stole the idea!

    JaronJaron10 dagen geleden
  • 4:05

    ąŋɖཞɛąŋɖཞɛ10 dagen geleden
  • “Life is about learning from your failures.” Me: Big brain time

    Mr. PatataMr. Patata11 dagen geleden
  • Sign the petition. This should be a series / they should make more of these. 👇

    Nora Galán SerraNora Galán Serra11 dagen geleden
    • @cvni1981 I know I love that guy, but you got to admit, this IS funny. BTW no one can beat Brandon in ‘hilariousity’

      Nora Galán SerraNora Galán Serra5 dagen geleden
    • imbrandonfarris already does this since 2020.

      cvni1981cvni19817 dagen geleden
  • Please make this a series!

    Tricia CuevasTricia Cuevas12 dagen geleden
    • imbrandonfarris already does this since 2020.

      cvni1981cvni19817 dagen geleden
  • this is a Strawberry Charlotte Royal

    Naoumy DiakiteNaoumy Diakite13 dagen geleden
  • I understand the cottage cheese - cream cheese confusion. In German it is one word

    Emma musicatsoEmma musicatso13 dagen geleden
  • I am outraged. You didn't follow the instructions word for word.

    LugiamasterbronyLugiamasterbrony13 dagen geleden
  • this panorama really turned the world upside down

    omer komer k13 dagen geleden
  • Google down bad 😔

    Arial MartinezArial Martinez13 dagen geleden
  • paper towel

    eunyikoeunyiko13 dagen geleden
  • the fact that the oven was never used

    31 Rizky Citra Anugerah31 Rizky Citra Anugerah14 dagen geleden
  • At least give credit bc you guys clearly didn't do it first

    you are special just like everyone elseyou are special just like everyone else14 dagen geleden
  • ah yes google translate recently i put a segment of a song into all the languages and it came out extremely distorted

    Enderdragons4lifeEnderdragons4life14 dagen geleden
  • Ahahhan pointcrow ahahaan

    Molten 64Molten 6415 dagen geleden
  • This is what Twisted Translations does! It’s always so funny.

    Practically CreativePractically Creative15 dagen geleden
  • 0:27. How is that Gaelic? I know Irish. That is not Gaelic.

    FreakFreak15 dagen geleden
    • looks like galician

      Luna LovegoodLuna Lovegood7 dagen geleden
  • Please do another part of thi, it is hilarious!

    CeSe BaCeSe Ba16 dagen geleden
    • @cvni1981 ooohh cool! Thank you

      CeSe BaCeSe Ba7 dagen geleden
    • imbrandonfarris already does this since 2020.

      cvni1981cvni19817 dagen geleden
  • I would love to see more of these videos

    Carly GreenCarly Green16 dagen geleden
    • imbrandonfarris already does this since 2020.

      cvni1981cvni19817 dagen geleden
  • The question marks over her head_____ OMG I CANT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    Fiona ZhangFiona Zhang16 dagen geleden

    holly aholly a16 dagen geleden
  • I'm sharing this to all my language teacher friends, lol! Thx!

    LilianaKaliLilianaKali16 dagen geleden
  • OMG I laughed so hard im dying rn ahahahah

    Moon GirlMoon Girl16 dagen geleden
  • Ah yes, the classic. *Strawberry king king*

    ZTQZTQ16 dagen geleden
  • what my mind reads during a math test: 6:44

    DamsieDamsie17 dagen geleden
  • Brandon Farris vibes lmaoo

    Khim TioKhim Tio18 dagen geleden
  • That should be in a masterchef episode that's that difficult! you really deserve much jazz.

    Sakshi SoniSakshi Soni18 dagen geleden
  • She is an excellent chef

    Classic Does Stuff!Classic Does Stuff!18 dagen geleden
  • They put the ingredients on the table already..

    Ines DaliaInes Dalia18 dagen geleden
  • This is exactly how mom's give you instructions

    Lorenzo RomeroLorenzo Romero19 dagen geleden
  • This was hilarious...😂

    SkytalizeSkytalize19 dagen geleden
  • at the end of this episode people who don't know what this is will be calling it strawberry king king

    DOnDe EsTaS YoLanDaDOnDe EsTaS YoLanDa19 dagen geleden
  • more of this please! so funny!!!

    JC PullanJC Pullan19 dagen geleden
    • He's not Jasmine ;-)

      JC PullanJC Pullan7 dagen geleden
    • imbrandonfarris already does this since 2020.

      cvni1981cvni19817 dagen geleden
  • I was in Lakeside

    Farheen FFarheen F19 dagen geleden
  • you see- to me this recipe makes perfect sense. then again- neurodivergence.

    Mina RowMina Row19 dagen geleden