bunny's first time seeing snow

8 feb. 2021
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  • This was seriously so gorgeous. Your filming talent and editing is chefs kiss 🤌🏼 this horse is so damn majestic.

    serena gilbertserena gilbert15 uur geleden
  • Miss your guys videos a lot 🥺 hope your little fam bam is doing amazing 💓

    serena gilbertserena gilbert15 uur geleden
    • ps give jenna huge huge hugs from the dink fam we miss her so much and hope she’s living her best 33 year old lady life 💗 can’t believe it’s going to be a year in june since she’s been gone. Sorry if this sucks to see ☹️ just been missing her lately & i hope she knows we still care about her & miss her tons. It’s weird cause y’all don’t know us all individually but she’s like a family member or best friend to a lot of the dink fam.

      serena gilbertserena gilbert15 uur geleden
  • It is super. So much cuteness and joy packed into this video.

    Andean Music in MoscowAndean Music in MoscowDag geleden
  • Gorgeus lady horse!

    Dan SmithDan Smith3 dagen geleden
  • All love!❤️🙏

    Dan SmithDan Smith3 dagen geleden
  • If bunny ever meets a horse you have to call it "horse dog meets horse"

    Eden UnknownEden Unknown3 dagen geleden
  • The quality of these videos blows me away every time! So proud of Bunny :) She's come such a long way, y'all are wonderful

    ShelbyShelby4 dagen geleden
  • Thank you for your wonderful and interesting video, I enjoyed watching 👍

    Travel DroneTravel Drone4 dagen geleden
  • You really shouldn’t domesticate deer like that

    Rebecca DiAngeloRebecca DiAngelo4 dagen geleden
  • Bunny is a very good dog. 15/10

    Leesa LogicLeesa Logic4 dagen geleden
  • Tell me that you’re doing okay without telling me you’re doing okay.

    Thunda CatThunda Cat5 dagen geleden
  • Adorable but she's a greyhound she needs a coat Juilian. Please love you guys. ❤❤❤

    Abi HeckAbi Heck7 dagen geleden
  • ❤❤❤❤❤

    xRamble0nxxRamble0nx7 dagen geleden
  • Dog

    kaguuki googikaguuki googi8 dagen geleden
  • Богиня, как это красиво ❤️🌌✨

    Дистимическая ПандаДистимическая Панда9 dagen geleden
  • I legit had a dream last night Jenna made a new video

    Montana MccarthyMontana Mccarthy9 dagen geleden
  • Can’t explain why but I needed the end screen to say “fin”

    Laura BLaura B10 dagen geleden
  • Such a beautiful video, Bunny sure has blossomed with you guys. ❤

    Absolutely TiffanyAbsolutely Tiffany10 dagen geleden
  • Genuine question, why does bunny have 3 collars on?

    Annie MooreAnnie Moore10 dagen geleden
  • Sometimes about Bunny walking in the snow, makes her look so elegant and beautiful.

    Temper OniTemper Oni11 dagen geleden
  • I've been wondering this for a while now but why do the dogs have multiple collars on??

    Raylynn BrownRaylynn Brown11 dagen geleden
  • Yes! :D We all needed this!

    Marimi maluMarimi malu11 dagen geleden
  • Wow Julien. You are extremely talented. This video showed me how truly beautiful Bunny is. Great shots of Big Bear too.

    Taylor DavisTaylor Davis11 dagen geleden
  • This gave me such a sense of peace ☺️

    Xavier CedenoXavier Cedeno12 dagen geleden
  • This has been out for two weeks but I watched this today so I am claiming this as my birthday present and sole reason to be happy

    SarinaSarina12 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful baby, and beautiful shots!

    Chandler FranklinChandler Franklin12 dagen geleden
  • Honestly love watching your cinematography ❤

    killerdog42killerdog4212 dagen geleden
  • yaay a little snow bunny :)🐶

    MariMari12 dagen geleden
  • Julien, if you see this your little fam is so beautiful!! I don't mean to upset you by saying this. I used to watch both of your videos weekly with my 12 an 7 year old hahah and my 7 year old sighed and said wow I love Jenna and Julien together hahaha 🤣 you are loved by many. I hope you see this and it makes you smile haha

    Angelina CalnanAngelina Calnan13 dagen geleden
  • Bunny has really grown up and has come so far. ;w;

    MultiFandom HamHamMultiFandom HamHam13 dagen geleden
  • i want jenna back so hard(

    Эн КовальчикЭн Ковальчик13 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful

    fictionalhumanfictionalhuman13 dagen geleden
  • That final take on those eyes ❤❤❤❤❤

    Luciana MLuciana M13 dagen geleden
  • She is so pretty 😭😭 There's just something so wholesome about her. Hope you, Jenna, and the other kids are doing well ❤️

    Crafty RescueCrafty Rescue13 dagen geleden
  • Please don't injure your drone😖 The weather has been really weird lately

    Alexis S.Alexis S.13 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful dog, beautiful country.

    ChristineCAlb1ChristineCAlb114 dagen geleden
  • All I can hear is bunny's lil paws crunching in the snow and my chest is tight

    Maggot St. PierreMaggot St. Pierre14 dagen geleden
  • Can Jenna come outside and play?

    Laura WrightLaura Wright14 dagen geleden
  • Hi Julien, sorry I did look at your kit.co 3 times but can't see a drone (for your opening scene) and specifically wondered which exact camera out of your kit you used for this specific video please?

    JennySilvertonxJennySilvertonx14 dagen geleden
  • Horses look so majestic in the snow. Hope y’all are staying warm and cozy. ❄️

    Ashley RaineyAshley Rainey14 dagen geleden
  • wholesome bunny content 10/10

    K BK B14 dagen geleden
  • I needed this today oh my god

    Liam HeathLiam Heath15 dagen geleden
  • This was the cutest thing ever

    MegatronMegatron15 dagen geleden
  • “Chonk giraffe sees cold water for first time 2021 colorized”

    asdf asdfasdf asdf15 dagen geleden
  • What are this xgiraffe x2

    asdf asdfasdf asdf15 dagen geleden
  • youre so great at story telling thru your cinematography.. i dig it.

    Cherry95687Cherry9568715 dagen geleden
  • Jenna i hope you are taking amazing care of yourself, i miss your videos and your happiness so much, you were the one person I always looked forward to watching and I hope that you can recover so that you can come back on the internet bigger, better, stronger, and even more gorgeous then before. The support is there for you Jenna ❤️❤️😢😢

    Aliza SolivanAliza Solivan15 dagen geleden
  • I'm happy to see you have included the dogs on your channel, love seeing them, so does the wife.

    Blind JusticeBlind Justice15 dagen geleden
  • Jenna come back!!

    Gaming With KevGaming With Kev15 dagen geleden
  • She's such a beautiful girl

    Nici FirebirdNici Firebird16 dagen geleden
  • Oh the simple joys of the long snoots. Wish I could bring my blossomed horse dog and have a play date.

    Corinne OrdonaCorinne Ordona16 dagen geleden
  • awwww Bunny!!!! this was beautiful

  • Thank you for making this content, Julien :)

    Renee GreenRenee Green16 dagen geleden
  • She could have a really cute coat

    E JE J16 dagen geleden
  • Can anyone explain to me why she has three collars on?

    ShanelleShanelle16 dagen geleden
    • Probably a precaution

      VixyMix 101VixyMix 10116 dagen geleden
  • beauts julli

    JulesthecatJulesthecat16 dagen geleden
  • WHERE IS JENNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    The ASStroNOTSThe ASStroNOTS16 dagen geleden
  • Thank you for continuing to show us your wonderful dog content. I just love you, and your wonderful family. I appreciates that about you.

    Theresa CookTheresa Cook16 dagen geleden
  • I needed this today.

    Annie AndtheRainbowAnnie AndtheRainbow16 dagen geleden
  • i am having a hard day today and found this really calming. thank you

    Samantha WhiteSamantha White16 dagen geleden
  • Such a precious lil Bunny moment

    VavaBeebVavaBeeb16 dagen geleden
  • Sir that is a dog

    TELF N ATORTELF N ATOR16 dagen geleden
  • beautiful video Julien!

    Gabby JacksonGabby Jackson16 dagen geleden
  • stay safe you guys!✨🥰

    WYD BTSWYD BTS16 dagen geleden
  • Shes so happy 😊 😭 💓 💗

    chexlex 131618chexlex 13161816 dagen geleden
  • So regal and magestic and sweet and peaceful. 💗

    Sin DeeSin Dee16 dagen geleden
  • What a majestic deer

    Ashley WrightAshley Wright17 dagen geleden
  • As someone who has never had a pet dog before, why is she wearing 3 collars?

    Jessica SamJessica Sam17 dagen geleden
    • aesthetic

      brooklyn •brooklyn •16 dagen geleden
  • she is such a sweet happy girl I'm so proud of her and how far she has come ❤️

    M ElizabethM Elizabeth17 dagen geleden
  • cold guhl! - me to my dog every winter - Bunny is so cute!

    Jared KinseyJared Kinsey17 dagen geleden
  • This was a really fucking peaceful video dude, ughhh, I've missed seeing this stuff from you, give Bunny a big hug for me

    Cosmic MorningstarCosmic Morningstar17 dagen geleden
  • The filming/editing is outstanding Julien! Bunny looks so well acclimated now. ❤

    Sogonrei ***Sogonrei ***17 dagen geleden
  • Those slow, sleepy blinks after playing in the snow melt my heart. I want to give her a smooch on the nose 💗

    yuoop nokeyuoop noke17 dagen geleden
  • She's so beautiful and curious, so mature and elegant sweet baby

    Collette KentCollette Kent17 dagen geleden
  • Awww🥰🥺

    JaydaJayda17 dagen geleden
  • Lovely footage in a gorgeous place of a precious girl.

    ialicatialicat17 dagen geleden
  • Does anyone know why she wears three collars? Genuinely just wondering.

    yevett siemienskiyevett siemienski17 dagen geleden
    • The shots in this are gorgeous, and Bunny is really enjoying herself. This video makes me feel 😄 From the inside out. Thank you Julien, and Bunny too! Stay safe & warm y'al

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke17 dagen geleden
  • We have 7 inches or more of snow where I am

    Jenna & Julien AnimatedJenna & Julien Animated17 dagen geleden
  • Claire de fuffa

    Corey GriffinCorey Griffin17 dagen geleden
  • thank you for sharing this peaceful moment in your life with us ❤️

    Olivia ConstantinidiOlivia Constantinidi17 dagen geleden
  • i'm torn between loving these absolutely immaculate vibes and wishing Bunny's peaceful snow time was juxtaposed with Cermit being a nasty chaotic snow demon

    RachelRachel17 dagen geleden
  • drone shots? camera angles? that fireplace image? mans filming a nature documentary of his horse named Yes!

    sadiesadie17 dagen geleden
    • Underrated comment 😆👌🏻

      KK3 dagen geleden
  • snow bunny to warm bunny ❤❤❤❤

    Pee PumsPee Pums17 dagen geleden
  • why is she wearing 3 collars???

    Malaika MarieMalaika Marie18 dagen geleden

    Bruce H.Bruce H.18 dagen geleden
  • my therapist says I have to do 5 minutes of breathing exercises a day... I'm counting this as my meditation time

    tulpamomtulpamom18 dagen geleden
  • It's the smiles and wiggles at 2:17 for me

    Damara DaytonDamara Dayton18 dagen geleden
  • I fucking sobbing what did I do to deserve this video

    Lucia CampilloLucia Campillo18 dagen geleden
  • julien this is so sick

    bre mariebre marie18 dagen geleden
  • How does Bunny have three collars and there’s still space for more? 🤣

    SaraScreamsSaraScreams18 dagen geleden
  • The shots in this are gorgeous, and Bunny is really enjoying herself. This video makes me feel 😄 From the inside out. Thank you Julien, and Bunny too! Stay safe & warm y'all 🥰

    SnowySnowy18 dagen geleden
  • I miss all the videos with Jenna and the dogs so much 🥺🥺😭😭💔💔 But this is a wonderful video, really peaceful 💕

    The Cursed One's BuddyThe Cursed One's Buddy18 dagen geleden
  • Why does she wear so many collars

    Rylee HogueRylee Hogue18 dagen geleden
  • Best gurl 🥺 thanks for sharing this with us Julien

    ploy wongpichedploy wongpiched18 dagen geleden
  • Maybe things will be okay :,)

    BriannaBrianna18 dagen geleden
  • Thank you julien ❤️

    Something OrAnotherSomething OrAnother18 dagen geleden
  • Where is the cermit? Hopefully warm

    LauracooksLauracooks18 dagen geleden
  • Omg so happy to see Bunny

    LauracooksLauracooks18 dagen geleden
  • Awww my gramz lives out in big bear 💗

    Jacqueline ReeceJacqueline Reece18 dagen geleden
  • DeeDee JonesDeeDee Jones18 dagen geleden