Brexiteers Wanting Others to Clear Up Their Mess

5 apr. 2021
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There was a time when brexiteers said there would be no downsides to brexit. This is no longer the case but, rather than apologise for the damage caused by brexit, or at least an offer to help, they are instead demanding that others clear up the mess they campaigned for.

  • They are used to everyone doing the hard work for them as they pontificate BS. They are only good at corruption with contracts and lies. Where's the Police for this theft?

    BRIANBRIAN15 uur geleden
  • We were conned into joining and happy to still be trying to get out.All the disasters are designed to be"I told you so" by the remainers and our "friends" abroad.So glad to be rid of the European project and eventually the increasing beaurocracy.What a dickhead.

    Andrew GambleAndrew GambleDag geleden
  • The Brexiteers and the UK Expats voted to leave the EU Now the UK expats have to leave the EU, Schengen, European countries , they voted alone for that. Good luck also for all European citizens , EU Expats living in UK.

    Donf ZICDonf ZIC2 dagen geleden
  • All European, EU, Schengen countries thanks a lot, all the Brexiteers, including the UK Expats, for their personal vote for Brexit.

    Brian JELLYBrian JELLY2 dagen geleden
  • The "mess" was created by the elite for their vested interests, which they will now capitalise on, at the expense of the masses

    Zsa EdrZsa Edr3 dagen geleden
  • You look like a corpse dude.the eu is crumbling. Move to france if you dont like your own country.

    Luke HayesLuke Hayes3 dagen geleden
  • Brexit isn't the destination, it's the vehicle.

    b rb r3 dagen geleden
  • We cannot join the EEA, they would not have us. This is not a hypothesis, it is a fact they have stated. Also, it would be unacceptable to the people for very good reasons: 4 freedoms + rule-taker.

    ukballyhooukballyhoo4 dagen geleden
  • i can make his tweet short "when you finaly cut social help and security and give more money to the rich" xD

    HollyHolly4 dagen geleden
  • I have always taught me kids "be careful what you ask for, you might get it."

    Danny DoughertyDanny Dougherty4 dagen geleden
  • Compared to what staying in the e,u, Would have meant. Brexit has been the best thing Britain has done for our Independent, self governing, sovereignty And not having to get a foreign parliament ruling our every move. You are a shifty eyed remainer. And a complete sell out to Britain..

    Jacky WalshJacky Walsh5 dagen geleden
  • Why are we doing so well you prawn

    Colin grayColin gray5 dagen geleden
  • So it turns out the real reason for brexit was to preserve the free status of the city of London and to preserve the tax haven status of the U.K. Where all the top Tories keep their wealth to avoid paying taxes .

    roddy christodoulouroddy christodoulou5 dagen geleden
  • Vaccine negotiations and buying is a freedom we gained from Brexit. Otherwise we'd be in the pot with the rest of them , still struggling to get people vaccinated.

    Aaron LingAaron Ling5 dagen geleden
  • My belief is we are at the foundation stage of building Brexit Britain. You have to be patient and wait for future works and the actual outcome! Naturally we have COVID to deal with too which has occupied that political space, and huge sums of money. It’s all well and good throwing stones at Brexit, it’s not been dealt with all that well. But overall it will come good. We aren’t in a recession, the economy is growing and trade is recovering well. House prices have gone up, food is on the shelves, slowly but surely we are doing well. The dire warnings of doom haven’t happened and the remainers clearly got it wrong. Also look at the EU with the vaccine rollout and their attitude of stealing our vials of vaccine? Disgusting behaviour. The difference post Brexit is we have the power to remove those in Government at elections, something we have no sway with the people in power at the EU. The EU is falling apart and one day, despite some shortfalls history will write what a good idea it was to leave when we did. Sovereignty and accountability of politicians is in our hands, not in the commie EU pool of control.

    The CaptainThe Captain6 dagen geleden
  • This is an echo chamber .

    The Big CatThe Big Cat6 dagen geleden
  • Boring

    Tom FarrellyTom Farrelly6 dagen geleden
  • Remainer aye?

    Tatty Lashes1Tatty Lashes16 dagen geleden
  • Boring mono-tone voice Zzzz 😴

    David-Ian DawsonDavid-Ian Dawson6 dagen geleden
  • Apologies for quoting in a European dead language. In ancient Roman tribunals the prosecutor used to ask "cui prodest?" That means "who's going to benefit from that crime?" I remind you that the Government wasn't obliged to trigger the article 50 and leave the EU because of the referendum result.

    Henry GladstoneHenry Gladstone6 dagen geleden
  • Excellent analysis.

    mjwemdeemjwemdee7 dagen geleden
  • This guy is taking the advantage of freedom of speech by talking shite.

    Fred SayerFred Sayer7 dagen geleden
  • winging remoaners again the eu is falling apart what do you say about that glad we are out why do you not move there then you can then shut up

    gamergirl 1gamergirl 17 dagen geleden
  • When someone offers you a return to the rose coloured version of the past you should run for the hills. Sadly there are too many people who know so little about the reality behind those rose coloured images e.g. the blood, sweat and tears of the working classes who built the wealth while dying in grinding poverty with no safety conditions or access to protection from irresponsible employers. Oh yes, we have gone backwards. It took over 100 years for the battle for decent work and living conditions to be torn down. The EU held the UK to a standard it did not want to uphold but had no choice if it wanted the benefits of membership. If I hear anyone who voted for Brexit snivelling in its aftermath I will not scream, what would be the point when they ignored all the warnings. No, best to let them live the nightmare along with the rest of us, only then will they grow up and learn to see the bigger picture.

    faithful02ufaithful02u8 dagen geleden
  • Toffs will be TOFFS !

    Adrian PorterAdrian Porter8 dagen geleden
  • Sorry, but Redwood & Co (Tories) require the UK to retain tax avoidance (by using the British & other Tax Havens) as entirely legal. This is in direct conflict with the EU's Anti Tax Avoidance Directive (2016/1164). Until the EU scraps that Directive, the UK (or should I say England with an assured Tory majority MPs) will never agree to re-joining the SM, the CU, or even the EEA which requires a significant degree of homologation as regards taxation levels. Consider that the Tory Paymasters like Lord Bamford (or other non-Tory contributors like the Crown Estate or Arron Banks) benefit from taxation levels beyond the dreams (or needs) of the average citizen and in the UK it is entirely legal. Why should they do otherwise?

    alcorpagealcorpage8 dagen geleden
  • Nonsense !

    lawomega1lawomega18 dagen geleden
  • Interesting that an ad with Nigel Farage started in the middle of this.

    Thomas RenlundThomas Renlund8 dagen geleden
  • Tell me how a small business grows into a big business Yes everyone works hard and together That's a Fact Brexit is exactly the same And Liz trust is doing that with all the trade deals she is doing So all business should go to other Countries to create new businesses Just like ib the EU But to me it appears They are to lazy to do this plus it costs them more

    Colin PenalunaColin Penaluna8 dagen geleden
  • Covid is a wonderful distraction to these people. The longer they keep Covid restrictions and vaccine wars, the longer they can dodge what is going on in NI, and the disastrous drop off in trade. Funny how they don't want to talk about this, but they'll talk about AstraZeneca vaccines all day long. Sooner or later though it will become the issue it should be now, but I suspect Johnson will have slivered off with his fat pension by then.

    Imogen HarrisonImogen Harrison8 dagen geleden
  • Hard brexit get rid of all this victim hood bs and start moving forward

    Glenn FergusonGlenn Ferguson9 dagen geleden
  • You're being run by kleptocrats in London. They took bad lessons from Russia.

    Paranoid FactoidParanoid Factoid9 dagen geleden
  • Redwood and co wanted Brexit precisely because it gives THEM more power.

    Wayne SharpWayne Sharp9 dagen geleden
  • Britain is becoming increasingly irrelevant in the world at large.

    Martin CreganMartin Cregan9 dagen geleden
  • Is redwood not part of government,why would europe buy his fish,brittan will not be allowed to join single market etc

    kumago sashakumago sasha9 dagen geleden
  • He needs to loose his seat,time for people to act

    kumago sashakumago sasha9 dagen geleden
  • Let go mate where out no matter what you say you an’t getting back in

    Steve JudgeSteve Judge9 dagen geleden
  • The real purpose behind brexshit was to protect and expand Britain's financial empire run by the City of London Corporation through its tentacles of off shore banks. The EU has wanted Britain's alternative off shore tax system shut down for years and the response was finally "we need to take back control". That was completely true for the tiny elite that invests in the tax havens but for the rest of us it means that we are well and truly f*ked! 😳

    Raf The JafRaf The Jaf9 dagen geleden
  • Winge winge moan moan , still crying those salty tears of defeat. About time you got over it 😢😢😢

    Peter RosePeter Rose9 dagen geleden
  • That’s Sir Establishment Redwood. The beKnighted for nothing Financial Global Strategist who advised clients to avoid UK investment like the plague? So, the free marketeer now advocates wholesale EU style (socialist) subsidisation of fishing even though it was the jewel in the crown of ‘Brexit Benefits’ on the basis that it was the only potential tangible benefit. How can one Brexitory clown be so hypocritical on so many levels?

    Willhelm TherobWillhelm Therob9 dagen geleden
  • yep the english brexiteers thought if they left the eu everyone had to obey what they said ,well sorry it doesnt work that way idiots

    Joseph StoddartJoseph Stoddart9 dagen geleden
  • We get the February figures on Tuesday 13 Feb Phil.

    normasnokasnormasnokas9 dagen geleden
  • Brexit isn't the result of Brexit voters. No! It's the fault of millions of remain voters who couldn't be bothered to vote. Brexit voters come out in force. Remain voters sat on their backsides with a smug grin on their faces in believing they couldn't lose. Those who would have voted remain, you only have yourselves to blame.

    phreatomagmaticphreatomagmatic10 dagen geleden
  • It's very interesting to see how many commentators on this channel want to see a complete disaster in our country, just to say "I told you." Very sad.

    phreatomagmaticphreatomagmatic10 dagen geleden
  • Can I please borrow your crystal ball so I too can look in the future?

    phreatomagmaticphreatomagmatic10 dagen geleden
  • You could always go and live in the paradise that is Europe but take your own vaccine

    Stuart WilliamsStuart Williams10 dagen geleden
    • Can't, FOM gone remember?

      LoulouLoulou9 dagen geleden
  • We need a modern day Guy Fawkes to clean up our mess , only difference being that he must succeed this time .

    Pure MentalPure Mental10 dagen geleden
  • Somebody, please demonstrate to the rogue Vulcan Redwood. Spock's infamous death-grip.

    Phil JamesPhil James10 dagen geleden
  • Lower than vermin.

    jaye seejaye see11 dagen geleden
  • I thought redwood died year ago and this is a robot a brexishi robot worked by Cummins

    Jamie AshtonJamie Ashton11 dagen geleden
  • How long before someone has the guts to suggest that the UK ask to be let back in? Going cap (or bowler hat) in hand back to Brussels to beg forgiveness...UK will have all the bargaining power then wont it! lol Hands up those who want to say "I told you so"?

    mike richardsmike richards11 dagen geleden
  • You have got a sauce ,these people you mentioned have worked hard for this country ,yes tell me WHO you are ,I am positive nobody has ever heard of you ,so go back to your trade union where you belong .

    lawomega1lawomega111 dagen geleden
  • Lance Forman believes in free movement? Wasn't his Brexit Party about taking back control over "our" borders ....? Isn't that about restricting movement or am I missing something?

    geesteskrachtgeesteskracht11 dagen geleden
  • Sounds to me like Redwood deluded himself. What...No unicorns?

    Robold XRobold X11 dagen geleden
  • If the government change the laws on employment or anything else I can vote them out of office, I can't change anything the European bring in to law, David Cameron said he can't change the EU

    Sean BolandSean Boland11 dagen geleden
    • Oooh is that why the UK opted out of the Euro and Schengenzone, because you can't change anything the EU bring into law? Curious. Or is that why TTIP was rejected, because member states national parliaments had no say in it? Just in case you aren't aware, It's the UK PARLIAMENT that must ratify and implement any such treaties (well back when the UK was still a member). It's the UK government that sat on the Council of the European Union, in which every member state, including the UK, has a vote. That same council votes on and then appoints the commission, which is effectively the civil service of the EU (just like any civil servant in the UK). Therefore appointed by and approved by the member states and not voted into office. You can also vote your EU parliament party out, which also needs to give its approval on any such legislation. If you wanted to block any such legislation, all you had to do is vote your own government out... it has nothing to do with the EU. Of course, I'd be curious to know WHICH legislation you would have liked to block.... Of course David Cameron would say he can't change the EU, since it's easier to blame anything impopular on the EU and claim anything succesful as your own project. But while on the topic, the UK HAS in fact changed the EU, not only recently by invoking article 50 thereby triggering Brexit, but also in its expansion with other member states and actually, most of the legislation you appear so afraid of. Some it didn't pioneer but did implement. Like paid holiday leave. So rather than listening to politicians, why not just read up on how the EU actually works before judging it and jumping to conclusions, giving way to hasty decisions? Oh well, what's done is done, right?

      johnny5wdjohnny5wd11 dagen geleden
  • They ordered a turd sandwich and now want other people to eat it

    MolybdomancerMolybdomancer11 dagen geleden
  • He should go back to playing Zelda in Terrahawks

    Vincent BarretoVincent Barreto11 dagen geleden
  • Yeah that would be about right in terms of the Tories and their way of operating . If there is money to be made they will sharpen their elbows but if there is a mess and absolutely no money then it's some one else's problem..

    Jim SmithJim Smith11 dagen geleden
  • brexit support is growing german court threatens eu over financial deal, britains growth predicted to be fastest in the world another increased deal with turkey come on boris lets take hartlepool ignore the scare mongering labour finished

    philip englandphilip england11 dagen geleden
  • The Uk has lost more freedom than they gained. No more cherrypicking from now on...

    MesdriverMesdriver11 dagen geleden
  • Fairly obvious from the beginning.....................Unless you are a tory that is....

    AbbersJAbbersJ11 dagen geleden
  • Stopped watching at 27sec

    Trev STrev S11 dagen geleden
  • WTF England we are doomed and the idiots who are millionaires in the government retire wi3the big payouts we will be f.....ed

    Peter HarrisPeter Harris11 dagen geleden
  • Hardly any surprise that Nigel Farage has been planning to leave Brexit Britain to live in Germany, a safe EU state...✈️✈️✈️

    Simon PerringSimon Perring11 dagen geleden
    • Will he have to leave after 90 days?

      LoulouLoulou9 dagen geleden
  • Eventually it is always the working class who will be cleaning the mess created by the stupidity of the elite

    Sannie v.d. LintSannie v.d. Lint11 dagen geleden
  • Part time corpse.

    anon incognitoanon incognito11 dagen geleden
  • Boris won the case in court about the Bus and it turns out it was closer to 380m, But lets look at the facts of the bus its says we send £350 million a week to the EU, Then it says Lets fund our NHS instead. So where does it say lets spend a whole £350 million on the NHS? When it comes to legalities wording matters ALOT! But fact is some would be spent on the nhs some would be spent in other areas. It did not state a whole £350 million would be spent on the NHS it just stated what we send the EU. Which is why Boris won in court. Wording matters!

    Lee KirkmanLee Kirkman12 dagen geleden
  • It's classic, "somebody should do something!!" "Well, aren't you somebody?" Challenge to Redwood. Come up with an idea of your own.

    max fracturemax fracture12 dagen geleden
  • Well,,at the end of the day it's their problems whatever way they want to understand brexit, the reality is they're out and nothing to do with the EU anymore,,,, welcome to the brexit sir,,,,

    charly santamariacharly santamaria12 dagen geleden
  • That's another 9 minutes 35 seconds you've wasted Phil. Yawn!

    Karl NadinKarl Nadin12 dagen geleden
  • I love that 'part time corpse' statement 🤣🤩😍

    Peter ThompsonPeter Thompson12 dagen geleden
  • Build a bridge....

    Mark RichardsMark Richards12 dagen geleden
  • I agree with Redwood. What has happened since Brexit? He is right to pose that question. What are you on about Scouse?

    Stephanie BarrStephanie Barr12 dagen geleden
    • You can't have been paying attention, Stephanie. 'Scouse' makes perfect sense. Questions should be asked about what's happened since Brexit but not by John Redwood, and not those questions.

      Crispin CoghillCrispin Coghill12 dagen geleden
  • The people who voted Brexit are idiots.

    DSRReactsDSRReacts12 dagen geleden
  • Say what you say. The fact at the moment we're doing better than the eu.

    kevin Morriskevin Morris12 dagen geleden
    • @Crispin Coghill He's probably going to roll out Covid vaccinations success without realising could have gone it alone when a member of the EU as all EU members are individually in control of their vaccine roll outs. 😉

      LoulouLoulou9 dagen geleden
    • We? Which of us exactly? Not the SME exporters, not the fishing industry, not expats, not those who valued FOM. What's your metric?

      Crispin CoghillCrispin Coghill12 dagen geleden
  • One word... DEMOCRACY. Stop bleating, we're out 🙄

    Tom FTom F12 dagen geleden
    • @Tom F Except "Europe" DIDN'T control UK laws. Only the laws that UK parliament saw fit to implement and the treaties it ratified in agreements it made. Otherwise, you would have been using the Euro and be in the Schengenzone, now wouldn't you? In fact it was the EU that bent over backwards with all the exemptions and privileged position the UK was given while the UK was a member state. You need to understand how the EU functions and the roles of its institutions. At the top there is the COUNCIL of the European Union (NOT the commission) and the Council consists of the heads of state of the EU which vote on policy in areas of competence delegated to the EU. The Commission (e.g. ms. Van der Leyen) is just the civil service, nothing more, nothing less. As for EU parliament, well that you get to vote for directly. Democracy is not the same as mob rule. If you want true democracy, you're going to have to rethink the first past the post voting system and the way it is implemented in the UK. Hardly democratic. You'd also need to hink of the House of Lords and similar institutions.

      johnny5wdjohnny5wd11 dagen geleden
    • @Crispin Coghill you contradict yourself by continuing to protest against a democratic vote, the majority won and rightly so. I agree we were lied to but the alternative was to continue to bend over backwards and let Europe control OUR laws etc. You do yourself an injustice resorting to the 'slogan' slur, however I'd expect nothing less from a remoaner 🙄.

      Tom FTom F12 dagen geleden
    • Democracy without dissent is not democracy though, is it Tom? The charlatans, liars and profiteers will mostly get away with it because of being on the winning side and because of people like you who love short, easily digested empty slogans more than life itself. Democracy means that the rest of us are free to debate the rights and wrongs of how we're governed.

      Crispin CoghillCrispin Coghill12 dagen geleden
  • You remainers never give up talk about sour grapes .

    Stella AdamsStella Adams12 dagen geleden
  • Ha ha, 5 years on, all the Europhile bedwetters scrambling to leave comments here. Covid vaccine anyone?🇪🇺

    Rod WilkinsRod Wilkins12 dagen geleden
  • You can blame the EU for the childishly behaviour .and all The remoaners who just can't get over the fact that we HAVE LEFT. Get over it. THANK GOD FOR BREXIT

    J BJ B12 dagen geleden
    • EU is a business... You can blame the Brexiteers and their childish minds for thinking the EU was going to let us get away with this without any sort of repercussion. The world isn't puppies and rainbows, no one plays by the rules. EU are going to inflict as much damage as they can onto Britain to show others what leaving looks like. They have the Power we do not.

      DSRReactsDSRReacts12 dagen geleden
  • Talking about Brexit one word to you. “Vaccination”.

    Kenneth GoodmanKenneth Goodman12 dagen geleden
  • Smh...😔..let's ALL get into DINGHYS and sail right back over there..EASTERN BLOC will SUPPORT us because they took our money for 47 years👍🏻R.I.P ENGLAND☠🕊...IM TAKING A KNEE RIGHT NOW....🦄🐑

    johnny boredjohnny bored12 dagen geleden
  • Whine Whine Whine Blah Blah Blah Typical looser mentality.

    john brooksjohn brooks12 dagen geleden
  • The beauty of being retired is stumbling across these whinefests from bitter and twisted dafty''s who are still incapable of getting over not getting their own way in 2016. Here we are only 3 and a bit months into our departure from the EU and it's still apparently all doom and gloom from those numpties who spent the last 5 years telling us how the housing market would be crippled, the roads to Dover would be blocked, pilots would not be allowed to fly, supermarket shelves would be empty and medicines would run out. At what point will all those gullible chumps who swallowed Project Fear wake up and realise how they were conned, this video even mentions the 'Bus' which anyone with a double digit IQ worked out what was actually said years ago. The ultimate irony for me is every time I click on them they open with an ad from Mr Farage which is so apt.

    Steven LyonsSteven Lyons12 dagen geleden
    • @Loulou The irony is that if Cameron and the other 600+ MP’s had stuck to their promise to honour the result in 2016 we would have been out by the end of 2017 with almost certainly a way better deal than we have now.

      Steven LyonsSteven Lyons9 dagen geleden
    • The UK hasn't implemented controls on imports yet as not ready. Can't see them ready by June either tbh. Think they might unilaterally extend grace period again.

      LoulouLoulou9 dagen geleden
  • This is a good explanation of the current state of the UK. The point you make at 04:30 is exactly right. Just because someone tweets 'I believe in free corn flakes and free fried breakfasts ...' does not mean it should come true.

    JHatLpoolJHatLpool12 dagen geleden
  • But there are jobs. The daffodales are rotting in the fields because there are no workers.

    Frarel BlackbirdFrarel Blackbird12 dagen geleden
  • May I take this opportunity to plug my rat catching company which also does a line in Covid vaccinations?

    History on YouTubeHistory on YouTube12 dagen geleden
  • There's nothing more absurd than the British fishing industry. They catch fish in the North Sea that we don't eat much of, land them in British ports then send them by lorry or train to Europe. Why not land them in European ports (i.e. the other side of the North Sea)? Because they're "British fish" since they were caught by British nets. The fishermen voted for Brexit to keep European fishermen out of "their" water but still want to compete with them in Europe!

    Faithless HoundFaithless Hound12 dagen geleden
  • Mogg is lying to you. If you believe the ladder bull, or the tampon tax bull you are either as thick as sh@t or just want to believe Moggs lies because you are jealous or frightened of foreigners or just plain don't like them. The tampon tax is for each country to decide, not the EU, for instance in Germany it has been reduced, in Ireland it has been removed, others including the UK have been slower to join in because most governments are slow to remove or reduce one tax for fear of others wanting the same, the ladder requirement is just a smokescreen, and if you dig deeper and question Mogg, who is world famous for his deceitfulness and utter contempt for those he has conned, he won't be able to give any of the fictional details because there aren't any at all. Don't be a complete div. think before you suck in any of his bull.

    Martin HerglotzMartin Herglotz12 dagen geleden
  • I think Brexit is wonderfull. I think remoaners rejoiners or just pain whiners are a pain in the arse... Happy Brexit guys...

    Eric CEric C12 dagen geleden
  • i wasnt bothered ether way on brexit but the way the eu behaves thank god we are out and i think thats what most people think who wants to go back and wait till god knows when for a covid jab off those scumbags

    Stephen CookseyStephen Cooksey12 dagen geleden
  • They are INSANE!

    ParcelOf RogueParcelOf Rogue12 dagen geleden
  • Inshore crustacean fisherman are catching fish in class B waters. Why class B, mainly because of chemicals washed off the land due to the quest for maximum crop production. UK citizens do not eat crustaceans or bivalve moluscs. Deep sea fisherman are as rare as hens teeth and land a paltry tonnage of white fish which UK citizens do eat, so catch more white fish once we have built the boats to catch them, and an onshore processing operation. That is if there are any reasonable size fish to catch. The UK waters have been fished out by EU boats and we are now eating baby fish. No more 30lb cod landed more like 3lbs now. Norway have stopped EU and UK boats fishing their waters fearing unsustainable fishing going on.

    John the bakerJohn the baker12 dagen geleden
  • Brexiteers always hide the economic truth

    Jayo DelawareJayo Delaware12 dagen geleden
  • Dont you read the DAILY BREXIT EXPRESS the UK is doing brilliantly with more money people having to return to the UK and can no longer live in the EU there is more work and it's a wonderful life as long as you have a few million in the bank life's great

  • What about reducing VAT?

    Samma SatiSamma Sati12 dagen geleden
  • He knows perfectly well that none of these demands can and will be met. So Brexiteers can continue the blame game not only towards the EU and Covid 19 but also vs the incompetent government they themselves elected. Forman is just another of these privileged pompous Tories who has an exaggerated and nostalgic view of Britain's strength, importance and influence and who negates reality. With that mind-set the country is never going to get out of the doldrums. Brits are far too tolerant of their amateurish elites and think they will just have to muddle through - somehow.....

    David Lloyd-JonesDavid Lloyd-Jones12 dagen geleden
  • It's funny how twitter makes politicians show their real face. I mean you literally just have to read their tweets and ignore normal media where these people seem professional and you know who these people really are

    E ZE Z12 dagen geleden
  • Come on Phil! Say something nice about the UK! People aren't perfect, people make mistakes, but surely there's got to be something nice. You sound like you're working for N Korea!

    Common SenseCommon Sense12 dagen geleden
    • Common Sense, Phil isn't criticising the country though, is he? He's here to try to educate and call rogues to account. I'm sure he'd have something nice to say about you if you were using a position of power for the good of the country.

      Crispin CoghillCrispin Coghill12 dagen geleden
  • Why don't you remoaners just shut up and respect the will of British people.

    alfred fanshawalfred fanshaw12 dagen geleden
    • Probably because people who voted remain are also the British people and should not be called "remoaners"? Because 52% vs 48% isn't exactly an overwhelmingly broad majority and people fear for their livelihood? I thought that "will" was democratic... if so... then how does the word "shut up" fit into that narrative?

      johnny5wdjohnny5wd11 dagen geleden
  • Hilarious.............not your subject........You Remoaners........deluded,in denial and desperate....

    AdrianAdrian12 dagen geleden