Board AF is Back! | Trial by Trolley

13 mrt. 2020
2 264 210 Weergaven

Buy Trial By Trolley here: Thanks to Skybound Games for sponsoring the return of Board AF! We’re playing their new game Trial by Trolley and… trying not to get cancelled.
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An adult party game of moral dilemmas, Trial By Trolley is also available at Target, Walmart, your local games stores and other major retailers. More info on
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  • 29:19 Olivia: Team I love you so much Courtney Sarah: We all love you Courtney Shayne: *If i say it the internet will lose its mind. (Nods Head Instead)

    NickNick7 uur geleden
  • Considering my name im rooting for team Torb all the way xD

    Torben MeesschaertTorben Meesschaert22 uur geleden
  • What does Tommy say at 36:51 I can't hear it that well

    Ricky SRicky SDag geleden
  • Shayne knows about optics, he was on Disney Channel

  • Chidi would be shaking playing this game 😂

    Swastika RheaSwastika RheaDag geleden
  • can you guys do another trial by trolly?

    Gene BarrettGene Barrett2 dagen geleden
  • 42:07 that doesn't mean she won't be a shit president tho

    Joey FumiaJoey Fumia2 dagen geleden
  • A time traveler, grave danger, on March 2020. Wonder what THAT could be?

    K.OK.O5 dagen geleden
  • they killed my god how dare they

    Andre Garner BarroAndre Garner Barro5 dagen geleden
  • More than 2.000.000 views ? That is worth the praise and just shows how much players still love good old board game related entertainment. In Poland videos about this game get about 6.000 views ! That is just sad.= (

    p6mkqp6mkq5 dagen geleden
  • Who the frick is Malala...

    NUGGet3562NUGGet35626 dagen geleden
  • Olivia is so fucking annoying. Not even funny... just like.. painful to listen to. Truly.

    Zach WelchZach Welch7 dagen geleden
  • we need to see jackie, ify, and sage play this game too

    Amberly LamkinAmberly Lamkin7 dagen geleden
  • who would die to save the world from cthulu

    i have lost A L L C O N T R O Li have lost A L L C O N T R O L9 dagen geleden
  • Weird this was next to a Goldberg’s scene with Shane

    YourLocalMasonYourLocalMason9 dagen geleden
  • Damien really chose space over equality, huh

    Nathan HoundNathan Hound10 dagen geleden
  • Well it took to the end, but Damien finally did something to piss me off

    Nathan HoundNathan Hound10 dagen geleden
  • I played this with some friends and in one round, the opposing team’s guilty card they put down on my team’s track was Nickleback. I immediately jumped up from my seat, shouted “THAT’S NOT FAIR!,” and walked away.

    Darth DaveDarth Dave11 dagen geleden
  • Sam time travelled to stop Olivia from running over his future-self. Tale as old as time.

    Scooby DoobScooby Doob11 dagen geleden
  • Olivia's comment about having a special bond with children is kind of concerning

    Anthony Morris-GendronAnthony Morris-Gendron13 dagen geleden
  • I love cthulu

  • Where’s Anthony and Ian?

    FP StudioFP Studio14 dagen geleden
  • This video did not age well

    Jacob SchaeferJacob Schaefer15 dagen geleden
  • if she run over the timetraveling sam then she kills a cult leader but if she kills the ocapeller sam timetravler sam would die anyway

    shadow brosshadow bros15 dagen geleden
  • cathulu would kill him (Matt) because he is driving the train.

    max wotrubamax wotruba16 dagen geleden

    Leviathan’s Pet Lotan But a Human Cuz of LeviLeviathan’s Pet Lotan But a Human Cuz of Levi17 dagen geleden
  • Yo GOD can’t die bro uh uh 🙄 so ha

  • Every time basically the left team lost

    Megbac203Megbac20320 dagen geleden
  • We were told board Af was joven's idea and Matt is taking credit

    CJ AkkawiCJ Akkawi21 dag geleden
  • Man i wish i had friends this whole being alone and suicidal shit is DEPRESSING lmaoo maybe one day i guess

    FATBOY PURPFATBOY PURP22 dagen geleden
  • Overpopulation is not anywhere near an issue

    ZoomZoom23 dagen geleden
  • idk why but u could wish for anything so the why me? are boned

    Karl CassarKarl Cassar24 dagen geleden
  • Damien: “a mayor plague will end us”. Corona: greetings

    Felipe HuertaFelipe Huerta24 dagen geleden
  • adam and eve weren't good

    Troy ChambleeTroy Chamblee24 dagen geleden
  • I woke up watching this. Not mad, not mad at all

    Froq PastaFroq Pasta26 dagen geleden
  • Sarah making her point about the numbers of people when during her go she basically just saved one person versus so many more XD

    Amelia BullAmelia Bull26 dagen geleden
  • Courtney to Courtney in the mirror hyping herself up: 29:25

    Eduardo HowardEduardo Howard26 dagen geleden
  • Tommy Bones vs the world 36:36

    BananapplesauceBananapplesauce27 dagen geleden
  • this was THE day it all went wrong

    bisexual disasterbisexual disaster27 dagen geleden
  • What an ego... Kill multiple people over her own mother?? GTFO Lady

    Minh N DinhMinh N Dinh28 dagen geleden
  • Another thing to take into account is the empathic question of "what would they want?". Would that person want to die a hero, or live knowing that the other people didn't have to die.

    ColorfulColorful28 dagen geleden
  • What if the corrupt cop was Sgt. Annus

    BigpappiBigpappi28 dagen geleden
  • Who's watching post covid lmao.

    EricEric29 dagen geleden
  • I watched this with my 5 year old cousin and now he tells everybody he’s despicable.

    Bumpkin BopBumpkin Bop29 dagen geleden
  • Around 40:40 Matt raub “he deosnt even like him” talking about how Damien doesn’t like joe lol

    nobody importantnobody important29 dagen geleden
  • Was sam in a movie called truth or dare

    naruto uchihanaruto uchihaMaand geleden
  • Olivia killed god so covid happened

    Shaan DShaan DMaand geleden

    bailey santiagobailey santiagoMaand geleden
  • The hospital one bothers me because a trolley won’t cut off the water or destroy the hose. Firehoses are super tough

    Crisp LadCrisp LadMaand geleden
  • "my family got suckered in to a timeshare and i turned out fine..ish"

    Loki_Crazy1Loki_Crazy1Maand geleden
  • At least we know that Damien wouldn’t start a pandemic

    Weeping AngelWeeping AngelMaand geleden
  • I find it funny how they put the cure for the aging on the good side LOL!

    MrChristianX NMrChristianX NMaand geleden
  • Friends is a garbage show if you remove its laugh track then you realize just how bad and unfunny it is.

    Ki UlloaKi UlloaMaand geleden
  • Actually technically we already had a female prisedent just Google EDITH WILSON you see the second year when the real prisedent wilson got sick edith didn't tell anyone about her husband's illness and just kinda secreatly took over for him after his stroke

    HopeHopeMaand geleden
  • Where's trolly tom

    border eliteborder eliteMaand geleden
  • While watching this, I got to the part where Tommy would be accused for murder by a corrupt cop and i thought to myself "isnt he committing murder anyways"

    Mr PlantMr PlantMaand geleden
  • 24:20 In my opinion, god would rather you take him instead of every child under 15years. Besides do you really think you can harm god with a trolley?

    daniel dudedaniel dudeMaand geleden
  • Olivia I'm 14 xD, can you wait like 1 year

    RaduRaduMaand geleden
  • Watching this now when at the end they called it about how a major plague with our population density could end us..... Simpsons moment

    Nick HNick HMaand geleden
  • The cure for cancer was already invented you dont need the scientist anymore

    Ian RollinsIan RollinsMaand geleden
  • Tommy at 0:15 lol

    Ian RollinsIan RollinsMaand geleden
  • MORE OF THIS!!!!

    Kioli VakasiKioli VakasiMaand geleden
  • Team Olivia's best friends should've pulled a "you kill present sam, future sam ceases to exist" at 27:35

    Meme DoggoMeme DoggoMaand geleden
  • Wait god is emortal so

    daymiendaymienMaand geleden
  • "1%, we hate him." Yikes, keep your liberal crap to yourself.

    GPK131GPK131Maand geleden
  • 24:16 I agree Damien, lol

    IceArceusIceArceusMaand geleden
  • Penguins = Formal Chicken

    2NewDays2NewDaysMaand geleden
  • Isn't a team of girls calling a team of guys "sexist" sexist

    2NewDays2NewDaysMaand geleden
  • Can I get a hhaaiiiiii yyyaaaaa

    joshua smithjoshua smithMaand geleden
  • ok but who puts a kiddie pool on a train track

    BurkenatorBurkenatorMaand geleden
  • "Keanu Reeves" "He's an American Treasure!" "America's Sweetheart" It been a year and, as a Canadian, I'm still salty about this. He's one of ours you can't claim him.. ..You can keep Beiber and Drake though.

    The JonaldThe JonaldMaand geleden
  • Keanu Reeves is Candian. 😂😂😂

    BarlowjmbBarlowjmbMaand geleden
  • Cthulhu watches them kill the other track and goes “damn I thought I was the bad guy I’m out”

    YungSpeakEzYungSpeakEzMaand geleden
  • Olivia- cults are not that bad Literally everyone- excuse me? Tommy- thank you Olivia

    The melon boiThe melon boiMaand geleden
  • Is the grave danger COVID?

    Ethan KrahnEthan KrahnMaand geleden
  • 46:04 should we tell him

    The GuyThe GuyMaand geleden
  • Okaloosa

    Nathan OscarsonNathan OscarsonMaand geleden
  • Man, a year later and I'm still bummed ya offed me man. Smh

    Cthulhu 8bitCthulhu 8bitMaand geleden
  • Well they ain’t gunna hear it coming 😂🤣😂😆23:52

    British PotatoBritish PotatoMaand geleden
  • Hearing Damien say they love me is the highlight of my day

    Brookesrandomlife 117Brookesrandomlife 117Maand geleden
  • HOLY MACAROLL young Keanu Reeves is HOTTTTTT

    Toni SteeleToni SteeleMaand geleden
  • YOUR GOING TO KILL THE JTP you wouldn’t dare

    Quinn MoseleyQuinn MoseleyMaand geleden
  • Tommy was right they can get née fans 😂

    H0N0RW0LF_YTH0N0RW0LF_YTMaand geleden
  • 26:15 “JTP!”

    Jordan HouleJordan HouleMaand geleden
  • 24:59 😬 ehhh

    Jordan HouleJordan HouleMaand geleden
  • Yeaaa

    Asain_ KidevilAsain_ KidevilMaand geleden
  • Of course Matt would lie and say board AF was his idea. I can’t wait for the day he’s no longer at smosh

    SUM CONDORSUM CONDOR2 maanden geleden
  • Play six flags

    Thevan FernandoThevan Fernando2 maanden geleden
  • 27:08😂😂 I laughed so hard

    Hayley StanzaHayley Stanza2 maanden geleden
  • Thislooke like cyanide and happiness

    yeeetamis yeetyeeetamis yeet2 maanden geleden
  • Damian " a massive plague with all the population density will end us" me in 2021: holy shit

    wavvyxdwavvyxd2 maanden geleden
  • The time traveler didn’t come in time AND THE FACTVTHIS WAS POSTED THE DAY OF SHUTDOWN

    Brooke MedinaBrooke Medina2 maanden geleden
  • Not Matt taking credit for Jovens idea (board af)

    Abi SimmonsAbi Simmons2 maanden geleden
  • Just because it's a female president, won't necessarily mean she'll be a good president

    Logan YatesLogan Yates2 maanden geleden
  • sarah acts like a very enthuseastic english teacher

    mental_lag poomental_lag poo2 maanden geleden
  • Is that another cyanide and happiness ripoff

    Rylee GRylee G2 maanden geleden
  • 44:28 usa presidents usally help dictators from other countrys so that is very unlikable OwO

    theo vitaccotheo vitacco2 maanden geleden
  • 23:35 if we had that, we'd've been warned about the rona

    RainRain2 maanden geleden
  • 16:02 i would kill the babies and stuff cuz theres zombies there and if u dont run over the zombies they still gonna go and eat the baby and stuff so ye .,.

    Confusion eueueConfusion eueue2 maanden geleden
  • Am I the only one who was kind of annoyed with Damien this video. I normally love Damien but he was annoying this episode.

    Emma GlaserEmma Glaser2 maanden geleden