Bill Burr is LETHAL

21 aug. 2018
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A short compilation of Bill Burr clips pulled from my Instagram. Since the time limit for a video on Instagram is one minute most of these clips are a minute long otherwise I would have provided more context to what is being said. I hope you can still find value in this.

Here is a link to my Instagram, check it out if you want to see more clips on a variety of topics

  • His Trump opinions didn’t age well...

    Jaded Old JoeJaded Old Joe4 uur geleden
  • You can’t tell if he’s telling a joke or just ranting about real fucking shit that we all deal with

    John TracyJohn Tracy6 uur geleden
  • This man speaks fire

    Louisten vilLouisten vil13 uur geleden
  • Get that man a Sam Adams Jack-O Pumpkin Boston Ale.

    tswrenchtswrench15 uur geleden
  • 5:31 sounds like he's talking about trump

    NoVanity1NoVanity121 uur geleden
  • Lol, I LOVVEE he said bilderberg meetings on national tv!!✊✊✊✊👏👏👏👏😀😀👍👍👍👍

    Dennis LeavittDennis LeavittDag geleden
  • "You act accordingly or you get that convertible ride in Dallas"

    Clifford ZellnerClifford ZellnerDag geleden

    D LegionnaireD LegionnaireDag geleden
  • was he sitting with cenk Uygur??? awkward

    SonoranHerpHavenSonoranHerpHavenDag geleden
  • Jesus make bill burr president please... he actually knows what unity is

    Solomon KorteSolomon Korte2 dagen geleden
  • 5:42 lmao

    Retrograde45 WesternCivRetrograde45 WesternCiv2 dagen geleden
  • bruh i wanted to hear his fucking theories

    Dima IvanovDima Ivanov2 dagen geleden
  • why is he allowed to say the hard truth but when i do i am a depressed asshole.....

    Dima IvanovDima Ivanov2 dagen geleden
  • Lazy journalists. BEHOLD THE CBC!!!

    swizzzyswizzzy3 dagen geleden
  • I had no idea a “Pear” was pretentious. Thank you Bill Burr.

    Donnie WalkerDonnie Walker3 dagen geleden
  • I thought the thumbnail was hannibal lecter.

    SuperTiaanBroSuperTiaanBro3 dagen geleden
  • I like how he causally hinted about the rituals the Bilderbergs host under the mountain.

    Eddie CheazEddie Cheaz3 dagen geleden
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    Robyn HallRobyn Hall3 dagen geleden
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    kemal aygunkemal aygun3 dagen geleden
  • bill burr is a dickhead 😀 sorry

    scon ziliusscon zilius3 dagen geleden
    • that Hillary joke hurt eh softy

      muggsy mittymuggsy mitty2 dagen geleden
  • Bill Burr puts real shit into words like no other. That last bit really got to me. "It's so amazing how people hear things... it'd be kinda cool if we all just stop yelling at each other."

    CroskCrosk4 dagen geleden
  • He was wrong about Trump. He tried to steal the election and become a fascist dictator.

    eetu haloneneetu halonen5 dagen geleden
    • @muggsy mitty People who think TDS is real are the deranged ones. Q-anon and MAGA cultist are living in alternative reality of conspiracies and where everything is upside down.

      eetu haloneneetu halonen2 dagen geleden
    • get over your TDS payaso

      muggsy mittymuggsy mitty2 dagen geleden
  • Funny direct and obvious. But still the bs continues.

    Matthew BullochMatthew Bulloch5 dagen geleden
  • Good comments aren't deleted like on other clips! Bill Hicks was. No comments. Unless Hick family? As are assholes that would happily stomp on graves!

    Matthew BullochMatthew Bulloch5 dagen geleden
  • 👍👍👍💯👍👍👍

    Pullenboy Music OfficialPullenboy Music Official5 dagen geleden
  • Homie just described Trump 😂

    Ernesto ArzolaErnesto Arzola5 dagen geleden
  • He went from this to The Mandalorian. What a versatile fucking dude.

    Sreekar PradyumnaSreekar Pradyumna5 dagen geleden
  • The "you vote for the guy who says there's a meteor" bit was hilarious

    TheWateringWizTheWateringWiz6 dagen geleden
  • Bill burr for president 2024

    mR. wigleegiggle5mR. wigleegiggle57 dagen geleden
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    Sam HollandSam Holland7 dagen geleden
  • The George Carlin of our times. But in our times he might be referred to as a Psycho..which is what he adds to his jokes.

    Shijit NairShijit Nair7 dagen geleden
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    simon wangsimon wang8 dagen geleden
  • Bill Burr has got to be the most mature speaker on the subject of masculine sensitivity whoever lived.

    thecianinatorthecianinator9 dagen geleden
  • It's all funny and you laugh until you realise its all true.

    HaruchaiHaruchai9 dagen geleden
  • Trump was the corporate guy. He wasnt owned by anyone. How's that turning out??? Lol

    Nathan JackNathan Jack10 dagen geleden
    • sleepy Joe will make everything disappear, including your money, for a start

      muggsy mittymuggsy mitty2 dagen geleden
  • At the end of the day Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, what ever the guck the other ones are called, they’re all the same

    CaEdon BCaEdon B10 dagen geleden
  • Bill Burr spittin’ straight facts about the ruling elite on Conan is _so fucking based._

    Hi, I Think I'm RealHi, I Think I'm Real11 dagen geleden
  • bill burr probably voted for kanye

    jack sparrowjack sparrow11 dagen geleden
  • 심지어 펄버와 헤어스타일 같아

    Ian KimIan Kim12 dagen geleden
  • If you wonder where his comment on the Nestlé guy comes from, watch 'we feed the world'. A very good documentary with the Nestlé CEO...

    jaadtoly23jaadtoly2312 dagen geleden
  • Q-are you a conspiracy theorist?A-are you trying to suggest that conspiracies never have,never do,or never will exist?How fucking stoopid is that?

    steve makinsonsteve makinson12 dagen geleden
  • That convertible ride in dallas-think essentially everybody missed that!

    steve makinsonsteve makinson12 dagen geleden
    • Lee Harvey Oswald didn't

      timpedratimpedra8 dagen geleden
  • From another Bill: ". . . whoever is elected president . . . you go into this smoke-filled room with twelve industrialist, capitalist scum-fucks [who got you elected] . . . and this little film screen comes down and a big guy with a cigar goes, 'Roll the film.' And it's a shot of the Kennedy assassination from an angle you've never seen before that looks suspiciously like it's from the grassy knoll. And then the screen goes up and the lights come up and they say [to the newly elected president of the United States], 'Any questions?'" No one has done it better than Hicks.

    Pagan GracePagan Grace12 dagen geleden
  • The bit about the Nestle guy wanting to own the water. That killed me.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    True GamerTrue Gamer12 dagen geleden
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    anh hoanganh hoang13 dagen geleden
  • ROFL

    Travis RobertsTravis Roberts13 dagen geleden
  • He looked like he said 'Clarisse...' in the thimbnail 😑

    Bite Em UpBite Em Up13 dagen geleden
  • 7:44 was literally GENIUS

    Logan BloodLogan Blood13 dagen geleden
  • Quack an effn quack!!!!

    Deep State Sound EffectsDeep State Sound Effects13 dagen geleden
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    johnny huangjohnny huang14 dagen geleden
  • Oh the irony of "you're gonna be fine" (under Trump)

    wow!wow!14 dagen geleden
  • If only more people thought like this man

    B ZillaB Zilla14 dagen geleden
  • Bill Burr is a young George Carlin!! The best

    Hardy HarrHardy Harr14 dagen geleden
  • I wish he said some lethal stuff in Mandalorian.

    Arhon PinedaArhon Pineda14 dagen geleden
  • I was cool he was describing the future of Donald J Trump the president of the United States not beholding to anybody because he use his own money to run Rue the Democrats in screw the Republicans long live the republic.

    richard baloghrichard balogh14 dagen geleden
  • Love the fact it cuts off when Bill is about to say that It would maybe a good idea if half population died... LMAO

    Pete KayPete Kay14 dagen geleden
  • Conan going '...WHAT?" is probably the funniest part of that interview at 6:15

    mokomothman MM47mokomothman MM4715 dagen geleden
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    thản trần vănthản trần văn16 dagen geleden
  • Burr is brilliant

    Mark MunnMark Munn16 dagen geleden
  • 4:34 He sounds like Alex Jones

    Adam SewardAdam Seward16 dagen geleden
  • Fucking bish police mofos nwo puppet suckers, leave Bill alone.

    Oh YeahOh Yeah16 dagen geleden
  • i think yawe heard his cry for freedom and gotaway.

    David millsDavid mills17 dagen geleden
  • Is this the same guy? Wtf

    Kay TroutKay Trout17 dagen geleden
  • Bill Burr is the smartest comedian alive today. Period.

    Fiz BanFiz Ban17 dagen geleden
  • This aged well...especially when he said we would only see Trump here and there and life would stay the same as we know it.

    Kiba-kun Von KeelberKiba-kun Von Keelber17 dagen geleden
  • Wait, are pears pretentious?

    R S DibelkaR S Dibelka18 dagen geleden
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    David WhangDavid Whang18 dagen geleden
  • 5:35 sound like he is saying to vote for Trump!

    Alex ShahAlex Shah18 dagen geleden
  • "Go with the psycho" Bill said, then you voted for Trump, tell me.... How did that pan out for you?

    WulfruneWulfrune18 dagen geleden
    • It's one psycho versus another psycho. So probably the same as if he voted for the other psycho.

      Nathan LindsayNathan Lindsay18 dagen geleden
  • The Phily rant should have been in there

    Jonathan FloydJonathan Floyd18 dagen geleden
  • Sometimes I feel like Bill Burr is the only person who knows what the fuck is going on in our country. He talks about real shit that's going on and people criticize him for speaking the truth. People are so damn sensitive with the things he talks about because they want others to notice them, because they have such a high level of ego behind their thoughts, and they fu**** worship these dumb ideas because they can't take the cold hard truth. So they blame Bill Burr for revealing the truth.

    Brendon SmithBrendon Smith18 dagen geleden
  • “You act accordingly or you get that convertible ride in Dallas” He is referring to the JFK assassination.

    Peter CorriganPeter Corrigan19 dagen geleden
    • Thanks, was a bit confused (European here).

      Cinnamon KilljoyCinnamon Killjoy18 dagen geleden
  • Everyone here is "Democrats this republicans that" and I'm just like "Wow it's the bald guy from Mandalorian!"

    Гиви ЗурабовичГиви Зурабович19 dagen geleden
  • too real for most people but too true

    Bobby LBobby L19 dagen geleden
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    lili kleinlili klein19 dagen geleden
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    jason bishopjason bishop20 dagen geleden
  • Painter Bob Ross was possessing Bill in that 1st segment. Calmest Bill Burr your gonna get.

    Puff Daddy LungfishPuff Daddy Lungfish20 dagen geleden
  • They got so serious when bill talked about politicians working for same guy... Even Conan

    Yep It'sMeYep It'sMe20 dagen geleden
    • That's the one thing you can't talk about on any major platform. That the whole system is rigged and bought by the capitalist class.

      Kyle KybotKyle Kybot17 dagen geleden
  • Bill B seems to have a blue tie

    SFreudSFreud20 dagen geleden
  • When is the Govt. Going to put a bounty out for Karen's and snowflakes? Like 5 dollars a year or scalp like they do on coyotes to save our country and comedy before it's to late . Should be ranked right up there with saving the planet and feeding the hungry children . I think it's just going to take a few Patriots to take action to get the ball rolling , or the heads .

    Gabe HelmsGabe Helms20 dagen geleden
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    heeman snkrsheeman snkrs20 dagen geleden
  • The Yaweh clip, wow can't believe I have never seen that. Did he actually get away from those two cops?

    James BoulgerJames Boulger20 dagen geleden
    • He did then, yeah. In the full clip though, they tell him he has a warrant out, so if that is actually true, it's unlikely he got away with it forever. That said, I've not been able to find anything on him actually getting arrested, and that seems like the kind of thing that would have hit the internet news sites.

      MacClay8MacClay88 dagen geleden
  • How come water is considered a human right and the natural progression of food and medical care being a human right doesn't follow?

    James BoulgerJames Boulger20 dagen geleden
  • What is funny is Bill's rant on judgement is no different than the same conclusions protestants came to hundreds of years ago after realizing how fucked up this logic is. BOOM. Here comes predestination and Calvinism. And it just gets more fucked up from there.

    James BoulgerJames Boulger20 dagen geleden
  • The guy at the end proves structural racism. You see how they are treating him with kid gloves, no knee in the back, no bag on his head, no special K administered. Then they let him run away without shooting him in the back.

    Travis KeenaTravis Keena20 dagen geleden
  • Bro that tazer dude was lit. "I am defending myself, in favor of that" when he got tazed it unlocked his ultimate form.

    Christopher CarrollChristopher Carroll22 dagen geleden

    Sting UrameshiSting Urameshi22 dagen geleden
  • I love how people are just perplexed by some things bill says and im watching on my phone like "dude i fucking get what your saying man" lol makes me feel like a psychopath

    Red Hed NightmareRed Hed Nightmare23 dagen geleden
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    Sue BlackSue Black23 dagen geleden

    D LegionnaireD Legionnaire23 dagen geleden
  • I love how quiet everyone was when he was trashing both the Democrats and Republicans. "They're all working for the same guy" lmaooo facts

    Adam CvikAdam Cvik23 dagen geleden
    • aka george soros

      Robert AlcottRobert AlcottDag geleden
    • @Zardoz Which is why both parties hated Trump. He wasn't like them

      robert daltonrobert daltonDag geleden
    • Revoke the Act of 1871

      TeddyOGTeddyOGDag geleden
    • I think he said it on his podcast, not at a live show

      Frank JapsonFrank Japson2 dagen geleden
    • When people say republicans and Democrats work for the same people usually people don’t say much because they are to caught up in the cycle thinking that label matters when all those people are in the game of politics for bribery and corruption. The only true chance of ever electing a politician that will work for the better of the people and not the dollar signs somebody will give you to push what they want you too is to just elect a Indepenedent and a TRUE INDEPENDENT NOT A REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT JUMPING SHIP GO SPREAD CORRUPTION AROUND. When people keep voting for like the man said “colors” the result is the same. People need to stop buying the same bullshit because a lot of these people realize the bullshit but keep passing it along as true when it’s not. If people thought freely and not have to go along with the same garbage being thrown out there it would be much better imo.

      Got next VenturesGot next Ventures9 dagen geleden
  • Unfortunate that he died on that mission

    Professor Moola GamingProfessor Moola Gaming24 dagen geleden
  • Well the first half was good & then it seemed to be.. intentionally directed towards a.. certain.. narrative... ope!

    Leet MoteefLeet Moteef25 dagen geleden
  • Bill Burr has a black wife and now a black son. No white children. He has endless bits mocking and warring on his own race and none warring on any other race (esp blacks, who he always directly defends in the context of these other, anti-white bits). There is a bit online of him mocking white people for wanting to know their ancestry and doing those DNA things. He cruelly mocks them wanting to know their heritage, implying they're privileged. "Don't you already pretty much know where you're from?" As if Europe is monolithic and not full of distinct cultures. Then in the next breath he says, "I mean I get it if you're a black person, it's ok for them to get DNA results and to want to know bc all their history got mixed up by slavery." Bill Burr is an anti-white scumbag. And just as importantly, not funny. The only sense in which he's LETHAL is in the sense that by his life choices and hatred of his own people he has wiped out his family line.

    furdewar effortfurdewar effort25 dagen geleden
  • 5:54 that trump joke didn’t pan out. Lol

    s lloyds lloyd25 dagen geleden
  • Bill Burr is droppin truths... he just has to call himself an uninformed idiot or else who wouldn't be allowed to say what he says.. He's a 'comedian' so nobody is gonna take him seriously. Dave Chappelle and Bo Burnham's last special also trying to drop truths but most aren't getting it

    Stanley ShadyStanley Shady26 dagen geleden
  • 1:23 Colin Quinn simultaneously taken aback and completely agreeing 😆 8:53 what did he even say 😂😂

    HarrambouHarrambou26 dagen geleden
  • Bill Burr: "it would be kinda cool if we would just stop effing yellin at each other...." Meanwhile, he is one of the biggest screamers in comedy.

    Coogan AlaskaCoogan Alaska26 dagen geleden
  • 5:31 Bill predicts

    mike patrickmike patrick26 dagen geleden
  • I went to his show to laugh and thats what the fuck I did. People need to lighten up and laugh. It's good for you!

    jkwttrsjkwttrs26 dagen geleden