BEFORE and AFTER Fighting Israel Adesanya

17 feb. 2021
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Here we look how opponents reacted before and after fighting the UFC's fastest rising star, Israel Adesanya.
Moving up to face Jan Blachowicz in March, MMA fans can expect to see plenty more action from The Last Stylebender.
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  • I love this,and powerful...

    Stefan MorosanStefan Morosan2 uur geleden

    Lion KortümLion Kortüm2 uur geleden
  • GYNO.

    Tadas BlindaTadas Blinda2 uur geleden
  • 'aye you better lift some weight man' famous last words 😀

    Khrawku GamingKhrawku Gaming3 uur geleden

    Art Soul ArtworkArt Soul Artwork4 uur geleden
  • I love how everyone wants a rematch and they talk about him and he just destroys people

    Itsyaboi KP!!Itsyaboi KP!!4 uur geleden
  • You don't need to be big to pack a punch

    SigdeSigde5 uur geleden
  • Sorry Israel, you suck. All Jan did was pressure you and you bitched out. 🖕🏼😂

    JayJay6 uur geleden
  • what is it with cockey people getting to the top thees days? XD not that i dislike it but HOW

    SensitivityGamesSensitivityGames10 uur geleden
  • He is talented, no doubt but he talks too much and is a bit too old to be so immature 💯

    Living Is A TalentLiving Is A Talent10 uur geleden
  • Costa is a clown

    Saigon6Saigon611 uur geleden
  • Jan entered the chat

    thatonepolishdudethatonepolishdude17 uur geleden
  • 3:37 middleweight Anthony pettis

  • I think Jan gave this a thumbs down.

    SLow_PokeSLow_Poke21 uur geleden
  • lool lots of his opponents can't speak properly I take it english isn't their first language

    sora actualizesora actualize23 uur geleden
  • Pheonix from Valorant

    Random Channel Kyan MadeRandom Channel Kyan MadeDag geleden
  • Get you a man who can do both

    ItzMimzItzMimzDag geleden
  • Mans lost his undisputed title fucking sad

  • His from the same place as me and he like anime 😈

    PAINPAINDag geleden
  • Adesanya is not bigger than McGregor 😂

    Aiden_C12Aiden_C12Dag geleden
  • i wanna see this guy beat the hell out of jake pual and logan

    ÁtkozottÁtkozottDag geleden
  • The actual irl hokage bruh

    Commissar PurityCommissar PurityDag geleden
  • No be juju be that

    Cold FireCold FireDag geleden
  • He’s wack

  • I hate that we never got to see Conor v Izzy.. that would been a fire run up / fight.

    We Are LegionWe Are LegionDag geleden
    • Conor can't even win fights anymore really izzy will destroy dude

      Joshua RobinsonJoshua RobinsonDag geleden
  • You too slim

    David AkengeDavid AkengeDag geleden
  • yoel "see you soon, boy" romero

    JAJADag geleden
  • Can yall help me out with the music at the start of the video?

    Muhammed Yassir KhanMuhammed Yassir KhanDag geleden
  • I love em for his hardwork and great flair but I hate him cause this dude just built different. He's so fast and his limbs are so fucking long I feel bad for the less endowed fighters who got to go up against that. He really abuses his huge hit power and range to I imagine frustrating effects. But I love him because he must work super hard and he clearly does his research on his opponents beforehand.

    TheBronzeSpartanTheBronzeSpartanDag geleden
  • Just take on the chin boyz, and learn from your mistakes, don't talk, let your hands talk,

    Ku GeorgeKu GeorgeDag geleden
  • Bro tell me why anderson silva sound llike micheal jackson bruhhhh

    Lil’Krxk3nLil’Krxk3n2 dagen geleden
  • Can't beat that Afrikan strength!👊

    duriderdurider2 dagen geleden
  • How you finna lose when you're bending style

    Sirzechs QuasarSirzechs Quasar2 dagen geleden

    LENLEN2 dagen geleden
    • MVP is a can crusher and their not in the same weight class

      Markel BrownMarkel Brown2 dagen geleden
  • Hate him or love him,dude can fight.

    proud to be a simpproud to be a simp2 dagen geleden
  • Who here after he lost

    rylan clarkerylan clarke2 dagen geleden
  • Weeb representation

    H2O RaiderH2O Raider2 dagen geleden
  • Na koncu powienien byc , "az nadeszla Polska Sila"

    Pablo EscobarPablo Escobar2 dagen geleden
  • Making people humble 😎😎

    AvAcAvAc2 dagen geleden
  • That Morpheus vs neo comparison was spot on🎯

    DukeDuke2 dagen geleden
  • S/o to Vettori for acknowledging that he underestimated Izzy on the first fight. This next one will be good.

    ZM PunkZM Punk2 dagen geleden
  • The respect silva and adesanya have for each other is next level

    gian pironagian pirona2 dagen geleden
  • 7:11 nah thats Rock Lee vs Gaara

    Noushauga _Noushauga _2 dagen geleden
  • If y'all see where he come from y'all would definitely see why he is the way he is

    T JT J2 dagen geleden
  • and then Blachowicz came in.

    Tazio25Tazio252 dagen geleden
  • That Italian guy perfectly shows what a overconfident Roman soldier ...

    IllusionxIllusionx2 dagen geleden
  • 7:14 nah this was Gara VS Rock Lee

    D HarrisD Harris2 dagen geleden
  • morpheus vs neo

    Nyzl HansNyzl Hans2 dagen geleden
  • The only way for conventional fighters to beat this style of fighting is 1. to be tougher, and 2. to get your hands on the other fighter by any means necessary. That means you have to be willing to eat shots while you're chasing. That also means you have to be able to beat his ass within the first few times you do that or he's going to wear you out.

    Mike DMike D2 dagen geleden
  • I like how he says morpheus vs neo

    astro boiiiastro boiii2 dagen geleden
  • what is the song in the first 21 seconds?

    Only BlizOnly Bliz2 dagen geleden
  • 👎

    Ernest (King) Guerra JrErnest (King) Guerra Jr2 dagen geleden
  • I just want to see Israel know the f out of jake Paul

    Money MoneyMoney Money3 dagen geleden
  • I don't agree that the Gastelum fight was close. Numbers were similar but levels of destruction were not close.

    Walter RWalter R3 dagen geleden
  • *You are skinny bro 🤡*

    Dimitris zeloDimitris zelo3 dagen geleden
  • Israel is that man

    MclovinMclovin3 dagen geleden
  • You excuse u make excuse hahahahaha

    Josh MacIntyreJosh MacIntyre3 dagen geleden
  • hes the best fighter ive ever seen

    38Tay38Tay3 dagen geleden
  • Anime protagonist story line is always like this.

    Fahim IzzuddinFahim Izzuddin3 dagen geleden
  • Great fighter, but what’s the intro song?

    c a i u sc a i u s3 dagen geleden
  • He hasnt even unlocked his final form

    Hamster NinjaHamster Ninja3 dagen geleden
  • I like Adesanya but the Cuban beat him. Still Adesanya is a great champ.

    QueenSahara IceQueenSahara Ice3 dagen geleden
  • He's living a tournament arc and he's the MC 😂😂😂😂

    Car'a'CarnCar'a'Carn4 dagen geleden
    • "he hasn't even unlocked his final form yet"

      Hamster NinjaHamster Ninja3 dagen geleden
  • Pay to see Conor? Guess will pay to see him tap. That hype train has lost its steam.

    Mike RostineMike Rostine4 dagen geleden
  • They tried and say he has speed and great skill...after they got leg slapped on the face😂😂😂

    Kishe TamaraKishe Tamara4 dagen geleden
  • More like Israel after Jan 😂

    servo1991servo19914 dagen geleden
  • He’s right. There are levels to this and he wasn’t on your level. He was way above your level. 🤡

    K BobK Bob4 dagen geleden
  • Amazing the difference between a natural physique and an "unnatural" physique Looks like a different weight class

    kingsrd1kingsrd14 dagen geleden
  • The cringe!

    t1mberrt1mberr4 dagen geleden
  • I like how people were mad at Israel for fighting how he’s always fought. But in reality Romero’s always been the rusher but chose not to advance in that fight...

    samuel robertssamuel roberts4 dagen geleden
    • Because many people don't like Adesanya. As much a she has a lot of fans he's got an equal amount of haters.

      Nsikak OkonNsikak Okon2 dagen geleden
  • How have I only just found your mail channel

    Tobin RhodesTobin Rhodes4 dagen geleden
  • Tick Tock Time is running out

    countingcounting4 dagen geleden
  • what happened before the fight?

    PyroUnknownPyroUnknown4 dagen geleden
  • "Something happened before the fight" LMFAO what a sore loser

    LoukesLoukes4 dagen geleden
  • Izzy is the main caracheter

    Uzi DaGoatUzi DaGoat5 dagen geleden
  • I wi make hhe cryyyy......

    Ro WilliamsRo Williams5 dagen geleden
  • It’s so funny when people who can’t speak fluent English tries to speak or trash talk😂😂😂

    SloothmanSloothman5 dagen geleden
  • Dont mess an otaku

    Sinigang gaming OfficialSinigang gaming Official5 dagen geleden
  • Looks like Freddy Kreuger *hE ThInkS he HaS Me FiguReD oUT*

    D GD G5 dagen geleden
  • background song name 1:20

  • 11:58 is definitely one of my favorite knockouts of his

    Insert NameInsert Name5 dagen geleden
  • He’s a jerk he punch like a 10 years old girl and he run every time !!! Against Kelvin the judges give him the fight but he’s be explodes 5 rounds !!! Against Romero that’s the same !!! UFC are cheaters that’s a fact !!! This guy he’s a piece of sh.. !!!

    Vador et Rex Ct7567Vador et Rex Ct75675 dagen geleden
  • Lol Izzy fckd up that vetorri dude..... That nyikka been stuttering ND shit.. Unless that's how he always been...

    griffith Stifler 50griffith Stifler 506 dagen geleden
  • Tell Jan Błachowicz to come down to 185 n try that wrestling

    SupaFanOf SBGSupaFanOf SBG6 dagen geleden
  • Whittaker was the same before and after big class

    Reak BonezReak Bonez6 dagen geleden
  • He is good but the trash talk

    EducatedWolf_ツyt YeeetEducatedWolf_ツyt Yeeet6 dagen geleden
  • Still a live the silva style and more accurate

    kj channelkj channel6 dagen geleden
  • All enemies are like "ah i wasnt really rdy , smth happend before the fight , i was not in the mood to win " xD

    UDontKnowM3UDontKnowM36 dagen geleden
  • 9:57 thats disgusting

    Joshua FurlongJoshua Furlong6 dagen geleden
  • why tf people still trash talk after loose tha match ..hahaha dumb

    Mohammad RxbiMohammad Rxbi6 dagen geleden
  • Video. A+

    SOPEPOSSOPEPOS6 dagen geleden
  • Khabib already take him down

    apan zapan z6 dagen geleden
  • Outstandingly good video. Really doing him justice

    Papa JohnPapa John6 dagen geleden
  • Its funny like every fighter after they lost they all say i made a mistake no shiiit thats what the game is about you make a mistake and you get KO Adesanaya is the best

    Benny BennyBenny Benny6 dagen geleden
  • blazkovich enter the chat .... isreal adsenya has left the chat

    Jack AinsworthJack Ainsworth6 dagen geleden
  • They need to make a Netflix movie about him 🚨

    Joseph NietoJoseph Nieto7 dagen geleden
  • "Before and after fightin Jan Błachowicz"

    caos onecaos one7 dagen geleden
  • funny how these small chunky beefclaps talk shit like "hes running and dodging fight like a man!!!!!" ofc he doesn't take situation where his opponent is at the advantage, if you're countered by evasiveness then that on you xd actual donkey brains

    RAARAA7 dagen geleden
  • Im disappointed he called Rock lee vs Gara Morpheus vs Neo

    Coding With UnityCoding With Unity7 dagen geleden
    • Yeah i got so mad

      gojigoji4 dagen geleden
  • Just hate those bitter losers

    Lorcan SamonteLorcan Samonte7 dagen geleden