Bebe Rexha - Sacrifice [Official Music Video]

4 mrt. 2021
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Director: Christian Breslauer
Producer: Mike Breslauer
Production Company: Yella Inc.
Imma need those eyes focusin on me
Middle of the night, I’m the only star you’ll see
Imma need those hands runnin over me
Cause I ain’t that type, to let you go easy
So say goodbye to every other girl in the night behind you
Now you’re mine, tell me what you’re willing to sacrifice, ooh
Sacrifice, when it comes to me don’t want no compromise
This should be the only body on your mind
When it comes to me, I’m down for life
So tell me what you’ll sacrifice
Tell me what you’ll sacrifice
Tell me what you’ll sacrifice
I wanna be the air everytime you breathe
Runnin through your veins and the spaces in between
I wanna feel your heart every time it bleeds
Livin in your brain, there’s only room for me
So say goodbye to every other girl in the night behind you
Now you’re mine, tell me what you’re willing to sacrifice, ooh
Sacrifice, when it comes to me don’t want no compromise
This should be the only body on your mind
When it comes to me, I’m down for life
So tell me what you’ll sacrifice
Tell me what you’ll sacrifice
Tell me what you’ll sacrifice
Sacrifice your body to the rhythm of mine, to the rhythm to the rhythm of mine
Sacrifice your body to the rhythm of mine, to the rhythm to the rhythm of mine
Sacrifice your body to the rhythm of mine, to the rhythm to the rhythm of mine
Sacrifice your body to the rhythm of mine, to the rhythm to the rhythm of mine
So tell me what you’ll sacrifice

#BebeRexha #Sacrifice
Bebe Rexha - Sacrifice [Official Music Video]

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  • Bebe Rexha just made vampires so much cooler

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    • This video was uploaded in. 2021 🤦🏼‍♂️

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  • Hi guys came here to ask help for bebe rexha stans to help the d crunch comeback , they are from a small company so the promotions went very bad ;-; I am sorry for doing this but we need help from another fandom... I also asked them to watch bebe mvs :D let’s help eachothers I know it’s a kpop group and most of all don’t like it but please just leave I like button... Also please don’t come w racist comments bcs bebe already composed a kpop song called “Lucifer” from shinee

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