Beauty Battle ft. Kim Kardashian & MakeupByMario

14 dec. 2018
20 957 524 Weergaven

HI SISTERS! For the first time ever, we're doing a Beauty Battle, but I'm not in the middle. I challenged Mario Dedivanovic, celebrity makeup artist, to a battle on Kim Kardashian's face. Can I compete against the artist that has done her face every day for the past 10 years? Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
WRITER: Eros Gomez
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • I'd use James's side, but probable ask Mario to do the eyeliner if I were going to a show, but if not I'd use Mario's

    Luíza MonizLuíza Moniz23 uur geleden
  • Mario side looks more dark. It is a look a night out make up. James side Kim looks younger and her eye looks lighter. Makeup for all-day.

    Kristina NikolaidouKristina NikolaidouDag geleden
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    Carroll BolenbaughCarroll BolenbaughDag geleden
  • Mario won

    Anna JAnna JDag geleden
  • James hunny!!!

    evie carrilloevie carrilloDag geleden
  • I feel as if both are equal because I think james went for more of a glam look and Mario went for a matte look.

    Kassidy HofstetterKassidy HofstetterDag geleden
  • I feel like if I like the makeup it depends a lot on the face of the client so for Kim’s face I think Mario but for other faces u

    The official FFF channel for allThe official FFF channel for all2 dagen geleden

    Mithra RamanMithra Raman2 dagen geleden
  • Also, why does James sound like he's on speed when doing his outro? 😂😂🥴 Slow down, sis.

    KristenKristen2 dagen geleden
  • Mario's side looks so much better. James' side makes her eye look droopy, imo lol. Mario's eye looks nice and lifted. Still better than anything I could do, but still prefer Mario. :)

    KristenKristen2 dagen geleden
  • Definitely Mario wins.

    L SL S2 dagen geleden
  • Kim: North loves to watch your videos Also Kim: Maybe I’ll give it to her for Xmas

    Grwe :DGrwe :D2 dagen geleden
  • Me: Ooo Kums rlly short in real life Also Me: Realising she’s sitting down 😂😑😳🥴🤷‍♀️ Sorry James but I think Marios side was my winner!

    Clemmie0920Clemmie09202 dagen geleden
  • Love you both but I agree with previous comments. Mario's technique gives Kim's face a natural face lift.

    Rosie lovesmusicRosie lovesmusic3 dagen geleden
  • Who tf names their kids north and chicago lol.

    Magaly HererraMagaly Hererra3 dagen geleden
    • Who tf names their kids Magaly.

      MacdonaldMacdonald3 dagen geleden
  • James side. Is better it’s more like bold Mario’s is also pretty good but I think if I had to choose James

    Brianna ShackleyBrianna Shackley4 dagen geleden
  • hi james im 10 and i loveyour vids and this christmas i want your merch so maby can you makeyour sizes a bit smaller

    Jessica Joy BucioacaJessica Joy Bucioaca4 dagen geleden
  • I prefer James more in my opinion 🥰

    Alexandra DalainaAlexandra Dalaina4 dagen geleden
  • mario won for sure. sorry james love you still haha

    Jada LeachJada Leach4 dagen geleden
  • me seeing mario and outta nowhere pirates of the carribean music pops up

    Sai Plays RobloxSai Plays Roblox4 dagen geleden
  • i fell like marios was nore natural then james had glam

    Aubs With The VlogsAubs With The Vlogs4 dagen geleden
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    Michele ThompsonMichele Thompson4 dagen geleden
  • No doubt about James winning

    Bree BenkleyBree Benkley5 dagen geleden
  • Mario´s eyes and jame´s skin = perfect look

    lis ramos smithlis ramos smith5 dagen geleden
  • I think James one👇🏻

    Lufa SpongeLufa Sponge5 dagen geleden
  • mario because it is more natural and olden day

    Kelby TomlinsonKelby Tomlinson6 dagen geleden
  • I like James but both are so good❤

    FurTea•FurTea•6 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    KidsCartoon TvKidsCartoon Tv6 dagen geleden
  • Why does Mario remind me of Captain Jack Sparrow aka Johnny depp

    Malky RussMalky Russ6 dagen geleden
  • like James look more than Marios

    Tara StojanovicTara Stojanovic7 dagen geleden
  • Mario's make up was so cute, but I think I prefer James' make up.

    Scarlett StevensScarlett Stevens7 dagen geleden
  • Wow you should so one WITH (DRUM ROLL PLS) ZENDAYA COLEMAN

  • Mario

    MeeMo AMeeMo A7 dagen geleden
  • james won 100%

    Mianie NiarimMianie Niarim7 dagen geleden
  • I like your side james

    Morgan GaddisMorgan Gaddis7 dagen geleden
  • James make up is a way better

    _遥_遥7 dagen geleden
  • james won

    Nahiem DavisNahiem Davis8 dagen geleden
  • Who’s here in 2022

    EmmaEmma8 dagen geleden
  • WE learn something every day and today we now know that Kim is obsessed with the 90s XD!

    Alyssa FarrantAlyssa Farrant8 dagen geleden
  • I feel like James being around professionals such as Mario made him the make up artist he is today

    Hi IdkHi Idk8 dagen geleden
  • Tbh I can't choose- I like Mario's face makeup better. But I like James eye makeup better- sooo-

    Taylon WhitmireTaylon Whitmire8 dagen geleden
  • James love your looks yours was the best my daughter loves you so much she 10 xx

    Shelly MoemkenShelly Moemken8 dagen geleden
  • i started wearing makeup at 10

    Jessica MaceJessica Mace8 dagen geleden
  • I love them both Mario seems more like a day look and James is a gr8 look for night

    Tom DunbarTom Dunbar9 dagen geleden
  • I loved James side! I like that nature and shiny side looks amazing. I think Mario should get a vacation and let Jamesget his back in the makeup job.

    Laury Enid Rivera OlmoLaury Enid Rivera Olmo9 dagen geleden
  • Both are great but Mario definitely created that “familiar” look for Kim. It looks so natural that it doesn’t even look like she is wearing makeup!

    Katie RobertsonKatie Robertson9 dagen geleden
  • You could divide it top to bottom instead of left and right =)

    Becky and Scott StarkBecky and Scott Stark9 dagen geleden
  • We need to get North on James Charles and give him a rainbow makeup look !!!

    Xx Pineapple Playz xXXx Pineapple Playz xX11 dagen geleden
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    victoria !!!!!victoria !!!!!11 dagen geleden
  • I liked James's Side!!

  • Both are great artists. Makeup is fun. I wish was better at it. I would love to be glammed up everyday

    Megan GrasMegan Gras12 dagen geleden
  • Kim looks amazing!! ** James is 💯💯Savannah Chrisleys Brother from a different Mother!! He talks way faster than Savannah..but sounds just like HER!! Omg💜💜

    Leigh MacyLeigh Macy12 dagen geleden
  • Omg!! It took me about 6 minutes to figure out who ( James ) sounds like!!!!!! SAVANNAH CHRISLEY!! Love James💜

    Leigh MacyLeigh Macy12 dagen geleden
  • Kim is already beautiful even if u messed up with ur makeup....

    Diana WardoyoDiana Wardoyo13 dagen geleden
  • Mario seriously looking good, his so handsome

    Diana WardoyoDiana Wardoyo13 dagen geleden
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    Isabella TorezIsabella Torez13 dagen geleden
  • I don’t like it , l love it

    Kapil SoormaKapil Soorma14 dagen geleden
  • Jamesc Side

    Yarushka NaransammyYarushka Naransammy16 dagen geleden
  • I don't know why people think Kim is so bad she seems really nice and cool I don't think that there thought of her is accurate because she seems really nice and cool

    Rheaya ThompsonRheaya Thompson16 dagen geleden
  • Now I see why Mario is her make-up artist ❤😍

    Indre MarshallIndre Marshall17 dagen geleden
  • james highlighter looks bomb

    Shoshi & ArshiShoshi & Arshi17 dagen geleden
  • Omg Kim is sooo pretty

    Alsson ButrisAlsson Butris17 dagen geleden
  • queria ta feliz do mesmo jeito q o james deve ter ficado quando a kim aceitou essa colab

    Igor GonçalvesIgor Gonçalves18 dagen geleden
  • I like James side more

    Joanie KrielJoanie Kriel18 dagen geleden
  • montenegrooo lets go , ps i am from serbia - mario is from montenegro

    Ana RadivojevićAna Radivojević19 dagen geleden
  • Mario hands down he is so talented. The way her eye looks is just amazing I have no more words. I would kill to have him do my makeup just once.

    Taryn CurranTaryn Curran19 dagen geleden
  • James Amazing job!!💗

    AndreAngel Jewelry USAAndreAngel Jewelry USA19 dagen geleden
  • Loved Mario’s side, but James was really beautiful as well. I type, as I can’t even blend eyeshadow to save my life. 😭

    ms. tadulalams. tadulala20 dagen geleden

  • James for sore

    Natalie HoustonNatalie Houston21 dag geleden
  • James

    Natalie HoustonNatalie Houston21 dag geleden
  • *my diamond earring ;((*

    i d i o ti d i o t21 dag geleden
  • What a bunch of shallow freaks... they know how to brainwash the impressionable young though.

    kath davidkath david21 dag geleden
  • kim is such a skinny legend urgh

    N.T .L.V.RN.T .L.V.R21 dag geleden
  • Marino’s look was softer hi light and more natural while James’ had a bit more glam and shiny

    Madhu babuMadhu babu21 dag geleden
  • 6:58💀

    Daniel JohnDaniel John22 dagen geleden
  • Mario’s side is way better

    WATGUDSISYT _WATGUDSISYT _22 dagen geleden
  • Both sides are great but Mario's side is bomd.

    Chuy's PlaceChuy's Place22 dagen geleden
  • James won :)

    Chanel McKenzieChanel McKenzie22 dagen geleden
  • Mario side looks nicer

    Syahidah AbidinSyahidah Abidin23 dagen geleden
  • Mariooooo

    Victor PazVictor Paz23 dagen geleden
  • Kim and mario looking like dam he has a long outro everytime he about to end it he adds something else that was funny

    Jazzy GirlJazzy Girl23 dagen geleden
  • Mario and Kim at the end are like dang is he even breathing 💀💀💀

    Mrs LopezMrs Lopez24 dagen geleden
  • I’m sorry but James’ jaw contour is a bit... harsh and not doing much

    Lexi BowerLexi Bower25 dagen geleden
  • i feel like Mario is bragging about being Kim's make up artist for serval years.

    Maisie StevensMaisie Stevens25 dagen geleden
  • James did amazing and Mario too but I go with JAMES

    Kera PereiraKera Pereira25 dagen geleden
  • I am hooked

    Marcia SmithMarcia Smith25 dagen geleden
  • James Charles so funny. He wasn’t even born in the 90’s lolol

    Christy HoffmannChristy Hoffmann25 dagen geleden
  • Mario

    Berta Sant'AnnaBerta Sant'Anna26 dagen geleden
  • The oops of Mario 😂

    Archton PaulArchton Paul26 dagen geleden
  • She’s beautiful without makeup!!

    Inês PereiraInês Pereira27 dagen geleden
  • north watching this

    MaeMae27 dagen geleden

    Isabella AranivaIsabella Araniva27 dagen geleden
  • James side is the best

    Lakshi WalisundaraLakshi Walisundara28 dagen geleden
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    pioneer parkpioneer park28 dagen geleden
  • James side is more lit she look like a real life doll wheb she turn her face on james's side.

    Jun the last 1Jun the last 128 dagen geleden
  • James you want us to make a discussion about the makeup challenge OK then you should know that you have won

    Folajomi OwolabiFolajomi Owolabi28 dagen geleden
  • mario is doing stunning...its really 90's make up look and it really lifted up the wing is bomb!... mario wins!

    Lhet OrbitaLhet Orbita29 dagen geleden
  • Mario

    Amel Ait AhceneAmel Ait AhceneMaand geleden
  • James you did amazing makeup on Kim Kardashian face I loved your Side

    Folajomi OwolabiFolajomi OwolabiMaand geleden