Barcelona vs. Real Valladolid recap: 'CRITICAL' 3 points for Lionel Messi and company | ESPN FC

5 apr. 2021
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ESPN FC's Julien Laurens and Alejandro Moreno share their thoughts on Barcelona's 1-0 win over Real Valladolid pulling within one point of league leaders Atletico Madrid. Laurens says despite Lionel Messi's bad day at the office, Barca was able to find a way to win. Moreno points out how important the three points is for Barcelona, and outlines what Atletico Madrid's locker room must be like with their first-place lead gone.
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  • Ale talking cap about dembele as usual Suddenly forgets he's been good in recent matches.

    Tobechukwu IkehTobechukwu Ikeh10 dagen geleden
  • Messi and De jong were conservative in the game they will turn up in the Classico

    Nathan GittensNathan Gittens10 dagen geleden
  • Lol ESPN favouring Barca now wow 😂

    Nathan GittensNathan Gittens10 dagen geleden
  • LIONEL MESSI Is The All Time Greatest Footballer

    Àjij SardarÀjij Sardar11 dagen geleden
  • LIONEL MESSI Will Win The La Liga, Fifa Club World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Copa De Rey, Supercopa De España, FIFA World Cup, Copa America, Olympic Gold Madel, Ballon D'or, FIFA Men's Best Player, European Golden Shos, UEFA Best Player And More

    Àjij SardarÀjij Sardar11 dagen geleden
  • It is not Camp Now!

    Manos TzanakakisManos Tzanakakis11 dagen geleden
  • Messi was managing his effort thinking about the classico.

    Yasine AdalalYasine Adalal11 dagen geleden
  • Barca fanboys in the comments celebrating like they have already won the title. Calm down there is a team called Real Madrid you have to play on saturday.

    Dayim ShahDayim Shah11 dagen geleden
  • 1:36 what are goals allowed?

    goya brinkmangoya brinkman11 dagen geleden
  • Most of time what ale says doesn’t make any sense😂😂😂😂😂

    Jaskaran SinghJaskaran Singh11 dagen geleden
  • Uefalona is back 🥰😝

    FirstName LastNameFirstName LastName12 dagen geleden
  • welp bai bai Atleti (I hope) cuz recently during training, Luis Suarez got a muscular injury

    Maddie VillatoroMaddie Villatoro12 dagen geleden
  • sevilla wins title

    javier book shadows contributor dujavier book shadows contributor du12 dagen geleden
  • This is how many times @Ade to VAR copy+pasted the same comment in his moms basement 👇

    Nicholas RosadoNicholas Rosado12 dagen geleden
  • Barca winning La Liga. It’s just obvious at this point

    Esdras AguilarEsdras Aguilar12 dagen geleden
  • If barca win vs real the title is over

    Tony STony S12 dagen geleden
  • Frenkie de Jong started as CB, then second half he played amf, later in the last ten minutes he played as winger. Also it was his cross that lead to the goal.

    AaquibAaquib12 dagen geleden
  • You gotta remember they played at home this wasn’t good for Barca

    Onit UastumOnit Uastum12 dagen geleden
  • We need hall and seek counting on griz get van der beek and de lijt and but haalland

    Onit UastumOnit Uastum12 dagen geleden
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    Steve Maweu Jr.Steve Maweu Jr.12 dagen geleden
  • 0:26 Hmmmmmuuuuu. Is it me or anyone else ?

    Drogon FlyDrogon Fly12 dagen geleden
  • Big up oblock from early

    Maneboy1102Maneboy110212 dagen geleden
  • Yo if Barcelona beats Madrid. It's over. Barcelona is winning the freaking league.

    Levine AkampaLevine Akampa12 dagen geleden
  • Ale Moreno looks sad!

    Huzaifa AhmedHuzaifa Ahmed12 dagen geleden
  • Great Barcellona and messi too Waiting for you in my NLworld Chanel football for ever every Monday and Friday from 18 00 news champions Europa league and serie A

    Steve CocoSteve Coco12 dagen geleden
  • Words can't describe how disappointed I am in Simone.... My heart aches, had to stop watching since the first leg with Chelsea. Signs were there, that he would let that lead go.

    B. BelmontB. Belmont12 dagen geleden
  • Messi never speak about himself .He is so humble . Every time he score a goal . he lift his both hand and thank God for his gift . This is amazing to see. He share his money to needy what a wonderful goods works

    Ashish MudooAshish Mudoo12 dagen geleden
  • This channel may as well be called Messi and Barcelona fanclub

    Fede WesleyFede Wesley12 dagen geleden
  • This bald dude was so confident that Atletico Madrid was winning laliga. After their defeat, his tone just drastically changed, even if they still at the top. 😃

    Tshegofatso MorakeTshegofatso Morake12 dagen geleden
  • Can't even qualify for champions league

    simon scowledsimon scowled12 dagen geleden
  • The referee made the win possible, not Dembele or Puig. Clear handball not given and then a harsh red card giving Barca the win. Right before the Red, Trincao didn't even get a yellow for pushing the player on the counter. Just a horrible/biased Ref....

    Saemas JopouskiSaemas Jopouski13 dagen geleden
  • Ale always has the best stories up his sleeves 🤣

    Papa YawPapa Yaw13 dagen geleden
  • It was chaos at Barcelona... Messi lost his motivation and wanted to leave. Bartomeu was doing bad. Barca also has this financial crisis. To get this done is really mind blowing. Huge respect for Koeman.

    NachtmuisNachtmuis13 dagen geleden
  • What a robbery of a game. The refs always benefit the big teams in La Liga & its disgraceful.

    sstteevveenn77sstteevveenn7713 dagen geleden
  • Real will make it 35 times. Watch this!

    Edwin BowahEdwin Bowah13 dagen geleden
  • Can you stop hating on dembele

    m9j ksjdjfufm9j ksjdjfuf13 dagen geleden
  • no one: this comment section: keyboard warriors

    Liam DamsterLiam Damster13 dagen geleden
  • Remember when people thought Barca wasn't gonna make the top 4

    Alyssa LuceroAlyssa Lucero13 dagen geleden
  • barca dogs = espn

    Prakash JhaPrakash Jha13 dagen geleden
    • What are barca dogs?

      Ignored LadIgnored Lad12 dagen geleden
  • forca barca

    vamshi Krishnavamshi Krishna13 dagen geleden
  • i dont think you pundits actually watched the game posession was 66% 34%

    Daniel MusyokiDaniel Musyoki13 dagen geleden
  • As long as Diego simeone is in atletico, they will not win the league, it’s time for a change

    GeoGeo13 dagen geleden
  • VAR was MOTM

    Christopher Goncalves MeloChristopher Goncalves Melo13 dagen geleden
  • Still remember ESPN FC crew discussing whether Barca will make UCL next season...😂😂

    Arjun MArjun M13 dagen geleden
  • Great teams find ways to win

    Aaron AdamsAaron Adams13 dagen geleden
  • I always get the feeling Alex doesn't like Ousmane. He never seems to praise Dembele when he plays well. Dembele was rated 7.7/10 by Sofascore, the best player on the pitch and Alex is like "Dembele had a frustrating night, he hasn't played well". What a clown😂🤡

    Diego DietdricksDiego Dietdricks13 dagen geleden
  • And Dembele still doesnt get the credit he deserves, that 2nd half was all cause of him, he was pressuring defending, causing 4 free kicks, & even caused a red card for them, was attcaking like crazy, & didnt stop until he scored. Yet they still gotta say messi won that match smh..

    Fresh SodaaFresh Sodaa13 dagen geleden
  • Messi and Dejong were playing with caution.Because if they got only yellow they were not allowed to play against Real Madrid on coming’s a playing tactical

    Adam AngarAdam Angar13 dagen geleden
  • The man of the match but people saying he ghosted

    Mark WhyteMark Whyte13 dagen geleden
  • No one is giving Koeman the credit he deserves. .

    BEV BEVBEVBEV BEVBEV13 dagen geleden
  • I can't believe this clowns actually predicted Barca wasn't gonna make top four😂

    Godwin ChuksGodwin Chuks13 dagen geleden
  • i dont care about dembele scoring and winning laliga,i as a barca fan want halland by selling dembele. if not halland bring neymar and sell dembele because he is too inconsistent and bottles on huge occasion.

    DOLPHINDOLPHIN13 dagen geleden
    • Look at this dude

      SellDembeleTo ManUtdKoemanCantCoachSellDembeleTo ManUtdKoemanCantCoach13 dagen geleden
  • what a tight season this has gotten!! Personally i think whoever wins from the Classico will win La Liga. Atletico has lost so much momentum, i think they will be 3rd favorites

    FrankFrank13 dagen geleden
  • Ousmane Dembele scored in the 90th minute to lift Barcelona to a 1-0 victory against a valiant Real Valladolid side on Monday night at the Camp Nou.

    Barcelona PowerBarcelona Power13 dagen geleden
  • Barcelona should continue like this more often IF they wanna overthrow Athletico Madrid.

    Segvan RashidSegvan Rashid13 dagen geleden
  • Everyone is forgetting about real Madrid Real Madrid is going to win laliga

    Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo13 dagen geleden
  • Remember guys atletico and barca are going to work hard but in the end its real Madrid who is going to win laliga title

    Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo13 dagen geleden
  • If somehow Madrid manages to win El classico then the title race will be insane 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 Just think about it.

    Parth SharmaParth Sharma13 dagen geleden
  • Poor Valladolid got robbed of a victory clear penalty with hand extended not given and unfair red card! Referees just love barcelona!

    ArsenArsen13 dagen geleden
  • Pretty sure messi was told to play low-key he didn't pressure much so that he won't get booked at any cost.

    HB initialsHB initials13 dagen geleden
  • Why’s messi in the title

    Archie SimpsonArchie Simpson13 dagen geleden
  • Messi standard are so ridiculous that when once in a season he is below average we think messi has a poor season...... Messi just needs an average game to beat any team on planet that is how good this legend and goat has been.

    shivansh uniyalshivansh uniyal13 dagen geleden
    • Dam you on almost 40 comments on this channel that's crazy 😂😂

      Edwison GogoEdwison Gogo13 dagen geleden
  • Massive win? You mean massive robbery! 1. valladolid was cheated off a penalty, 2. Valladolid shouldn't have had a red card, 3. Alaba commits foul 10 sec before the goal. What is VAR for exactly?

    Michael PinholtMichael Pinholt13 dagen geleden
    • What Spanish team do you support bro?

      Edwison GogoEdwison Gogo13 dagen geleden
  • Saturdays classico will decide the title this year, but still barcelona have to play against atletico!

    Martin BrankovMartin Brankov13 dagen geleden
    • @Edwison Gogo 298 indeed but you got 1k+ 😂

      Мартин БранковМартин Бранков13 dagen geleden
    • @Martin Brankov nah you on 298 comments on this channel, click your PFP and see.

      Edwison GogoEdwison Gogo13 dagen geleden
    • @Edwison Gogo 304 already! Had no idea such statistics exists. Is there all time??

      Martin BrankovMartin Brankov13 dagen geleden
    • You 3 comments away from 300 In this channel alone, that's crazy 😂😂.

      Edwison GogoEdwison Gogo13 dagen geleden
  • The quizzical cry sadly open because december rapidly expand beside a obeisant throne. wiry, knowing xylophone

    Chris GeorgeChris George13 dagen geleden
  • Barely any mention of how valladolid was robbed

    Anwar Taher NumanAnwar Taher Numan13 dagen geleden
    • Yes they were robbed Now stop crying

      yeet boiyeet boi13 dagen geleden
  • Since Laportas friends are in charge of VAR things are going great for Barcelona.

    paco ramonpaco ramon13 dagen geleden
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      Samuel ImhanredonSamuel Imhanredon13 dagen geleden
  • Simeone should be sacked.

    paco ramonpaco ramon13 dagen geleden
  • No coments for huge help from ref in that game.

    Alan HajdukovicAlan Hajdukovic13 dagen geleden
  • They won. Stop complaining about messi.

    Sniper 11 N.D.Sniper 11 N.D.13 dagen geleden
  • I’m amazed Jules is talking about “it’s the game after the International break, everyone is tired...” today. Where were those same excuses for the epl teams he was critical of esp Utd?

    Dick DingwizaDick Dingwiza13 dagen geleden
    • To be fair, barca is notorious for being bad after the international break. Even in the guardiola days they would lose to some low team after the international break

      Ash KetchumAsh Ketchum13 dagen geleden
  • Messi ?? Did he play 😂😂

    MK SinghMK Singh13 dagen geleden
  • Happy days for ESPN

    jay parmarjay parmar13 dagen geleden
  • Happy days for ESPN

    jay parmarjay parmar13 dagen geleden
  • Don't let anyone distract you from the fact that the last title race in the "Most competitive league in the world " was two years ago.

    Sledge DogSledge Dog13 dagen geleden
    • i love la liga but i think everyone has to admit premier league is obviously the most competitive league in the world, even the bottom teams like leeds are so dangerous, you dont get that in other leagues

      LOLLOL13 dagen geleden
  • Just when you think it's all over then boom, Barça takes off in grand style.

    Caleb Kay YeboahCaleb Kay Yeboah13 dagen geleden
  • I don't think I have ever seen a man as disappointed as Moreno when he said Barcelona, athletico Madrid , Real Madrid. That sigh...thats the sigh of karma, Moreno.

    Smrutika PanigrahiSmrutika Panigrahi13 dagen geleden
  • Barcelona fans gangsta till real madrid smacks them in el clasico

    Maxx - FTSMaxx - FTS13 dagen geleden
    • 6-2 5-0 5-1 Lmao

      yeet boiyeet boi13 dagen geleden
  • Lol imagine sevilla does a late as f*** title charge Holy sh*t that would be a spectacle

    Shuma AtiqunnassaShuma Atiqunnassa13 dagen geleden
  • Do these guys watch Games ? Every Game is played with different kind of approach & you can't win every game with 3-0 Goals. You've to be in the game throughout 90+ minutes to win & any moment can be Decision moment . Messi , FDJ Were stayin low throughout as they were tryin to ignore cards & I don't really trust referees these days either . before VAR I'd still say a person can make mistake but with VAR , they're still same or even worse. Last year was Hoax of bad referee decisions in almost every single league . Juventus , Liverpool ,United , Real . All these teams were favoured & I'm sayin this after watching all those matches. There were different consequences for different teams.

    BeerLiciousBeerLicious13 dagen geleden
  • It really wasn’t a great performance but if you want to win the league you need to win these kind of games too.

    Perceptionist /Perceptionist /13 dagen geleden
  • barcelona is finished lmao said the trolls

    sonof amunsonof amun13 dagen geleden
  • That it's barca

    christensen myrthongchristensen myrthong13 dagen geleden
  • I laughed so hard when Dan asked Give me ur list of favorites ALE and he said BARCELONA 1st. Why have you changed your mind finally ALE 😁😁😁

    Mike EzuruonyeMike Ezuruonye13 dagen geleden
  • Credit to koeman who changed the tactics, went to a back 3 that suits these players. Great work coach should be applauded the most. From where they were few months ago when playing back 4 to where they are now with a back 3 is great work by the coach. He is key to this success coz if this was any other coach i don't think barca would have changed their style. What he did with netherlands and now with barca is just magnificent.

    Vipul SehgalVipul Sehgal13 dagen geleden
  • My guy Ale went from Atleti to Real, back to Atleti and to Real, back again to Atleti and now to Barca. Dude as a pundit keep up to your statement because you’re looking like a fool honestly.

    Owen MuscatOwen Muscat13 dagen geleden
  • With dembele's worst shooting abilities. you make him forward?. he is good as left winger. this formation is not good.

    Manoj KumarManoj Kumar13 dagen geleden
  • I'm here to say one thing for Madrid fans: Don't be shy, cry more 😂

    Abc XyzAbc Xyz13 dagen geleden
  • Bruh pedri needs to rest sheesh

    NeftalemNeftalem13 dagen geleden
  • Aely moron face.😂😂🙈

    সাধরণ জ্ঞান ও বিজ্ঞানসমগ্রসাধরণ জ্ঞান ও বিজ্ঞানসমগ্র13 dagen geleden
  • 🤣 Messi getting outshined by Ousmane Dembele.

    Shazad aliShazad ali13 dagen geleden
    • Lol you say that like that's been the case all season... The fact you're looking at one game as a chance to bash Messi shows how desperate you are.

      Gfresh844Gfresh84412 dagen geleden
    • True

      Emmanuel SackieEmmanuel Sackie13 dagen geleden
  • I know it's too early to say but I think Dembele scored a title winning goal last night.

    dhiraj rajudhiraj raju13 dagen geleden
  • There was a time. All of these espn clowns said barce won't qualify for the champions league

    Carlo Mikhail ReidCarlo Mikhail Reid13 dagen geleden
  • We've got Guardiola...... we've got Guardiola....

    SidSid13 dagen geleden
  • Madrid wi win el classico

    secular Indiasecular India13 dagen geleden
    • @Nigel 😂😂😂

      secular Indiasecular India13 dagen geleden
    • Barca wi win el classico

      NigelNigel13 dagen geleden
  • Barça1-0 clásico Barcelona is the best..💙❤️💪⭐🌍

    Hedyto MurilloHedyto Murillo13 dagen geleden
  • Dest is the best ..👌🇺🇲💪⭐🌍

    Hedyto MurilloHedyto Murillo13 dagen geleden
  • Messi ⭐🐬🌍 BARCELONA..💙❤️ is the best..👌🧭

    Hedyto MurilloHedyto Murillo13 dagen geleden
  • 🎖 Barcelona 🥈 Atletico Madrid 🥉 Real Madrid

    Barça BoyBarça Boy13 dagen geleden
    • 🥉Sevilla 💩Real Madrid

      Soul DhSSoul DhS13 dagen geleden
  • Apart from the formation, the rotation has been good too since we bounced back in the league, I hope it continues and in future we dont have to rely on some trash signing.

    Aayushmaan SharmaAayushmaan Sharma13 dagen geleden