21 feb. 2021
138 500 Weergaven

In today's video we were meant to be doing a catch up of everything that happened during the week. However as the day got on our bad luck just got worse. One of our cows had a twisted uterus and we had to call the vet again for the 2nd time in two days!
Will our luck change any time soon?
Just incase people didn't want to see the cow calving part, i put a chapter in so you can skip it :D
7:30-9:41 Cow calving (If you didn't want to see it)
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  • Do you use a ‘heifer bull’ for the first timers?

    glenn cookglenn cook10 uur geleden
  • ile masz krów?

    ursus 1234ursus 1234Dag geleden
  • Kan i lave noge flere af de videoer😍og kan i tale på et aned sprød🥰🥰🥰

    Signe CarlsenSigne CarlsenDag geleden
  • пипец,что за бред

    dima sokolovdima sokolov2 dagen geleden
  • what is the cake you feed cows if i heard right?

    sophie woodsophie wood2 dagen geleden
  • gość napieprza jak radiowy sprawozdawca sportowy /the guy talks like a sports reporter in radio

    aster453 Asteraster453 Aster3 dagen geleden
  • I love your cows at all but you need to give them cows a bath they are nasty now that nastiness is going in that milk nasty nasty

    Terri BonhamTerri Bonham5 dagen geleden
  • It should be on the list as if there was no farmers you wouldn’t get good beeth, meat, milk, etc

    Megan JossMegan Joss6 dagen geleden
  • Great catch Tom. You saved them both! Quick action, experienced man!YEAH!

    irene marie Belangerirene marie Belanger7 dagen geleden
  • Well, today I learned that cow obstetricians have forceps and they're absolutely huge.

    Nyota UhuraNyota Uhura7 dagen geleden
  • What we do with the antibiotic milk from the fresh calves cows is we give the milk to some of our calves and it has never had any affect on the calves

    Thompson BruceThompson Bruce7 dagen geleden
  • Thanks for the update with the environment agency. The Ginger Warrior is spot on tomorrow would be good but it will not happen like that. Tom we all go through bad spots with stock. We had it 3years a go with the beef cows. You will get there as Pemberton team care about your stock. Interesting video

    Wallace LoanWallace Loan7 dagen geleden
  • What a beautiful town!!!!

    tinawiesetinawiese7 dagen geleden
  • Love it! all the cow’s looked at the camera, as they stepped out of the foot bath 😂

    Mo GowellMo Gowell8 dagen geleden
  • I'm from Warwickshire

    Chantal-Rose BennettChantal-Rose Bennett8 dagen geleden
    • 10:10 in the video

      Chantal-Rose BennettChantal-Rose Bennett8 dagen geleden
  • those calf coats are so cute!

    oo8 dagen geleden
  • I think you and ginger warrior should get a haircut

    Empty pockets farm W/BJEmpty pockets farm W/BJ8 dagen geleden
  • Heidi & The GW!!

    esparkaesparka8 dagen geleden
  • Dear Tom, i am a vet from Pakistan, working on a dairy farm wants to know what procedure was adopted by vet to solve the twisted Uterus. Thanks

    ammar arshadammar arshad8 dagen geleden
  • Good Tuesday afternoon to you all from wellington Somerset

    David BoneDavid Bone8 dagen geleden
  • Red tape. Red. Tape government red tape

    John HattJohn Hatt8 dagen geleden
  • How much for the vet call out?

    TOM GREENETOM GREENE9 dagen geleden
  • Please could you tell me why you have tree branches hanging from the roofs of the cow sheds.

    Simon BancroftSimon Bancroft9 dagen geleden
    • @Simon Bancroft sorry. . .i commented without actually seeing the branches . . .

      Robert KustosRobert Kustos8 dagen geleden
    • @Robert Kustos But they are way higher than the cows could possibly reach

      Simon BancroftSimon Bancroft8 dagen geleden
    • Possibly scratchers or play things for the cows .

      Robert KustosRobert Kustos8 dagen geleden
  • Calving here at the moment, had 62 calve today

    The PontiffThe Pontiff9 dagen geleden
  • Tom I know this is a random question but when do you start lambing your sheep

    JohnDeere6630JohnDeere66309 dagen geleden
  • Hi Tom, I am Jessica from Texas. The Hoof gp sent me over.

    Jessica LowryJessica Lowry9 dagen geleden
  • Why do you put colour ed tape on cows tails tom

    Jayne PriceJayne Price9 dagen geleden
  • How short sighted of them. Farm land gets flooded, the cost of food goes up, which everyone pays for.

    Elizabeth M.Elizabeth M.9 dagen geleden
  • I love this most every cow looked at the camera...and then the brave one..

    Rhonda WoodRhonda Wood9 dagen geleden
  • Forceps is one thing but A WINCH

    Jean JacksonJean Jackson9 dagen geleden
    • @alistair clement so true I just feel sorry for the animal .it's a no win situation and the poor beast is unable to deliver without human intervention. From shellharbour NEW SOUTH WALES Australia

      Jean JacksonJean Jackson9 dagen geleden
    • You will NOT get a calf out with forceps.

      alistair clementalistair clement9 dagen geleden
  • the reason we are so slow when born is we have no preditors like animals. if we had animals trying to eat our new borns we would start running within hrs. it was like that in the first days of humans. as there was so much danger. i bet you would run if you was looking at the teeth of a fucking animal

    Ian BroadhurstIan Broadhurst9 dagen geleden
  • can i ask why you aways pull the calfs away from there mums?? like i feel sorry for the mums

    Star's Art studioStar's Art studio9 dagen geleden
  • good on ya Tom such a hard worker

    sapphire simeonsapphire simeon9 dagen geleden
  • That bull really screwed that cow good hope all is well cheerio mate

    Jon ZJon Z9 dagen geleden
  • Clearly you didn't really get any answers regarding your drainage concerns. I guess the only other option, would be for you to get the other farmers, being affected by this ditch and with land flooding issues, to work together, and look at possibly desilting the ditch and building up the height of the banks, to create greater capacity, and a faster flow rate. Albeit i guess this will only push the problems further up stream, or down stream?? It will have to come down ultimately to the financial costs .. the cost of you doing this work, and the cost of losing these fields to constant flooding, and the economic impact of the loss of grass and silage for your stock. Not an easy option, but is it fair to constantly burden farmers with these problems and associated costs??

    Geoff SlomanGeoff Sloman9 dagen geleden
  • I’m sorry to hear about farm land not bein on the list but glad to hear you were able to talk to somebody finally and got a bit of an answer from your government hope all goes well with the calf’s keep up the good work

    Travis WhitehillTravis Whitehill9 dagen geleden
  • Farm land not on the list?! That seems wrong. Good luck with the ladies!

    Kim ManningKim Manning9 dagen geleden
  • Well done Tom real deal farming 🚜

    Pat McnamaraPat Mcnamara9 dagen geleden
  • Kudos Tom for making the call to the vet at the right time! I’ve never seen that piece of equipment to pull a calf...and what a beautiful calf it was.

    Peg SchweizerPeg Schweizer9 dagen geleden
  • I’m hooked to your videos great content keep it up mate your smashing it ✔️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    MarcusMarcus10 dagen geleden
  • 💓Thanks for filming the things you can’t do without a vets help💓It’s great to see the problems farmers have needing a vets helping hand💓

    Sue ColladoSue Collado10 dagen geleden
  • might want to think about not keeping that bulls calves

    JaydenJayden10 dagen geleden
  • The babies are so cute ❤️

    Roni WernerRoni Werner10 dagen geleden
  • Brilliant video as always Tom great to see all your stock doing well ,it's time the environment agency got there fingers out of there butts doing a better job

    Les CrossLes Cross10 dagen geleden
  • Top job 👍

    TheMrbazookaTheMrbazooka10 dagen geleden
  • Great content in this video mate !

    Bills Country ChannelBills Country Channel10 dagen geleden
  • Starting to look like Benny from Crossroads these days Tom lol

    WestIsBestWestIsBest10 dagen geleden
  • Look at all those babies! so cute!!!

    evelyn vegaevelyn vega10 dagen geleden
  • Loved that cold waster over new calf method, never seen that before.

    MrGuvEuromanMrGuvEuroman10 dagen geleden
  • Well done to the vet for getting it out! Had a couple like that in my time, had to roll one cow while holding the calf still inside the cow!

    JM FarmingJM Farming10 dagen geleden
  • It was nice to see him rub the calf with straw

    Christian LundstromChristian Lundstrom10 dagen geleden
  • What a day you had!!! Glad all the animals got through it and are doing well. You are such a good farmer!

    Peggy Stentz CaseyPeggy Stentz Casey10 dagen geleden
  • Start a fund raising initiative and you subscribers will help you out. I will donate

    Christian LundstromChristian Lundstrom10 dagen geleden
  • You should keep #64 calf

    Blake BarfieldBlake Barfield10 dagen geleden
  • Don't wait for a permit. Just fix it and sue them for the cost of labor

    SkitchesSkitches10 dagen geleden
    • @alistair clement ok now I'm just imagining a militant cleanup crew out there super quiet at night with shovels and buckets improving the area without permission.

      SkitchesSkitches9 dagen geleden
    • Trouble is they then prosecute you for operating without a permit, it's bloody stupid.

      alistair clementalistair clement9 dagen geleden
  • Keep us updated on Lou. I have a special feeling for her due to her namesake.

    John HartleyJohn Hartley10 dagen geleden
  • Tom what song tun is playing on some of your videos, to be free

    Clive HonorClive Honor10 dagen geleden
  • Good Lord, you certainly have your hands full!

    Mary VallasMary Vallas10 dagen geleden
  • I’m so excited for these Sunday videos!!! It’s great to see those calves getting up and playing already! I agree with you Tom, farming doesn’t get much better than that! So glad everyone is fine! Much love to all of you! Kristin from Oklahoma, USA 💗💗💗

    Kristin ReynoldsKristin Reynolds10 dagen geleden
  • Wow Tom, you have your hands full. Good vet backup staffing. Good luck w/ flooding control. 🐄🐂😷👍

    Randolph ButlerRandolph Butler10 dagen geleden
  • How can you blame the bull for a twisted uterus??? Also, shouldn't you expect to get beefier calves when you breed to a beef bull? (Wonders if there is something neurologically wrong with Clem...)

    karin cartwrightkarin cartwright10 dagen geleden
  • Why oh why are farmers not given the same respect that home owners are given. More than ever we should be supporting our farmers especially helping to make their land as productive as possible. What's wrong with our government has it not sunk in yet that bexit is a done deal and we need to be more self sufficient as an island. Keep up the awesome work Tom and the team. 👍🧡💚👍

    Pippa KayPippa Kay10 dagen geleden
  • bad luck??? you have a live calf and mom is doing fine, you have an awesome vet who can come within an hour, sounds like good luck to me!!! Love these videos, thanks for sharing

    Cora ClementsCora Clements10 dagen geleden
  • I have a question for you Tom. Do cows have problems with selenium deficiency? I know’s and kids have problems at times and they recommend the selenium dosing at birth what about cows?

    Betpat PattenBetpat Patten10 dagen geleden
  • Great that you were able to spot the trouble so quickly, I’m sure it saved the lives of the mother and calf. There’s no bad luck around you, it’s just one of those things. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Open2OpenUTOpen2OpenUT10 dagen geleden
  • I am glad they don't deliver Human babies that way the very thought of it brought a tear to my eyes

    Jean JacksonJean Jackson10 dagen geleden
    • They do use forceps though, on the babies head I believe.

      alistair clementalistair clement9 dagen geleden
  • Has to do with the bull.

    Tammy BakerTammy Baker10 dagen geleden
  • Bad luck comes in three. Then everything else goes smoothly.

    Tammy BakerTammy Baker10 dagen geleden
  • Almost every video they drive on the wrong side of the road, so dangerous!

    Kapono5150Kapono515010 dagen geleden
  • Such a cute looking Calf.

    ginggur17ginggur1710 dagen geleden
  • Tom you got good eye on those cows when they are due to calf

    Angie k HainesAngie k Haines10 dagen geleden
  • Impressive photography for the birth of that beautiful calf.

    Laurie TsitsivasLaurie Tsitsivas10 dagen geleden
  • get rid of the washing machine in the calving area.

    L CL C10 dagen geleden
  • Would they let you dig a water retention pond nearby to catch overflow and keep the rest of the field dry?

    Penny ForemanPenny Foreman10 dagen geleden
  • Sounds like the bureaucracy theres is a complete cluster (naughty word). Farmers should get more respect.

    Penny ForemanPenny Foreman10 dagen geleden
  • This is super interesting and important. Love it!

    Laurie TsitsivasLaurie Tsitsivas10 dagen geleden
  • In all the years I’ve never had that happen to me Tom but we don’t ever use straws think it’s a waste of time and money unless you know all the ins and out of previous farms that have used from same bull it can become more expensive due to issues with calving but yet again you take the risk no matter what you do also what do you do with your dairy bulls and have you got any highland hoodies in yet checked 3 days ago and it was saying out of stock cheers mate all the best

    Ashley SmalleyAshley Smalley10 dagen geleden
  • How long is Heidi there for

    Farmer BoyFarmer Boy10 dagen geleden
  • Hopefully you will get a good run of luck from now on. Maybe your bad run is over. 🤞👍

    Seamus MURPHYSeamus MURPHY10 dagen geleden
  • Your trim Tom ahha

    Jack MorrisJack Morris10 dagen geleden
  • Did ur friday video get taken down

    Andrew Lynch ClerkinAndrew Lynch Clerkin10 dagen geleden
  • Great vid

    Luke DevittLuke Devitt10 dagen geleden
  • What are they building at the other farm looks like a big setup

    Will HallamWill Hallam10 dagen geleden
  • If you buy a case will you sell the Hurlliman ?

    Finlay ThomasFinlay Thomas10 dagen geleden
  • Every Sunday, I settle down in bed and catch up on your uploads Tom. I absolutely love them. My grandfather was a dairy farmer, today would've been his 100th birthday. 🥰🥰 thankyou for sharing your passion for these amazing creatures and a huge thankyou to your father too, for sharing his lifelong knowledge ♥️

    Anti MLM'erAnti MLM'er10 dagen geleden
  • What was the bull Tom? We’ve had two cows with twists in a day last week from one bill

    Cx BplayzCx Bplayz10 dagen geleden
  • Your bangs are making you look like Spocks brother! 🤣

    Donna WoodmanDonna Woodman10 dagen geleden
  • Love your videos Tom, your the reason why I am getting into farming. Fingers Crossed.

    Peter TynanPeter Tynan10 dagen geleden
  • How is Heidi getting on with her vet training?

    steven handssteven hands10 dagen geleden
  • Tom, I found this on youtube, Could this work for you? Reclaim soil that washes into the drainage ditch and puts it back onto the field.

    Daniel SchwingeDaniel Schwinge10 dagen geleden
  • It sounds like the people who designed and run the system of sluices many years ago are now either retired or moved on and no one knows how to run the system properly.

    Gerald NevilleGerald Neville10 dagen geleden
  • You vet bill must be getting expensive tom

    Thomas BrittonThomas Britton10 dagen geleden
  • Can u feed the calfs the milk u throw out Seams something wrong the seed seaman

    nick lanenick lane10 dagen geleden
  • Why don’t you put the 885 on the straw chopper

    Ben ArmstrongBen Armstrong10 dagen geleden
  • Clem is not modest, Lou is. You are very busy. You stay on top of the health of these beauties. 💗💗 🐮

    Bev’s PlaylistBev’s Playlist10 dagen geleden
  • Bill Gates thinks we should start eating ‘100% synthetic beef what do you make of this Tom interesting what companies he has money in

    Lee DaviesLee Davies10 dagen geleden
  • Smashing it again ,so entertaining better than any tv so glad the animals are all doing well disappointed with the EA I don’t understand how people don’t see you guys as essential people helping to keep the country on its feet . I can’t sing the praises of farmers and fishermen high enough most underestimated people . Ty for everything you guys do especially the videos keep them coming good look Happy Farming

    Paul ParnellPaul Parnell10 dagen geleden
  • Couldn’t Tom do what saskdutchkid does with his treated milk snd feed it to calves instead of tipping good milk away?

    Buffey 99Buffey 9910 dagen geleden
  • Congratulations sorry things are ruff but that's some times life on the farm . Glad u have some great vets u can call on in time of need.

    Tanya JenkinsTanya Jenkins10 dagen geleden
  • Why is Neptune not servicing these ladies? Or are all that are missed by Neptune tubed? :) Thank you!

    Hilary GosnellHilary Gosnell10 dagen geleden