Ariana Grande - main thing (official audio)

18 feb. 2021
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"main thing” from Positions (Deluxe). Listen & download here:
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Video Created By: Katia Temkin

Official “main thing” Lyrics:
You on your way it’s a Friday night, hear the rain outside yeah
Its rose on ice, candlelight and I’m feeling nice
Anything you like boy you know it’s on me
Been a minute since I tasted something so sweet
Always pull up when I call you, call you
Yeah you never keep me waiting, waiting
Got me tripping I adore you, I adore you
Oh baby
You, oh you’re really different baby
You, you might be the main thing baby
It’s time to go take it nice and slow, tip toe to the bedroom
Lookin at me like when it’s cold you gon keep me warm
All I wanna do is spend my time with you
Even when the learnings done and nothings new
Always pull up when I call you, call you
Yeah you never keep me waiting, waiting
Got me tripping I adore you, I adore you
Oh baby
You, oh you’re really different baby
You, you might be the main thing baby
You, oh you’re really different baby
You, you might be the main thing baby
#ArianaGrande #PositionsDeluxe #mainthing

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  • Muito Bom dia minha princesa Isabel e


  • Fun fact : you will read the whole thing if it starts with fun fact,

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  • Almost 2 months

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  • She always outperforms every album, impressive.

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  • mad at the people who dislike any of her songs, vids or her my overwhelming love for ari

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  • Hello dear Arianators! I have a question for you, who are familiar with all of Ariana's songs. I know 117 Ariana Grande songs. If you know more, can you tell me the others that you know. Because I want to know them all. I also counted the songs she covered. In fact, I counted the albums plus 27 other songs. The other songs are: -Adore -All my love -Bad to you -Bed -Beauty and the beast -Boyfriend -Chestnuts -Dance to this -Don't call me angel -Faith -Got her own -How look on you -I wont say I'm in love -Main thing -Monopoly -Pink champagne -Put your hearts up -Quit -Rain on me -Rule the world -Santa tell me -Someone like u -Somewhere over the rainbow -Stuck with you -Test drive -The wizard and I -Worst behavior.

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  • This what you called ✨ART✨

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  • at first i thought she said 'you might be the man for me baby' even though the song is called main thing lolol my dumb ass

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  • I'm sorry, this is amazing as everything you do, but you did in the past some songs so damn good, that makes this sound like an elevator song. Bring something like "One last time" back

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  • can we just appreciate the fact that ariana gave us a whole album, now a deluxe version with new songs to add, three amazing and original music videos, filming videos of the positions outro and a NEW SONG with demi?

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  • hi🥺! I'm looking for internet friends, which fill the descriptions: •zodiac sign: cancer •arianator •soft girl •has Whatsapp/Signal/Instagram/Snapchat to communicate •is 13 y/o please interact with this comment if you consider this description is suitable for yourself! 🥺🍦

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    • I’m all those but don’t have snap or anything to communicate 🥺

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  • Just to remind you, this is the same person who was in Sam and Cat

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  • So beautiful!

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  • I really like ariana

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  • this is honestly what we all needed.

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  • Her voice sounds like an angel

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  • She really is a great woman with a lots of love

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  • ladies and gentlemen, a self written song by the queen

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