apetor eats surströmming

6 dec. 2012
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Filmed April 2012, Kodal in Andebu, Norway.
Filmed with Canon Legria HF s11 with Canon WD-H58 Wide Converter Lens (0.7x), external microphone (Canon DM-100) and a tripod + Gopro. Edited in iMovie.

  • So eating Surströmming on a Volvo with vodka isn't the most Swedish thing you can think of?

    Deven LowellDeven Lowell8 uur geleden
  • Apetor is a beast! Of course he can stomach Surströmming! I tried it once and promptly vomited all over my new Levi jeans.

    Antix TaktixAntix Taktix22 uur geleden
  • 0:50 whoever that was, he died pretty fast standing next to that can.

    Marek De MarkoMarek De Marko2 dagen geleden
  • Hight stupid

    Shahrul RidzuwanShahrul Ridzuwan3 dagen geleden
    • apetor is living and enjoying the life.

      Marek De MarkoMarek De Marko2 dagen geleden
  • Get this man some help, please

    Ott EinassooOtt Einassoo3 dagen geleden
    • 💂🏽‍♀️

      apetorapetor3 dagen geleden
  • Благодаря коронавирусу с потерей обоняния и вкуса, можно и не таким перекусить.

    hrisov87hrisov873 dagen geleden
  • Кто с ЯПа?

    iri500iri5004 dagen geleden
  • Danes would say disgusting! Haha.

    VolapykVolapyk5 dagen geleden
  • Lovely content keep it up mwuah! Lots of love from nigeria.

    GuggisenGuggisen6 dagen geleden
  • prze kozak

    trump donalttrump donalt7 dagen geleden
  • m par stran ca n s a araput cu chella cap i cazz ca tien

    H3zaRFYH3zaRFY8 dagen geleden
  • Wooooow!

    Мега кубМега куб8 dagen geleden
  • Dollar store Stevie o

    Martin gutierrezMartin gutierrez9 dagen geleden
  • Omg

    Pubgt Mobile ConntendPubgt Mobile Conntend10 dagen geleden
  • 0:52: I think Apetor wants to eat fish. Not juice! :)

    David GuevaraDavid Guevara10 dagen geleden
  • Rakfisk just the same as Surstrømming....... No big deal just rotten fish. if u can it this u can eat dog shit with no problem

    Kennur LarssonKennur Larsson11 dagen geleden
  • Don't be confused people. Just because apetor can take down a whole can + juices does NOT mean you can. This man is built differently than other mortals.

    likewhoalikewhoa11 dagen geleden
  • Sorry apiyor

    De ClassicalTomatoDe ClassicalTomato12 dagen geleden
  • volvo jävla kung

    balleballe12 dagen geleden
  • Just ate surströmming this weekend and i´ll have to admit that what you did there is... how shall i put it.. daring.

    Samuel SegerSamuel Seger15 dagen geleden
  • how in the hell do you eat that stuff, i tried to smell it and i gagged so hard i literally threw up in my mouth. how is that possible.

    ZuIrics RBLXZuIrics RBLX15 dagen geleden
  • Lol

    Iven Le PetitIven Le Petit15 dagen geleden
  • are you crazy

    Something Amazing02Something Amazing0215 dagen geleden
  • Who wouldn’t want to be naked eating fish in the cold all by yourself

    Marine YtMarine Yt17 dagen geleden
  • i hate SurStrömning but im swedish.

    BladeZBladeZ18 dagen geleden
  • F

    Ňani.Ňani.18 dagen geleden
  • @Murry

    kokaina espumakokaina espuma19 dagen geleden

  • Fy fan asså

    Maria HallMaria Hall19 dagen geleden
  • *xD ~ Ha ha ha ha* ~ Das Video ist toll! Wir haben so gelacht :) ~ Genau unser Humor!

    ÀstÀst20 dagen geleden
  • Doesn't it smell?

    ボブ君ボブ君20 dagen geleden
    • Oh yes.

      apetorapetor20 dagen geleden
  • If this was the first thing aliens saw about humans then this would've been the most piecefull planet.

    DilaboyDilaboy21 dag geleden
  • Ты какое-то не в себе братишка

    Smells ShowSmells Show22 dagen geleden
  • You are my authority man

    TomiTomi22 dagen geleden
  • Niammmmm

    FrettchenLoveYTFrettchenLoveYT22 dagen geleden
  • is this dude a human?

    sikrimisikrimi23 dagen geleden
  • he eats bravely.Excellent.Others are very prudish

    Son of GalaxySon of Galaxy24 dagen geleden
  • 😨

    lilith Leelilith Lee24 dagen geleden
  • Zıkım iç

    Nefes emir AriNefes emir Ari25 dagen geleden
  • szacun... ja nie dałem rady zjeść

    Krzysztof DKrzysztof D25 dagen geleden
  • Keď ti tá soľ neodjebala obličky teraz tak už nikdy. Nie je to tak odporné ako odporne slané, jedol som to. Nepíšem po anglicky pretože viem že rozumieš :D

    Erik PetriskoErik Petrisko25 dagen geleden
  • lol بمن あた

    McKKaFFiN Las PalmasMcKKaFFiN Las Palmas25 dagen geleden
  • Legit the water in that lake was so brown

    nichlas søgaardnichlas søgaard26 dagen geleden
  • Only Tor can make rotting fish cancer in a jar look delicious

    EightBitMorphEightBitMorph26 dagen geleden
  • I heard it's a very nasty shit, and it smells horrible...well done m8!

    BossingtonHill ForeverBossingtonHill Forever27 dagen geleden
  • this man is actually indestructable we are just lucky he isnt obsessed with taking over the world

    ThePointlessBox_ThePointlessBox_27 dagen geleden
  • Real life Mr Lahey

    Northern SurvivalNorthern Survival27 dagen geleden
  • Сюжет сильный

    Андрей МельниковАндрей Мельников28 dagen geleden
  • Haha vilken kung du är

    Idontcare AnymoreIdontcare Anymore28 dagen geleden
  • anomalies video of surstromming makes me believe he is lying and it tastes horrible.

    CatalystCatalyst29 dagen geleden
  • wtf man wow

    DJ KongsonDJ Kongson29 dagen geleden
  • I like when he open his eyes when drinking. Great!!

    yaniv seyaniv seMaand geleden
  • Is this even possible in real life?

    KorterKaksKorterKaksMaand geleden
  • Why your swimming in mudy Lake

    DRAGON_GAMING [simple sandbox 2 and other games]DRAGON_GAMING [simple sandbox 2 and other games]Maand geleden
  • ewwww

    ViktigboyViktigboyMaand geleden
  • daaamn this man is crazzyyy

    Thomas HolstThomas HolstMaand geleden
  • MASAKRA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kris TravelsKris TravelsMaand geleden
  • When you had covid-19 like 8 years ago and could eat everything without throwing up...

    Life of SmokeyLife of SmokeyMaand geleden
  • фуууу...пля

    ИспанецИспанецMaand geleden
  • This video is 8 years old, feels like 1 day old

    DovydasDovydasMaand geleden
  • Что с ним?

    Жмых ПожилойЖмых ПожилойMaand geleden
  • True viking eats surströmming like that.

    Just a SwedeJust a SwedeMaand geleden
  • Er ist hardcore

    Liz KnightsLiz KnightsMaand geleden
  • probably it's ok if you have coronavirus and you don't taste and smell anything + vodka disinfection

    Ilya ViGIlya ViGMaand geleden
  • i wanna try it too 🐱‍🏍😁🤷‍♀️🙄🤮!

    Yuriy IvkoYuriy IvkoMaand geleden
  • Да он похоже русский

    Cyril GrygorevCyril GrygorevMaand geleden
  • Что ты такое?)

    RobyRobyMaand geleden
  • Good för the stomic😁

    Lars-Göran SvenssonLars-Göran SvenssonMaand geleden
  • Grattis med 1 mill.

    SinnaKjellSinnaKjellMaand geleden
    • Takker SinnaKjell.

      apetorapetorMaand geleden
  • Человечище!

    Teknotron TekTeknotron TekMaand geleden
  • nice hiss

    zepcertoxiczepcertoxicMaand geleden
  • я знал что он говноед блювать охота

    вадим старцеввадим старцевMaand geleden
  • *ОГО*

    Yuri KryukovYuri KryukovMaand geleden
  • Best man 💪🏼😂

    19RagnarökBefriareOchDöd8819RagnarökBefriareOchDöd88Maand geleden
  • 😂

    FqrbesFqrbesMaand geleden
  • Luckily I had an empty glass near me...

    ______Maand geleden
  • The iron testicles!

    Kara DenizKara DenizMaand geleden
  • wtf

    Stohler MauriceStohler MauriceMaand geleden
  • This is Real man

    The_ GameThe_ GameMaand geleden
  • As always 1st Class video!

    lollolMaand geleden
  • Does it actually taste good besides the smell?

    UselessUselessMaand geleden
    • @apetor oh xD respect then for keeping a straight face :)

      UselessUselessMaand geleden
    • No.

      apetorapetorMaand geleden
  • 👎👎👎

    Gaming StationGaming StationMaand geleden
  • I have 2 cans of surströmming in my fridge. Waiting for sommer, when everyone is their garden to enjoy the smell, while i enjoy the meal.

    Charles DarwinCharles DarwinMaand geleden
  • да, раньше было жестче

    WladIsLoveWladIsLoveMaand geleden
  • Do you realy like it? I'm about streaming.

    Elias LarsonElias LarsonMaand geleden
  • God mode Activat

    MicoMicoMaand geleden
  • After trying this stuff I agree to worship this man as a god.

    Andrii AnisimovAndrii AnisimovMaand geleden
  • Did he drank the juice???? Omg! He must be the hardest man on the planet😳😳😳😳😳

    Murphys LawMurphys LawMaand geleden
  • I wish I could enjoy life like he does

    ff#ff#Maand geleden
  • Как же скучно я провожу свое время((

    Max FrayMax FrayMaand geleden
  • How is the taste?

    PhílipposPhílipposMaand geleden
    • Terrible.

      apetorapetorMaand geleden
  • 2021 Apetor !!!!

    kornelstasiewiczkornelstasiewiczMaand geleden
  • Not many videos that I click the like button before I even see the video, but you my friend are one of those posters.

    vog51vog51Maand geleden
    • Thank you.

      apetorapetorMaand geleden
  • igitt.....nein LECKER! :D BIST DER BESTE!

    Herbert Von SchabenHerbert Von SchabenMaand geleden
  • ehh how pathetic can he possibly become a NLworldr because he is stupid and cannot find a suitable job so he became a NLworldr so he can show others how smart he is

    animek funeralanimek funeralMaand geleden
  • o kurwa!

    piotreeek1piotreeek1Maand geleden
  • He's the first person I've ever saw who ate it without Any negative expressions

    Alexej DmitrievAlexej DmitrievMaand geleden
  • 😲🤢🤮

    Mr GontMr GontMaand geleden
  • Everybody else when they see surstromming: *chokes* Apetor: *drinks juice and eats entire can*

    tony montanatony montanaMaand geleden
  • You are a hell positive man! :D

    tossu123tossu123Maand geleden
    • Thanks:D

      apetorapetorMaand geleden