Anti-lockdown RIOTS rage on as Netherlands ‘heads for civil war’

26 jan. 2021
269 628 Weergaven

RIOT cops fired tear gas and water canons as cars were torched and shops looted when anti-lockdown protesters went on the rampage across the Netherlands.
John Jorritsma, the Mayor of Eindhoven, said the outrageous rioting had left the country teetering on the brink of "civil war" as he branded troublemakers the "scum of the earth."
Hundreds were arrested as police confronted mobs of missile-throwing youths who set vehicles ablaze in Eindhoven and Rotterdam and caused major unrest in the capital Amsterdam.
In Haarlem, vandals sparked a large fire in a street and other towns were rocked by trouble before and after the 9pm to 4.30am coronavirus curfew kicked in.
It was the third night of trouble across the Netherlands initially sparked by protests against the country's no-nonsense coronavirus lockdown measures.
As darkness fell, rioters targeted cops with fireworks as they faced off on streets in towns and cities.
Police in the port city of Rotterdam used a water cannon and tear gas in an attempt to disperse a crowd of rioters who had already looted multiple shops.
"Unfortunately, were seeing the same things as last night," said local police chief Willem Woelders .
He said around 70 rioters had been arrested and police had used tear gas in the western city of Haarlem as well as Rotterdam.
Police in Rotterdam said local youths took to the streets seeking a confrontation with police.
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COVID ANARCHY Anti-lockdown riots rage on for THIRD night as youths loot & torch buildings and the Netherlands ‘heads for civil war’
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  • "The virus is taking our freedom" I don't remember viruses making choices for us.

    Lumine's little pogchampLumine's little pogchamp6 uur geleden
  • Civil war 🤣 the government just can't see what is coming.

    Question everythingQuestion everything8 uur geleden
  • Spoiled brats, cant stand poverty.feel the pain of 3rd world as you say.lets pray, naaah

    Borce MinoskiBorce Minoski3 dagen geleden
  • governments dont pay groups to start trouble....??

    ryan salazarryan salazar3 dagen geleden
  • He says it's the virus thats robbing our freedom . That's B S . It's the global elites . Robbing us .

    Mark KellyMark Kelly4 dagen geleden
  • Maybe we all shouldn’t be so eager to give up our freedom in hopes that some benevolent politician can save us from ourselves.

    McnelloMcnello6 dagen geleden
  • The VIRUS cant rob liberty, only PEOPLE rob liberty! It dosnt take a phd to figure that out.

    SimplySurrowSimplySurrow8 dagen geleden
  • Idk...idk what to think On one hand i think YES! On the other hand i think that there are legal ways we can end the lockdowns still

    SimplySurrowSimplySurrow8 dagen geleden
  • If there is a variant so soon then a waccine's effect is limited. Best solution is strengthening the population's natural immunities. Start with Your own

    GaiaGaia9 dagen geleden
  • the dutch? rioting, you know there is a problem

    William SandsWilliam Sands10 dagen geleden
  • Brothers and sisters all over the world. Stop the new world order before we all become slave. Take agressive actions. Do not back down.

    Wee DeeWee Dee10 dagen geleden
  • Hopefully we the U.K. don’t have this kinda problem this doesn’t solve anything violence is not the way god bless there nation

    Cward WardCward Ward10 dagen geleden

    Ryan kray HRyan kray H13 dagen geleden
  • Get back your rights. An unarmed citizen is a subject.

    Zach ConantZach Conant14 dagen geleden
  • GO Netherlands, such a cool and free country turned into globalist's slavery

    Nikola SheepicNikola Sheepic14 dagen geleden
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    Believe in Jesus read bible Read the BibleBelieve in Jesus read bible Read the Bible15 dagen geleden
  • Anybody with littlest common sense knows by now that all of these pandemic restrictions are unreasonable, and harassment and oppression of people. A lot of people see this crystal clear now and are in fact the majority, in every city, country, and the world. That established, we need the solution for it now. The simple solution is to spread the word that we will vote and elect only those who will shut every single pandemic restrictions on the first day they take office. And WE WILL VOTE on Election Day and make our lives better. This is literally, realistically, and simply, the only option we have for freedom. Amen 🙏

    Justice ForAllJustice ForAll15 dagen geleden
  • hmmm were so angry lets loot the shops that pay taxes and employ us.

    Midnight RamblerMidnight Rambler18 dagen geleden
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    Chinese DavidChinese David19 dagen geleden
    • Thanks Luiz .+ ..

      Chinese DavidChinese David19 dagen geleden
  • Civil war? Ever seen photos of paris 68? Stop pretending

    Sir bill de muddSir bill de mudd19 dagen geleden
  • What Corona Virus..What happened to the normal Flu ? Lies lies lies..

    Benjamin TrenchBenjamin Trench20 dagen geleden
  • there is NO virus only the chemicals the governments are spraying on people

    TsambikaTsambika21 dag geleden
  • the p f i zer astra and mo derna va c c ines cause the virus. in australia the free mason government is FORCING the deadly va ccines on people . no LIABILITY for the companies or government.

    TsambikaTsambika21 dag geleden
  • where are all the so called TERRORISTS now? bombing all the government places? because the free mason media and government ARE THE TERRORISTS. the vaccines are lethal n has the virus

    TsambikaTsambika21 dag geleden
  • thats my bike

    Lawrence ClarkeLawrence Clarke26 dagen geleden
  • this wont get you anywere just abandon all news channels and internet news

    Lawrence ClarkeLawrence Clarke26 dagen geleden
  • The news and their titles are the reason the world is gone to hell..

    Super SynthSuper Synth26 dagen geleden
  • They forgot about EINDHOVEN.

    Timo MolTimo Mol26 dagen geleden
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    GUti penaGUti pena27 dagen geleden
  • Dutch are doing this? Most practical and rational people I know! A... ok I know what is going on. Dutch actually took a look at the statistics.

    Miro BudzinskiMiro Budzinski29 dagen geleden
  • Then there will be another variant then another and if that does not work they will make something else...You will own nothing and you will be happy...

    Matt HalpinMatt Halpin29 dagen geleden
  • Now we get a new policy. Only older fat men will be protected. Rest lives on.

    GoudhaantjeGoudhaantje29 dagen geleden
  • Yeah. F..k this f... lockdown!!! i

    xxxxxxxDIMAxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDIMAxxxxxxxMaand geleden
  • O yes we can see how much the government cares about the safety and welfare of people!

    Jesse AledonisJesse AledonisMaand geleden
  • The governments are genocidal maniacs.

    Jesse AledonisJesse AledonisMaand geleden
  • Can't you see this is precisely what they want. It has already been accounted for, uprising and social unrest. The vast majority of us are going to lose our jobs. It is unsustainable to con ourselves that shutting down the economy, globally, will not result in collapse. Universal basic income will be our 'reward'. I don't see a way out of this where we win our freedoms and lives back as they once were. We are destined for a very different future.

    Rory Sullivan-BurkeRory Sullivan-BurkeMaand geleden
  • Netherlands: riots, heading towards civil war America: hold my beer

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnonMaand geleden
  • The new world order will not rise.. people have woken up... it’s to late

    ImSo LitttImSo LitttMaand geleden
  • The whole world is being controlled by a corrupt. Government and were losing

    Constance WeberConstance WeberMaand geleden
  • shocked at the dutch, smoke some weed in your house

    William WallaceWilliam WallaceMaand geleden
  • What stupid fools! The lockdown was brought in to stop the spread of the covid 19 virus and to save peoples lives! The lockdown will be lifted after a couple of months after the pandemic is brought under control and after enough people have been vaccinated to protect people from the virus.

    Angus MeighAngus MeighMaand geleden
    • Klaus Schwab is dead!

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnonMaand geleden
  • in Poland we not roits , we just open everything !! Bars , restaurants and hotels. we are stop listening the government

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiMaand geleden
  • Coming soon to the USa

    zuki818zuki818Maand geleden
  • im glad i left the country already😥

    D TarmiziD TarmiziMaand geleden
  • what do you think this video?

    Beautiful drawingsBeautiful drawingsMaand geleden
  • Fight China over this not each other. China continues to spread diseases throughout the globe that one has to ask in all seriousness “is this planned”? Now they bully and threaten countries like Australia who want them to be responsible our global community? They treat their own citizens like garbage, oppress Christians and other religions, bully and threaten anyone who stands in there way or who says anything negative about them. Look at the damage they have caused. Citizens need to be allowed their God given freedoms. Government and other authorities have no right to restrict, remove, or impose anything on our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The government need to turn its focus on the offenders who caused this.

    Joe BensonJoe BensonMaand geleden
    • f**k that curfew! the ppl has seen through the covid BS

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiMaand geleden
  • A British tabloid lying through its teeth. As per usual!

    wkruitwkruitMaand geleden
  • Look into The Great Reset and fight back now! The NWO has a new name and we must stop this evil before it's too late.

    camlong89camlong89Maand geleden
  • Hasn't the Netherlands government collapsed, child benefits scandal. So whom is calling the real shots?

    soiung toiuesoiung toiueMaand geleden
  • It cant be coincidence that three countries with a long term constitution are under attack England USA and Netherlands

    Anoni MouseAnoni MouseMaand geleden

    Angélique YvetteAngélique YvetteMaand geleden
  • Western public they now see media lies because they target you 🤣🤣🤣

    BIgBanG VIPBIgBanG VIPMaand geleden
    • Leave them to it they’re all drug addicts

      soiung toiuesoiung toiueMaand geleden
  • Hahaha no Mark Rutte you are just a stonecold liar you and your regime are taking away our freedom not corona that makes you sick it only takes our freedom when you get it and maybe die in extreme casses.

    JeroenJeroenMaand geleden
  • Fight for your damn Freedom

    vince neothinkvince neothinkMaand geleden
  • Klaus Schwab is dead!

    penetruspenetrusMaand geleden
  • Great news

    Wat TylerWat TylerMaand geleden
  • Netherlands: riots, heading towards civil war America: hold my beer

    dcoog anmldcoog anmlMaand geleden
    • I can't wait!

      Mega DPMega DP28 dagen geleden

  • f**k that curfew! the ppl has seen through the covid BS

    krymmelmonsterkrymmelmonsterMaand geleden
  • But Corona virus was a year ago. something is up I don't know what.

    گل عشقگل عشقMaand geleden
  • A civil war is a the population fighting itself. This is the people united against government tyranny.

    Justin FacerJustin FacerMaand geleden
    • Hardly civil war. Totally inflated headline.

      dcoog anmldcoog anmlMaand geleden
  • my left ear

    IInfamouslyyIInfamouslyyMaand geleden
  • Good luck to the protesters! They've more back bone than most countries.

    Mark MaggottMark MaggottMaand geleden
  • The comunist and antifas are everywhere like a plague worst than chinese flu.

    Nicola CaminhaNicola CaminhaMaand geleden
  • Respekt

    Mythos TaverneMythos TaverneMaand geleden
  • Leave them to it they’re all drug addicts

    John StreetJohn StreetMaand geleden
  • A virus that has a 99.8%.survival rate .let us make up our own minds on how much risk we should take and when did other peoples safety apart from my family become my responsibility 🤷‍♂️

    iganinja 5000iganinja 5000Maand geleden
  • Based

    S A D F A C ES A D F A C EMaand geleden
  • Go and get the "politicians". They are treacherous criminals.

    ThomasJLarsenThomasJLarsenMaand geleden
  • :corona virus""is a lie !!!!!. globalist want to take away our freedom!!! Polish people stands wis our Dutch brothers!!!. Regime will go to jails pretty SOON!!!!.

    Bruno StochBruno StochMaand geleden
  • Governments turn on they're people for what china did? All governments r in bed with china To enslave humanity forever

    bob saggotbob saggotMaand geleden
  • Least it was for blm

    KitKatKillerKitKatKillerMaand geleden
  • our country with other country bombard another country ...naaah ... it's OK .... but when we must stay HOME agrrrhhhh lets make some demonstration .... so selfish ..... mankind must burn in hell ... and this is not only for Netherlands

    facayu danefacayu daneMaand geleden
  • The Virus shows us who the real enemy is. Will you ever vote again?

    Z AZ AMaand geleden
  • Hardly civil war. Totally inflated headline.

    amylondongirlamylondongirlMaand geleden
  • COVIDIOT is a person who became paranoid and feel overdriven fear of a virus that doesn't cause more dramatic illness, than a normal flu. Everyone understands that some people would like to turn the meaning of this word to the opposite, but everyone feels what COVIDIOT means.

    Don't Let The World Go UnderDon't Let The World Go UnderMaand geleden
  • It's called freedom ! People sick and tired of New World Order, scamdemic tyranny & lies !

    IRISH ROVER AND THE CREW ® By Irish Rover - Rover MacChroi, The No.1 Anti-System Irish Punk SingerIRISH ROVER AND THE CREW ® By Irish Rover - Rover MacChroi, The No.1 Anti-System Irish Punk SingerMaand geleden
  • When are the weak UK people going to wake up

    CapitanoCapitanoMaand geleden
  • In my country is BS all day on tv UK variant African variant And now amazon variant This lie gets stupider day by day

    Patricio MunozPatricio MunozMaand geleden
  • *Let us, the sensible inhabitants of this God's Earth, think through this whole covid thing rationally, shall we? I mean, what possible sense does it make, for the world-leaders to mandate us to be locked in dwellings at nights.Does this "covid virus" attack ONLY at nights? If this "covid virus" is in fact airborne, then UNLESS WE STOP BREATHING AIR which is an impossibility, then we ARE ALWAYS exposed to the virus, BE IT DAY or NIGHT! So it totally defeats the purpose to have the citizens of the world all locked in at nights, bcz the virus will have ALREADY been breathed in WITH EVERY BREATH WE TAKE DURING THE DAY! Am I making sense?So understandably, this picture is now emerging, that these lock-down curfews are nothing more than a control tactic spawned by a few power-hungry world leaders, with the intent of keeping the masses subjugated, hence the masses are now retaliating bcz they feel that their God-given rights to freedom, are being trampled upon.Salaam.*

    ivor worrellivor worrellMaand geleden
  • Signs of End time appearing every where. PRAY: Lord Jesus, I come to You with a deeply repentant heart, please, forgive me all my sins. I surrender my life to you, today, and, I accept You, as my personal Lord and Saviour. Please, come into my life and save my soul from eternal destruction in hell fire. In Jesus’ name, I pray.” But as many as received him, to them He gave power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name:" (John 1:12) "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new" [new life begins]. (2 Corinthians 5:17) JESUS IS THE PRINCE OF PEACE

    Jesus LoveyouJesus LoveyouMaand geleden
    • AMEN BROTHER !!! Our only hope of Salvation !!

      colin hennessycolin hennessy24 dagen geleden

    Mary PedersenMary PedersenMaand geleden
  • Media constantly lying , so is the ROTTEN gov and their masters PEDOPHILES gobalists.....This is about the justice to punish them ALL....Bravo Netherlands Patriots Bless you......

    Ted pTed pMaand geleden
  • Nancy Pelosi would call Riots like this a "Beautiful sight to behold".

    akbarmohammed4evaakbarmohammed4evaMaand geleden
  • Why no major networks report this ?

    Dawson WinterDawson WinterMaand geleden
  • Uprising in All Europe, they're not Happy with Tyranny , NWO

    Mavlin DemolliMavlin DemolliMaand geleden
  • You are the political virus!

    Ярослав СербскйЯрослав СербскйMaand geleden
  • The virus mutated and took over the government.

    Rufeil RahtiehRufeil RahtiehMaand geleden
  • The true enemies of the people: The private banks, their political henchmen, and the lying media that manipulate the people for the two former. Repeat a lie often enough and you get journalism

    The great challengeThe great challengeMaand geleden
  • UK detected strain not uk strain.

    Trauts EwolTrauts EwolMaand geleden
  • If you tolerate this lockdown your children will be next.

    Money PennyMoney PennyMaand geleden
  • COVID is a Scam

    Mihail BMihail BMaand geleden
  • Stupid comment... They will put them in line easy... Police in this country is not going let this go on...

    Francisco Antunes AntunesFrancisco Antunes AntunesMaand geleden
  • This is happening now in America. They stole our Presidential election and put their Marxist puppets in control!!

    Lyle WileyLyle WileyMaand geleden
  • this highlights the importance of rolling out the vaccine ASAP!!! If you dont you get complete and utter social decay!!

    Jim JonesJim JonesMaand geleden
  • Pelosi once referred to the Hong Kong riots as "a beautiful sight to behold"-it remains yet to be seen whether she will say the same about the recent developments in UK.

    samchen18psamchen18pMaand geleden
  • Rupert this is a good example of the pot calling the kettle black.

    Steve CooperSteve CooperMaand geleden
  • That is what happens when you legalise drugs they all turn into conspiracy nuts.

    J tecateJ tecateMaand geleden
  • "Vitrié... Vitrié..." un métier d'avenir. Contacter votre agence de l'emploi pour vous libérer de votre emploi (mais pas tout le monde, juste quelques copains).

    • "Vitrié ... Vitrié ..." a profession of the future. Contact your employment agency to free yourself from your job (but not everyone, just a few friends).