Angry stray cat goes viral after woman documents their unlikely friendship | GMA

13 apr. 2021
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Anastasia gained a following on Tik Tok after she recorded videos of an angry stray cat, Tiger, who kept coming to her window.
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  • I was looking for a place to live with my cat and dog was almost impossible. Most landlords dont want animals. They also dont want anyone not working, which is absolute discrimination and they should be prosecuted for it. For starters it's discriminating against everyone with a disability, who has their rent paid . Even though this guarantees their rent, so it has to be down to prejudice. Though I know some mortgages wont allow lodgers/ renters. No idea why, or why it's their business as long as the mortgage is paid. I stayed put, and Im thankful I hd the option, and for a roof over my head. It made me realize (not that i didnt already know) how difficult life is made for people, by design. It doesnt have to be this way. But if life is too pleasant and stress free for the masses, they'll have too much time to realize they're being screwed over

    Veil BreakVeil Break37 minuten geleden
  • Love this

    Lorna YoungLorna YoungUur geleden
  • You're amazing. Feral kitties make the best companions once you've proved you can be trusted. The Love and emotional joy is beyond words. Bless you both 💖

    Jenny LangereisJenny LangereisUur geleden
  • This video made me smile

    L PhillipsL Phillips2 uur geleden
  • He has a right Moody face

    lynnval33lynnval333 uur geleden
  • I love my kitty! 🥰

    Mama OrtizMama Ortiz3 uur geleden
  • Ohmygosh! I have been following her when she fist started feeding him!!!!

    Melissa MikosMelissa Mikos5 uur geleden
  • Beautiful cat and lady. Blessed to have found each other.

    scorpion 11758scorpion 117586 uur geleden
  • How wonderful 💖 God Bless you, Ma'am!🙏 I'm sure he will ALWAYS remember you. Tiger is such a beautiful kitty! The house you made is so neat... and you can use it over and over.

    Amy BeaverAmy Beaver6 uur geleden
  • Its go sad to know theres people like this.. she thinks she done something good.first of all that stray cat trusted you why woud you even call the animal control???! i have 8 stray cats all living in my porch theres no rain coming in its closed covered its like indoors but they always have acces to the outdoor. some stray cat dont wanna be prison in 4 walls in your cell they prefer out doors theyre pretty social animals i always leave my door open but none of them comes inside spend the night inside i spent 3lb chicken every day because i respect to their lifestyle i dont touch them or pick them most of the time little pets on the head and when youre talking to them they feel that you care about them... but this ignorant lady thinking done something good! that cat trusted you and you gave him home outdoors why would you prison him let him get touched by strangers and fuck his mental healht up? talkin about if my landlord will give me permission? if you dont have a free will and free lifestyhle or own a house why woud you kidnap the cat take his freedom instead of being friends and feed it daily? whats gonna hapenj when you leave the house and your other landlord wont let him live with you? either going back to the streets or shelter wasting life in a cage terrible i already hate you with your dumbass hairstyle

    tarzan doodtarzan dood7 uur geleden
  • Kitty is frightened and confused not angry. The Fear Hissing was because she moved in quickly face to face 'staring' at the cat and the colour red confuses cats as they see different rather in tones than bright colours. Staring at a cat is a threat. She should have blinked her eyes waiting for the cats welcome to bring her face close to the cats by blinking back...then move in and kiss the kitty. But clearly they love each other. Kitty was crying for attention and love too to be a part of her family with the other kitties.

    Lord NelsonLord Nelson8 uur geleden
  • Love kitten. You did a wonderful job 👏 💜 ❤

    Gloria MoodyGloria Moody9 uur geleden
  • I’m not crying, you’re crying 😭

    umi ishiumi ishi9 uur geleden
  • I love this 😍♥️

    Kyrst MitchKyrst Mitch11 uur geleden
  • I just love it when Anastasia and Tiger gain a special bond with each other... ^w^

    FitSealGuyN99FitSealGuyN9916 uur geleden
  • Love this

    Katrina PerezKatrina Perez16 uur geleden
  • I wish more people would understand that some animals, and people, are not vicious, but scared and alone. TY Anastasia, for knowing time and some TLC would make the difference 💕

    Eulalie GraceEulalie Grace16 uur geleden
  • It’s meowing, this is not a feral cat. 🥺 oh my heart

    Silver & ColdSilver & Cold18 uur geleden
    • exaclty this is kidnap and messing up the cats mental health caging and al lthat

      tarzan doodtarzan dood7 uur geleden
  • 😭😭🥰🥰🥰

    Gem GemGem Gem18 uur geleden
  • Why does he blink one eye

    xENasty696x XXXxENasty696x XXX18 uur geleden
  • I had a similar friendship with a feral cat. I loved him so much. RIP Nelson ❤️

    R.D. WhitakerR.D. Whitaker20 uur geleden
  • o i loved your video so much thanks for sharing and best luck to tiger

    Diana Van EckDiana Van Eck21 uur geleden
  • Saw this on tik tok

    ɢᴏʟᴅᴇɴ ʀᴏsᴇɢᴏʟᴅᴇɴ ʀᴏsᴇ22 uur geleden
  • Im so happy for you your story made me cry when you said he would get adopted I was like why your apts won't allow cats and yep I was right but you can make him a therapy cat and that cat would of been hard to adopt w the hissing he probably had such a hard life was probably severely mistreated probably by other cats too I wonder if he had some kind of distemper or something wonder what the vets said if not hes just funny scared tough n cute I like how u called him a little dragon Tiger the dragon what a sweetie pie this story rocks your awesome and we have the same piercing im here in America sucks your neighbors called animal control but it was actually a good thing blessing in disguise because you got him checked out and secure w you ...wonderful story im a animal person dog trainer x dog breeder of pitbulls I've rescued picked up strays all of it I like animals more then ppl ..if I see a lost animal or stray running around I stop everything im doing to help them feed them find them a home make sure they don't get more lost hurt or ran over sometimes keeping these crazy animals for days but in most cases I've eventually found their owners ppl never have tags or proper numbers on the tags or even collars im always educating ppl to do this ..alot of the times the animals get them off themselves different animals require different types of collars and fir cats the break aways r the best but they do ckme off easy but atleast they don't strangle themselves or of course microchip your pet. I found a sphinx cat the hairless ones crying outside my window we lived where there's coyotes I loved that cat he was badass I knew I had to find the owners which ended up living right next door but he was microchiped and I did the right thing returning him n I didn't want to I wanted to keep him forever these cats are like 3000 dollar cats so I knew he had a good home when I dropped him off he looked back at me like no I want to stay with you he had three toddlers in his family that probably picked on him but hr had a good home and he didn't belong to me I also hot a 100 reward for returning him that was nice the owners said I could come back and visit him I never did but I still want to go see how he's doing I was mad they let him go outside and also that he 9s declawed n outside where there's alot of danger w coyotes etc I also thing declaring is so cruel but whatever I hate when ppl cut tails ears n Declaw Its painful to these animals not right n not natural .anyway guys take care God bless ypur kind heart we need more ppl in the world like us but I get it im the same humans suck I don't trust most ppl either to many assholes on this planet .keep being u cuz ur cool .thanks for sharing I'd like to see a follow up .bye

    Melissa HemenwayMelissa Hemenway22 uur geleden
  • Dawwwwww what a sweet story.

    Shelly FreshShelly Fresh23 uur geleden
  • It's like any ambient creature, including people. We get abandoned, we get ousted, we bet bitter, all of us creatures. To be welcomed by a sincere entity is not easy after being shunned, ousted, booted, rejected, put out, scrutinized, or even after being traumatized in so many different ways possible.

    V. Z.V. Z.23 uur geleden
  • You did a Beautiful thing by being patient and gaining Tigers Trust. No doubt he had a tuff life on the streets. It seems he was hoping to be Adopted by the Right Human. Hope he will be best friend to you. Amen ♥️

    Anthony RiosAnthony Rios23 uur geleden
  • I cant believe that this video make me tear UP.

    Four FingersFour FingersDag geleden
  • You and tiger are meant to be together ❤ and the love you have for him shows when you made that house I knew that you are kindred spirit God bless you and tiger I wish many exciting days months and years for the two of you ❤ ♥ 🙏

    Brian clearyBrian clearyDag geleden
  • People like her would kill a human to save a animal.

    Jim JonesJim JonesDag geleden
  • O m g! Thank you, I’m so glad she has the cat now. Cats are my fav souls on this earth.

    chilloftenchilloftenDag geleden
  • No wonder he cannot trust. He was happy & trusted her.

    chilloftenchilloftenDag geleden
  • Yay! 👏👏👏👏 i am so touched and emotional right now! Tears of joy !!!😂😂

    Amelia SchassburgerAmelia SchassburgerDag geleden
  • He's such a precious baby

    Nyariana OluochNyariana OluochDag geleden
  • That cat would never have been adopted. He was bonding with her -

    1catmac1catmacDag geleden
  • My heart broken in pieces 💔 to see this animals often abandoned or the same time I'm broken but of happiness..that God is able 🙏🙌❤ because he knows your heart..compassion

    Marlene MejoradoMarlene MejoradoDag geleden
  • You truly made me cry,I know the feeling and relate to you am the same way...LOVE YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS thing is always ❤keep your spirt of compassion and also that the place where their taken they do take care of them...GOD IS GOOD AND MIRICALES DO HAPPEN...IM SO PROUD 😊 AND ALSO ❤HAPPY FOR YOU...

    Marlene MejoradoMarlene MejoradoDag geleden
  • She made the most legit cathouse! 😳

    Rory RossRory RossDag geleden
  • ❤️❤️❤️‼️😻

    Dorothy LucianoDorothy LucianoDag geleden
  • You should of adopted him.

    angel martinelliangel martinelliDag geleden
  • It's a disgusting killer, that eats chicks in the nests... there's nothing special or humane in feeding it with meat

    Greg SwiftGreg SwiftDag geleden
  • I'm crying so hard right now.... I was praying and praying that you would be able to keep him !!!! Thank God your landlord made an exception ❤ He clearly was only willing to trust you , and to see the change in personality just melts my heart.. you can tell he loves you, just look at him sleeping with his belly up 😍😍😍 that's a huge sign of trust . What a sweetheart , the world needs more people like you ❤

    k0chanak0chanaDag geleden
  • Kindness! 🌟

    Veronica StarliteVeronica StarliteDag geleden
  • Amazing story

    alalouis1alalouis1Dag geleden
  • We choose our pets... but sometimes.... these animals choose us too..... we just don’t think in that way as often as we should.....

    Theboss kingTheboss kingDag geleden
  • What a happy ending! Thank you for persisting and saving this very deserving little fellow.

    christy peckchristy peckDag geleden
  • Made my day I love happy videos

    juggaminajuggaminaDag geleden
  • Just so very sweet and intensely awesome!!!

    Catherine BlackCatherine BlackDag geleden
  • Most cats that are dragged to "shelters" leave in garbage bags. Even so-called no-kill shelters kill regularly.

    Julie BrownJulie BrownDag geleden
  • What about the other people that adopted him first? You do NOT even give them credit!!!!!!?

    Capital GCapital GDag geleden
  • ♥️

    Lakeisanela TLakeisanela TDag geleden
  • Anastasia do you believe in Angels, go lookup in the mirror there is One!

    shahid Ejazshahid EjazDag geleden
  • So happy for Tiger. Beautiful story💖💖💖

    Nahla AmraniNahla AmraniDag geleden
  • When he finally allowed her to pet him I legit started crying. That moment is so incredibly beautiful and special! What a lucky pair they are that they found each other!

    Scarlet's SanctuaryScarlet's SanctuaryDag geleden
  • An ol' cat might scratch, but a lil' pussy never hurt anybody. Sho nuff nikkaz, sho nuff.

    frank e. niegasfrank e. niegasDag geleden
  • God Bless U and Tiger!

    Paige MaddenPaige MaddenDag geleden
  • An angel with flaming orange tint and a heart of gold. Bless you both.

    FlapkattFlapkattDag geleden
  • Why did't she adopt him at first place and let animal control take him?

    Home PlayHome PlayDag geleden
  • How can people dislike such a beautiful video...

    Vinnie CVinnie CDag geleden
  • I love it!!!

    Cattrissa LCattrissa LDag geleden
  • Aww my heart💕

    Marilyn PerkinsMarilyn PerkinsDag geleden
  • One of the most beautiful stories I have ever watched 💙♥️You are an angel 💓💓💓

    Aspen ColoradoAspen ColoradoDag geleden
  • if you live in Canada

    Sharon McKerracherSharon McKerracherDag geleden
  • I wish she would stare at me the way she stared at that cat.

    DiamondLiferDiamondLiferDag geleden
  • Oh gosh!! I’m so glad she got to adopt Tiger. After all she did to again his trust. Tiger needed to be with her.

    WithUr ShieldWithUr Shield2 dagen geleden
  • You are so so kind ,I have three feral cats and one stray ,I hope Tigger brings you lots of love ❤️ and happiness Sandy

    Sandy PhillipsSandy Phillips2 dagen geleden
  • He wanted you. He trusted you. Why did you break his trust? He was special only to YOU! The universe sent him to you

    Targeted In MichiganTargeted In Michigan2 dagen geleden
  • Such a happy ending ☺ I'm full of tears with joy. These stories make me so emotional.

    Kelly RKelly R2 dagen geleden
  • Yeah! A happy ending!

    Michelle BenderMichelle Bender2 dagen geleden
  • 😻😻😻

    AsiaBlackGrlAsiaBlackGrl2 dagen geleden
  • I love my four cats so much they are my life!

    T CollickT Collick2 dagen geleden
  • Fantastic video, amazing person, beautiful cat, I wish Them both the very best

    Uzma AhmedUzma Ahmed2 dagen geleden
  • You are special

    JayJay2 dagen geleden
  • A cat whisperer. I have always been the same way with cats. I love them all.

    lulabell79 _lulabell79 _2 dagen geleden
  • Tiger was winking from the beginning, I think that is a good sign.

    Alessandro MachiAlessandro Machi2 dagen geleden
  • he will be killed because he is feral

    Raymond ChampionRaymond Champion2 dagen geleden
  • That hair must have scared the shit out of him.

    yozzayozza2 dagen geleden
  • You naive idiot! GET THAT CAT OUT OF THE SHELTER. THEY "KILL" CATS WITH MEAN DISPOSITIONS. Claiming they're unadoptable. You wuss! I take strays in all the time. Cats are a domesticated animal and not meant to be outside where punks can be mean to them. Feral my ass! Every single stray I've had the pleasure of helping eventually lightened up and was pettable within a year. And I found good homes for them with loving people who want to help the little kitties. I'm glad to know there's some conscious loving people in the world. I have the strays to thank for that. Be well!

    Chris KennedyChris Kennedy2 dagen geleden
  • Sitting here with my 12yr old black cat that was a year in the shelter and very scrapy ...I sort of know how you feel. They are such gracious creatures when they just get the love they need 💕 😺

    Jo & BJo & B2 dagen geleden
  • I'm a cat lover and what u did and your story made me cry and lifted my heart when you got to adopt tiger .good on you and I wish you both a long happy life together god bless you for loving this kitty .

    Constantine DonavanConstantine Donavan2 dagen geleden
  • You ROCK girl!! Thank you for helping that Adorable cat, you made his day😻

    Italiangirl27Italiangirl272 dagen geleden
  • To be angry... Doesn't mean you are full of hate.. it just means you are scared and you seen and felt a lot of sorrow in your life. You are scared and left alone. You are seeking for love and a place you can call your home ❤️ Open your mind and soul for not only animals, but also for us human beings. Anger is just a protection of not showing your feelings and not trusting someone. But there is still some love to find deep beneath.. remember that

    Z0ckerB0yZ0ckerB0y2 dagen geleden
  • Who else saw the cat wink?

    Gacha TeaganGacha Teagan2 dagen geleden
  • You are beautiful, outside and in! Enjoy every moment with your Tiger. Best wishes to you both.

    Metamorphica2Metamorphica22 dagen geleden
  • i dont trust people that much. . said the crazy cat girl with red hair

    Carlos youtubeSINmentirasCarlos youtubeSINmentiras2 dagen geleden
  • Could of been that bright orange hair....🙄....just sayin

    Michael JoMichael Jo2 dagen geleden
  • That cat would just been left alone. Im not doing all that. I don't like cats, but i can see my daughter definitely doing this. She loves animals

    tabby314tabby3142 dagen geleden
  • That cat was feelin that cat house. Cat was like, "Now u can pet me, since u got me a house. Gotta show u some luv now. U earned my trust lady."

    Crystal SerranoCrystal Serrano2 dagen geleden
  • Wow thank you for taking care of cat, God richly bless you both in YESHUA name

    Dove CampDove Camp2 dagen geleden
  • Have a same Cat outside . One day she came with a tape around her neck. She allowed me to touch her ones

    Sarı PSarı P2 dagen geleden
  • Happy for you!!!

    T NT N2 dagen geleden
  • 🐯

    scowlisticscowlistic2 dagen geleden
  • He is a handsome boy!!😁he chose her!!!

    Delia MartinexDelia Martinex2 dagen geleden
  • He's sick

    badwabbitbadwabbit2 dagen geleden
  • I am so happy you got tiger .

    Kathy ParrisKathy Parris2 dagen geleden
  • Cats run one block away from me whenever I appear. There is this one ginger cat in my neighborhood though and finally a cat approached me in my lifetime 😂

    Eternal·MarigoldEternal·Marigold2 dagen geleden
  • breath must stank that's why the cat keeps hissing at her

    Cyborg 187Cyborg 1872 dagen geleden
  • My heart just melted. So happy for her and Tiger!

    Camielle ParentCamielle Parent2 dagen geleden
  • beautiful , love this

    Michael DishlerMichael Dishler2 dagen geleden