Among Us Funny Moments #2 (MEMES)

12 okt. 2020
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Among Us

  • OOF

    OofyOofyMaand geleden
    • huge coincedince

      Santiago IniguezSantiago Iniguez2 dagen geleden
    • 🇴 🇴 🇫

      ꧁C҉O҉D҉M҉ P҉L҉A҉Y҉E҉R҉꧂ TIO꧁C҉O҉D҉M҉ P҉L҉A҉Y҉E҉R҉꧂ TIO11 dagen geleden
    • Im soo sorry about ur son :(:(

      nick chikorenick chikore12 dagen geleden
    • @Bearyyvii oof

      Ratdog The WesRatdog The Wes18 dagen geleden

      I am Mallak ʕ•ᴥ•ʔI am Mallak ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ18 dagen geleden
  • Dude he started his channel like a few months ago and now he’s almost to a million

    Sebastian FonsecaSebastian Fonseca36 minuten geleden
  • Yo the way lime satled it

    Fezile ZithaFezile ZithaUur geleden
  • What's that song at 7:36

    BananaBananaUur geleden

    Landis JollyLandis JollyUur geleden
  • :p

    Kimberly AlmirezKimberly Almirez2 uur geleden

    Dark kitty MooDark kitty Moo2 uur geleden
  • The begining

    Shadow SquirtleShadow Squirtle3 uur geleden
  • Yare Yare...

  • Off

    MY JateraMY Jatera3 uur geleden
  • Sonic im ur biggest fan

    Paisley BradleyPaisley Bradley3 uur geleden
  • Rip anyone in ybfglyygnk

    Paisley BradleyPaisley Bradley3 uur geleden
  • purp: run space: die purp: still run

    Ibsen GabrilloIbsen Gabrillo3 uur geleden
  • Oof

    Rikhard FonsecaRikhard Fonseca4 uur geleden
  • Ha

    Hibaq GureHibaq Gure5 uur geleden
  • Now that's quality Content

    Moemen PlayzMoemen Playz5 uur geleden
  • Why???? This is the greatest meme

    The HeartbrokenThe Heartbroken6 uur geleden
  • It was so funny at the start because the meme said the folder is always the imposter😂😂😂😂

    cupckae 'cupckae '6 uur geleden
  • 2:04 music is andeetail

    _Xplay __Xplay _7 uur geleden
  • So funny

    v:oficcial##v:oficcial##7 uur geleden
  • shouldnt yellows grave stone should have Sayan 2018-2020

    Gonzalo Garc�a del Pozo de la MataGonzalo Garc�a del Pozo de la Mata7 uur geleden
  • Goofy man

    Lisa SmithLisa Smith7 uur geleden
  • Oofy

    Berfin BozbogaBerfin Bozboga7 uur geleden
  • I like this part when it says red is always sus memes say it

    xxnight justxxnight just8 uur geleden
  • Baba boy

    meow_elaplayz_meow *meow_elaplayz_meow *8 uur geleden
  • Im purp

    Jojo Joshua TimothyJojo Joshua Timothy8 uur geleden
  • Sus

    Nyan Mike owoNyan Mike owo8 uur geleden
  • nice👌🏻🌚

    ๑αγαмiє sαn๑๑αγαмiє sαn๑8 uur geleden
  • I was carrot

    Alien King YTAlien King YT8 uur geleden
  • Shit

    Kathryn Danica Del CastilloKathryn Danica Del Castillo9 uur geleden
  • Very funny.

    ashfaq ahmad mohammed ismailashfaq ahmad mohammed ismail9 uur geleden
  • This is so funny Oofy can you make more video ::

    cookie cutecookie cute10 uur geleden
  • Oofy more like Oofy BIG MONEY 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

    sᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇʀʀɪᴇᴢ_ ʙᴇʀʀɪᴇᴢsᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇʀʀɪᴇᴢ_ ʙᴇʀʀɪᴇᴢ11 uur geleden
  • Who is Oofy's killer?

    siska novia susanti adityasiska novia susanti aditya12 uur geleden
  • OOF

    Jen SuizaJen Suiza12 uur geleden
  • Maya PutriMaya Putri12 uur geleden
  • that OOF guy was me

    azadar gamingazadar gaming12 uur geleden
  • *S* seriously *U* r really *S* us sus, you're even more sus

    NayaReezNayaReez13 uur geleden
  • Looks like among us gonna replaced roblox

    Sakura JulioSakura Julio13 uur geleden

    zaiqa gharzaiqa ghar13 uur geleden
  • Leik😂😂😂

    Shaili the hidden girlShaili the hidden girl13 uur geleden
  • I got free stuff on my avatar on roblox and I didn't know how to get the back on you avatar cause cousin did it

    Adrienne Myrtle EscondoAdrienne Myrtle Escondo14 uur geleden
  • Ok OOF

    Adrienne Myrtle EscondoAdrienne Myrtle Escondo14 uur geleden
  • The ending is good

    Lucas HolmesLucas Holmes14 uur geleden
  • So funny bro

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  • You wierd

    Atharv Jai SinghAtharv Jai Singh15 uur geleden
  • You wierd

    Atharv Jai SinghAtharv Jai Singh15 uur geleden
  • everyone: *talking about the video* me *thinking about the memes I saw on tiktok*

    ⓢⓞⓕⓣ ⓢⓤⓝⓕⓛⓞⓦⓔⓡⓢⓞⓕⓣ ⓢⓤⓝⓕⓛⓞⓦⓔⓡ15 uur geleden
  • R.I.P oofy baby sad

    Bojan RadojičićBojan Radojičić15 uur geleden
  • Hahahah he is like a ball from geometry dash right

    Kel MKel M16 uur geleden
  • OOF

    arco_1337arco_133716 uur geleden
  • This is kind if funny

    poleeer156poleeer15616 uur geleden
  • I sometimes when i am bored i put my name "rick Astlley" the call the emergency button and say "get ricked roll" then i Just leave :)

    creamy creamcreamy cream16 uur geleden
  • Oof

    Hit LeeHit Lee16 uur geleden
  • Good

    Bawihteii LalrindikiBawihteii Lalrindiki16 uur geleden
  • sad life son

    Skull GamingSkull Gaming17 uur geleden
  • I like this song what is this song 3:23

    Abraham GeorgeAbraham George17 uur geleden
  • 8:10 WTF?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Animator SoumikAnimator Soumik18 uur geleden
  • Even the thumb nail says red sus

    MokedMoked18 uur geleden
  • I am out gg 🤣🤣🤣so good

    Eka NugrahaEka Nugraha18 uur geleden
  • What is the name of the song with the Oofy and the OFF o e

    GAGE RE - STUDENTGAGE RE - STUDENT18 uur geleden
    • I meant what is the name of the song with the OOF and the Oofy

      GAGE RE - STUDENTGAGE RE - STUDENT18 uur geleden
  • haha

    kristine academiakristine academia18 uur geleden
  • OOF

    Doodle guitar and Ceaser CoolDoodle guitar and Ceaser Cool18 uur geleden
  • What’s the song with OOF and Oofy?

    Sammy Playz6171Sammy Playz617118 uur geleden
  • I remember you’re tower of hell at 5k :)... Good time past...

    Not CharkyNot Charky20 uur geleden
  • Poor red

    OP DOGOP DOG20 uur geleden
  • leik and sub to oofy or you crewmate every single round

    Nadia JakubczakNadia Jakubczak20 uur geleden
  • oOf

    Elma IslamElma Islam20 uur geleden
  • Cyan: i have an appointment with doctor Orenge:Hurry,what are your symptoms Cyan:Cough and Feve r Orenge: covid Cyan and brown: ohh no Me: lol

    prencess gacha lifeprencess gacha life21 uur geleden
  • Sus

    Tara SeatzTara Seatz21 uur geleden
  • 6:12 SO TRUE OMG

    H.F GamingH.F Gaming22 uur geleden
  • 2:37 NiSE gRamAr

    H.F GamingH.F Gaming22 uur geleden

    H.F GamingH.F Gaming22 uur geleden
  • 1:15 henry stick man

    H.F GamingH.F Gaming22 uur geleden
  • Haters stop watching if you don't like it

    AH trucking CalgaryAH trucking Calgary23 uur geleden
  • Let me get some popcorn

    Alex XanderAlex Xander23 uur geleden
  • “ReD aLwAyS sOoOs”

    JxylynnJxylynnDag geleden
  • OMG I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING LOLOLOL WTF 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Yekta NaseriYekta NaseriDag geleden
  • 1:09 you was stresfull to play among us. And your hands is broken

    frecciargento 8344frecciargento 8344Dag geleden
  • Oof oofy

    Supperpuppy 3000Supperpuppy 3000Dag geleden
  • How do u not get servers where everyone speaks Russian or German lol always happens to me

    not_dylannot_dylanDag geleden
  • Sus

    Gianluca TGianluca TDag geleden
  • 2:41

    Gianluca TGianluca TDag geleden
  • I can,t Stop Laughing🤣🤣🤣

    marcosandromarcosandroDag geleden
  • What's the song at 3:50 ? I've been trynna find it for so long

    Varun SinghVarun SinghDag geleden
  • 3:22 what's that song?

    •Ichigo••Ichigo•Dag geleden
  • POV: You're the impostor

    Memester_YTMemester_YTDag geleden
  • what is the sad music u use when some one tried to take your kid i heard it before

    Nathaniel MinhNathaniel MinhDag geleden
  • The telletubies look a lot similar like among us characters....

    iiGlossxyiiGlossxyDag geleden
  • In the part of the video where lime gets red voted off, after I says “how did that worked” when it is supposed to say “how did hat work”

    madeleine steevesmadeleine steevesDag geleden
  • nearly 10 mil views congrates oofy

    it is me againit is me againDag geleden
  • I love your videos

    PopkornPopkornDag geleden
  • OOF was looking kinda sus wasin't he

    Alexa MendezAlexa MendezDag geleden
  • I like memes too

    ひみこさくらさのひみこさくらさのDag geleden
  • You. Put a meme in a meme also red sus at the picture for vid

    samtheboysamsamtheboysamDag geleden
  • OOFY

    SS - 02TM 931010 Munden Park PSSS - 02TM 931010 Munden Park PSDag geleden
  • Red always sus

    Ana VelasquezAna VelasquezDag geleden
  • That wire thing happened to me

    ParleeH NerdinParleeH NerdinDag geleden
  • 5:44 what music hmmmm

    Doge AwesomeDoge AwesomeDag geleden