Among Us Crewstor Moments

22 nov. 2020
11 063 117 Weergaven

a bunch of Among Us crewmate and impostor moments
hope you enjoy! :D
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    • lol wut

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    • Hehe

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    • @Thomas3316 YEAH TRASH

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    • Q

      Ali Kerem Y覺ld覺r覺mAli Kerem Y覺ld覺r覺mMaand geleden
    • Coolstor

      Olubukola TaiwoOlubukola TaiwoMaand geleden
  • how is he always imposter but i'm never imposter.

    ZiyadsZiyads41 minuut geleden
  • *Crewpostor

    Mast3rKKMast3rKK6 uur geleden
  • I saw mr cheese with me But she girlfriend rowana

    Ruru AhmedRuru Ahmed8 uur geleden
  • i use phone to play among us but i dont use ipad and compileter

  • WOW

  • You should make a vid of you being a detective

    GalaxyHollywood Uni girlzGalaxyHollywood Uni girlz20 uur geleden
  • Pedro MolinaPedro Molina20 uur geleden
  • Cool

    James & Kendra VlogJames & Kendra VlogDag geleden
  • hey hey hey look who it is josiah from josiah's land it is me who wants to see me play sonic team racing and beat some punks and sike them 30 sub's for me to do it

    Josiah RamosJosiah Ramos2 dagen geleden
  • If you pin this i will play among us now until i get imposter

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  • Wow 予予 how can you killed 6 crewmates

    lilylily4 dagen geleden
  • I love impostor

    Annisha KAnnisha K4 dagen geleden
  • Among Us

    Among usAmong us4 dagen geleden
  • Hahaha hes using mario kart soundtracks

    Luca VaccinoLuca Vaccino4 dagen geleden
  • My classic gamer brain kicked in when I started hearing the music

    SkystoneSkystone4 dagen geleden
  • 莞莞

    Lea BornaloLea Bornalo4 dagen geleden
  • crewmate

    barbara rugeriobarbara rugerio4 dagen geleden
  • lol

    barbara rugeriobarbara rugerio4 dagen geleden
  • Follow me on Instagram at Gingerella_the_purincess

    VenGamer2VenGamer25 dagen geleden
  • IoI pink I Impostor

    郕訄迮邿郕訄迮邿5 dagen geleden
  • Can anyone tell me the name of the song?i love it

    BackflixBackflix5 dagen geleden
  • Crew store

    GhostIyGhostIy5 dagen geleden
  • Guys red is a inposter

    Debbie RibeiroDebbie Ribeiro5 dagen geleden
  • atom it nickname me.

    鉊R鉊 鉊鉆鉊鉊鉊R鉊 鉊鉆鉊鉊5 dagen geleden
  • Alexa LopezAlexa Lopez6 dagen geleden
  • I sabotaged 02 and vented to swipe my card

    Aarav KakkarAarav Kakkar6 dagen geleden
  • Guess what I had a crew hmm poster moment to I was doing tasks in elec but I realized I had the kill button so Im like. OMG CREW POSTER MOMENT then for some reason I got kicked by no one and it took me to the start and yeah that was my crew poster moment...

    Marie SjostromMarie Sjostrom6 dagen geleden
  • I usually vote the people that immediately call a meeting purely out of spite

    MegrimMegrim6 dagen geleden
  • 1:01 de bar覺 abi var aaaaaaaa

    HARUN aydemirHARUN aydemir7 dagen geleden
  • Crewpostor

    Maciej NiemiecMaciej Niemiec7 dagen geleden
  • I axadently pressed the play again thinking I was in the game不不不

    Marie SjostromMarie Sjostrom8 dagen geleden
  • While in the game i m impostor i was victory in the game i love to be impostor in the game

    edison Faciolanedison Faciolan8 dagen geleden
  • Crewmate + impostor = crewstor so cool Where big fan you among us love you this game among us

    edison Faciolanedison Faciolan8 dagen geleden
  • Lol

    Mian SaaduddinMian Saaduddin9 dagen geleden
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  • Pin. ME Jk I like the pin comment

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  • Hei, name channel me: Crewstor Sini, from Malaysia

    Crewstor SiniCrewstor Sini9 dagen geleden
  • 諡渥 窸謔科潺 湊 禹萼 曰 穇資

    潰 圉 禺潰 圉 禺9 dagen geleden
  • 2:16 Dude pink is the crewmate. U won cuz when yellow's 0 iq movement

    I am King proI am King pro9 dagen geleden
  • Ice

    鉊芹葡鉊R鉊 鉆鉊鉆鉊抉鉊鉊獅葉鉊芹葡鉊R鉊 鉆鉊鉆鉊抉鉊鉊獅葉9 dagen geleden
  • bff

    Michael JonesMichael Jones9 dagen geleden
  • Told you i is a baby cry

    Charly SpidermanCharly Spiderman9 dagen geleden
  • Hey

    Eva PepertzEva Pepertz9 dagen geleden
  • tbh i would rather say impmate

    odelia christgauodelia christgau10 dagen geleden
  • Kkk si falo portugu礙s

    Sophia EduardaSophia Eduarda10 dagen geleden
  • I got imposter and crewmate at the same time once.

    FrankyPlaysFrankyPlays10 dagen geleden
  • It made me crewposter before

    Kasia BergelKasia Bergel10 dagen geleden
  • Anyone watching this in 2021 put a like

    Baiju ChirammalBaiju Chirammal10 dagen geleden
  • Hello thomas3316 Great videos

    Mark PorterMark Porter10 dagen geleden
  • I was Mr Cheese

    Camp AnahataCamp Anahata11 dagen geleden
  • Will I imposter The game: Yesnt 不

    Maysa Rebeca Soares de Ara繳joMaysa Rebeca Soares de Ara繳jo11 dagen geleden
  • If he gets up 120K I will jump into the slime pit in my clothes OH NO

    SqueezySquashSqueezySquash11 dagen geleden
  • There are two crewmates among us.

    NickNick11 dagen geleden
  • Wuau

    xinxinhtf芸xinxinhtf芸12 dagen geleden
  • Yo the purple guys I played with

    Luiz TahaLuiz Taha12 dagen geleden
  • Cool

    Michelle LegreeMichelle Legree12 dagen geleden
  • Jara CristinaJara Cristina12 dagen geleden
  • Wow i like that I like to be the impostor wow 4 Times thomas3316 wow

    mohd salmohd sal12 dagen geleden
  • Wow Thomas 3316 you get impostor 3 time wow good job?wow

    mohd salmohd sal12 dagen geleden
  • Of u pin this I will sub and like all ur vids

    邽訄 苠訄觓邽訄 苠訄觓12 dagen geleden
  • Imposter IMPOSTER!!**!!

    Anne GellaAnne Gella12 dagen geleden
  • U did not even get it

    Jorgie WoolridgeJorgie Woolridge12 dagen geleden
  • Me lol pink Floyd you me love lol me red

    Aldilenio SouzaAldilenio Souza12 dagen geleden
  • I am the detective crewmate but mexican version

    Dzeus07Dzeus0713 dagen geleden
  • When he is an crewmate he always know how is the impostor

    Amir AkhrasAmir Akhras13 dagen geleden
  • I vented to fix the O2 *Crewstor*

    AdamCarminGamer093AdamCarminGamer09313 dagen geleden
  • OH THE SECOND SONG- i forget the name! I remember! its from a race in Mario Cars Wii right?

    Amane Dame!Amane Dame!13 dagen geleden
  • Victory yea boyy

    Francesco CatalanoFrancesco Catalano13 dagen geleden
  • This dude is a legend.

    lianfang chenlianfang chen13 dagen geleden
  • Why did this happen. Maybe because youre the imposter ok maybe not but still maybe now you are a crewmate pink sus why????.

  • How does he get imposter all the time

    Memesof 2021Memesof 202113 dagen geleden
  • Good

    Longin LepeshkinLongin Lepeshkin13 dagen geleden
  • Cool

    kimoralee henrykimoralee henry13 dagen geleden
  • Best of the best

    Irzhi PravdaIrzhi Pravda14 dagen geleden
  • I was the mr cheese in this vid I kept saying yellow

    chris garlandchris garland14 dagen geleden
  • Such a lucky man...

    Zeynep's Fun WorldZeynep's Fun World14 dagen geleden
  • Ccccccccccc

    Adriana ForeroAdriana Forero14 dagen geleden
  • Cccccccccc

    Adriana ForeroAdriana Forero14 dagen geleden
  • Ccc

    Adriana ForeroAdriana Forero14 dagen geleden
  • Cccccc

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  • Beauty 儭

    Dekabrii AverichevDekabrii Averichev14 dagen geleden
  • Useful page

    Dekabrii AverichevDekabrii Averichev14 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    Flo MoekautaFlo Moekauta14 dagen geleden
  • I hate when someone is clearly the impostor and blames it on the person calling them out

    toastie shoveltoastie shovel14 dagen geleden
  • What is the name of this song?

    StellalunaBunBunStellalunaBunBun15 dagen geleden
  • Purples real angry rn

    StellalunaBunBunStellalunaBunBun15 dagen geleden
  • I feel like I was cyan because my name was told you I and I was wearing cyan with mask

    Ava FortunaAva Fortuna15 dagen geleden
  • W

    Jonaplayer07Jonaplayer0715 dagen geleden
  • Why u have a Mario cart music?!

    01kLisa01kLisa15 dagen geleden
  • 1:00 I see KFCEATBOX everywhere

  • You remind me of me

    Leleosa GicanalLeleosa Gicanal15 dagen geleden
  • Best among us livestream NLworldr. !!!!hi

    Kiwi FruitKiwi Fruit15 dagen geleden
  • Wut

    BlueBlue15 dagen geleden
  • If you pin this comment I will eat grass and jump into my pool!

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  • I'm among us

    Bukhosi asmr RadebeBukhosi asmr Radebe15 dagen geleden
  • Hi man it me who I used to argue with you

    Bukhosi asmr RadebeBukhosi asmr Radebe15 dagen geleden
  • here is my drawing of Among us

    K PK P15 dagen geleden
  • I really really really love your videos keep making more

    Rochelle ChanterRochelle Chanter16 dagen geleden
  • Erre crewstor xdddd

    Robert HendreRobert Hendre16 dagen geleden