among us but there is NO KILL COOLDOWN

26 sep. 2020
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today we play among us but there is no kill cooldown as the impostor
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  • amoung us but u can carry ten bodies on airship map

    Chris CarterChris Carter3 uur geleden
  • pls do my commeets i posted in new vids

    Chris CarterChris Carter3 uur geleden

    Chris CarterChris Carter3 uur geleden
  • Genocide.

    Lil' Red CrewmateLil' Red Crewmate6 uur geleden
  • Almost no kill Cooldown

    Rikki LongRikki Long17 uur geleden
  • His content his great and the reason he is a great content creator is because he is original

    DragonSilver EXDragonSilver EX18 uur geleden
  • Do a hide and seek in Minecraft

    Masakan MimiMasakan Mimi20 uur geleden
  • How to set kill cooldown 1s

    Mohamed MahmoudMohamed MahmoudDag geleden
  • how and why does socks never die???

    leeraz blankaleeraz blankaDag geleden
  • Socks if you are reading this I love your videos my favrote is no kill cool down

    celeste chagollaceleste chagollaDag geleden

    Emiliano AlmarazEmiliano AlmarazDag geleden
  • socks pls do a cooldown on the report button and a no kill cooldown

    galactic gamesgalactic gamesDag geleden
  • How do you do those mod

    Kody HodgesKody HodgesDag geleden
  • “My name is socksfor1-“ Me, an intellectual: no. Its bsocksfor1

    Milla- MationMilla- MationDag geleden
  • I actually played with 1 sec cooldown

    Aiden PoleraAiden PoleraDag geleden
  • you should do god imposter with infinite range and no kill cool down with special roles

    William ThompsonWilliam ThompsonDag geleden
    • He did that lol

      W1ZZY & CH1GZY GAMING!!W1ZZY & CH1GZY GAMING!!Dag geleden
  • no one literally no one not even a single soul: socks goes for a killing spree shroobz: Its Meme!!!

  • Blaza did it (what did he do)lol

    SamarthaSamarthaDag geleden
  • Socks is the next man behind the slaughter

    Rosally GallanoRosally Gallano2 dagen geleden
  • 0:00 & 13:15, Showing No Mercy Socks, ain't ya.

  • Among us genoicide mode

    Jessi WillardJessi Willard2 dagen geleden
  • He sounds like bionic

    Xerox YTXerox YT2 dagen geleden
  • The pastor of line you cannot see who is fighting soldier 9ut sticking together because you know I accidentally game over ha ha ha ha ha ha hahaha

    rosli ahmadrosli ahmad2 dagen geleden
  • I want to tell you I dare you to put the kill button 200 minutes when you kill is the same thing imposters going to be so mad she got hot so fast past of the Dead bloodline

    rosli ahmadrosli ahmad2 dagen geleden
  • Soo.. maybe make a game mode where there is a savior who if everyone else votes off someone and the Savior skips, the Savior gets voted off as a sacrifice.

    Zack SkullyZack Skully2 dagen geleden
  • 12:57 Shroobz : What was that nois- Socks : kills shroobz

    Naval YTNaval YT2 dagen geleden
  • From your experience and that it will take more

    Tripp LeggeTripp Legge2 dagen geleden
  • “Among us no KILL COOLDOWN” Alternate title:”Among us but SPAM REPORT”

    Ant PlayzAnt Playz3 dagen geleden
  • People who dislike are bad at among us

    OofOof3 dagen geleden

    Brandon MorenoBrandon Moreno3 dagen geleden
  • I can turn the 1s kill cooldown too Lol.

    LoloLolo3 dagen geleden
  • On the thumbnail: he has no spaceman helmet. me: :0

    Alice JohnsonAlice Johnson3 dagen geleden
  • when it said 1 kill cool down the title says no kill cool down

    SwiftyYTSwiftyYT3 dagen geleden
  • What happened to shroobz and Xbox and syce 😭

    This GuyThis Guy3 dagen geleden
  • Socks as. Imposter: vote meme out they agree Black was not the imposter socks ☹️

    Mahamed ShakibMahamed Shakib3 dagen geleden
  • Oof has anger issues lol

    Soheil PlaysSoheil Plays3 dagen geleden
  • Hypnotist mode: When a meeting is called he can take control of anyone, when he's in control he can choose who THEY vote! And it should be with special roles, because I only wonder what would happen if he took control of the Major! BTW: Socks I hope you get better, we've, not just I we've all missed you! Like so socks can see, but only if you want it! If you don't! Then don't like it because other people have or told you to, you're your own person! Comment by: Among Sus

    Niko DawnNiko Dawn4 dagen geleden
    • @Ko Playz I did, this is not my idea, I just liked it, so I am spreading it, while giving credit to whom wrote it.

      Niko DawnNiko Dawn2 dagen geleden
    • @Niko Dawn you said comment by among sus

      Ko PlayzKo Playz2 dagen geleden
    • @Ko Playz ????

      Niko DawnNiko Dawn2 dagen geleden
    • Why watermark your own comment lol

      Ko PlayzKo Playz2 dagen geleden
    • That would be really fun to see

      TheFilthyRatTheFilthyRat3 dagen geleden
  • 1:37 AND 12:18 why is socks faking a common task that we don't have?

    The NeoreformationistThe Neoreformationist4 dagen geleden
  • i tried this before

    Nazia UzmaNazia Uzma5 dagen geleden
  • If anyone else had this power they wouldnt be waiting

    Agent A 2008Agent A 20085 dagen geleden
  • Once in a among us server the kill cool down was 1s but my friend went up accidently and it want going up again but we played with 1s and it was fun

    XxStarry_StrawberryxXXxStarry_StrawberryxX5 dagen geleden
  • It was 12.5 seconds

    Abigail RampersadAbigail Rampersad6 dagen geleden
  • Tip: Spam report when there is three people in a room.

    MrFred manMrFred man6 dagen geleden
  • I like play amongus and my imposter friends kill before me

    Enma GonzalesEnma Gonzales6 dagen geleden
  • You said a devil where he could kill Mattix

    Mellissa Holden LeBorgneMellissa Holden LeBorgne6 dagen geleden
  • How do u get that stuff?

    Kayla FasselKayla Fassel6 dagen geleden
  • Among us but there is a random sabotage every 3 minutes with special roles

    Dazzy BlakeDazzy Blake6 dagen geleden
  • *Insert Yoda scream

    CI PCI P6 dagen geleden
  • 🧋🧋🍩🍩🍟🍔

    Thomas Carri�reThomas Carri�re6 dagen geleden
  • Socks *kills leveluplifting (xboxkev)* also socks: I killed nadwe

    DeadlyHazDeadlyHaz7 dagen geleden
  • Me: sees name of video Me: OMG NO KILL COOL DOWN Game: 1 second Kill cool down Me: WHAT IT SAYS NO KILL COOL DOWN!

    Henry PlohgHenry Plohg7 dagen geleden
  • How can you make the imposter in my games

    family medicinefamily medicine7 dagen geleden
  • Among Us but the kill cool down at s 1 hour long but crewmates have 1000 tasks XD (SUPER CRAZY)

    AcidDragon293, The VR Lover :DAcidDragon293, The VR Lover :D7 dagen geleden
  • I think you were spamming kill button really fast lol

  • Thank you so much 🥰

    Sarah Al-DallalSarah Al-Dallal8 dagen geleden
  • That “oh” thing socks says when he finds a body or a meeting is called 😂 (no hate tho)

    •Zapheria••Zapheria•8 dagen geleden
  • Me:how this man get 16 mil views in 3 months Socks:I’m just that famous

    CyloCylo8 dagen geleden
  • Try stand role

    Remy VilletRemy Villet8 dagen geleden
  • Tey vampire role please

    Remy VilletRemy Villet8 dagen geleden
  • Why doesn’t he play with the girls too

    I am quite BoringI am quite Boring8 dagen geleden
  • what about among us hide and seek? you know who the imposter is and you turn the vision right down for the imposter, no one reports bodies and the aim is either the crewmates finish all tasks, or the imposter catches all crewmates :) i think this would be really fun to watch

    SopheheheSophehehe8 dagen geleden
  • 50seconds imposter round was the quickest imposter round I have ever seen

    Varun MistryVarun Mistry8 dagen geleden
  • 6:00 "BLAYZA" not blaza BLAYZA

    RoRo9 dagen geleden
  • Eggo

    •Darya's _ Creatiøns••Darya's _ Creatiøns•9 dagen geleden

    Roy SotoRoy Soto9 dagen geleden
    • ?

      Ronnie HarsonoRonnie Harsono7 dagen geleden
  • Oh oh oh where’s 30 mins you switch colors

    Frank KoulalisFrank Koulalis9 dagen geleden
  • It's hard to win

    Awais AmirAwais Amir9 dagen geleden
  • XBOX: I'm with Dino and *Blaza* Me: *Wheeeeeze*

    Allison PhamAllison Pham9 dagen geleden
  • That is so funny my god! Wow

    Nurulvng hstt5f FatihahNurulvng hstt5f Fatihah9 dagen geleden
  • mod is floor is ls LAVA!

    wolfboss wolfswolfboss wolfs9 dagen geleden
  • I hat mi nany

    Ziad El SayedZiad El Sayed9 dagen geleden
  • Big Brain

    Мартин КотевМартин Котев9 dagen geleden
  • Here's a good role you can try, I call it: Impostmate What this role would do is do sabotages, but not Impostor sabotages such as killing the O2. As an Inpostmate, you can do any task in reverse, basically undoing any non-given task or task that someone has done previously. Once a task has been undone, the task will be randomly assigned to a random Crewmate. You can also do tasks to make yourself not so sus, so it's up to you to do the tasks or screw them up. For the Impostors however, Impostors can see who the Impostmate is, but impostmates cannot kill anyone, nor can impostors kill impostmates. The Impostmate will not count to the total number of impostors, so if there are 2 impostors and the impostmate gets voted out, you will still have 2 impostors. If the Impostmate dies by getting voted off, the Impostmate will no longer be able to sabotage Crewmate tasks and become nothing but spectators for the rest of the round. The impostmate cannot use vents unlike Impostors. If they find a dead body, they cannot report it. If more than one role is provided (Ex: You added Sheriff, Doctor, Jester, Mayor, etc...), the Impostmate can see who has what role, but is not allowed to tell who's who. If you do this role, thank you in advanced, I am a new subscriber for your channel. If you have any further questions on the role, feel free to comment, sorta made it up since I love this series.

    Lawrence MathewsLawrence Mathews9 dagen geleden
  • I love how nobody pointed oit that in the first round, Socks faked admin swipe and it wasnt a task

    Vital RicecakesVital Ricecakes9 dagen geleden
  • Every person you sees this comet subscribe to clxppxr

    CupinslugCupinslug9 dagen geleden
  • Wow 😳 No Kill Cooldown

    JOSEPH NUNEZJOSEPH NUNEZ10 dagen geleden
  • 7:31 true

    Stealth Raider 2Stealth Raider 210 dagen geleden
  • Among us virus mod

    ZDarkDragonZDarkDragon10 dagen geleden

    mm lyamm lya10 dagen geleden
  • Why is the amomg us username? Bsocksfor1

    Cars3 kidCars3 kid10 dagen geleden
  • only imposters, but imposters can kill eachother, another but, only 20 second cooldown

    Gosse Bauke de VriesGosse Bauke de Vries10 dagen geleden
  • 30000000000000000000000000000000000000 IQ

    Grant EhrhartGrant Ehrhart10 dagen geleden
  • He

    NickTheBestNickTheBest10 dagen geleden

    itzmathewgaming _itzmathewgaming _10 dagen geleden
  • it is

    slicynicy_p2slicynicy_p210 dagen geleden
  • Poor outfi :(

    The CruzersThe Cruzers11 dagen geleden
  • Jeez... That was so quick

    Caramel_Dream GirlCaramel_Dream Girl11 dagen geleden
    • 1000 IQ, Socks

      Caramel_Dream GirlCaramel_Dream Girl3 dagen geleden
  • I never seen a imposter that have cooldown

    Louis ZhuoLouis Zhuo11 dagen geleden
  • socks: im going to kill nadwe me: that's xbox

    gacha wolfgacha wolf11 dagen geleden
  • I like how in this video socks is like the imposter is super sane and present day he is like the imposter can freeze time morph walk through walls and dead bodies this was a great idea

    gbsand 01gbsand 0111 dagen geleden
  • op

    X GamerX Gamer11 dagen geleden
  • Ay watch 8:30 see what he said because he said I’m crewmate let’s do mad imposter skills but he was crewmate

    Derek WallaceDerek Wallace12 dagen geleden
  • I use Android TOUCH BOTTEN:KILL TOUCH DOWN REPORT BOTTEN:Saboage(Close to vent the saboage will be vent) ↑ IMPOSTER Contral ↑ ↓ Crewmate Contral ↓ Do tasks:Touch USE Report Body:Touch Report Play for Android or iOS If you hack If you use hack will be: You were banned for hacking Please stop

    Anthony kaoAnthony kao12 dagen geleden
  • This mod is just like real life... I just killed 5 people without a kill cool down

    Leonard L. ChurchLeonard L. Church12 dagen geleden

    Rāndøm_Cøffêê'zRāndøm_Cøffêê'z12 dagen geleden
  • Awesome dude OMG!😇💙💛💚💖💕💓💜💟🎇💗🌈😎😛😜😍😋😝🎄🎅🐼🌠🌟🎁⚡❄

    James OlanipekunJames Olanipekun12 dagen geleden
  • * blaeza*

    BigJeshuarBigJeshuar12 dagen geleden
  • I was play first time with 0 second kill cooldown 😆

    Kanu BhaiKanu Bhai12 dagen geleden
    • Me to

      Tia RossTia Ross11 dagen geleden
  • Can you make a amongus mod make everyone be in to one person and then they would be confused I would think everyone would be stuck for one because I have been watching your videos for like a year so I would appreciate some great nurse from me if you want to see I want to make will you make me will you make the mod into make a all the Mudgee made in the mod for people mod for freezing mod for trolling for jester and lots more it makes my day it will make my

    Thi Nguyet TranThi Nguyet Tran12 dagen geleden
  • It’s crazy to think this was released only 3 months ago

    NobodyNobody12 dagen geleden