Among Us But Its HORROR

16 okt. 2020
4 697 777 Weergaven

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Since you guys liked the last Among Us gameplay video so much, I decided to do another one.

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  • Omg I’ve seriously played with U idiots I he was same color and same amount of annoying

    LittleAlphaWolfieLittleAlphaWolfie36 minuten geleden
  • i knew it was taht #### when he told me to chill >:O

    Rapha RicoRapha RicoUur geleden
  • Are you sus

    May YuMay Yu2 uur geleden
  • holly horror

    Bleu CaniedoBleu Caniedo2 uur geleden
  • I saw big Babi saying something on discord

    Ace ArtapAce Artap3 uur geleden
  • He was asking them to vote him

    Ace ArtapAce Artap3 uur geleden
  • Hi zmde

    MonicaMonica3 uur geleden
  • Bro my name is camila-

    Camila MendozaCamila Mendoza4 uur geleden
  • 🤡

    Kristy KhajaviKristy Khajavi5 uur geleden
  • ZMDE killing simp: yes?!?! Simp:f&ck you ZMDE

    LoganBoganLoganBogan5 uur geleden
  • dang how are u soooooo good at among us

    Sophia HaileSophia Haile5 uur geleden
  • hahahahha i knew it was him when he told me to chill

    Sophia HaileSophia Haile5 uur geleden
  • Comment

    Adam VallejoAdam Vallejo6 uur geleden
  • Wonder why he plays on mobile when he has a CoMpUtEr zmde is mad sus

    The LiamManThe LiamMan6 uur geleden
  • How horror more big brain😉

    Nedia NehcNedia Nehc6 uur geleden
  • He is so smart but he forgot he vented in the first round at the only vent on cams

    Elizabeth VaughanElizabeth Vaughan7 uur geleden
  • How on earth does impostor so many times!?

    iCardomoniCardomon7 uur geleden
  • O2

    T DST DS7 uur geleden
  • I love purple when she said you wanna f word with wooooooooooo and white said I knew it was that b word when he told me to chill 🤣

    Big ButtBig Butt7 uur geleden
  • i was 69k like

    jacob waybrightjacob waybright7 uur geleden
  • Hey zmde , can u tell me ur discord that we could play amour us together?

    ליאור גונןליאור גונן8 uur geleden
  • I like your videos especially when you investigate the crewmates awesome man

    Younous Ivan BernardoYounous Ivan Bernardo8 uur geleden

    Hatsune miku /gacha asmrHatsune miku /gacha asmr9 uur geleden
  • I always get a hacker in my game

    Shirley ChandlerShirley Chandler11 uur geleden
  • I like how that he doesn’t clickbait lol

    AngelFox3601AngelFox360111 uur geleden
  • How tf is this HORROR

    Forever NbdForever Nbd12 uur geleden
  • How is this horror

    Cringe kid78Cringe kid7813 uur geleden
  • You are playing with me in the Among Us

    md saifulmd saiful13 uur geleden
  • watch ryan videos and dislike don subcribe also

    WEI YUAN ChingWEI YUAN Ching15 uur geleden
  • Your my fav now.

    iiNature GamingiiNature Gaming15 uur geleden
  • Why there is always a big baby and a lil baby

    JannesBondJannesBond16 uur geleden
  • this is not what i wanna see.

    Commit DieCommit Die18 uur geleden
  • I played with u idiot i

    Abyssal UuneeAbyssal Uunee19 uur geleden
  • Detective ZMDE on the case!

    Itz_Moonlight _GachaItz_Moonlight _Gacha20 uur geleden
  • Hey i play Among Us and in round 2 i saw you playing the game and i saw your name ZMDE

    aan husdiansyahaan husdiansyah22 uur geleden
  • What the hell

    Zachary Zaxor fanZachary Zaxor fan22 uur geleden
  • Wheres the horror in this?

    Andrew JamesAndrew James23 uur geleden
  • You’re the best

    Teresa MunozTeresa Munoz23 uur geleden
  • I love you zMDE

    Teresa MunozTeresa Munoz23 uur geleden
  • It’s funny how I take your actions ;-;

    Duckiefan McIntireDuckiefan McIntireDag geleden
  • His the best

    Richard ThomasRichard ThomasDag geleden
  • like his voices

    Richard ThomasRichard ThomasDag geleden
  • I love his chance Is so funny

    Richard ThomasRichard ThomasDag geleden
  • Here’s a meme people: ALL OF YOU MOBILE GAMES GET OUT people again: except you, you stay. among us: :D

    Ennard BoiEnnard BoiDag geleden
  • My name was A

    Omer ZantaOmer ZantaDag geleden
  • I ben on among us and i saw him Zmde

    Omer ZantaOmer ZantaDag geleden
  • I'll never get in a vid

    •Gacha Gone_wrong••Gacha Gone_wrong•Dag geleden

    Nathan AscoliNathan AscoliDag geleden
  • Bruh this is so cringe it is literally a normal game of among us and scary music in the background and saying everything what another person would say in a weird voice

    obbyist stealobbyist stealDag geleden
  • Demoed I'm your Ultimate Fan can you please help me how to win this game and build trust with me listen if I was the Imposter ask your friends ask everybody I always get voted I let them both if I'm not the Imposter I love them both if I am I let them both I don't care and I tell the other ones that are the ones that killed me or the ones that are my friends why we all are the imposters I take the risk I type in their name and myself and we all get older and they win

    Sunil MangraSunil MangraDag geleden
  • 7:16-7:21 lol

    Caleb The Gamer2011Caleb The Gamer2011Dag geleden

    ItzSonicGamingItzSonicGamingDag geleden
  • It’s great to play with you

    Glenn MorrisGlenn MorrisDag geleden
  • ZMDE have you hrd of a doublekill

    Matthew PMatthew PDag geleden
  • he say oh my f***

    jessica jeffaresjessica jeffaresDag geleden
  • ZMDE : make sure to whatch to the end because things get crazy me : make sure to whatch to the end 'cause things get CREEEEEEPY

    Club RobloxClub RobloxDag geleden
  • We love u ZMDE your so cool

    tendai marangwandatendai marangwandaDag geleden
  • That was mean the simp guy wow he needs to learn what nice is **** him

    Jace JaniakJace JaniakDag geleden
  • where is the horror?

    Dangerkitten13Dangerkitten13Dag geleden
  • 4:50 big Babi joined the discord sever is that how they comuicte with each other during vids??

    Dan MetzDan MetzDag geleden
  • yall sub too me booooooooooooooois

    big_boi_chungusbig_boi_chungusDag geleden
  • He's so dramatic 🙄 like things get crazy! That's so dramatic

    moonlight yuki 2.0moonlight yuki 2.0Dag geleden
  • That wasn’t... that scary..

    Wiktor P.Wiktor P.Dag geleden
  • I laughed so damn hard when da vinci part

    • nico •• nico •Dag geleden
  • Among us not horror;-;

    Sofiqul IslamSofiqul IslamDag geleden
  • It's not really horror video

    Angel EsperidaAngel EsperidaDag geleden
  • Lol

    Jewel KhattabJewel KhattabDag geleden
  • I am sure i played with you

    Neshae WilliamsNeshae WilliamsDag geleden
  • please join my game

    aaryan bossaaryan bossDag geleden
  • U vented in the cams

    Mei2 ZhouMei2 ZhouDag geleden
  • And nobody Gonna talk about how this guy make this video intense

    ZanckpodsZanckpodsDag geleden
  • Why pink is in cafe then run to medbay HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?

    Abegale de VeraAbegale de VeraDag geleden
  • Not horror..

    the speed gamerthe speed gamerDag geleden
  • This is not a horrer

    Roudroneel MamumRoudroneel MamumDag geleden
  • Why did 3 people vote for kez with no proof in th efirst round?

    Faridi FarooqueFaridi FarooqueDag geleden
  • I subscribed you my name in among us is crewmate 5

    Marites CabantugMarites CabantugDag geleden
  • Actually, they are geniuses, not than the other ones, even you ZMDE.

    John marick NamiaJohn marick NamiaDag geleden
  • How is that horror

    Kaye YapKaye YapDag geleden
  • Hiiiiiiiiiìiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Linkie MametjaLinkie MametjaDag geleden
  • Do a part 2 3 & 4

    Ashley PeckAshley PeckDag geleden
  • My squad my squad and I feel like I am a god

    gaming with Melvin cordorgaming with Melvin cordorDag geleden
  • love ya ZMDE u the best

    Khayda RobinsonKhayda RobinsonDag geleden
  • Why isn’t most of the viewers subscribed??

    MattieMattieDag geleden
  • 7:16

    iiRxnkloiiRxnkloDag geleden
  • So funny. Lol

    Irish KnightIrish KnightDag geleden

    annie battleannie battle2 dagen geleden
  • But its good!

    Mod DrumsMod Drums2 dagen geleden
  • Wait was this animated

    Mod DrumsMod Drums2 dagen geleden
  • Yo I was pink XD I’m famous now

    Miguel AbratiqueMiguel Abratique2 dagen geleden
  • These are the players that keep appearing: Lil babi and Big babi

    Caleb CorpuzCaleb Corpuz2 dagen geleden
  • Before you watch this please know the title and thumbnail is clickbait!

    Asher Goldwing StudiosAsher Goldwing Studios2 dagen geleden
  • Bad people right ZMDE

    Copywrite by Mark LopezCopywrite by Mark Lopez2 dagen geleden
  • G g

    Tillie SchwartzTillie Schwartz2 dagen geleden

    ZestyZavierZestyZavier2 dagen geleden
  • His voice sound like a boss

    Azthea Xanthi CarretasAzthea Xanthi Carretas2 dagen geleden
  • 🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭🙀🙀

    Jeffrey MedinaJeffrey Medina2 dagen geleden
  • Why on the last game people were cussing a lot🤣

    Jorge-Alex LopezJorge-Alex Lopez2 dagen geleden
  • A lot of people choose that name

    Dylan GilesDylan Giles2 dagen geleden
  • You get a new subscriber because Yo smart bro!

  • 2:34 LOL

    ˢʰⁱⁿʸ ⁱⁿ ʳᵒᵇˡᵒˣ ʳᵃᵐʸˢʰⁱⁿʸ ⁱⁿ ʳᵒᵇˡᵒˣ ʳᵃᵐʸ2 dagen geleden