Amish Girls See Airport For The First Time | Return To Amish

25 apr. 2021
3 485 361 Weergaven

Maureen and Rosanna have decided that the Amish life is not for them and plan to fly to Florida.
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  • Ok daniell

    zeyla saclizeyla sacliMinuut geleden
  • If indeed, this was Old Order, those cameras wouldn't have been let in there, at all. Just a bunch of staged shit, for imbeciles to watch.

    Shannon L. FrengShannon L. Freng15 minuten geleden
  • Daniels teeth throwing up gang signs

    Time BTime B20 minuten geleden
  • Didn't she already have his number that she called him to pick them up?

    Lord CamulosLord Camulos30 minuten geleden
  • 2:22 dryer vent

    Your Mom’s favoriteYour Mom’s favorite37 minuten geleden
  • No amish dentist?

    Hans MacgruberHans Macgruber42 minuten geleden
  • So basically what your telling me is amish ppl do drugs just like the rest of society woahhhh

    B1GGUNB1GGUN47 minuten geleden
  • I like how the horses stand up at 1:02 as if they're saying, "Oh! I gotta see how this plays out! The fallout is going to be incredible!"

    acrvidsacrvids47 minuten geleden
  • It’s amazing how quickly super “religious” people will kick their children out of the house.

    B BoyB Boy48 minuten geleden
  • Religion should be a choice not a sentence.

    GrenGren50 minuten geleden
  • I have never seen an Airport in my life ,can I be In TLC ???

    Karma Lepzor LepchaKarma Lepzor Lepcha51 minuut geleden
  • How do you have social security card without ID?!?!? Ummm babies get those cards and don't have an ID. What a jerk. He probably made them feel so uncomfortable

    Ivana LeahIvana LeahUur geleden
  • I just learned this a show is based on little truth and rest is producer's story telling. These girls smoke, post things on Facebook before this show aired and they are tec. savy. By the comments here, most of us got dupped.

    Jay SmithJay SmithUur geleden
  • Wait they don’t speak English?? Isn’t this the us? 😳

    carmencarmenUur geleden
  • The employee was being an asshole and you can totally fly without an ID. They simply make you go through additional security measures

    Gigi LGigi LUur geleden
  • Wait why wouldn’t someone tell them they need a passport

    Broke BishBroke BishUur geleden
  • "why can't there just be stairs" stairs were right beside the escalator xD

    Zack AugustusZack AugustusUur geleden
  • The girls are scared of the escalator but ignore the stairs next to it. They are so adorable.

    H GH GUur geleden
  • That guy at the airport ticket-desk was a bit of an ass-hole, huh? He should be sacked for the way he handled those two ladies. If the airport authorities educated their staff a lot better as regards Amish culture, they would know that the Amish aren't allowed photos of themselves. In this days of equal-rights and diversity, how is this particular example still allowed to happen? Poor show, America.

    MadMax McInnesMadMax McInnesUur geleden
  • “He’s so handsome.” Then, the camera shifts to a guy with some seriously jacked-up teeth.

    H GH GUur geleden
  • So what happened did they get to Florida or what?

    Bluebuthappy182Bluebuthappy182Uur geleden
  • 4:36 - "I like him the way he is I wouldn't want him to change" makes me think what it would be like to feel that way about someone.

    Samuel SpencerSamuel SpencerUur geleden
  • What a load of crap you can't fly without picture ID but you can vote for president of America with out one

    Ashem SavageAshem SavageUur geleden
  • I'm 31 single lesbian USA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Alice WilliamsAlice Williams2 uur geleden
  • This is fake...

    David SchroffDavid Schroff2 uur geleden
  • This is like explaining the real world to a MSM viewer.

    Youscary2009Youscary20092 uur geleden
  • I have lived most of my life in the city but I have also lived in places of nature and I will choose that for sure, living in a small house with a horse a couple of sheep a wife and some children books and the internet for sure (information is key) but I don't get it why they choose to not have electricity and wifi these are the two greatest things invented by man in modern time. (a opinion of a 16-year-old)

    TLP companyTLP company2 uur geleden
  • The Amish certainly have the correct way to deal with their women. Hats off to you Amish.

    Vancouver Island WaterjetVancouver Island Waterjet2 uur geleden
  • ...But I dont care, I'm gona get on the plane 🤣...I'm loving this girls I felt really bad for them getting rejected like that...the guy at the airport was mean. So how are the parents going to accept them back?

    tOnY 4tOnY 42 uur geleden
  • So fake, the 1st window with a ceiling fan and a light, Amish don’t use electricity. When’s the last time you went to the airport and it was empty.

    Bennie PakeBennie Pake2 uur geleden
  • This is so wholesome 😂💕wish them the best

    Angel SantosAngel Santos2 uur geleden
  • I love these folks

    Eric LudwigEric Ludwig2 uur geleden
  • Week 1 - "Airport is amazing!" Week 12 - "I met a man with big shoulders and a bald spot who said he's going to make me a star!" Week 52 - "I don't like the movies we're making. I wish the producer would stop punching me but he gives me candies that make me feel better." Week 90 - "Frglrb brrrr *spit bubble* guhuuuuh" Yeah so empowering yeah, woohoo!

    ian fenwickian fenwick2 uur geleden
  • “The English have robots for toilets”

    George HaysGeorge Hays3 uur geleden
  • Wow, I grew up in PA near a lot of Amish people. I speak German pretty well, hearing them speak their language it was weird, hearing just an occasional german word mixed in with their sprechen was cool.

    George HaysGeorge Hays3 uur geleden
  • Where is, “PA?”

    K TownK Town3 uur geleden
  • The movement they said they wanted to fly, I was like but what abt the ID? Why didn’t the camera crew tell them that they need one.

    Zaigham RandhawaZaigham Randhawa3 uur geleden
  • The places and the outfits of theses girls reminds me of old footages from like 1930s. Looks like Amish people want to preserve their traditions forever.

    Agyat ThuleAgyat Thule3 uur geleden
  • U think they would tell u u need photo id

    Amie EyreAmie Eyre3 uur geleden
  • I was wondering if they were legit until I saw baby touch the cammode with her bare hand. This is not scripted lol

    A AndrewsA Andrews3 uur geleden
  • Poor girls never got to experience real life and never knew about the world which should be taught

    Amie EyreAmie Eyre3 uur geleden
  • Can you imagine just for a moment what it would be like to be in their shoes? I hope there's more to the story...I hope they made it.

    Inf JeffInf Jeff4 uur geleden
  • No one is gonna talk about how smooth the boy was writing his number 😂

    FNS CxltFNS Cxlt4 uur geleden
  • "It hellish the devil" Well that is true.

    bee4pc goldrulebee4pc goldrule4 uur geleden
  • So lovely

    Surinder kumarSurinder kumar4 uur geleden
  • Nice TV hitpiece. You got me thinkin' these gals are so dumb 'n' backerds, they need a dose of the Woke to fight off the patriarchy! H'yuk h'yuk! But remember, when your Applephone and McDonald's have stopped working, these guys will be the only survivors.

    Richard HanssenRichard Hanssen4 uur geleden
  • Is this real?

    Joseph VolinoJoseph Volino4 uur geleden
  • These are the type of people that are disconnected from reality. The fact that these amish families tell their children not to come back and that it’s devilish etc And then act as if they live their lives in holiness blows my mind. Fun fact: in the Christian religion… god always accepts his children whenever they return.

    Lrenz MessickLrenz Messick4 uur geleden
  • That guy was so dry and rude

    Daniel VazquezDaniel Vazquez4 uur geleden
  • They're so cute 🥺

    TobyToby4 uur geleden
  • I've seen quite a few Amish in PA in Walmart and using rental cars.

    Keith WellerKeith Weller4 uur geleden
  • I get on the escalators the same way ladies, no worries 😌

    E GE G5 uur geleden
  • I lived among amish where my employer was an amish but was allowed to manage the county`s airport. The emotional coersion is accepted beside many other non-modern things. But they are the only eurasian society that is not in decline! BTW: One ancestor of Obama came from the same Swiss area where amishes came from!

    Jz KJz K5 uur geleden
  • I was disappointed in the parents, their lack of understanding, their lack of support. Just dogmatic assertion and that's it.

    Oh AsisOh Asis5 uur geleden
  • *Jesus Christ is about to return.* *Make sure that you sincerely ask him to forgive you of all of your sins if you haven't done so already. The faithful believers in Christ will be raptured to Heaven.* *The rebellious and lukewarm will be left on Earth and all hell will break loose during the Great Tribulation.* *Choose wisely, Don't get left behind...🙏👑🕊️*

    Daniel M ConnollyDaniel M Connolly5 uur geleden
  • Reject modernity. Return to Amish.

    EctalerEctaler5 uur geleden
  • Hi หมอ หมอ ฉันจะบอกอะไรให้โควิดนะ มันมีอีเมล์กับเขาด้วย หมอไม่ มีอีเมล์หมอไม่ใช้พวกมันโควิดนะ จริง จริง หมอเชื้อฉันไหมฉันโกหกหมอนะ อย่าเชื้อฉัน เท่านี้ละ จุ๊บ จุ๊บ Hi

    Sgt.Monkol photakulSgt.Monkol photakul5 uur geleden
  • A Hollywood material.

    Murad AliMurad Ali5 uur geleden
  • They appear to be Mennonite and not Old Ordered Amish.

    T. DanielT. Daniel5 uur geleden
  • Do Amish people speak different language?

    Murad AliMurad Ali5 uur geleden
  • The handmaid's tale

    Rony HageRony Hage5 uur geleden
  • If you stepping out, you better make it to the party capital of the states and that is Florida! They got it right! ❤️fly far live your life! We all deserve Unconditional Love 💗

    G BirdG Bird5 uur geleden
  • Basically a colt

    haskeldinho12345haskeldinho123455 uur geleden
  • They were living in a time capsule.

    Murad AliMurad Ali5 uur geleden
  • That’s how I was getting on escalators for YEARS! Lol caused so much anxiety! Now I’m a pro hehehe

    youloveambureyouloveambure5 uur geleden
  • This is fake as fuck and clearly scripted. Like when the young taxi driver (yeah, they’re very common) gives her his number. So cringe

    LiamB57LiamB575 uur geleden
  • Staged bs. There is a fb account of the thin one with images from when she was around thirteen. She didn't look like she was Amish then. She's depicted wearing jeans, a graphic jumper and makeup with styled hair. So someone is lying.

    WestonG23WestonG236 uur geleden
  • I don’t blame them for leaving! They don’t always treat the children well. I was never Amish but I have some Amish friends.

    Wes JohnsonWes Johnson6 uur geleden
  • "Do you see those moving stairs,i felt so sad for them coz almost those years this is there first time to see a escalator☹️

    Algen PerlasAlgen Perlas6 uur geleden
  • هرجا مردم ثروتمندی باشن دولت آمریکا و کشورای اروپایی به بهانه بهبود و نجات زندگی مردم به اونجا حمله میکنن

    Setare AsemanSetare Aseman6 uur geleden
  • نمیدونم چرا دولت آمریکا زندگی اینارو تغییر نمیده همش گیر داده به زندکی مردم خاورمیانه .. چون خاورمیانه نفت داره.. اینا پهن اسب

    Setare AsemanSetare Aseman6 uur geleden
  • I been there people are nice,

    Maqsood AliMaqsood Ali6 uur geleden
  • This warmed my heart so much. These girls are so brave and strong! I hope theyre happy and loving life wherever they are right now!

    Elle R.Elle R.6 uur geleden
  • "If an Amish saw us at an airport, we would be shunned." Nah sweetie, they'd probably ignore you. Like two Baptists running into each other at a liquor store.

    James RozierJames Rozier6 uur geleden
  • Those 2 girls are making the right decision to leave. No longer will they be brainwashed and will have freedom.

    bigstud98bigstud986 uur geleden
  • 😭

    Kinanti SekarKinanti Sekar7 uur geleden
  • This makes me nervous. Is there a Kool-Aid vat hidden in a barn somewhere?

    Steve McDonaldSteve McDonald7 uur geleden
  • Honestly, the parent's aren't wrong about the world, but they are wrong on how they are treating their offspring.

    Mutsu HanmaMutsu Hanma7 uur geleden
  • HOw is this not a TV series

    Chill YourselfChill Yourself7 uur geleden
  • And onlyfans

    xorbodudexorbodude7 uur geleden
  • Another example of why church and god are not good things.

    Kevin Doc MesaKevin Doc Mesa7 uur geleden
  • When did you enslave people and their mothers gave birth to them are free, this is a verse from the Holy Quran.

    maxima maxmaxima max7 uur geleden
  • seems fake. the one talks like a valley girl. "like i was like... and then, like you know..."

    Dan KDan K8 uur geleden
  • It's so heartbreaking how they walk with their little backpacks and all

    Margaret PalermoMargaret Palermo8 uur geleden
  • Both magical to see them explore, worried if the program pushed them over a border for some fun television, ripping their lives apart, agreeing and disagreeing with all comments saying best choice ever. If they have no place to go, the USA can be a dark place for girls like them out alone. I hope the makers understand their responsibility goes beyond what they are showing.

    KootFlorisKootFloris8 uur geleden
  • damn these teeth

    Mateusz CielasMateusz Cielas8 uur geleden
  • "how do you have a social security number without an ID?" the dumbest thing I've ever heard... That's not how it works guy....

    David KingsleyDavid Kingsley8 uur geleden
  • what language these Amisj speak?

    Mateusz CielasMateusz Cielas8 uur geleden
  • I like Amish women

    The Jaguar GodThe Jaguar God8 uur geleden
  • "How do you have. Social security card without an ID"??? A** Hole! a baby can have that with no ID what an idot he was VERY rude to those girls

    St MarquiseSt Marquise8 uur geleden
  • Kannsch es glauwe!? Crazy stuff! Being German I can actually understand some of their amish. Even though their parents reacted with fear to their girls leaving, they did raise brave young women who want to see the world with their own eyes to come to own conclusions instead of relying on someone else to tell them.

    Tim GerberTim Gerber8 uur geleden
  • First of all dont get seen wearing that and get a driving license

    Jack RiceJack Rice9 uur geleden
  • Amazing the things people get away with in the name of religion. A secular parents trying this stuff will be deemed abusive and possibly thrown in jail or Child protection services taking their kids away.

    Cee DeeCee Dee9 uur geleden
  • Is Daniel a British-Amish?! ;)

    TheRealD4VIDTheRealD4VID9 uur geleden
  • Fuck youtube keeps deleting all my comments and they aren't even bad just not

    Petergriffin666Petergriffin6669 uur geleden
  • Dr.disrespect got banned for from twitch filming in a bathroom wow....

    Petergriffin666Petergriffin6669 uur geleden
  • Wow Amish parents suck

    Petergriffin666Petergriffin6669 uur geleden
  • So much for the bible story "The Prodigal Son". It literally urges Christians to welcome the child home and never judge their journey.

    Cece AyeCece Aye9 uur geleden